May 14, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Dayton, OH

Monday Night Anarchy
May 14, 2012
University of Dayton Arena
Dayton, Ohio
Attendance: 10,091 (75%)

Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton comes to the ring to start the program. Orton says that he’d be the first to say that it’s good to see up-and-coming wrestlers get the chance to prove their worth inside the ring. That’s exactly what David Otunga was given last night: the chance to prove himself. Orton says that Otunga fell short of claiming the Heavyweight Title; and Orton further proved that he will take on any and all challengers that come his way. Orton says that he has been in the ring with men that will go down in history as some of the greatest to ever step foot inside a squared circle… and beat them. Orton says last night Otunga proved that he did not deserve the shot he was given, that he was light-years away from being on the same level as Orton and the others who have held the Heavyweight Title.

HWL X-Division Champion Matt Morgan interrupts Orton, coming down to the ring to a reaction of boos. Morgan says that Orton is looking for someone who deserves a chance to face him for the Heavyweight Title. He says that Orton doesn’t have to look too far, to see that he is the one who deserves the title shot. Morgan says that he has beaten Orton before, in this very ring; and the next time he does it, he will become Heavyweight Champion.

As Orton and Morgan stare each other down, AJ Styles’ music begins to play. Styles makes his way down the ramp, followed by Ric Flair. Styles gets into the ring and grabs a microphone. Before he can speak, Flair takes the microphone and tells Styles to rethink things. Flair says that he will take Styles and Morgan backstage and they can all talk things through before making a decision anyone will regret. Styles grabs the microphone back from Flair and says that he hasn’t done a thing in this business that he regrets. Styles then says that he should get a shot at Orton. Morgan and Styles begin to argue back and forth, with Flair getting in between them.

Peter Bradshaw appears on-stage, and tells Styles and Morgan to cut it out. Bradshaw calls Styles and Morgan children that their father – Flair – can’t keep in line. Bradshaw says that there’s a way to prove who truly deserves a shot at Orton’s title, and it will happen tonight. Bradshaw announces that Styles and Morgan will compete in a #1 Contenders Match later tonight. Bradshaw leaves the stage. Anarchy goes to commercials as Orton slides out of the ring, leaving The Conglomerate stunned.

Commercial Break

Tyson Kidd vs. Chris Sabin

Last week, Tyson Kidd had to say goodbye to his fiancée Natalya, who no longer felt she had what it took to remain in the HWL. With the mission of making their family proud, Kidd came out to the ring tonight, with a heavy heart, wanting to make an impact and carry on the legacy of the Hart family. Chris Sabin, on the other hand, has been quiet as of late, feeling that he was beginning to overstep his boundaries by demanding things he may not have earned. Sabin said, over the past week, that he would have no choice to but to show he needs a chance inside the ring. Tonight, both men entered the ring with different weights on their shoulders, but the ultimate goal was the same. They went back-and-forth, even spilling out to ringside, where Kidd hit a belly-to-back suplex on the concrete floor. Back, it wasn’t enough as Sabin pinned Kidd after the Spin Doctor for the 1-2-3.

Chris Sabin pinned Tyson Kidd after the Spin Doctor in 10:58.
Rating: ***

Backstage, Brie and Nikki Bella are seen in the locker room, still arguing over what took place last night at Fully Loaded. Nikki says there’s no changing what happened, and she’s sorry that she took the fall last night. But she says that she had the match won, but Brie’s selfishness wouldn’t allow them to win the match, if it mean that Brie lost the Women’s Title. Brie gets into Nikki’s face, saying she’s exactly right. Brie says that she didn’t want Nikki to become champion, because Brie was a better champion. Brie says that she’s going to get her title back… no matter what.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Peter Bradshaw is seen in the backstage area, surrounded by all of the Vixens. Bradshaw says he has called them together to announce that tonight, a battle royal would take place to determine a new Women’s Champion. The Vixens look around, talking amongst themselves, as Nikki and Brie Bella are seen staring at each other as Bradshaw walks away.

