May 21, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Grand Rapids, MI

Monday Night Anarchy
May 21, 2012
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI
Attendance: 3,575 (33%)

“Headstrong” blasts through the arena as fireworks shoot off from the stage. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Grand Rapids, just three weeks away from Turning Point, where AJ Styles will challenge Randy Orton for the Heavyweight Title. They announce that tonight’s main event will be an eight-man elimination tag match, with The Conglomerate, Michael Tarver, and John Cena teaming up to take on The British Invasion, Kaz, and Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

AJ Styles’ music begins to play as he walks down to the ring with X-Division Champion Matt Morgan and Ric Flair in-tow. Styles says that last week, he stepped into the ring with Morgan – a person that he has fought time and time again – for the chance to face Randy Orton at Turning Point. Styles says he knows how badly Morgan wanted to face Orton, especially with the title being put on the line; and that having a victory over Orton in the past definitely helped his cause for being named Number One Contender. Styles says that it was a hard-fought match, and that the one who wanted it more came out on top. Morgan and Flair share a glance at this comment. Styles continues, saying that there’s no denying that Morgan was the HWL’s first-ever Heavyweight Champion; and nothing will ever be able to take that from him. But Styles is the only three-time Heavyweight Champion. Styles admits to having been a little jealous of Morgan, because he has been carrying around the X-Division Title since March, and Styles has had to watch him have a successful reign as Champion. Styles says he wanted another run on top, and that’s what helped him come out victorious last week. But, Styles says he didn’t come out here to gloat; he wanted to come out and ask Flair a question, in front of everyone in the arena. Styles asks Flair if he had anything to do with The British Invasion coming down to ringside and attacking him last week. Flair, shocked by the insinuation, says he had no idea. Styles asks if Flair wanted to ensure that Matt Morgan became Number One Contender, so that he could be a dual champion, further pushing AJ down the ladder. Again, Flair says he had no idea. Flair says that he’s in the greatest position any manager or coach could be in: both men that he has taken under his wing were fighting for the chance to take the belt off of Randy Orton. Flair asks Styles why he would have a favorite to begin with. Styles says that he doesn’t know, and that it doesn’t make sense. He says that their business with the British Invasion was over, or so he thought. Flair interrupts, saying that it doesn’t matter; tonight, The Conglomerate is going to stand tall when the final bell sounds. The three men shake hands. AJ quickly leaves the ring, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Last week, Steve Corino and Shane Hagadorn announced a new partnership with Claudio Castagnoli. Tonight, Castagnoli stayed backstage, and did not join Hagadorn at ringside as Corino stepped in against Kevin Steen, who was making his singles debut. All four of these men are familiar with each other, having spent a number of years in Ring of Honor together. That familiarity showed off, as Steen and Corino worked the crowd. Steen had a noticeable strength advantage over Corino, as he easily tossed Corino through the ropes, and had words with both Hagadorn and Castagnoli. Corino re-entered the ring, only to get taken down with a vicious clothesline. Steen hit the Package Piledriver to pick up the victory.

Kevin Steen pinned Steve Corino with The Package Piledriver in 8:04.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, Chris Hero confronts Claudio Castagnolli, who was watching the previous match on a monitor. Hero says that he and Claudio were once known as the Kings of Wrestling. He says they still are, as far as the people in PCW are concerned. Hero mentions them being PCW Tag Team Champions. He asks Claudio, after seeing the things that Shane Hagadorn has done over the past few months, how Claudio could align himself with someone like that. Claudio tells Hero that they may be kings in PCW; and that it’s Hero’s choice to be OK with that. Claudio says he is not OK with that. He wants more. He has been held down for too long, since coming to the main roster. Claudio says he saw his chance when Hagadorn was looking for a new client. He says he’s looking out for himself, and advises Hero to do the same.

Commercial Break

A preview for the Turning Point pay-per-view is shown, with “Beyond the Stars” by Evans Blue playing in the background. Turning Point will be LIVE from Phoenix, Arizona on June 10th.

