March 27, 2011 - Wrestleocolpyse I - Detroit, MI

March 27, 2011
Ford Field - Detroit, Michigan
Attendance: 47,924 (74.3%)

A huge fireworks display shoots off from the stage, filling Ford Field with light, as the crowd goes crazy. “Canto” by Five Finger Death Punch blares through the stadium, and the camera shows the Elimination Chamber structure hanging from above the ring, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the biggest event in the history of the Horizon Wrestling League. They announce that, tonight, there are seven huge matches scheduled, including a Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title between Alex Shelley - the winner of the Best of the Best battle royal, Randy Orton, and the Champion, Kurt Angle.

#1 Contenders Match
Vixen’s Battle Royal

Five Vixens filled the ring tonight, with the chance to face Velvet Sky for the Women’s Title, tomorrow night on Anarchy. The match was a little different tonight, as pinfalls and submissions were allowed as eliminations, but it appeared that none of the women in the ring wanted to waste any time in trying to pin their opponents, or make them submit. Michelle McCool made quick work of Velvet’s partner, Angelina Love for the first elimination. Then, in quick succession, Sarita threw out Natalya, only to have Daffney throw her over seconds later! This left Daffney and McCool in the ring; and McCool wasted no time in tossing Daffney over the top rope, earning her second shot at the Women’s Title.

Michelle McCool won a five-woman battle royal:
X M. McCool threw out Love after a DDT in 0:01:56.
X Sarita threw out Natalya in 0:04:02.
X Daffney threw out Sarita in 0:04:32.
X M. McCool threw out Daffney after a kick to the head in 0:05:08.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, CM PUNK confronts COLT CABANA in a secluded area of the arena. Punk says that Cabana has no idea how badly he felt betrayed, Monday night, watching Cabana come out as Randy Orton’s partner. Punk says that he thought he and Cabana stood for the same things, and that Cabana knew that Orton didn’t stand for any of the same things. Punk says that felt a little piece of him die, watching one of his best friends turn his back on everything they had grown up believing in.

Cabana tells Punk that, if he were in the same situation, and someone was offering you a job, Punk would’ve done the same thing. He says that he didn’t get the chance to prove himself in the “minors”, and that Orton gave him a chance to be in the main event in his first event. Punk reminds Cabana that he lost the match; but Cabana asks Punk how many main events Punk has been in since coming back… or even during his first run. Cabana says that he knows that Orton doesn’t believe in the same things, and that maybe it’s a good thing. He asks Punk how it feels to be waiting for the chance to get what he wants, only to be passed over by someone who is willing to take it for himself. Cabana says that, if Punk had that same mentality, he’d be in the main event, not Randy Orton.

Punk shakes his head and starts to walk away, but suddenly attacks Cabana, throwing him into the brick wall of the arena. Punk stomps on Cabana before telling him that he’s going to stick with his values; and one of them is kicking the friend’s ass who turned his back on him. Punk then walks away as the camera focuses on Cabana’s body…

… also, backstage, Heavyweight Champion KURT ANGLE is shown entering the arena. JD and SM speculate as to what could be going through the champion’s mind tonight as he gets ready to defend the title against two men, in front of 47.000-plus fans.

Steve Corino vs. Jey Uso (w/Tamina)

