May 16, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Boise, ID

Monday Night Anarchy
May 16, 2011
Taco Bell Arena - Boise, Idaho
Attendance: 5,166 (40.3%)

The closing moments from last week’s episode are shown, as Kurt Angle rushed down to the ring, saving Cody Rhodes from further injury at the hands of Rob Terry. The clip ends with Angle’s acceptance of Rhode’s “payment option” and Rhodes slowly getting to his feet as Angle leaves the ring.

“Headstrong” blares through the arena, as fireworks shoot through the sky, and the crowd’s roars vibrate off the walls. People in the crowd hold up signs, as the camera pans around the arena, bringing us to the broadcast table where Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Boise; just 13 days away from Fully Loaded. JD announces that, tonight, Natalya and Daffney will square off for the right to face Velvet Sky at Fully Loaded, for the Women’s Title. Also, it’s announced that Kaval would be making his return to in-ring action tonight, two weeks after receiving a concussion at the hands of Mr. Kennedy.

HWL Owner, Peter Bradshaw, made his way to the ring, getting a good reaction from the crowd as he entered the ring. Bradshaw said he didn’t want to take away any time from superstars tonight, because there was plenty of great action about to take place in Boise. He told the crowd that he was a witness to the acceptance of Cody Rhodes’ request by Kurt Angle last week, in this very ring, and says that it is a match that he cannot wait to see on May 29th. But, he says before that match takes place, there will be a contract signing, next week on Anarchy. And, Bradshaw announces that because of the events that took place last week, he has signed tonight’s main event: “The Freak” Rob Terry versus the Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle in a non-title match! The crowd goes crazy as Bradshaw thanks them for their time, before leaving the ring, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Abyss defeated Skip Sheffield by disqualification in 0:00:43.
Rating: *
[Randy Orton interfered against Abyss.]

In a surprise that shocked everyone in attendance tonight, “The Monster” Abyss, came to the ring as a part of the first match of the evening. He stepped into the ring with who had to be his biggest opponent yet, in the “Cornfed Meathead”. This battle of behemoths never even got the chance to get started as RANDY ORTON jumped over the, grabbing a steel chair and connecting with a huge shot to the back of Abyss’ head! His face puffy, and still clearly showing signs from the vicious attack by “The Monster” last week, “The Viper” entered the ring and continued to assault Abyss with the chair until it began to lose it’s original shape. The referee finally stepped in, breaking up the attack and threatening action against Orton. Orton pushed the referee away and fell to the canvas, promising Abyss that he couldn’t get taken out that easily, before rolling out of the ring and making his way up the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Commercial Break

Backstage, KAZ met YOSHI TATSU in the locker room, and told him that he was concerned about his mental well-being, after seeing what happened last week against Adam Cole. Yoshi said nothing in response; he only stared at the floor. Kaz said that he took it upon himself - as Yoshi’s teammate - to talk to Peter Bradshaw about getting Yoshi some kind of help. Kaz said that Bradshaw made a phone call earlier today, and had scheduled an appointment with a psychologist in New Jersey, and that he wanted Yoshi to see him next week. Again, Yoshi stared at the floor, saying nothing. Kaz said he was just trying to help his partner out, but that Yoshi didn’t need to worry about it yet; because they had a match against The American Wolves later tonight. Kaz patted Yoshi on the back before leaving the room as the camera foused on Yoshi’s motionless body.

[Number One Contenders Match]:
Daffney defeated Natalya by disqualification in 0:06:44.
Rating: ** ¾
[Velvet Sky interfered against Daffney.]

The war of words between Daffney and the former Women’s Champion finally came to a head tonight, as they squared off for the right to face Velvet Sky for the title at Fully Loaded. Natalya started the match off very strongly, allowing Daffney minimal offensive chances at best. Daffney finally managed some offensive - and it was huge - hitting a Frankensteiner off the top rope, but only picking up a two-count! Daffney continued to fight her way back, but VELVET SKY made he way down to the ring, and tripped Daffeny in plain sight of the referee, getting Natalya disqualified!

