May 10, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Trenton, NJ

Monday Night Anarchy
May 10, 2010
Sovereign Bank Arena
Trenton, New Jersey

Highlights of the Mr. Anderson-Matt Morgan match are shown from last week’s episode; the ending scene shows Kurt Angle shaking his head at Morgan, lying prone in the center of the ring. “Headstrong” by Trapt begins to play inside the arena as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Trenton, just under three weeks away from Fully Loaded. They announce three matches that will be happening tonight: Randy Orton vs. Kane; CM Punk vs. Evan Bourne; and Chris Sabin, in his first singles action in HWL, taking on Kurt Angle.

- HWL Heavyweight Champion, Desmond Wolfe, comes out to the ring with Chelsea; the title belt draped over his shoulder. Wolfe says that he’s sure Mr. Anderson feels pretty confident about “showing” what he could do in the ring, beating Matt Morgan last week. Wolfe says that everyone saw the highlights, and that it appears to have been a dominate performance, but that he knows the truth behind it. Wolfe says that Mr. Anderson had help from the outside… and wasn’t even aware of it. Wolfe says that Matt Morgan was concentrating on that match simply because Kurt Angle was present at ringside. Wolfe says that Anderson can feel like a man for the time being, but that things are going to be different at Fully Loaded, when he faces an opponent that is focused on winning. Wolfe says that, if by chance he loses the title, than Morgan can gloat all he wants to.

As Wolfe and Chelsea leave the ring, MR. ANDERSON jumps over the guardrail, and attacks Wolfe from behind! Anderson grabs Wolfe and throws him into the guardrail, before landing a series of vicious kicks to the midsection. Anderson then grabs Wolfe and throws him into the steel ring steps. Anderson looks at Chelsea and begins to walk backwards up the ramp as Chelsea runs to Wolfe’s aide. Anderson grins at the scene at ringside as HWL officials rush out to escort him to the back.

Commercial Break

The Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim & Natalya
The crowd in Trenton was treated to a very well-fought match between these two teams. It was the first time that Velvet Sky and Natalya have stepped into the ring against each other since Natalya won the Women’s title last month and the champion seemed to revel in the thought of facing Sky again. This match was also the first teaming of The Beautiful People since HWL re-started, and they didn’t miss a beat after their long disbandment. However, the champion’s partner, Gail Kim, was a very suitable partner, working well with Natalya in a match that lasted over 20 minutes! There were a lot of near falls towards the end, but Kim picked up the deciding fall after hitting a springboard cross body block on Angelina Love. After the match, Natalya and Kim celebrated in the ring as TBP somberly made their way up the ramp.

Gail Kim & Natalya defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) when Kim pinned Love after a springboard cross body block in 23:37.
Rating: ** ¾

- Backstage, in the trainer’s room, DESMOND WOLFE is being looked at by the medical staff. He claims to feel fine, and demands to know where Mr. Anderson is when MR. BRADSHAW appears to check on his champion. Wolfe is told that Anderson was spotted somewhere backstage, gloating about the attack. Wolfe pulls away from the trainer, and tells Chelsea to wait in the locker room, before walking out of the trainer’s room.

- In another area backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with NIKKI BELLA. Bella, dressed in street clothes, says that she’s very excited about the chance to face Natalya for the Women’s Title at Fully Loaded. Bella says that Natalya is a very strong woman and that she proves that whenever she gets into the ring. Though, Bella says that she is going to do her best to come out victorious, because she wants to hold the title in honor of her sister, BRIE, who was the first HWL Women’s Champion before leaving the company last month.

Randy Orton vs. Kane
Randy Orton came out with a fury, surprising Kane with an RKO less than a minute into the match! The attack sent “The Big Red Monster” off his game, and he was never able to fully recover. Kane was able to mount an attack, but for every move he had, Orton had a counter. Kane left the ring after getting caught with an elbow to the jaw, and began walking backward up the ramp, laughing at Orton. The referee counted Kane out and awarded the match to “The Viper”.

Randy Orton defeated Kane by countout in 3:55.
Rating: ** ¼

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- Backstage, the door to Desmond Wolfe’s locker room is shown, when MR. ANDERSON appears on-camera. He knocks on the door and waits until Chelsea answers. Screaming, Chelsea slams the door as Anderson begins laughing. He places his head closer to the door and tells Chelsea that she has made a big mistake, being with someone who’s clearly not a man. Anderson says that, once he wins the Heavyweight Title, she’ll be begging for his attention.