A recap of last week’s Vixens Battle Royal is shown, with Nikki Bella winning the vacated title. Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Brie Bella why she attacked her sister last week. Brie says that growing up, she and Nikki supported each other no matter what. Brie says that she continued to support Nikki until she cost Brie to lose the Women’s Title at Fully Loaded. Brie says that now, the only thing that matters to her, is winning back a title she officially never lost. Brie says that she’s happy Nikki won the title last week, because in two weeks, in their home town, Brie will prove that she has always been the better twin.

Non-Title Match
Tiffany vs. © Nikki Bella

Last week, Tiffany was the last remaining Vixen between Nikki Bella and the Women’s Title. Tiffany looked impressive, outlasting the other Vixens, but still coming up short in her bid to win the belt. This week, however, Tiffany had the chance to expand off that impressive showing, taking on the Women’s Champion one-on-one. It was a rough start for Tiffany; one that she couldn’t successfully overcome, as Nikki Bella took control of the match from the very beginning. Nikki put Tiffany away with the Bella Bomb for the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Nikki Bella pinned Tiffany with the Bella Bomb in 7:14.
Rating: -*

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with X-Division Champion Matt Morgan. Alisha asks Morgan about the events that took place, last week, during the Number One Contenders’ match against AJ Styles. Morgan says that AJ Styles can believe whatever he wants to, but the fact is that neither Morgan nor Ric Flair had anything to do with The British Invasion interfering last week. Morgan says that AJ is focusing on the fact that The British Invasion came to ringside, but has not mentioned the fact that he needed a steel chair to beat Morgan last week. Morgan says that Styles got a cheap victory, and he knew it; that’s why he couldn’t look either Morgan or Flair in the eye as he left the ring. Morgan says, instead of he and Flair answering why Magnus and Terry were at ringside, Styles needs to answer for his actions. As Morgan starts to leave, KAZ appears, and says that Morgan may have used the rules in his favor to beat him at Fully Loaded; but says he knows he could beat Morgan – and take the X-Division Title – if he’s given one more shot. Morgan starts to respond, but gets cut off as CHRIS SABIN appears on-screen. Sabin says that Kaz had his chance – in a match where there were no rules – and couldn’t get the job down. But, Sabin says that if Kaz insists he should be number one contender, then they should settle it in the ring, next week. The view goes back to ringside as Sabin and Kaz stare each other down.

David Otunga & Santino Marella vs. Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado

The last time we saw David Otunga, he was stepping into the ring against Randy Orton, with the Heavyweight Title on the line. Just as Otunga was unable to pull out a victory at Fully Loaded, neither could Angle and Maldonado, who fell short in their rematch against Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon. It was a departure to see Otunga back in the tag team division, after a month-long feud with “The Viper”, but he and Santino continued to work seamlessly. They made quick work of Angle and Maldonado tonight, as Santino used The Cobra to get the 1-2-3.

David Otunga & Santino Marella defeated Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado when Santino pinned Angle with the Cobra in 5:08.
Rating: *** ¼

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Golden Opportunity winner Adam Cole makes his way out to the ring. Cole says that, last week, everyone’s beloved CM Punk showed what his true colors are. Cole calls Punk a sore loser. Cole says only a sore loser would continue to demand matches against a man who has beaten him in the past. Cole says that he knows Punk isn’t just upset about losing at Fully Loaded; that he’s mad because Cole kept him from winning the Heavyweight Title at Rebellion. Cole says that, no matter how angry Punk gets, nothing can change the past. He says the future is already written; and it reads that Adam Cole will be the new Heavyweight Champion. But, Cole says, if it’ll make Punk happy, he will give him whatever match he wants at Turning Point. Cole says he’s already beaten him once… there’s nothing left to prove.

