May 13, 2012 - HWL Fully Loaded - Cleveland, OH

HWL Fully Loaded PPV
May 13, 2012
Quicken Loans Arena
Cleveland, Ohio
Attendance: 14,804 (72%)

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Cleveland, as “Full Circle” plays throughout the arena. Pyrotechnics go off as the camera shows the crowd at ringside. Josh and Scott run down tonight’s six matches before sending things to the ring.

X-Division Title Match
Kaz vs. HWL X-Division Champion Matt Morgan (w/Ric Flair)

The first match of the evening was signed just 13 days ago, after Kaz outlasted nine other Superstars to earn this title match. Kaz and Matt Morgan have grown to know each other very well inside the ring; and this match was nothing but an extra chapter in their story. These two have met in a steel cage, with the HWL Heavyweight Title on the line; they have met countless times throughout the years on Anachy; but tonight, the thing that made this match unique was that there was only one rule: pinfalls and submissions would have to take place inside the ring. Everything else was fair game, and it appeared from the start, that Morgan was going to dominate this match. Morgan started off the match with a choke hold that lasted nearly a minute, before Kaz was able to reach the ropes. After that, Kaz appeared to struggle through the remainder of the nearly 25-minute matchup. But, now wanting to repeat his result last time against Morgan, Kaz fought back. However, with no disqualifications and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair at ringside, things got pretty one-sided quickly. Flair was a constant distraction to Kaz, taking him off his game, and allowing Morgan to regain control. Eventually, Flair overstepped his reach, and paid the price, as Kaz laid out Flair and attacked him outside the. Kaz got his shots in before Morgan grabbed him and whipped him into the ring steps! Morgan controlled the match from this point, using his size and strength to wear down Kaz, even though Kaz showed no signs of giving up. Towards the end of the match, Morgan was beginning to get frustrated: Kaz had previously kicked out of three Carbon Footprints, and was getting the crowd behind him. Morgan wasn’t sure what to do, and Kaz started a strong comeback, fueled by the crowd’s reaction. Outside the ring, Flair had gotten to his feet, and had jumped onto the apron with a steel chair. Kaz attempted the Wave of the Future, only to get pushed off by Morgan, directly into a chair shot by Flair! Kaz stumbled back, and turned right into a fourth Carbon Footprint! Morgan made the cover for a successful title defense.

[X-Division Title Match]:
Matt Morgan pinned Kaz with the Carbon Footprint in 23:16.
Rating: ¼
(Matt Morgan retained the HWL X-Division Title.)
[Ric Flair interfered against Kaz.]

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado. Alisha asks how the challengers are feeling, knowing they have a shot to win back the Tag Team Titles tonight. Angle says that he’s usually the voice of integrity around the HWL, but watching Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon lose on Monday night was one of the greatest things he’s seen. Angle says that he knows for a fact that neither Cabana nor Colon can hold their heads up high tonight; and neither one of them has the right to call themselves champion after what he saw on Anarchy. Maldonado calls Cabana and Colon pathetic. He says that the Tag Team Titles will return to their deserving owners tonight.

Also backstage, Nikki and Brie Bella are shown stretching in the locker room.

Just outside their locker room, Ted Hanson is seen with the HWL Tag Team Champions Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon. Cabana says that Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado can laugh all the want to; that there’s no denying their plan to come back and be dominate on Monday night backfired. Cabana gives credit to Chris Hero and Alex Riley. He says that Chris Hero is a proven champion, and that Riley couldn’t have asked for a better partner to debut with. Cabana says that tonight, however, he and Colon will walk out to the ring, to defend their titles, and show Angle and Maldonado that one mistake will not end their title reign.

Also backstage, David Otunga is seen entering the arena. Josh and Scott talk about the opportunity he has tonight, challenging Randy Orton for the HWL Heavyweight Title.

