March 14, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Pittsburgh, PA

Monday Night Anarchy
March 14, 2011
CONSOL Energy Arena - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Attendance: 7,777 (43%)

A clip of last week’s main event is shown, showcasing the double countout finish between Alex Shelley and Randy Orton. The clip also shows the post-match attack, and RKO, executed by Orton before he left the ringside area…

The arena lights go out as “Headstrong” blares through the darkness, and fireworks shoot from the stage. As the lights come on, and the smoke rises to the top of the arena, the camera pans around the crowd. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels are at ringside, and they welcome everyone to Pittsburgh, just 13 days before the HWL invades “The Motor City” for Wrestleocolypse. Tonight, it’s announced that the X-Division Champion, Adam Cole will take on Eddie Edwards in a non-title match; and the Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle will take on Mr. Anderson in non-title action.

KURT ANGLE’s music hits, causing the hometown crowd to go crazy, as the Heavyweight Champion walks down to the ring with the title belt over his shoulder. Angle says that he sat in the back, last week, and watched Randy Orton and Alex Shelley practically kill themselves for the chance to face him in two weeks. Angle says that he remembers the night Orton said he would get his chance, but didn’t think that he’d stoop to the level that he did, by challenging the outright Number One Contender; who just happened to be his former tag partner. Angle says that he knows Orton is trying to come across as a “big” man, pushing his weight around; but says that all Orton is doing, is making himself to look like a paranoid egotistical jackass. Angle says that he thinks Orton wants to be in this match so badly, because he doesn’t want Alex Shelley to be the one challenging for the title - and having any chance to win it. He says that Orton thinks it should be him getting that chance…

RANDY ORTON’s music begins to play as “The Viper” makes his way down to the ring, getting into the face of Kurt Angle. Orton says that Angle is absolutely correct, in that, Orton should be the one getting the shot at the Heavyweight Title, because he is better inside the ring than Alex Shelley… hands down. Orton says that Shelley is the reason they never became tag team champions; that he had to carry Shelley for the entire duration of their partnership. Orton says that, sitting in the back, Shelley knows that Orton is telling the truth, but he just won’t admit it. Angle then says that he had done a little bit of research, and found out that the last time Randy Orton had a partner in the HWL, they only had the tag team titles for eight days, before the company went under. He says that Alex Shelley, and his former partner, held the title for only two months last year. Angle says that, based on those facts, it seems like the only thing Shelley needed Orton to do was watch his back; something Angle knows Orton doesn’t do, because he’s only out for himself.

Angle then says that, if Orton claims to be the better wrestler inside the ring, then he would’ve won the Battle Royal two weeks ago, and not Alex Shelley. Angle says that Orton is clearly jealous of the success his former partner is having, and that he would stop at nothing to take it away from him. Angle then congratulates Orton on doing just that: stealing the spotlight from someone more deserving. Irritated, Orton drops the microphone and attempts and RKO, only for Angle to reverse it, attempting an Olympic Slam of his own. Orton avoids the attempt, and slides out of the ring, getting met with a chorus of boos from the crowd. Angle demands that Orton get back into the ring as “The Viper” makes his way up the ramp…

Commercial Break

(1) Michelle McCool vs. Angelina Love

Fast-paced match with a lot of pinfall attempts. Angelina Love controlled most of the match, though McCool tried to stage a comeback; but it was too late. Love won after ducking a leg lariat by McCool and connecting with the Lights Out for the 1-2-3.