Corino came out strong as the bell rung, using his speed to wear down the slightly heavier Uso. Corino kept up the assault became less and less likely to defend himself. Corino went for a cover, but only got a two-count. While arguing with the referee, Corino fell victim to a super kick that Uso used to slow things down, before rolling out of the ring to catch his breath. Uso caught his breath, as Corino slid out of the ring, and was distracted by Tamina; but Corino pushed her to the concrete - getting a huge reaction from the crowd - before grabbing Uso and whipping him into the ring steps! Corino then connected with a Sliding Lariat that appeared to knock Uso unconscious, but Tamina slowly got Uso back into the ring at the count of eight. Corino kept up the attack, eventually clothes lining Uso back outside the ring, before attempting a baseball slide; but Tamina pulled Uso out of the way, causing Corino to crash down onto the concrete. The move busted Corino up, above the eye, and Uso rolled him back into the ring before hitting a flying elbow drop off the top rope. Uso went for the cover, but Corino was able to kick out at two. Uso now on the attack, and he hit’s a side suplex for another two-count. Uso goes for a clothesline, but Corino counters it into a crucifix, but Uso gets his foot on the ropes. Out of nowhere, Corino hits another Sliding Lariat, but still only gets a two-count. The match continues as the time limit approaches, and Uso ducks a clothesline, and connects with a super kick. The bell sounds, as Uso climbs to the top rope, and the referee waves off the bell, allowing the match to continue. Uso connects with the Superfly Splash for the 1-2-3!

Jey Uso pinned Steve Corino with the Superfly Splash in 0:20:06.
Rating: *** ½

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks X-Division Champion, Adam Cole, what his reasons were for attacking Evan Bourne, Monday night, on Anarchy. Cole says that there’s only one reason why he does anything; and that’s because he can. Cole says that Evan Bourne came out and challenged him to a title match tonight, because he thought he had earned the right. Cole says that he respects Bourne, and is impressed with what he’s done over the past few weeks, but says that Bourne is not prepared for what’s in store for him tonight. Cole says that he and Kyle O’Reilly are still biding their time before having full control over the HWL. Cole says that, tonight, O’Reilly has the chance to win a shot at the Heavyweight Title; and when that happens, they will hold all the power in the HWL…

… also, backstage, The Hart Dynasty says that they are sick and tired of watching Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry walk around with the Tag Team Titles… THEIR Tag Team Titles. David Hart Smith says that Sheffield and Terry got lucky the night they won the titles; and that they haven’t done anything nearly as impressive as champions as The Hart Dynasty did during their first reign. He says that, tonight, it doesn’t matter how many times Sheffield and Terry have walked away with the victory; it just takes three seconds for the belts to come back to their rightful owners.

X-Division Title Match
Evan Bourne vs. © Adam Cole

Evan Bourne came out strong to start the match, trying to take the advantage over the X-Division Champion. This match had a lot of back and forth action between both men; and having Adam Cole fight back seemed to have gotten to Bourne, as he tossed the referee out of the ring in frustration, only to fall victim to a knee in the back, that sent himself to the outside. Cole used the ringside surroundings to his advantage before rolling Bourne into the ring and going for the cover, only to get a two-count. After a few minutes, Bourne was able to fight back, throwing Cole outside the ring. Bourne attempted a cross body block to the outside, only to have Cole move out of the way! Bourne crashed down to the ground as the both men lay outside the ring, with the fans beginning to get behind them. Cole, after a few seconds, rolled Bourne into the ring before connecting with the Panama Sunrise for the 1-2-3, to retain the X-Division Title. After the match, Cole fell to the canvas, celebrating his victory, as the crowd roars with boos. Cole rolls out of the ring, and is met by Kyle O’Reilly on the ramp, as the referee tends to Bourne inside the ring.

Adam Cole pinned Evan Bourne with the Panama Sunrise in 0:13:19.
Rating: *** ¾
(Adam Cole retained the X-Division Title.)

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry to respond to the comments made by The Hart Dynasty earlier tonight. Sheffield says that he and Terry don’t believe in “luck”, and don’t use the word when they talk about winning the Tag Team Titles. He says that luck has nothing to do with he and Terry being undefeated, and having beaten The Hart Dynasty every time they’ve stepped into the ring with each other. Sheffield says that, even one-on-one, neither David Hart Smith or Tyson Kidd have what it takes to beat either himself or “The Freak”. He says that they made the promise to end their reign, and that’s exactly what they did. Tonight, he says, that they will continue to show their dominance over The Hart Dynasty, and will continue to prove that they are the most dominant team in the Horizon Wrestling League…

