March 26, 2012

Baltimore Arena – Baltimore, MD
Attendance: 4,176 (37%)

CM Punk starts off the show, coming down to the ring, getting a huge ovation from the crowd. Punk says that he’s not out to make a clever comment on the fact that he gets his rematch at Rebellion. Punk says he could care less about entertaining the fans tonight. Punk demands that Randy Orton meet him in the ring and face him like a man. The crowd starts chanting for Punk. Peter Bradshaw makes his way onto the stage, getting groans from the crowd. Bradshaw says that he understands Punk’s attitude; and that he has every right to be pissed off. But Bradshaw says that a match between Punk and Orton could not happen tonight, since they are both in separate matches. However, Bradshaw says that he wants Punk and Orton to have a match with a clear-cut winner at Rebellion. Bradshaw announces that the Heavyweight Title will be defended in a Steel Cage Match. And, to make sure nothing happens to taint the outcome, Bradshaw announces that the special referee for the match will be Adam Cole.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, CM Punk is seen walking backstage, and is confronted by Adam Cole. Cole says that things just got a lot more interesting. Cole says that winning the Golden Opportunity seems to have opened Peter Bradshaw’s eyes to how important Cole could be to the HWL. Punk tells Cole that beating five men who hadn’t spent a combined amount of time in the ring equal to Cole doesn’t make him any more important than he was when he was clawing his way to becoming X-Division Champion. Punk tells Cole not to screw things up before walking away.

At ringside, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels introduce Eve Torres, live from her home in San Diego. Eve says that her recovery is going better than expected, and that she plans at being at Rebellion. Eve says that she’s on a mission to repay Nikki Bella for sticking her nose in Eve’s business. Eve says that Nikki is simply worried that Eve will steal her spotlight. Eve says that Nikki might be a former Women’s Champion, but Eve has every intention on being the best in history.

Melina vs. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella came out tonight and was clearly using Eve’s words as fuel against Melina. Melina tried to get some offense in the match, but Nikki dominated. Nikki put a quick finish to the match, hitting the Bella Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Nikki Bella pinned Melina with the Bella Bomb in 0:05:04.
Rating: * ½

After the match, Nikki rolls out of the ring, and slams her hands on the broadcast table. She screams that Eve will wish she never came back at Rebellion. Nikki leaves walks away as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

After the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with Steve Corino and Shane Hagadorn. Alisha asks for a response to comments made by Jesse Neal last Sunday night. Corino asks if Neal is glad that he’s no longer aligned with Corino and Hagadorn. Corino says that, going out on his own proved nothing for Neal, as he lost the Golden Opportunity Match. Hagadorn adds that Jesse Neal is just a loser, and always will be. Corino says that Neal is the reason they are no longer Tag Team Champions, and says that it was a mistake to bring him into the HWL as a partner.

Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. David Otunga

ACs Otunga stood in the ring, awaiting Corino’s arrival, Corino was attacked by Jesse Neal as he and Hagadorn walked down the ramp. They brawled in front of the ring, until Neal whipped Corino into the steel steps. Hagadorn tried to intervene, but was pushed to the floor by Neal. Neal continued to work over Corino, throwing him into the barricade and landing a series of stomps. Neal grabs microphone and issues a challenge to fight Corino at Rebellion.

No Contest

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, Chris Sabin is seen talking to Peter Bradshaw backstage. Sabin tells Bradshaw that he was held back by Alex Shelley, and wasn’t able to show what he could do in the ring. Sabin says that he, Bradshaw, and everyone else knows that Sabin could be an asset to the HWL. All Sabin says he needs is a chance; and it doesn’t matter who he faces. Bradshaw says that Sabin will be given a chance, and his opponent will be announced at some point.

Also backstage, an irate Shane Hagadorn grabs Alisha Hicks and announces that he and Steve Corino accept Jesse Neal’s challenge for Rebellion. Both men storm off as the camera goes back to the ring.

Claudio Castagnoli & Michael Tarver vs. Colt Cabana & Luke Gallows

After facing off against each other in the Golden Opportunity Match, Castagnoli and Tarver teamed up to take on Cabana and Gallows, who were also making their debut as a team tonight. Cabana and Gallows worked well as a team throughout the match, but Castagnoli got his team a close call after catching Cabana’s moonsault bodypress into a shoulder breaker, for a two-count. Cabana fought back, taking control of a botched tag attempt, hitting Tarver with the Colt .45 for the 1-2-3.

