May 07, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Coliseo de Puerto Rico
Attendance: 8,280 (46%)

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the capital city of Puerto Rico, just six days away from Fully Loaded in Cleveland, Ohio. They announce that tonight the recently returning Sarita will take on Natalya; Christopher Daniels will face Jeremy Buck; and an open challenge has been made by the tag team champions just a week before they defend the titles against Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado.

Kaz’s music begins to play as he makes his way to the ring. In the ring, Kaz grabs microphone…
Kaz: “First thing’s first: I want to thank you all for acknowledging the hard work that I’ve put into this business for the past two – almost three – years. Whether or not Peter Bradshaw sees it, or the people in the back see it, but it’s good to know that it’s appreciated by the people who matter. Secondly, last week was a great accomplishment for me, as I once again earned the chance to challenge for a title that I otherwise would just be looked over for. Last week, I outlasted nine other superstars, and in the end, I will be going into Fully Loaded to face Matt Morgan for the X-Division Title.”

Before Kaz could continue, The Conglomerate’s music plays, as Ric Flair, AJ Styles, and X-Division Champion Matt Morgan make their way to the ring. All three men step into the ring, surrounding Kaz in the center. Morgan grabs a microphone…
MM: “Do you honestly think these people give a damn about all the hard work you’ve put in, really? I’ve been here just as long as you have, Kaz, and from what I can recall, you haven’t amounted to anything; especially nothing these people should cheer for. In fact, I wouldn’t even say you’ve deserved the success you have had, at least not the chances you’ve had at winning titles. I’d say you’re one of the luckiest people in this business. But luck only gets you so far; and you’ve shown that you don’t have the ability to get over that hump that leads to this – (points to the X-Division Title). We are no strangers in the ring, Kaz, and I’ve seen you try: but that’s all you ever do is try. I know we have a match on Sunday night, but I’m in a giving mood tonight. Why wait until Sunday, when I’m more than willing to put the title on the line tonight?”

The crowd cheers, as Kaz and Morgan face off in the ring. Flair and Styles pull Morgan back into a corner and talk to him as PETER BRADSHAW makes his way onto the stage…
PB: “Gentlemen! Please… if I could have your attention for just a moment. I know that you two would enjoy getting your hands on each other tonight – and the fans would love to see it – but the X-Division Title will not be defended this evening. It cannot be defended tonight, because I have put Kaz in a match, later tonight, against Brutus Magnus. And, as far as your punishment is concerned, for the actions you took last week, I have decided not to suspend either Ric Flair or AJ Styles. However, tonight in the main event, AJ Styles and Matt Morgan will team up to take on David Otunga and Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton!”

The crowd cheers as Bradshaw walks off-stage. Anarchy goes to commercials as Kaz leaves the ring, and The Conglomerate look on.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks asks Brutus Magnus about the match signed by Peter Bradshaw just moments ago. Magnus said that he and Kaz showed, last week, that they should be taken seriously as challengers to the X-Division Title – if not any title in the HWL. Magnus said that he has no hard feelings towards Kaz for winning the battle royal, and wishes Kaz the best of luck against Matt Morgan on Sunday, but says that tonight, he’ll show everyone that Magnus should be number-one contender.

Also backstage, Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is seen entering the arena. Josh and Scott hype tonight’s main event tag match.

Sarita vs. Natayla

The match starts with a flurry of shots exchanged by both Vixens. Sarita hits a spinning backbreaker. Sarita connects with a backspin DDT. Sarita runs into the ropes and takes Natalya down with a flying armbar. Natalya breaks the hold by reaching the ropes, but Sarita takes her back down with a springboard armdrag. Sarita goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but Natalya counters with a side suplex. Natalya locks Sarita in an airplane spin… for 26 seconds! Natalya hits a Discus lariat for a two-count. Natalya goes for a front-layout suplex, but Sarita blocks it. Sarita hits a second spinning backbreaker on Natalya. Chants of “Welcome back!” start as Sarita connects with a kneelift. A snap suplex by Sarita. Sarita lands a chop and a kick to the midsection. Sarita whips Natalya into the ropes, bringing her down with a single-leg takedown. Nataly breaks the hold by reaching the ropes. Natalya reverses an irish whip into the corner, but Sarita gets a boot up. Sarita with a Tiger Driver. Sarita hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Sarita goes for an armdrag takedown, but Natalya counters with a lariat. Natalya works over Sarita, hitting a powerslam for a two-count. Natalya runs into the ropes and missies with a clothesline. Sarita lands a few shots on Natalya. Sarita with a flying cross body for a two-count. Sarita hits a second flying cross body, but Natalya rolls through for a two-count. Natalya goes for the Michinoku Driver, but Sarita counters. Sarita and Natalya trade reversals. Sarita locks Natalya in a side headlock. Natalya reaches the ropes after 22 seconds. Sarita connects with the Tiger Driver for the victory.