Angelina Love pinned Michelle McCool with the Lights Out in 0:05:18.
Rating: * 3/4

Commercial Break

CODY RHODES‘s music hits as Anarchy returns from commercials. He makes his way down the ramp, to a good reaction from the crowd, and grabs a microphone. Rhodes says that he listened to CM Punk’s speech last night, and couldn’t help but feel compelled to jump up and be the first to accept Punk’s open challenge. Rhodes says that he’s not going to let his personal feelings for Punk - either good or bad - get in the way, but that he took to heart was Punk said last week. Rhodes says that he has noticed himself being held back for the past few weeks, even after going out and defeating Matt Morgan just two months ago. Rhodes says that he got away from being held back as Ted DiBiase’s partner, and that he won’t let it happen again. Rhodes says that, if CM Punk is man enough to keep his word, then he has a challenger for Wrestleocolypse. Rhodes drops the microphone as he awaits his opponent…

(2) Cody Rhodes vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Cody Rhodes sounded very determined as he came out to accept CM Punk’s challenge for Wrestleocolypse. Tonight, though, he stepped into the ring with Kyle O’Reilly, who looked to continue the success from last week’s huge victory over the Tag Team Champions. Both men swapped offense throughout the entire match, with no one really take true advantage. The match made its way outside the ring, where Rhodes whipped O’Reilly into the guardrail, before sending him back into the ring. Rhodes, seizing the opportunity, hit the Cross Rhodes, but somehow O’Reilly was able to kick out before the three-count. Rhodes quickly locked in an armbar submission, torquing back on the limb, giving O’Reilly no other option but to tap out. After the match, Rhodes slid out of the ring, and made his way up the ramp, as the crowd cheered.

Cody Rhodes made Kyle O’Reilly submit to an armbar submission in 0:9:21.
Rating: *** 1/4

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, the Tag Team Champions, SKIP SHEFFIELD and ROB TERRY make their way to the ring, getting a good reaction from the crowd. Sheffield says that they have made a name for themselves in the HWL, having gone undefeated and ending the longest reign of any team in the history of the company. But he says that all those accomplishments were thrown out the window, last week, when he and “Big Rob” lost to Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. Sheffield says that they - and everyone in Pittsburgh - know that they should’ve won that match. But, he says, that both of them are taking the loss with a grain of salt, because they both know that neither Cole nor O’Reilly could have beaten them without help from The Hart Dynasty.

Terry gets on the microphone and says that, for so long, The Hart Dynasty has claimed to be the best tag team in the HWL; and that they were correct until two weeks ago, when Terry and Sheffield beat them, in the center of the ring, for the belts. He says that, now, The Hart Dynasty will apparently stop at nothing to get their attention. Terry says that they did a great job of getting their attention last week, when Tyson Kidd interfered, hitting Skip with a steal chair, and allowing him to fall victim to Adam Cole’s finisher. Terry says that, again, The Hart Dynasty got their attention… and that they will soon regret that.

Sheffield gets on the microphone again, and says that the Hart Dynasty are the former champions, which means they have a rematch clause in their contracts; all they had to do was ask for their match, and he and Terry would’ve been happy to give it to them. But, instead, they tried playing mind games on the new champs - something that will not work, because they’ve seen through their tricks before. Sheffield then calls out Kidd and David Hart Smith, demanding that they face each other in the center of the ring. (crowd cheers)

THE HART DYNASTY make their way to the ring, getting a chorus of boos from the crowd, and enter the ring. David Hart Smith says that Sheffield was right: they do have a rematch clause in their contracts; and that, they aren’t going to wait to cash in on it. He says that, if Sheffield and Terry are half the champions he and Kidd were, they’d put the belts on the line right now, tonight. All for men get ready for the match - as the crowd begins to go crazy - when PETER BRADSHAW appears on-stage…

Bradshaw says that he knows the crowd would love to see The Hart Dynasty and Sheffield and Terry go at each other for the Tag Team Titles; but that it will not happen tonight. Bradshaw says that the two teams will face each other, for the Tag Team Titles, at Wrestleocolypse. Bradshaw then says that Sheffield and Terry have been given the night off, and that they are excused from the building. He also announces that The Hart Dynasty must stay in the ring, because they will be in action tonight, against Kaz and Yoshi Tatsu. Bradshaw then leaves the stage, as Sheffield and Terry leave the ring - sharing cold stares with their challengers - as Anarchy goes to commercials…

Commercial Break

(3) The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya) vs. Kaz/Yoshi Tatsu