Santino Marella vs. Christopher Daniels

“The Fallen Angel” came into this match looking to extend his winning streak in the HWL. Santino was trying to find his footing amongst the singles ranks after watching his tag team partner, David Otunga, blaze a trail towards the Heavyweight Title. Tonight, Santino took the first step in doing the same for himself – and ending Daniels’ streak – as he landed a perfectly placed elbowdrop, knocking the breath out of Daniels, and picking up the 1-2-3.

Santino Marella pinned Christoper Daniels after an elbowdrop in 5:03.
Rating: ** ½

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is backstage with HWL Tag Team Champions Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon. Alisha congratulates them on their victory last night. Cabana says that, when they were thrown together as a tag team, no one gave them a shot at winning a match, let alone a tournament. He says they stunned everyone by earning the shot the Tag Team Titles; and then they stunned everyone by walking out of Rebellion with the belts. Cabana says last night shouldn’t have been a surprise, but he isn’t shocked that some people still are surprised by the success they’ve had. Cabana says all that matters is that they’re Tag Team Champions, and they’re looking forward to what the future holds.

Match for Vacant HWL Women’s Title
Vixens Battle Royal

All seven Vixens were in the ring when the bell rang. As soon as the match started, Eve Torres and Brie Bella went after each other, starting where they left off last night. After going back and forth, Eve looked like she would eliminate Brie, tossing her over the top rope. However, Brie held on, rolling back into the ring, and rocked Eve with a chop. Stunned, Eve was easily tossed over the top rope for the first elimination. Brie, the former champion, quickly has a target placed on her back, as Hamada, Tiffany and Sarita all go after her. Nikki Bella quickly comes to Brie’s aide, allowing her and single out Hamada. After putting Hamada in an armbar submission, Nikki tosses her over the top rope; but Hamada hangs on. Brie kicks Hamada in the back, breaking her grip, for the second elimination. It soon became very clear that this battle royal was boiling down to The Bellas vs. Everyone Else, as Velvet Sky and Tiffany were the next to go after Brie and Nikki. As Tiffany and Nikki brawled in one corner, Velvet and Brie took over another. Velvet hit a DDT on Brie, before sending her over the top rope. Brie tried to hang onto the top rope, but Velvet was there to add pressure to Brie’s shoulders, forcing to the concrete with the third elimination. The match continued, with all four of the remaining Vixens showing how much they wanted to be called the new Women’s Champion. After a lengthy fight with Sarita, Velvet Sky fell victim to a swinging neckbreaker, and was tossed over the top rope for the fourth elimination. A few minutes later, after incapacitating Tiffany with the Bella Bomb, Nikki went after Sarita, hitting a Samoan drop in the center of the ring. Nikki grabbed Sarita by the hair and tossed her over the top rope for the fifth elimination. The end of the match saw Nikki and Tiffany both get the crowd to the edge of their seats, with a number of near eliminations. Tiffany landed a DDT on Nikki, before tossing her over the top rope. Nikki had one foot touch the concrete, but was able to right herself before reentering the ring. Taking Tiffany by surprise, Nikki connected with a second Bella Bomb. Nikki whipped Tiffany into the ropes, only to follow her in, clotheslining Tiffany over the top rope for the final elimination!

After the match, Nikki fell to the canvas, exhausted, as she was announced the NEW Women’s Champion. She slowly got to her feet, where the referee handed her the title belt. As Nikki celebrated with the belt, Brie ran from the back, slid into the ring, and took her sister out from behind! Brie stomped on Nikki’s back, yelling that she was – and would always be – a better champion than Nikki. Brie left the ring, and the camera showed Nikki laid out in the ring, as Anarchy went to commercials.

[Vixens’ Battle Royal]:
Nikki Bella won a 7-woman Battle Royal:
X Brie threw out Eve in 0:30.
X Brie threw out Hamada in 2:45.
X Sky threw out Brie in 5:17.
X Sarita threw out Sky in 12:53.
X Nikki threw out Sarita in 17:01.
X Nikki threw out Tiffany in 21:43.
Rating: *** ¼
(Nikki Bella won the HWL Women’s Title.)