… also, backstage, Colt Cabana is seen stumbling through the hallways, after the attack by CM Punk, when he is approached by Randy Orton. Orton tells Cabana that he doesn’t understand why Punk was upset with Colt, because, if he were really Cabana’s friend, he would’ve been happy to have him on the roster; but Orton says that Punk must feel threatened by Cabana’s presence, and attacked his “friend” to bully him into thinking he didn’t belong. Orton says that Cabana doesn’t need a friend like Punk. Orton says that it’s something for Cabana to think about, before walking away…

HWL Tag Team Title Match
The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya) vs. © Skip Sheffield/Rob Terry

The Hart Dynasty came out strong tonight, trying to take away the size advantage of the champions. David Hart Smith attacked Skip Sheffield right as the bell rang, and he and Tyson Kidd were able to keep the advantage for the better part of the match. Sheffield fought back, trying to even things up, but Natalya tripped him up as he ran into the ropes. The distraction gave Tyson Kidd time to roll Sheffield up for a near-fall. After trying to fight back, again, Sheffield made the tag to Rob Terry who connected with two spine buster slams on Kidd, only to come away with a two-count. Terry kept the offense going, but also fell victim to Natalya’s interference from outside the ring. This time, Kidd connected with a chop block, taking out Terry’s knee, before tagging into David Hart Smith. Smith, the bigger of the challengers, used his strength to take control of the hobbling “Freak” before connecting with a super kick that resulted in a two-count. Smith made the tag, back to Kidd, before hitting the Springboard Hart Attack. Kidd went for the pin, but Terry was able to get his foot on the rope. After a dropkick, Kidd connected with the Springboard elbow drop to pick up the victory, and win back the HWL Tag Team Titles. After the match, Kidd, Smith and Natalya celebrated the victory as the crowd roared with boos.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) defeated Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry when T. Kidd pinned Sheffield with the Springboard Elbowdrop in 0:16:13.
Rating: ***
(The Hart Dynasty won the HWL Tag Team Titles.)
[Natalya interfered against Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry.]

Backstage, Cody Rhodes tells Alisha Hicks that he is fully aware of the situation circling CM Punk. Rhodes says that he sympathizes with Punk, because he knows what its like to have a friend turn his back on him, but says that he won’t accept Punk using that as an excuse when he loses tonight. Rhodes says that Punk issued the challenge, and that Rhodes was in Detroit to answer that challenge, and come out with a victory. He says that, whatever Punk wants to do with Colt Cabana - or Randy Orton - will have to wait until after tonight…

… Also, backstage, Tim Hanson asks Alex Shelley what’s going through his mind as he prepares for the Heavyweight Title Match, later tonight. Shelley says that this tonight, at the biggest event the HWL has ever had, he’s going to be part of the main event in front of 47,000 people. He says that, a year ago, he would have never imagined that, but that he’s trying not to get caught up in the moment. Shelley says that tonight, he not only has a chance to walk out with the Heavyweight Title, but he has one more chance to step into the ring with Randy Orton. Shelley says that he agrees with CM Punk; that Orton doesn’t deserve to be in this match, because he has done nothing to deserve it. But, Shelley says, that if he walks out with the title, whether he pins Orton or Kurt Angle, he’ll feel vindicated.