Tag Team Title Match
Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado vs. HWL Tag Team Champions Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon

After joining forces and winning a tournament to earn the chance to face then-champions Angle and Maldonado, Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon made a unique – yet effective – duo. As shocking as their victory was over Angle and Maldonado at Rebellion, the aftermath of that victory would be right on par. Still fuming from their loss, Angle and Maldonado viciously attacked both Cabana and Colon, sending them a message along with a rematch challenge for the Tag Team Titles. As newly crowned champions – and after a couple weeks of recovery from the attacks – Cabana and Colon enthusiastically accepted the challenge. Tonight, both teams walked into the ring looking for retribution: one for losing their beloved titles; the other for the embarrassment they’ve been put their since becoming champions. All four men left everything they had in the ring, but in the end, Cabana and Colon’s determination to remain champions was more than Angle and Maldonado could muster. Cabana picked up the victory after hitting a huracarana on Maldonado for the 1-2-3.

[Tag Team Title Match]:
Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon defeated Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado when Cabana pinned M. Maldonado after a Frankensteiner in 19:13.
Rating: ¼
(Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with Peter Bradshaw, who says he has an announcement. Bradshaw says that he has made a change to the Vixens tag match tonight. Bradshaw says that, since all titles must be defended every 30 days – and the Women’s Title has not been defended since the last pay-per-view – that the title will be on the line during tonight’s tag match. Bradshaw says that whomever gets the deciding pinfall or submission, no matter if Brie Bella is involved, will become the new Women’s Champion.

Also backstage, David Otunga is walking through the hallways, when he is approached by Chris Hero. They shake hands, and Hero wishes Otunga good luck against Randy Orton tonight. Otunga thanks Hero and walks off to prepare; but before Hero can walk off, he his confronted by Steve Corino and Shane Hagadorn. Hagadorn reminds Hero of all the success they had together, and says that they can relive that – and do so much more – if Hero and Corino joined forces. Hero agrees that he and Hagadorn had success; but that Hagadorn threw it all away by going with something he thought was better. Hero says that he cannot – and will not – trust Hagadorn again. And, Hero adds, he has a new partner. Hero walks away, leaving Hagadorn and Corino staring.

In the Vixens’ locker room, Melina and Eve Torres are told about the added stipulation to their tag team match. Eve says that it was only a matter of time before everything caught up to the Bellas. She says that it doesn’t matter who walks out of Cleveland champion, as long as it is neither Nikki nor Brie.

A video plays, recapping the history between The Bellas, Eve Torres, and Melina.

Women’s Title Match
Nikki Bella & © Brie Bella vs. Melina & Eve Torres

In the weeks leading up to this match, Brie Bella made it very clear that it would take a drastic act to take the Women’s Title from around her waist. Chances are, she didn’t imagine that drastic act being handed down by Peter Bradshaw. It was evident on Brie’s face as she and Nikki made their way to the ring that she was not pleased with the stipulation that had been added to this match; however, outside of vacating the title, she would have to defend it, albeit in an unorthodox fashion. With that stipulation hanging over the match, it was a matter of time before tensions arose. Going into the match, Melina and Eve Torres agreed that it didn’t matter which one of them won the title, as long as it was no longer Brie’s to hold. There had already been a lot of hatred brewing between these four Vixens, and with the title on the line, things were escalated. Brie, seizing every chance to keep the match going, would break up the pinfalls of Melina and Eve. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels wondered if Brie would break up a pinfall by Nikki, and that question was answered as Brie pulled Nikki off of Melina. Brie and Nikki stood in the center of the ring, arguing. Nikki said that Brie was scared, and Brie pushed Nikki in response. Out of nowhere, Nikki slapped Brie! Brie, stunned, left the ring as Nikki turned around and was met with the Sunset Split for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Nikki rolled out of the ring, disgusted, staring across the arena at her sister. Inside the ring, Melina and Eve celebrated as Melina held the Women’s Title in the air.

[Women’s Title Match]:
Melina & Eve Torres defeated The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki) when Melina pinned Nikki with the Sunset Split in 20:05.
Rating: ¾*
(Melina won the Women’s Title.)

Backstage, Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is seen entering the arena.

Ted Hanson is seen with Jesse Neal. Hanson asks what’s going through Neal’s mind as he gets set to face Steve Corino in a Street Fight. Neal says that he still holds a lot of resentment towards Steve Corino for the way he was treated. Neal says that he got his redemption two weeks ago on Anarchy; and that seeing Corino laying outside the ring let Neal know that he’s better than what he had gone through. Neal says that tonight’s Street Fight will be the true ending to things, and that he looks forward to getting his hands on Shane Hagadorn.

A preview for Turning Point is shown. Turning Point will be live, from Phoenix, Arizona on June 10th.