Commercial Break

John Cena’s music hits as Anarchy returns from break. Cena makes his way to the ring, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Inside the ring, Cena plays to the crowd, throwing his arms in the air, and hyping up the crowd at ringside. Cena grabs a microphone and asks or a moment for him to compose himself and his thoughts. Cena say that there’s a been a number of things on his mind since he came over to the HWL; since he stepped foot inside a PCW ring; and came out and did what he did to Brutus Magnus last week. Cena says that for nearly the past decade, he’s been labeled as “the face”. He asked if anyone in the building knew how much pressure that puts on someone. Cena says he doesn’t need the crowd’s sympathy, and he’s not asking for it. He says that for nearly 10 years, he was nothing but a puppet. Doing any saying what was expected of him, towing the “company line”. Cena says that anyone in the arena would have done the same thing for the amount of money he was getting paid. Cena calls the crowd hypocrites if they disagree with him. He says that, now that he’s in the HWL, he can be who he truly is, without having to hear about it from someone who was using him to make money. Cena says he didn’t give a damn about how many people he saw wearing his t-shirt, how many people threw their hands in the air at the mere sight of him; none of that matter. He saw past all that. Cena says he hasn’t, doesn’t, and never will give a damn about any of the so-called “fans” he’s had over the years. The crowd boos, and Cena tells them to keep doing it. He says that their boos don’t make one bit of difference to him, because he’ll go to his first-class hotel room tonight, sleep like a baby, and be out of this hellhole of a town in the morning. He asks why anyone would want to visit – let alone visit – Dayton, Ohio. With the crowd booing full throat, Cena says that last week, he came out here to send a message to Brutus Magnus. Cena says that Magnus cost him a shot at the X-Division Title; and that, instead of being happy for Kaz – who Cena says got his ass kicked last night – he’s pissed off. Cena says he no longer has to answer to anyone; but that Magnus will have to answer to him. Cena drops the microphone and leaves the ring, as the crowd roars with boos. Anarchy goes to commercials, showing Cena flipping the Dayton crowd the bird.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Kevin Steen & Kaz vs. HWL Tag Team Champions Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon

Twenty-four hours after successfully defending the Tag Team Titles at Fully Loaded, Cabana and Colon were back in the ring, taking on Kaz and Kevin Steen, who was brought up from the PCW roster. Steen, who wasn’t around PCW for long, looked confident in the ring, against the champions, but he and Kaz fell short as Cabana pinned Kaz after a Russian legsweep for the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon defeated Kaz & Kevin Steen when Cabana pinned Kaz after a Russian legsweep in 5:10.
Rating: *** ¼

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with Adam Cole, who is smiling and holding the Golden Opportunity briefcase. Alisha asks Cole how it feels to have successfully defended his title contract against CM Punk last night. Cole says that it’s an amazing feeling, knowing that his actions have made it so that Punk cannot get a title match as long as Randy Orton is champion. Cole says the only thing that will eclipse this feeling, is when he cashes in his title contract and wins the Heavyweight Title. CM Punk interrupts the interview, getting into Cole’s face. Punk says that the whole world saw Cole cheat to beat him last night. Punk says that anyone who sees the dent his head left in the briefcase, and doesn’t put two and two together are idiots. Punk says that Cole can celebrate his victory last night, but things are not over between them. Punk says he might not get another shot at Randy Orton and Heavyweight Title, just yet; and he doesn’t care about winning the Golden Opportunity. Punk says the only thing he wants is to kick Cole’s ass. The two men begin brawling as Alisha runs off. HWL officials come in and break the two apart as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Shane Hagadorn, Steve Corino and Claudio Castagnoli make their way to the ring as Anarchy returns from the break. Coino and Castagnoli, his arms folded, stand behind Hagadorn, as he grabs a microphone. Hagadorn says that in the wrestling world Street Fights are always intriguing matches to watch. Nothing is off limits and they go anywhere in the building, or outside it, they want. Anything can happen in those types of matches, and last night, that’s exactly what happened, he says. Hagadorn says that Corino had Jesse Neal beat, and was just toying with Neal. Hagadorn introduces Castagnoli as the newest member of the team, and the crowd boos in response. Hagadorn says that Castagnoli didn’t just help Corino defeat Jesse Neal last night; he helped put an end to Neal’s hopes of getting retribution for his perceived reasons as to why he is no longer Corino’s partner. This brings out Jesse Neal, who runs down to the ring, and attacks Corino! Hagadorn exits the ring, as Castagnoli smashes Neal in the back. Castagnoli and Corino double-team Neal. Corino holds Neal, as Castagnoli connects with a vicious European uppercut! Castanoli and Corino toss Neal through the ropes. Corino and Hagadorn make their way up the ramp as Castagnoli gets ready for his up-coming match.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kofi Kingston