Rami Sebei vs. CM Punk

The history between Rami Sebei and CM Punk spans a timeline of friendship and dislike, with memorable matches scattered throughout. The crowd in Grand Rapids were poised to see another great match-up between these two, but a surprise showing from JESSE NEAL at ringside changed the dynamic, as interfered against Sebei. Standing in the ring, Punk threw his arms in the air, staring at Neal, trying to figure out his purpose for being at ringside. The match continued, with Punk being the aggressor. Punk quickly hit a G.T.S but Sebei kicked out at two. Punk continued to work over Sebei, until ADAM COLE got up from the broadcast table and tripped Punk as he ran into the ropes. The referee threatened that the next person who interfered would be disqualified. The distraction allowed Sebei to send Punk outside the ring. Punk was able to fight back, as Sebei was still showing signs of punishment from earlier. Punk reversed Sebei into the ring apron, before rolling him back into the ring. Punk whipped Sebei into the corner, and hit a running high knee. Sebei stumbled out of the corner, and Punk connected with a second GTS. But before Punk could make the cover, Cole slid into the ring, attacking Punk from behind, and the referee called for the bell.

After the match, Cole continued his assault on Punk, landing lefts and rights on the canvas. Cole whipped Punk into the ropes. Punk ducked a clothesline attempt, and hit one of his own. Cole rolled out of the ring, slapping the apron, before grabbing the Golden Opportunity briefcase and heading backstage.

CM Punk defeated Rami Sebei by disqualification in 11:02.
Rating: ***
[Jesse Neal interfered against Rami Sebei.]
[Adam Cole interfered against CM Punk.]0.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry why they interfered in the main event between AJ Styles and Matt Morgan. Terry says that the British Invasion have had their issues with The Conglomerate in the past; and, last week was nothing but a chance to throw a wrench into their plans. Terry says that it really didn’t matter who won, because a member of The Conglomerate was going to Turning Point as number-one contender. He says that he and Brutus just wanted to remind Ric Flair, Styles, and Morgan that they hadn’t gone away.

Alisha then asks about the comments made my John Cena last week. Magnus says that Cena came out and threw everything he had ever created into the gutter. Magnus isn’t sure whether to congratulate Cena for saying what he did, or feel bad for him, because Cena was just trying to grab attention, without proving himself in the HWL first. Magnus says that he doesn’t answer to Cena. Magnus says if Cena wanted answers, he’d come get them, instead o sending his lackeys – Rami Sebei and Michael Tarver – to do it for him. Magnus says he’s not running from Cena, and that Cena will know exactly where to find him.

Commercial Break

A preview for the Turning Point pay-per-view is shown, with “Beyond the Stars” by Evans Blue playing in the background. Turning Point will be LIVE from Phoenix, Arizona on June 10th.

The British Invasion, Kaz, and Randy Orton vs. The Conglomerate, Michael Tarver, and John Cena

Peter Bradshaw signed a blockbuster main event for Anarchy, pitting eight of the biggest names in the HWL against each other, while all of them have a score to settle with one another. A number of quick tags filled the beginning of the match, which saw Kaz and Matt Morgan start things off, with Michael Tarver, Rob Terry, and AJ Styles also becoming involved. Styles turned the tide for his side, surprising Kaz with the Pele Kick for the 1-2-3, and the first elimination of the match.

x Kaz is eliminated by AJ Styles in 4:35.

The teams separated as Randy Orton entered the ring. The crowd groaned with anticipation, only to see Styles tag out to Michael Tarver, turning that anticipation into boos. Orton and Tarver locked up, jockeying for leverage, and Tarver pushed Orton to the canvas. Orton got to his feet, only to be met with a boot to the stomach. Tarver whipped Orton into ropes, taking him down with a clothesline. Tarver with a bodyslam and a quick elbow drop. Tarver with a quick pin, getting a one-count. Tarver keeps up the attack, stomping Orton. He brings Orton back to this feet, but Orton pushes off and lands a dropkick. Orton tags out to Brutus Magnus.

