May 2, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Little Rock, Ark.

Monday Night Anarchy
May 02, 2011
Verizon Arena - North Little Rock, Arkansas
Attendance: 6,608 (41.3%)

A video package is shown of the brawl that ended last week’s edition of Anarchy.

“Headstrong” plays through the arena as fireworks shoot through the air. The camera pans the arena showing off the various crowd members and their homemade signs. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Little Rock as the road to Fully Loaded continues. It is announced that two big matches will be taking place tonight. First, Velvet Sky will defend her Women’s Title against Natalya; and in tonight’s main event, Randy Orton will team up with “The Monster” Abyss to take on the team of Cody Rhodes and The Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.

“The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle comes out to the ring, dressed in a fine-pressed suit, carrying the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. The crowd gives him a tremendous ovation as he enters the ring and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer. Angle says that he has always tried to live his life as a man of integrity; a man of pure, honorable substance. Someone that men, women and children around the world could look up to. He says that he would wake up, everyday, ready to make a positive impact in someone’s life, no matter how small it was. Angle says that he up woke up this morning and knew that there was something very important he had to do tonight, and he didn’t want to waste any time delaying the inevitable. Angle then asks for Cody Rhodes to join him in the ring…

Moments later Cody Rhodes makes his way on-stage, dressed in street clothes as Josh Daniels asks what must be going through Rhodes’ mind. The crowd gives Rhodes a favorable response as he makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring, and standing across from Kurt Angle. Angle holds up a hand, before Rhodes can speak, and says that he just wants Rhodes to listen… not talk. Angle says that, last week, he decided to put the Heavyweight Title on the line against Abyss, because he was getting tired of being attacked week after week. Angle says that he defeated Abyss last week, and should’ve been able to move on, that Randy Orton stuck his nose back where it didn’t belong. Angle says that Rhodes, too, stuck his where it didn’t belong; and that was why Angle called him out tonight. A moment later, Angle thanks Rhodes for coming to his aide last week, and having his back against Abyss and Orton. The two men shake hands in the center of the ring as the crowd roars in approval!

Just as Rhodes begins to leave the ring, Angle stops him and says that for coming to his aide last week, Angle is indebted to Rhodes. Angle says that Rhodes can get one favor from Angle to pay his debt. Rhodes smiles and says that he will take some time to consider his options, and get back to Angle next week.Rhodes then leaves the ring as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels begin talking about the main event.

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Kyle O’Reilly pinned Eddie Edwards with the Brain Buster in 0:09:27.
Rating: ***

Edwards tried to get the upper hand, and gain control early on, attacking O’Reilly before the bell rang! O’Reilly fought back, and brought the match to the concrete outside the ring. Back and forth action commenced once both men got back into the ring. Edwards went for the Achilles Hold, but O’Reilly rolled out, sending Edwards headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. O’Reilly quickly capitalized, picking Edwards up and connecting with the Brain Buster for the 1-2-3.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with a very happy Velvet Sky. Velvet has a huge smile on her face, and caresses the Women’s Title, as Alisha asks what she thinks of the situation concerning herself, Daffney and Natalya. Velvet says that he has loved every minute, watching Daffney and Natalya cry and moan about who should be the rightful Women’s Champion and who should be the rightful number one contender. Velvet says that neither of them can change the fact that she walked out of Rebellion as the Women’s Champion. Alisha challenges Velvet on the issue, saying that the only reason she retained the title was by getting counted out. Velvet quickly tells Alisha to shut her mouth; and says that everyone used to underestimate how smart she really was. She says that everyone in the business knows that a title can’t change hands if the champion gets counted out. Velvet says she just did what no one else in the HWL has the guts to do: use the rules to her advantage. Velvet turns away from Alisha and walks away as Josh Daniels wonders if Velvet is ready for the test she’s about to face.

Velvet Sky pinned Natalya with the Beauty Mark in 0:21:10.
(Velvet Sky retained the HWL Women’s Title.)
[Daffney interfered against Velvet Sky.]

This match had been building over the couple weeks after Rebellion, since Natalya has been claiming to be the number one contender since Velvet Sky walked out of her match against Daffney two weeks ago. Tonight, she got her chance to take back the title from the Vixen she lost it to; but “The Demonic Princess” threw a wrench into the machine, coming down to the ring and interfering throughout the contest. Daffney made things miserable for the Women’s Champion: tripping her, attacking her while outside the ring, and even tossing the title belt into the ring and allowing Natalya clobber Velvet in the head with it! Unfortunately for Natalya, Velvet fell into a great position, and was able to put her foot on the ropes to break up the count. The match continued, and eventually made its way outside the ring, where Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter! Knowing that she couldn’t win by submission outside the ring, Natalya dragged Velvet back inside, and locked the hold back on! But, Velvet showed a resolve that no one had seen before, pushing out of the move and rolling into the corner to catch her composure. Natalya continued to work over the injured back of Velvet for a few good minutes, until Daffney attempted to throw a steel chair into the ring! The referee caught it and had Daffney forcibly removed from ringside! With the referee’s - and Natalya’s - attention turned to the ramp, Velvet connected with a shot to the back of Natalya’s head with the title belt! Velvet then picked up Natalya and connected with the Beauty Mark, picking up the tainted victory.