Sarita pinned Natalya with the Tiger Driver in 5:28.
Rating: ¼

Backstage, Alisha Hicks welcomes Christopher Daniels to the HWL. Daniels thanks Alisha for the welcome. Daniels says that he has traveled across the world, and wrestled for as many organizations as anyone can think of, but that it’s hard to compare the talent on the HWL roster. Daniels says that he made his mark on the HWL last week, by taking out Jeff Hardy; and that tonight, he is looking forward to stepping into the ring with Jeremy Buck.

Commercial Break

Randy Orton is seen, just steps from his locker room, when he is stopped by Alisha Hicks. Alisha informs Orton of the tag team match that Peter Bradshaw signed for tonight’s main event. Orton says that his night just got a lot more interesting, and that he has some things to clear up. Orton enters the locker room…

Backstage, the camera catches John Cena talking to Michael Tarver and Rami Sebei. The crowd boos at the sight of Cena on the Titantron. Josh and Scott speculate as to what Cena could be saying to them…

Josh and Scott transition into a video showing highlights from Jeremy Buck’s match with David Otunga last week. They said that questions were being raised as to the whereabouts of Steve Corino – the man Buck replaced – and a video is shown from last week of Jesse Neal attack Corino in the parking garage. Josh and Scott say they are trying to get information, and will update as news comes in.

Christopher Daniels vs. Jeremy Buck

The bell sounds and Daniels quickly takes Buck down with a bodyslam. Daniels hits a DVD on Buck. The crow starts chanting for Daniels. Daniels whips Buck into the corner, but Buck reverses it; however Daniels gets a boot up. Daniels sends Buck into the ropes, and they take each other down with a double clothesline. Buck with an armdrag. Buck attempts a flying cross body, but Daniels ducks, and Buck crashes into the canvas. Daniels hits a second DVD and gets a two-count. Daniels attempts an Asai moonsault, but Buck catches it with a tombstone! Buck kicks Daniels down, and hits a springboard splash for a two count. Buck locks in an armbar, but Daniels reaches the ropes soon after, breaking the hold. Buck goes for a headlock, but Daniels pushes him off. Daniels hits a snapmare followed by a quick elbowdrop. Daniels tries to throw Buck into the corner, but Buck counters it with a belly-to-belly suplex, which is in-turn blocked by Daniels. Daniels hits a palm blow on Buck. Daniels attempts a leg lariat, but Buck ducks. Buck goes for a second snap mare, but Daniels blocks it. Both men begin brawling in the center of the ring, throwing punches and chops, as the crowd starts getting more vocal. Buck attempts a jumping front kick, but falls to the canvas as Daniels moves. Daniels tries for a side headlock, but Buck counters it with a back suplex. Buck lands an elbow drop. Buck taunts the crowd and gets boos in response. Buck with a forearm smash. Buck sets up for a hurrancarana, but Daniels counters with a Tiger Driver for a two-count. The crowd cheers for Daniels as he connects with the Best Moonsault Ever for the victory.

Christopher Daniels pinned Jeremy Buck with the Best Moonsault Ever in 5:33.
Rating: ** ½

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Nikki and Brie Bella confront Melina and Eve Torres backstage. Nikki says she hopes they were able to get their clothes dried last week; and Brie wonders if they brought enough clothes to make it through the rest of the night. Eve smiles and says she’s taking the high road, knowing that on Sunday night, the Bellas will get what’s coming to them. Melina on the other hand, says that she’s not waiting, comparing the Bellas to “high school bitches”, before attacking Brie. All four women brawl in backstage area, until HWL officials separate them.