Castagnoli was still showing signs of aggression as Kofi Kingston was introduced. Kingston had to walk around the officials that were helping Jesse Neal to the back before entering the ring. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels wondered what kind of mind games that would play with Kingston, knowing he was about to face the man who put Neal in that position. The answer was quickly given, when the bell rang, and Castagnoli went on the attack.Throwing Kingston into the corner, Castagnoli landed a series of punches to the face and midsection, before pulled Kingston away from the corner and throwing him through the ropes. Outside the ring, Castagnoli threw Kingston into the ringsteps and guardrail. He stomped on a downed Kingston before rolling him under the bottom rope, back into the ring. Entering the ring, himself, Castagnoli caught Kingston with a running European uppercut as Kingston was getting to his feet. Castagnoli followed up with the Ricola Bomb for the very one-sided victory.

Claudio Castagnoli pinned Kofi Kingston with the Ricola Bomb in 5:16.
Rating: *** ½

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks catches up with Kaz, who is standing in front of a monitor, getting ready to watch the main event. Kaz says that Matt Morgan possibly being without Ric Flair, it’ll be interesting to see if he can win a match on his own.

Non-Title, #1 Contenders Match
AJ Styles vs. HWL X-Division Champion Matt Morgan

A lot of tension filled the arena tonight as the remaining members of The Conglomerate were set to do battle for the right to challenge Randy Orton for the Heavyweight Title at Turning Point. Ric Flair joined the announce team, stating that he didn’t want to show favoritism to either Styles or Morgan; but he knew that both man deserved a shot at Orton. Styles and Morgan did not hold back, having done battle against each other a number of times in the past. And with the chance at championship gold, any friendship or cooperation as team members would have to take a backseat. Things got interesting quickly as BRUTUS MAGNUS and ROB TERRY came down to ringside. Terry grabbed a steel chair and tossed it to Magnus, standing on the apron, who cracked Styles in the back with it before jumping from the ring. Before they could see the effects of their attack, MICHAEL TARVER and JOHN CENA rushed down to the ring, and all four men started to brawl at ringside! Inside the ring, Morgan took advantage of the attack, connecting with a Carbon Footprint, but Styles was able to kick out at two. HWL officials came down to ringside, breaking up the brawl that was going on; Morgan had become distracted by the scene, and along with Flair – who had left the announce table – was demanding something be done. Styles grabbed the chair, and waiting as Morgan turned around, cracking it over his head! Styles dropped the chair and planted Morgan onto it with a DDT. Flair, in shock, jumped from the apron, and watched as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

After the match, Styles stood up, looked at Flair and left the ring, as the crowd looked on in shock. Anarchy goes off the air showing Flair looking into the ring at Matt Morgan.

[Non-Title, #1 Contenders Match]:
AJ Styles pinned Matt Morgan after a DDT in 14:40.
Rating: ** ½
[Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry interfered against AJ Styles.]

Card rating: ***

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