Cody Rhodes vs. CM Punk

Colt Cabana wasted very little time before making his way down to the ring, just seconds after the bell rang. Rhodes and Punk were very evenly matched, passing the advantage back and forth throughout the match. Eventually, Punk took control of the match, and went for the G.T.S., only to have Rhodes slide out and connect with a beautiful dropkick. Rhodes then went after Punk’s legs, trying to take away Punk’s ability to hit the G.T.S later on. Rhodes locked in a figure-four, but Punk quickly grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Punk slid outside to get the feeling back into his leg, and motioned for Cabana from across the ring, only to roll back inside as Colt started to approach. Punk took over control, briefly, before Cabana pulled down the top rope, causing Punk to crash down to the concrete at ringside. Cabana assaulted Punk while the referee tried to separate them; demanding that Cabana leave ringside. Cabana rolled Punk back into the ring, before making his way up the ramp, watching as Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes to pick up the victory. After the match, Rhodes rolled out of the ring and watched as Cabana ran back to ringside, grabbing a chair, and entering the ring to assault Punk with it! HWL officials rushed down to the ring, breaking up the assault, and backing Cabana into a corner. Rhodes watched from the stage as Cabana was escorted out of the ring, and Punk was checked on.

Cody Rhodes pinned CM Punk with the Cross Rhodes in 0:10:02.
Rating: *** ½
[Colt Cabana interfered against CM Punk.]

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels discuss a video clip of Kurt Angle attacking Mr. Anderson, Monday night, during the battle royal to determine the participants for the “Golden Opportunity” Match.

Backstage, Tim Hanson asks Kurt Angle for a comment about his attack on Mr. Anderson, Monday night. Angle says that his reason was simple: two weeks ago, in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Anderson had help from Randy Orton; and that Orton’s interference was the only way Anderson could’ve beaten Angle. He says that he attacked Anderson, Monday night, to get even… nothing more. He says that he was protecting himself, because he wouldn’t stand by and just allow someone to take advantage of him, or to use outside interference to beat him. Angle says that Anderson knows he couldn’t beat Angle in a fair fight. But, Angle says that he has bigger things to worry about tonight, like retaining the Heavyweight Title.

Golden Opportunity Match
Abyss vs. Eddie Edwards vs. D’Angelo Dinero vs. Matt Morgan vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. AJ Styles

Eddie Edwards and Matt Morgan started things off tonight, as the crowd looked on in shock at the structure before them. Morgan had control before Edwards connected with a low-blow just before the two- minute mark. AJ Styles’ pod opened, and he quickly attacked Edwards from behind, taking over as Morgan regained his composure. The three of them continued to brawl until “The Pope’s” door opened; but Morgan quickly connected with a forearm to the back, welcoming Dinero into the match. Dinero and Morgan fought on one side of the ring as Styles and Edwards fought on the other. Eventually Morgan and Styles switched, and AJ nearly pinned Dinero after an inside cradle. The next entrant was Abyss, who wasted no time going after Dinero, who was closest to him. Kyle O’Reilly was the last entrant, as the Chamber became filled with all six participants. All six men battled it out, all over the structure, until Abyss connected with a splash from the second rope onto Edwards, securing the first pinfall - and elimination - of the match. Abyss quickly turned his attention back to “The Pope”, and continued the fight. D’Angelo Dinero and Matt Morgan corner themselves off, and the crowd watches as “The Pope” climbs to the top of the cage, before hitting a flying bulldog onto Morgan(!!) Dinero goes for the cover, but it’s broken up by AJ Styles, who is subsequently attacked by Abyss, who throws Styles onto the steel outside the ring. Abyss climbs to the top of the cage, grabbing Dinero up by the hair, before hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex onto the canvas(!!) Styles, getting back to his feet, pounces on Dinero put only gets a two-count. Moment later, across the ring, Matt Morgan grabs Kyle O’Reilly and hit’s the Hellevator, covering him for the second elimination. At the 28:00 mark, AJ Styles connected with the Dominator on Dinero, but only got a two-count. Frustrated, Styles grabbed the referee and hit him with a gut buster(!!) At the 30:00 mark, Styles, still on fire from with anger, hit the Styles Clash on Dinero, making the third elimination of the match. He then caught Morgan by surprise, hitting an Asai moonsault into an inverted DDT, pinning Morgan for the fourth elimination. AJ then focused on the legs and lower body of Abyss, locking in a figure-four that Abyss finally got out of after 13 seconds. Styles then locked in the chinlock deathlock, but Abyss was able to quickly grab the ropes, breaking up the hold. Styles got into the referee’s face, as Abyss reached for a piece of broken plexiglass; and as Styles returned to continue the match, Abyss crashed the plexiglass over Styles’ head(!!) Abyss slowly draped his arm over Styles as the referee counted to three! After the match, the referee rolled Abyss off of Styles as the Chamber slowly began to raise up from the ring. The crowd went crazy as medical officials rushed down to tend to both men.