After the match, Velvet Sky fled the ring, grasping the Women’s Title closely to her chest, as the fans gave her a piece of it’s mind. Josh Daniels called the victory “despicable”, and claimed that it would only be a matter of time before it all came back to bite Velvet in the backside.

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Alisha Hicks is seen with The American Wolves backstage. Eddie Edwards is still showing signs from his match against Kyle O’Reilly; Davey Richards takes over the interview. Richard says that whether or not people believe what he says, they didn’t want to do what they did to “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair last week. Richards says that he and Edwards have the utmost respect for Flair, and that all they were trying to do was send a message to everyone in the HWL, that no one was off limits when it came to them getting what they deserved. Richards says that it’s about time AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson and the rest of the HWL took them seriously, or things like last week would continue to happen.

As Richards and Edwards begin to walk away, they are attacked from behind by Anderson and Styles! The attack lasts only a few moments before HWL officials pull Anderson and Styles off the Wolves. Anderson says that the message has been received, and that Richards and Edwards have made a huge mistake. Josh Daniels says wonders if Anderson and Styles will be able to focus on their up-coming match against Yoshi Tatsu and Kaz…

Also backstage, Randy Orton confronts “The Monster” Abyss as he walks down the hallway. Orton tells Abyss that, tonight, they have a common enemy; and that they both want nothing more then to take out Kurt Angle. But, Orton tells Abyss that he is still a problem, and that Orton doesn’t care for him. Orton says that Abyss cost him the Heavyweight Title at Rebellion, and that soon, Abyss will have to face the consequences. Orton walks away as Abyss looks on, emotionless.

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Yoshi Tatsu & Kaz defeated AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson when Kaz pinned Anderson with the Wave of the Future in 0:08:46.
Rating: ¼

Styles and Anderson appeared to be on top of the world as they were introduced for this match, having taken out Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards just moments before. But Yoshi Tatsu and Kaz were looking to get some revenge on their opponents tonight as this matched continued their on-going rivalry. A huge moment in the match saw AJ Styles attempt a springboard sommersault into a DDT, only to have kick him in the midsection in mid-air! Styles rolled outside the ring and crumpled to the ground; he wasn’t the same for the rest of the match. The end of the match saw Anderosn and Kaz in the ring, where Kaz locked in a sleeper hold, wearing down the bigger man. With Anderson staggering on his feet, Kaz connected with the Wave of the Future to pick up the victory.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Peter Bradshaw, who says that he has reviewed the video tape of the match between Yoshi Tatsu and Adam Cole from Rebellion. Upon watching the footage, Bradshaw says that he did, indeed, notice Adam Cole pulling Tatsu’s tights while making the pinfall. Bradshaw says that there is nothing he can do to reverse the referee’s decision from the pay-per-view, but says that he has signed a rematch for next week.

Rob Terry pinned Matt Morgan with the Freakbuster in 14:53.
Rating: ** ¼

After an impressive victory last week, over Colt Cabana, “The Freak” found himself stepping into the ring with a one-time Heavyweight Champion. Big Rob and “The Blueprint” found themselves in a battle of big men, with neither one of them wanting to look weaker in the eyes of the audience. The end of the match saw Morgan block a “jackhammer” attempt with an inverted atomic drop. Terry moved out of the way, at the last second, and connected with a vicious clothesline, bringing Morgan down to the canvas. Terry then lifted Morgan up and hit him with the Freakbuster for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Josh Daniels says that Rob Terry has two impressive victories in a row now, and that the men in the back should begin to take notice.

A split-screen is shown of Randy Orton/Abyss and Kurt Angle/Cody Rhodes making their way to the stage as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Randy Orton & Abyss defeated Cody Rhodes & Kurt Angle when R. Orton pinned C. Rhodes with the RKO in 0:12:45.
Rating: *** ½

The air in the arena was electric tonight, as all four of these men made their way down to the ring before the match. The tension between them was intense, and neither of them held back when it came to letting their aggression out. Orton and Abyss both spent a serious amount of time working over Angle during the match, trying to wear down the Heavyweight Champion. But Rhodes, showing that he still had the Champions back, intervened when things seemed to be getting too out of hand. On his own, Rhodes got in some very impressive offense on the bigger opponent - Abyss - but fell victim to a double team as Orton came in from behind and chop-blocked his knee. Orton made the quick tag to Abyss and they worked over Rhodes’s leg as Angle came into the ring, clothesline both himself and “The Monster” to the concrete outside the ring. As Angle and Abyss brawled up the ramp, Orton connected with an RKO on the injured Rhodes, and secured an easy victory for his time.

After the match, Orton celebrated by standing over Rhodes as the crowd showered him with boos. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels thanked everyone for tuning in, before signing off for the night.

Card Rating: *** ½

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