After getting their rematch signed for the biggest event of the year, and having Peter Bradshaw give their opponents for the event, the night off, The Hart Dynasty found themselves in a good spot - facing off against a team that hasn’t teamed up in a few weeks. Yoshi Tatsu, as of late, has been going through some sort of issue, that has turned him into a loose cannon - so to speak. Kaz has really been the only person to keep Yoshi in-check the past feweeks; and tonight, they tried their teamwork out against the number one contenders. However, SKIF SHEFFIELD did not heed the Owner’s request, as he made his way down to the ring seconds after the bell rung. He got involved, after biding his time, tossing Kaz a set of brass knuckles, that connected with Tyson Kidd’s jaw, but only got a two-count. The match continued for some time afterwards, when NATALYA got involved, entering the ring and knocking Kaz out cold with a steel chair shot! David Hart Smith went for the cover, but Yoshi was able to put his partner’s foot on the rope, breaking up the count. Still the match continued, as Smith and Kaz made their way outside the ring. On the other side of the ring, Sheffield grabbed Kidd and tossed him into the ring steps, taking him out of the match altogether! But, Sheffield couldn’t help but watch as Smith brought Kaz back into the ring, and connected with a flying leg drop to pick up the victory. After the match, Sheffield entered the ring and hits Smith with a backpack stunner, in the center of the ring! Sheffield stares down at Smith as JD and SM talk about the destruction Sheffield has caused at ringside.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) defeated Kaz & Yoshi Tatsu when D.H. Smith pinned Kaz after a flying leg drop in 0:18:42.
Rating: ¼
[Skip Sheffield interfered against Tyson Kidd.]

Commercial Break

Backstage, SARITA is seen walking through the hallways, when she is brutally attacked by NATAYLA. Natalya screams at Sarita, asking if she felt lucky with her win last week. After slapping Sarita in the back of the head, Natalya tells her that, next week, Natalya is going to finish things for good. Natalya walks off as Sarita lays on in the floor, holding her head in pain…

(4) Eddie Edwards vs. © Adam Cole (non-title match)

The HWL crowd, tonight, got their first real glimpse of Eddie Edwards, as he took on the X-Division Champion. This was also the first match between these two, both in HWL and during their time in PCW. Edwards showed a resiliency that not many knew he had, fighting the champion, tooth and nail for nearly 15 minutes. But, Cole proved to be a little too much for him, hitting the Panama Sunrise to pick up the pinfall, and remain on his winning streak heading into Wrestleocolypse, with an opponent yet to be named…

Adam Cole pinned Eddie Edwards with the Panama Sunrise in 0:12:19.
Rating: ***

Commercial Break

(5) Mr. Anderson (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea) vs. © Kurt Angle (non-title match)

The crowd could hardly hold in their anticipation for this match, as they awaited their hometown champion. Angle came out to the ring, after an earlier verbal altercation with Randy Orton, looking to gain some momentum heading into the Triple Threat Match next Sunday night. The HWL crowd hadn’t seen, or heard, much from Mr. Anderson as of lately; as he and AJ Styles have been out of action for a few weeks. But tonight, he was given a huge match, against the Heavyweight Champion. Anderson came out strong, battling the champ, and keeping things even throughout the early onset of the match. During the match, both men fought outside the ring, barely making back before the referee’s ten-count. Back inside the ring, Anderson connected with the Mic Check, but Angle kicked out before three, and rolled to the outside as Anderson argued with the referee about a slow count. As Angle tried to catch his breath, RANDY ORTON ran down from the back, and threw Angle head-first, into the steel ring steps! Orton jumped over the barricade, and watched as the referee counted Angle out, award Mr. Anderson with the victory! After the match, Anderson looked around in wonder as Orton slowly made his was through the crowd, who let him have it with a chorus of boos.

Mr. Anderson defeated Kurt Angle by c ountout in 0:13:49.
Rating: *** ½
[Randy Orton interfered against Kurt Angle.]

Card rating: *** 1/2

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