Then, out of nowhere, DESMOND WOLFE appears, attacking Anderson! Wolfe slams Anderson’s head into the locker room door before landing lefts and rights to Anderson’s face and body. Wolfe is eventually pulled away by HWL officials and the camera focuses on Anderson, laying on the floor.

- D’ANGELO DINERO is seen, dressed in street clothes, talking with a female member of the event staff when he is confronted by YOSHI TATSU. Tatsu says that he’s tired of Dinero thinking he’s so great and that he’s ready to prove that he’s better than Dinero at Fully Loaded. Dinero says it’s about time that Tatsu grew some balls and accepted his challenge. Dinero says that Fully Loaded just got a lot better because Dinero’s gonna be the highlight of the night. Dinero walks away, leaving Tatsu shaking his head.

As Tatsu starts to walk away, KAZ, appears, standing in his way. Kaz asks Tatsu what he was thinking last week, when he just left the ring for no reason. Tatsu tells Kaz that he’s got bigger things to worry about than making sure Kaz is OK. Tatsu says that Kaz lost that match; if he should blame anyone, it’s himself.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Legacy
This match ended before it really got started, which the fans in Trenton didn’t care for. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase had David Hart Smith in their corner double-teaming him as the referee’s back was turned. DiBiase rolled out of the ring as Cody Rhodes connected with a picture-perfect DDT, and went for the cover. Tyson Kidd tried to break up the pin, but DiBiase tripped him up and pulled him outside as the referee counted to three! After the match, Kidd and DiBiase got into a shoving match, that was broken up by Rhodes. Legacy made their way up the ramp, celebrating as the crowd let their disapproval be known.

Legacy defeated The Hart Dynasty when Cody Rhodes pinned D.H. Smith after a DDT in 2:24.
Rating: * ¾

- A preview for “Fully Loaded” is shown - with “Letter From a Thief” by Chevelle playing in the background - showcasing the matches that will be taking place on May 30th, live from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

Commercial Break

- Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with KURT ANGLE. Angle cracks a smile when Alisha tells him what Desmond Wolfe said about Matt Morgan earlier in the evening. Angle agrees with Wolfe, and says that it couldn’t be more obvious that Angle is inside Morgan’s head. Angle says that Morgan has no idea what he’s capable of when he gets intensely focused. He brings up the fact that he won the Gold Medal - with a broken neck - at the ‘96 Olympics. He restates that Morgan made a “huge mistake” by attacking him at Rebellion before walking away.

Evan Bourne vs. CM Punk (w/Luke Gallows & Serena)
Evan Bourne looked poised to send a message to AJ Styles, with just under three weeks until Fully Loaded, and he was looking to do it against “The Straight-Edge Superstar”. However, Bourne was able to really show off what he could do in the ring as Serena got involved in the match, tripping Bourne in plain sight of the referee, thus causing the referee to call for the bell! After the match, Luke Gallows entered the ring as he and Punk attacked Bourne in the center of the ring. Satisfied with their attack, Punk, Gallows and Serena left the ring as the referee checked on Bourne.

Evan Bourne defeated CM Punk by disqualification in 7:26.
Rating: ** ¼
[Serena interfered against Evan Bourne.]

- Josh Dainels and Scott Michaels announce that a new match has been added to the card for Fully Loaded on May 30th. Its announced that YOSHI TATSU will face D’ANGELO DINERO after the events that have taken place since Rebellion.

- Backstage, in their dressing room, ALEX SHELLEY is seen giving CHRIS SABIN a pep-talk before tonight’s main event. Shelley tells Sabin not to worry about Angle’s “Three I’s”, or the fact that he’s incredibly focused on hurting someone… anyone, to prove a point to Matt Morgan. Shelley says that all Sabin needs to remember is that they’re from the state of Michigan, and that they’ve gone through hard times before. Shelley tells Sabin to use that to get the better of Angle tonight. Sabin thanks Shelley and leaves the locker room with a confused expression on his face.

Commercial Break

Chris Sabin vs. Kurt Angle
What a way to end the evening! As this match got underway, MATT MORGAN appeared from the crowd, jumping over the barricade, and pulling down the top rope, sending Kurt Angle crashing to the outside! The referee quickly called for the DQ as Morgan began to assault Angle. Morgan picked up Angle and tossed him into the barricade. Chris Sabin watched from inside the ring as Morgan then brought Angle to the ramp and hit the Hellevator onto the steel! Morgan stood over Angle and smiled down at him as Anarchy went off the air.

Kurt Angle defefated Chris Sabin by disqualification in 0:10.
Rating: *
[Matt Morgan interfered against Kurt Angle.]

Card Rating: * ¾

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