After the match, Daffney quickly got to her feet as Velvet backed up the ramp laughing, and saying that she wasn’t scared of Daffney. In the ring, Natalya grabbed the unsuspecting “Demonic Vixen”, locking in an airplane spin, before dumping Daffney to the canvas. Velvet, stopping in her tracks, watched as Natalya turned her sights on the Women’s Champion as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Backstage, AJ STYLES and MR. ANDERSON are seen standing in the hallway, when they are approached by DAVEY RICHARDS. Richards tells them that, if Ric Flair ever interferes in another one of his matches, he will not hesitate to end “The Nature Boy’s” career. Richards then tells them to watch the monitor, to see what a real tag team looks like, because it will be the Wolves - not Styles and Anderson - who will be the next Tag Team Champions. Richards walks away as Styles and Anderson angrily stare at him…

Commercial Break

The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) defeated Yoshi Tatsu and Kaz when D. Richards pinned Kaz after a tiger driver in 0:21:33.

This was a pretty even match from the get-go, as Kaz singled-handedly kept the Wolves at bay. However, the tide shifted as Kaz tagged out to Yoshi Tatsu, who was still showing the effects of something that has been bothering him since last week. The Wolves took the fight to Yoshi for the better part of the match. He made an effort to fight back, but just wasn’t able to make it to the corner to tag in Kaz, who was becoming increasingly antsy to re-enter the ring. The Wolves connected with the Day of the Wolves, but Kaz broke up the pinfall, causing the crowd to break out in unanimous cheers. The match continued, going past the time limit, as Kaz was tagged in. As the fresher man, he slowly started taking back the advantage, until he become the victirm of the DR Driver. However, in a shocking display, Yoshi entered the ring and broke up the pinfall attempt! Eddie Edwards entered the ring and threw Yoshi out of the ring, as Edwards connected with a tiger driver to pick up the victory.

Commercial Break

Backstage, ADAM COLE and KYLE O’REILLY are seen celebrating Cole’s victory over Yoshi Tatsu last week, when Cole is confronted by ALEX SHELLEY. Shelley berates both men for laughing, saying that Cole should be ashamed of himself. Shelley says first, Cole cheated to keep the title at Rebellion; and then last week, he took advantage of Yoshi in a weakened mental state… all to say that he was still X-Division Champion. Irritated, Cole tells Shelley to mind his own business before pie-facing him out of the camera shot. Laughing, O’Reilly is seen kicking Shelley before joining in on the laughter as the camera went to the ring…

Mr. Anderson pinned Kaval after a somersault slam in 0:00:42.
Rating: *

Kaval made his return to action tonight, taking on the man who sent him home with concussion-like symptoms. However, Anderson wasted no time going right after Kaval’s injury, kicking him square in the head as soon as the bell rang! Kaval was out on his feet, and easily fell victim to a somersault slam, as Anderon picked up a very easy victory.

Commercial Break

[Non-Title Match]:
Kurt Angle made Rob Terry submit to the ankle lock in 0:11:46.
Rating: *** ¾

Rob Terry demanded that this match take place after Kurt Angle broke up his attack on Cody Rhodes last week. The Heavyweight Champion seemed up to the task, tonight, as both men battled each other all over the ringside area, and on multiple occasions, going outside the ring to inflict punishment on each other. Angle was more agile and mobile then Rhodes was last week, which made it harder for “Big Rob” to use his strength over overpower the Champ. Though Terry landed some big shots during the match, all they led to were near falls that further aggravated hrthe big man. Terry’s tactics began to dwindle increasingly, allowing Angle to catch him in an ankle lock. “Big Rob” fought through the pain for 30 seconds, before finally reaching the ropes. Second later, Terry attempted a clothesline, which Angle ducked before locking in the ankle lock for a second time. Terry wasted no time before tapping out, giving Angle the victory.

Card rating: ** ¾

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