Colt Cabana & Luke Gallows defeated Claudio Castagnoli & Michael Tarver when Cabana pinned Tarver with the Colt .45 in 0:06:31.
Rating: ** ¼

Backstage, Alisha Hicks catches up with Rami Sebei. Alisha asks how Sebei is doing after last week’s attack by CM Punk. Sebei says that he’s known Punk for a long time, and that what happened to him at Wrestleocalypse was a tragedy. But, what Punk did last week was unacceptable. Sebei says that their differences had been taken care of, and he doesn’t see what point Punk was trying to prove. Sebei says he must have been at the wrong place at the wrong time last week, but he’s glad that Peter Bradshaw is allowing them to step into the ring one more time.

Commercial Break

Rami Sebei vs. CM Punk

These two men have known each other for quite some time, wrestling all over the country, and just last month headlined the Best of the Best event in a champion vs. champion match. Over time, they’ve proven to know each other very well inside the ring. Sebei used the insult from last week as fuel to start this match off strong. Sebei help momentum until Punk rolled away from a 450 splash attempt. Punk went to work, but seemed less interested in pinning Sebei than he did sending a message to Randy Orton and Adam Cole. Punk went for an elbow off the top rope, but Sebei was able to push him down to the concrete! Punk rolled back into the ring, and was hit with the Michinoku driver, for only a two-count. Sebei then hit the Brainbustah for another two-count, as the crowd started to get behind Punk. Sebei attempted another Brainbustah, but Punk shoved him into the turnbuckle. Punk hit a backbreaker on Sebei for the 1-2-3.

CM Punk pinned Rami Sebei after a backbreaker in 0:12:39.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Punk rolled out of the ring and made his way up the ramp, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

A preview for Rebellion is shown, with “War of Change” by Thousand Foot Krutch playing in the background. Rebellion will be live from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, on April 15th. Only on pay-per-view!

Ric Flair, AJ Styles and Matt Morgan make their way out to the ring. Styles says that he has been a part of the HWL since its inception; and that he has worked his ass off to create a legacy for himself. He says that he is still the only three-time Heavyweight Champion. He has cemented his name in the record books for all time. But Styles says that he has been regulated lately to facing the likes of Brutus Magnus. Styles says that on the biggest event of the year, he had to fight a man for the rights to call Chelsea his manager, instead of challenging for any of the major titles in the HWL. Styles says that things are no different without Chelsea around, but that is beside the point. He says that, hands down, he knows that he is better that Brutus Magnus in the ring. On any given night, in any given town, the results would be different time and time again. The only reason Magnus walked away victorious is because of Rob Terry.

Flair says that Rob Terry was nothing but a mass of dumb muscle. He was the weak link in The Conglomerate, the reason that they didn’t win titles that should have easily been theirs. Flair says that Matt Morgan has already proven he is better off without Terry, winning the X-Division Title at Wrestleocalypse. But, Flair says, that there is one match that matters to all three of them right now. Flair issues a challenge to The British Invasion, to face AJ Styles and Matt Morgan at Rebellion.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match:
Jeff Hardy & Kaz vs. © Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado

Jeff Hardy and Kaz debuted as a new partnership tonight, with the unenviable task of taking on the Tag Team Champions. Hardy and Kaz, former tag team specialists in their own right, did not seem overmatched in this one, taking the first part of the match by storm. Kaz nearly got a victory with a roll-up on Angle early in the match, but the shock quickly wore off for the champs. Maldonado came in and used his strength to wear down the smaller opponents. Hardy and Kaz fought back, but with Maldonado and Hardy incapacitated outside the ring, Angle locked in the ankle lock, forcing Kaz to tap out.

[Non-Title Match]:
Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado defeated Jeff Hardy & Kaz when Kaz passed out in the ankle lock in 0:11:53.
Rating: ¼

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry, who say that they will accept the challenge issued by Ric Flair earlier tonight.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match:
Santino Marella vs. © Randy Orton

Randy Orton stepped foot into the ring for the first time since winning the Heavyweight Title at Wrestleocalypse, and looked very much like a champion against Santino Marella. Orton controlled this match from the onset, but Marella showed determination – and how much heart he has – by withstanding two RKO’s by the champion. The third RKO was the one that did the job, giving Orton the victory.

[Non-Title Match]:
Randy Orton pinned Santino Marella with the RKO in 0:15:49.
Rating: ¼

After the match, Orton celebrates in the ring, with the Heavyweight Title, as Anarchy goes off the air.

Card rating: *** ¾

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