Alisha Hicks is backstage with Steve Corino and Shane Hagadorn. She asks them why they confronted Chris Hero earlier tonight. Hagadorn says that they were only trying to welcome Hero back to the HWL, and give him the chance to be part of a team that has every intention on becoming Tag Team Champions in the near future. Hagadorn says that it’s a shame Hero turned them down. He and Corino walk off.

Ted Hanson is seen with CM Punk. Hanson asks Punk about Adam Cole’s comments from Anarchy. Punk says that Cole is lying to himself if he thinks there are no mind games being played between the two of them. The mind games started at Rebellion, when Cole cost Punk his shot at the Heavyweight Title. Punk says that Cole doesn’t want to admit there are mind games going on, because they’re getting to him. Cole might think that he took advantage in these games two weeks ago, when he left Punk laid out in the backstage area; but Punk says that only fueled the fire within him. Punk says it was bad enough that Cole cost him his title. Now Cole’s offering up the only chance Punk has for another shot at it. Punk says that Cole hasn’t truly seen what he’s capable of. Tonight, he will.

In the Vixen’s locker room, Nikki Bella storms in and wants to know what is wrong with Brie. Brie says that Nikki should know exactly what is wrong; she’s no longer champion, and it’s all Nikki’s fault. Nikki says Brie is out of her mind, and that Nikki had the belt won. Brie screams at Nikki that she doesn’t want Nikki to be champion. Nikki shakes her head, speechless, and leaves the room.

Street Fight
Jesse Neal vs. Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Jesse Neal was fully prepared to end things once and for all with Steve Corino tonight. But, under “Street Fight” rules, anyone would be foolish to think that Shane Hagadorn did not have something up his sleeve. The match started out in the ring, but it was clear from the onset that it would not end there. The referee’s job in this match was to do nothing bu count pinfalls or submissions; and those were few and far between in this match. These two short-lived former teammates battled all over the arena, dishing out punishment with whatever they could get their hands on. As the match progressed backstage, Neal found a kendo stick and used it religiously on Corino, leaving welts all over his body. Neal found it difficult to make a pinfall, as Hagadorn was always nearby, distracting him or the referee. After one failed attempt, Neal went to grab Hagadorn, only to get a low blow for his efforts. This allowed Corino to take control, and for good measure, used a metal sign to bust Neal open. They continued to fight, back and forth, destroying the backstage area as they went, until coming to a stairwell. Hagadorn attempted to pass the metal sign to Corino, but Neal grabbed it and cracked it in half over Corino’s head, opening up a similar gash. Neal turn and grabbed Hagadorn by the arms, only to get blindsided by CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI! Castagnoli slammed Neal into the wall, before dropping him with a DDT. Castagnoli grabbed Neal and tossed him down a flight of stairs! Castagnoli grabbed Corino, carried him down the stairs, and placed him over Neal as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

After the match, Castagnoli, Hagadorn and Corino celebrated as the referee tended to Neal.

[Street Fight]:
Steve Corino defeated Jesse Neal by pinfall in 18:43.
[Claudio Castagnoli interfered against Jesse Neal.]

Alisha Hicks is seen with Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. She asks Orton about seeing David Otunga get the victory in the main event on Anarchy, and how that affects matters heading into tonight’s title match. Orton says that he’s glad Otunga was able to celebrate his victory on Monday night. He says that the only way it affects things tonight is that Otunga will come in with his head in the clouds, only to get RKO’d back into reality. Orton says the reality is that he is the Heavyweight Champion right now, and will be champion when the night is over.

Also backstage, Ted Hanson asks Adam Cole about the comments made by CM Punk earlier tonight. Cole says that Punk runs his mouth week after week, because he thinks he has something to say. He says that all Punk seems to talk about now is how he was screwed out of the Heavyweight Title; and blaming Cole for it. Cole laughs and says that he takes full responsibility for Punk no longer being champion; but says Punk gets his chance to make him pay. Cole says that Punk is going to show him what he’s capable of tonight. Cole says that Punk needs to be everything he has, because it’ll take an army to take his Golden Opportunity away.

A video highlighting the feud between CM Punk and Adam Cole is shown.