Magnus grabs Tarver, whipping him into the corner. Magnus with kicks to the midsection. Magnus continues to work over Tarver, hitting a suplex in the center of the ring. Magnus goes for the cover, but Styles breaks it up. Orton enters the ring, trying to even things up, but gets cut off by the referee, as Styles and Tarver double-team Magnus. Orton and Styles exit the ring; Tarver whips Magnus into the ropes, but Magnus reverses it into a short-arm lariat. Magnus rolls up Tarver for a shocking 1-2-3.

X Michael Tarver is eliminated by Brutus Magnus in 9:10.

John Cena quickly enters the ring, attacking Magnus from behind, getting a large roar of boos from the crowd. Cena lands rights and lefts on Magnus, before whipping him into the ropes. Cena with a back-to-back shoulder tackles and a body slam. Cena gives the sign for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and runs into the ropes, only to get clubbed in the back by Rob Terry. Magnus makes his way to the ropes, tagging in Terry, who whips Cena into the ropes, powerslamming him to the canvas. Terry starts to work on Cena’s legs. Terry with a suplex and a cover, only for a two-count. Terry whips Cena into the ropes, and begins landing punches to Cena’s midsection. Cena grabs Terry around the neck, and as the referee counts to five, hits a low blow on Terry. Terry stumbles away, and Cena chop blocks him to the mat. Cena makes the tag to Matt Morgan, and the crowd anticipates the match-up between big men.

Morgan taunts Terry to get up, as Terry struggles to get back to his feet. Morgan sweeps Terry’s leg, and lands a knee to his thigh. Morgan works over Terry’s leg, as Magnus and Orton urge Terry to make a tag. Morgan picks Terry up, whipping him into the ropes, but Terry falls down due to his leg. Morgan sizes Terry up, and as he turns around, connects with a Carbon Footprint! Morgan makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

X Rob Terry is eliminated by Matt Morgan in 12:45.

Orton re-enters the ring, calling for Styles to be tagged in. Morgan nods, turns around, and tags in Cena. The crowd boos. From the apron, Magnus calls for Orton to tag him. The crowd roars as Orton turns and makes the tag. Cena attacks Magnus as he enters the ring. Cena whips Magnus into the turnbuckle and lands rights and lefts. Cena whips Magnus across the ring, and connects with a running clothesline in the corner. Magnus stumbles forward as Cena jumps to the second rope. Cena hits a flying legdrop, and goes for the pin. Orton breaks it up at two. Orton and Cena share words as Magnus rolls out of the ring to compose himself. The refere separates the two, as Cena goes outside the ring. Cena and Magnus begin to brawl at ringside. The referee starts the 10-count, but they continue to battle each other up the aisleway. At 10, the referee calls for the bell.

x Brutus Magnus and John Cena are eliminated in 14:50.

Orton stands in the ring, staring down the two Conglomerate members. Morgan starts to enter the ring, but Styles stops him, now feeling the need to face Orton. Orton and Styles get face-to-face and share words. Styles pushes Orton away, but Orton comes back with an RKO attempt that Styles backs out of, falling to the canvas. Styles retreats to the corner and tags in Morgan, as the crowd boos. Morgan enters the ring, but Ric Flair jumps onto the apron, wanting to have a conference with his charges. Orton sneaks up closer, as the meeting ends, and as Morgan turns around, hits an RKO! Orton makes the cover for the 1-2-3, out of nowhere.

X Matt Morgan is eliminated by Randy Orton in 16:20.

Orton stands up, and stares at Styles, as the anticipation builds in the arena. Styles looks at Flair, who shakes his head; Styles jumps off the apron. The crowd roars with boos, as Styles and Flair make their way up the ramp. The referee counts to 10, and calls for the bell.

X AJ Styles is eliminated by in 16:55.
Rating: ** ¼

Card rating: ** ½

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