Also backstage, Randy Orton stops David Otunga as he leaves the locker room. Orton hesitates for a moment before saying “thank you” to Otunga for coming out to the ring last week. Otunga says that he wants Orton at 100% for Sunday night, but that Orton is welcome. Orton says that they just have to get through tonight, and he’ll see Otunga at Fully Loaded. Orton walks of as we see the ring…

Michael Tarver vs. Kofi Kingston

The bell sounds and Kingston tries to take Tarver off-guard with a flying forearm, but Tarver moves out of the way, connecting with a right hook. Tarver goes for a knee to the face, but Kingston blocks it. Kingston attempts a belly-to-back suplex, but Tarver hits an elbowsmash. Tarver whips Kofi into the ropes and misses with a shoulderblock. Kofi takes him down with a clothesline. Kingston into the ropes. Tarver misses with a kick. Kofi misses with an elbow. Tarver takes him down with a clothesline. Kingston hits a kick from the canvas. Kingston into the ropes, hitting Tarver with a clothesline. Kingston with a belly-to-back suplex. Kingston plays to the crowd, getting some cheers. Tarver, back on his feet, hits Kofi, getting boos from the crowd. They trade blows back and forth. Tarver goes for a clothesline, but Kofi counters with a crucifix for a two-count. Kingston tries a flying back elbow, but Tarver rolls away. Kingston springs to his feet and runs into the ropes. Tarver misses with a clothesline, but hits a fist to Kofi’s midsection. Tarver goes for a spear, but Kofi moves, throwing Tarver into the corner. Kofi into the ropes. Tarver hits an elbow and gets a two-count. Tarver lands a kick to the midsection. Tarver with a Gorilla Press. Tarver makes a “T” with his arms, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Tarver whips Kofi into the ropes, hitting him with an elbow. Tarver goes for a gutwrench suplex, but Kofi blocks it. Kofi attempts an armdrag, but Tarver blocks it. Tarver locks Kofi in an abdominal stretch. Kingston reaches the ropes, but gets knocked down with a clothesline. Tarver with another fist to the midsection. Tarver makes a “T”, getting more cheers this time. Kingston springs to his feet and hits an elbowsmash. Kingston hits a huranacana for a two-count. Tarver reverses an irish-whip, but Kofi hits a flying forearm for another two-count. Kingston connects with a belly-to-back suplex for the victory.

Kofi Kingston pinned Michael Tarver after a belly-to-back suplex in 5:10.
Rating: **

Backstage, HWL Tag Team Champions Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon say that they’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long, because of the attack by Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado. They say that they are coming back tonight, with a vengeance; and that Angle and Maldonado should play close attention.

Commercial Break

Golden Opportunity winner Adam Cole comes out to the ring as Anarchy returns from break. Cole says that he is going to make his statement short and sweet – which gets cheers from the crowd. Cole says that, last week, CM Punk pulled one over on him. He gives Punk credit, but says that he wasn’t paying enough attention to Punk, and let it happen. Cole promises that will not happen again. Cole says that there are no “mind games”, as Punk called it, between them… just an utter dislike for each other. Cole says that Punk’s mad because he has what Punk no longer does: a guaranteed contract for the Heavyweight Title. Cole says that he will have walking into Fully Loaded, on Sunday, and walking out.

Backstage, Tyson Kidd is seen consoling a distraught Natalya, after her loss earlier in the evening. Natalya says that she’s been going non-stop for over two years. She says she’s glad that Kidd’s back in the HWL, but that she doesn’t feel she’s at her best anymore. Natalya says she needs a break. She tells Tyson to make the family proud, and to not squander this second chance. They embrace, and Natalya heads towards an exit as Tyson watches her leave.