Abyss won a six-man Elimination Chamber match:
X Abyss defeated E. Edwards after a splash from the second rope in 0:16:32.
X M. Morgan defeated K. O’Reilly with the Hellevator in 0:24:16.
X Styles defeated Dinero after the Styles Clash in 0:30:11.
X Styles defeated M. Morgan after an Asai moonsault into an inverted DDT in 0:30:17.
X Abyss defeated Styles in 0:34:04.
Rating: *

A preview for REBELLION is shown, as “The Fad” by Chevelle plays in the background. The vent will take place on April 24th, 2011, live from the Oklahoma City Arena in Oklahoma City!

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks for a comment from Randy Orton before the main event. Orton talks about all the people in the back, who say that he doesn’t belong in this match, because he hasn’t done anything to prove he belongs. He says that he has done something that no one else in the HWL was willing to do: go out and take what he wanted. Orton says that everyone in the back is so closed-up, and wanting to follow the rules set in place by Peter Bradshaw; when the rules have done nothing but kept Orton back. He says that he warned Kurt Angle, months ago, that he would be coming after the Heavyweight - by any means possible - and, that tonight, that warning is something Angle can’t ignore. Orton says that with all the talk of who should, and shouldn’t, be in this match, everyone is forgetting that Alex Shelley - at his best - was only a second-rate tag team wrestler. He says that, last month, Shelley proved that anyone could win the Best of the Best battle royal; but that his true lack ability will be highlighted tonight…

HWL Heavyweight Title - Triple Threat Match
Alex Shelley vs. Randy Orton vs. © Kurt Angle

The stadium was going crazy, with anticipation, as the three men were introduced before the match. CM PUNK wasted little time, coming down to the ring, distracting Randy Orton; allowing Alex Shelley to get a surprising amount of offense in on his former tag team partner. Shelley tagged out to Angle after Orton as able to reverse a clothesline attempt - and began arguing with Punk outside the ring. Angle quickly entered the ring and tossed Orton outside, where he and Punk began to brawl outside the ring. Punk rolled Orton back into the ring as Angle began his offense. But, Punk wasn’t finished tonight, as he attempted to throw Angle a pair of brass knuckles, only to have Orton intercept them and punch Angle in the jaw. After only getting a two-count, Orton again began the verbal fight with Punk at ringside. Slowly, Angle was able to make the tag to Shelley, but Orton kept up the offense, hitting an RKO, but only getting a two-count as Shelley put his foot on the ropes. Orton continued the offense, while Shelley tried to fight back, but Punk grabbed Orton by the ankle, allowing Shelley to snap Orton’s neck off the top rope, before hitting the Sliced Bread #2, but only getting two-count himself. Angle then saw his opportunity, connecting with the Olympic Slam on Shelley - who rolled out of the ring in pain - before hitting a dropkick on Orton. Angle quickly locked on the Ankle Lock; and while Orton reached for the ropes, CM Punk pulled the bottom rope away from him, causing “The Viper” to tap out in pain! After the match, Punk watched as Angle was awarded the Heavyweight Title, and celebrated by climbing the ropes and holding the title in the air.

Kurt Angle defeated Alex Shelley and Randy Orton when K. Angle made R. Orton submit to the Ankle Lock in 0:28:17.
Rating: ¼
(Kurt Angle retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)
[CM Punk interfered against Randy Orton.]

Card rating:

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