Golden Opportunity Match
CM Punk vs. Adam Cole

Adam Cole was introduced first tonight, and flaunted his Golden Opportunity briefcase on his way to the ring. When Punk was introduced, he headed straight to the ring, and got into Cole’s face. The referee broke them apart and called for the bell. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels wondered if Punk really even cared about winning the Golden Opportunity, or if he just wanted to inflict pain on Cole. Punk clearly heeded Cole’s advice, giving Cole everything he had; but it wasn’t as effective, as Cole found ways to sneak out of too much harm, further infuriating Punk. As the match wore on, both men were visibly showing signs of weakening, as they brawled outside the ring. Punk reversed an irish-whip attempt, sending Cole shoulder first into the ring post. Punk followed that up with a back suplex onto the concrete at ringside! Punk placed Cole onto the announcer’s table, and climbed to the top turnbuckle, leaping into the air and send both himself and Cole crashing through the table below. The referee checked on both men, lying in the debris at ringside, as Punk slowly began to get to his feet. Punk re-entered the ring, and the referee started a 10-count. Favoring his back, Cole slowly entered the ring, and Punk made a quick cover, only getting a two-count. Punk argued with the referee, allowing Cole to whip Punk into the ropes, only to push the referee in front of him, running him into Punk! Cole grabbed his briefcase, and tried to hit Punk with it. Punk ducked the blow, kicked Cole in the midsection, and hit the G.T.S in the center of the ring! Punk went for the cover, but the referee was still down. Punk tried to rouse the referee, and re-pinned Cole, only to get a two count! Frustrated, Punk grabbed the referee, and shook him. Turning around, Cole connected with the briefcase, wobbling Punk. Cole tossed the briefcase outside of the ring before hitting the Panama Sunrise for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Cole rolled out of the ring, grabbing his now-dented briefcase, and celebrated his victory as he made his way backstage. In the ring, Punk is seen staggering as he gets his feet, looking at the ramp as Cole exits.

[Golden Opportunity Match]:
Adam Cole pinned CM Punk with the Panama Sunrise in 28:15.
Rating: *

Backstage, Steve Corino, Shane Hagadorn, and Claudio Castagnoli are seen celebrating and shaking hands. Josh and Scott wonder what type of connection Corino and Hagadorn have with Castagnoli.

Alisha Hicks asks David Otunga about his nerves heading into his first-ever Heavyweight Title Match. Otunga says that if you’re passionate about something, and you get the chance to do it in front of 15,000 people, there are going to be butterflies. He says that the nerves and running crazy and his heart’s beating fast, but he couldn’t be more prepared to face Randy Orton. Otunga says he has what it takes to defeat Orton; and he’ll prove that by walking out of Cleveland as Heavyweight Champion.

At ringside, Josh and Scott recap the main event from Monday’s Anarchy.

Heavyweight Title Match
David Otunga vs. © Randy Orton

David Otunga walked into Cleveland with the chance at becoming Heavyweight Champion for the first time. Stepping into the ring with one of the most successful wrestlers in recent history, Otunga also needed to prove that he belonged in these matches in the future, whether he walked out with the title or not. With the showing that Otunga gave, it’s possible that is the case from now on. Otunga held on during this match, even as Orton routinely brought the match out to ringside, in order to inflict more damage. Orton used everything he could to wear Otunga down – and quite possibly to send a message to the challenger – but Otunga kept coming back for more, earning the adoration from the crowd. Back in the ring, later in the match, Orton attempted and RKO, only to get pushed into the ropes and hit with a vicious clothesline! Otunga made the cover, but only got a two-count. Yet, this was the opening Otunga needed, as he went to work on wearing down the champion as well. The crowd was firmly behind Otunga as he connected The Verdict on Orton, but Orton kicked out just before the count of three. Coming so close, and failing, looked to visibly defeat Otunga as he kept trying to work over Orton. Orton was able to fight back; however, he was caught in a schoolboy for a quick two-count. In the blink of an eye, though, Orton was back to his feet, connecting with an RKO for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Orton is handed the Heavyweight Title, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels talk about the effort put in by David Otunga. Orton celebrates with the title belt, on the turnbuckles, as the event goes off the air.

[Heavyweight Title Match}:
Randy Orton pinned David Otunga with the RKO in 23:06.
Rating: *** ¾
(Randy Orton retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Card rating: *** 3/4

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