Non-Title Match:
Chris Hero & Alex Riley vs. HWL Tag Team Champions Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon

The Tag Team Champions were returning tonight after a brutal attack at the hands of Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado a number of weeks ago. They were not only looking for vengeance, as they mentioned in their pre-match interview, but also a clean start just six days away from their title defense. Their opponents were the returning Chris Hero and the debuting Alex Riley. Hero is well-known to the HWL fans, and got a great response as he made his way to the ring. Inside the ring, however, Hero looked like a one-man tag team, as he almost single-handedly took on the champions. Riley did his part backing up Hero, but it appeared that Hero was going to win this match on his own. However, that was not the case. With Riley and Cabana brawling outside the ring, Hero distracted the referee, allowing SHANE HAGADORN to attack Colon from behind, getting the champions counted out.

[Non-Title Match]:
Chris Hero & Alex Riley defeated Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon by countout in 8:31.
Rating: ***
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Edwin Colon.]

Commercial Break

Alisha Hicks is seen with The Conglomerate as Anarchy comes back from break. Alisha asks how they all feel about the match signed by Peter Bradshaw earlier in the night, in lieu of any punishments that might be handed down. Ric Flair says that Bradshaw couldn’t punish them, because they wouldn’t have listened anyway, and Bradshaw knows it. Flair says that Bradshaw thinks a match against Otunga and Orton is better than a punishment. He says that Bradshaw will have to swallow every ounce of his pride after Styles and Morgan beat their hand-picked opponents. Flair says that they will continue to do their own thing, and no one can stop them. Wooo!

A preview for Fully Loaded is shown with “Full Circle” by Otherwise playing in the background. Fully Loaded will be LIVE, Sunday May 13th, from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio!

Kaz vs. Brutus Magnus

It came down to these two superstars last week, for the right to challenge Matt Morgan for the X-Division Title this Sunday at Fully Loaded. After eliminating three opponents, Brutus Magnus appeared in a great position to win earn his first singles title match, only to have it toss over the top rope along with himself, as Kaz’s one and only elimination of the night. Tonight, Magnus was adamant that it should be he that goes into Fully Loaded as challenger, but insisted that he wished Kaz the best of luck. This match was signed in the spirit of competition, to see what these two could do in the ring, given enough time and without the stipulations of a battle royal; neither man disappointed. Kaz showed that he did have an aggressive streak, as he held control for a majority of the match. Things got worse for Magnus, who tried to battle back throughout the match, as JOHN CENA appeared at ringside. The match spilled outside, where Cena was able to do some damage, taking a steel chair to Magnus when the referee’s back was turned. This allowed Kaz to connect with the Wave of the Future on the concrete floor! But instead of letting Magnus be counted out, Cena rolled him back into the ring. Kaz made the cover, but Magnus got his foot on the rope, shocking both men and the crowd. Brutus was able to fight back, and stunned Kaz with a roll-up, only to have Cena enter the ring and break up the pin, disqualifying Kaz.

After the match, Cena picked up Magnus and hit the Attitude Adjustment in the center of the ring. The crowd rained boos on Cena, who said “You can’t see me” to Magnus before leaving the ring.

Brutus Magnus defeated Kaz by disqualification in 21:29.
Rating: *** ¼

Commercial Break

AJ Styles & HWL X-Division Champion Matt Morgan (w/Ric Flair) vs. HWL Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton & David Otunga

As of late, Randy Orton has found himself having to deal with two possible roadblocks in the continuation of his title reign in Matt Morgan and David Otunga. Last week, Anarchy closes the show with Otunga coming to Orton’s aide, only to become the second victim in the attack by Morgan and AJ Styles. With this tag match made by Peter Bradshaw, everyone knew that Morgan and Styles were going to be on the same page; but no one was sure how Orton and Otunga would coexist, just six days before their match at Fully Loaded. Surprisingly, even though there were a number of contentious tags made by Orton, he and Otunga worked well as a team. Otunga came out looking like he belong in the ring with the three former – and current – Heavyweight champions, signaling that Orton made me in for a tougher match this Sunday. Otunga picked up the victory after hitting the Verdict on Styles.

After the match, Otunga got to his feet to find Orton staring at him from the apron. Orton dropped down to the floor, grabbed his title, and headed towards the back as Otunga looked on. Josh and Scott thanked everyone for tuning in as Anarchy went off the air.

David Otunga & Randy Orton defeated The Conglomerate (AJ Styles & Matt Morgan) by pinfall in 13:07.
Rating: ***

Card rating: ***

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