May 23, 2011

Attendance: 12,209 (80%)

“Headstrong” blares through the arena, and fireworks shoot through the air, as the crowd goes crazy. A camera pans through the audience, as the lights come back on, lighting up the smoke-filled ringside area. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the campus of Penn State University, just six days away from Fully Loaded. They announce that the Tag Team Titles will be on the line tonight, as The Hart Dynasty will defend the belts against Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry. But, the say the one thing most of the fans have been waiting for, is the contract signing between Kurt Angle and Cody Rhodes, later tonight.

Natalya comes out to the ring, getting a round of boos from the crowd, and is followed down the ramp by David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd. Inside the ring, the three of them let the boos rain down on them, saying nothing. When the crowd dies down, Natalya gets on the microphone and says that she didn’t come out to talk about the Tag Team Title Match, because there was no doubt in her mind that Smith and Kidd would walk out with the titles still around their waists. She says that she came out tonight to talk about Velvet Sky.

Natalya says that, last week, Velvet Sky took matters into her own hands, and interfered in her match against Daffney. Natalya says that Velvet had no right to even be seen at ringside, but instead chose to hand-pick her opponent for Fully Loaded this Sunday night. Natalya says that she didn’t want to agree with Daffney about Velvet being scared to defend her Women’s Title; but says that after last week, it’s clear that Velvet is scared… scared of Natalya. She says that Velvet obviously feels more confident about defending the title against Daffney then she does about putting it on the line against Natalya - the longest-reigning Women’s Champion in the history of the HWL. She says that there’s little she can do about the decision - or the match this Sunday night - but promises Velvet that she hasn’t heard the last from Natalya.

Natalya, Smith and Kidd leave the ring as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Randy Orton defeated Steve Corino by disqualification in 0:01:57.
Rating: ***
[Abyss interfered against Randy Orton.]

A week after returning from the brutal attack at the hands of “The Monster” Abyss, and attacking him with a chair, “The Viper” was back in action in the opening bout. Orton came to the ring with his ribs still wrapped, and Corino focused in on Orton’s midsection as the bell rang, gaining a quick advantage. Orton tried to stage a comeback, but was distracted as ABYSS made his way down the ramp, and stood at ringside. Orton quickly fell victim to a dropkick to the midsection, causing Orton to back peddle into the ropes, that Abyss pulled down. Orton fell hard onto this ribs as the referee called for the bell, before running across the ring and demanding that Abyss leave ringside.

Abyss picked up Orton and whipped him into the steel ring steps, ribs first. He then stomped Orton repeatedly in the ribs, before ripping off the bandage, and exposing “The Viper’s” injury. Abyss continued his attack, lifting Orton into the air and dropping him stomach-first onto the steel steps, as the crowd rained boos onto him. Abyss picked Orton up and slammed his lower back into the ring apron before pulling him away and hitting The Black Hole Slam onto the concrete!! Orton laid motionless, on the floor, as Abyss stood above him, HWL officials rushing down the ramp to finally break up the assault. They escorted Abyss up the ramp as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels wondered what condition Orton would be this Sunday for Fully Loaded…

Commercial Break

Alisha Hicks is seen, backstage, with Women’s Champion Velvet Sky. Alisha asks Velvet to comment on the statements made by Natalya at the beginning of the show; and Velvet says that she’s sick and tired of hearing everyone say that she’s afraid to get in the ring and defend the Women’s Title. She says that her and Daffney have had a long-running rivalry, and that Daffney knows deep down that Velvet isn’t afraid of it. In fact, Velvet says that she will prove how unaffected she is by facing Daffney at Fully Loaded, that she challenges “The Demonic Princess” to a Tables Match this Sunday night!

And, Velvet says that Natalya is threatening her, saying that she hasn’t heard the last from Natalya. Velvet says that Natalya is the LAST person she would be afraid of, because it was Velvet who ended Natalya’s second reign as champion, in January. Velvet says that Natalya can complain all she wants to, but the fact is: Daffney is the number one contender, and this Sunday night their unfinished business will finally get taken care of.

[HWL Tag Team Title Match]:
The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) defeated Skip Sheffield & Rob Terry when T. Kidd pinned R. Terry after a Thesz press in 0:17:09.
Rating: ***
(The Hart Dynasty retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)
[Natalya interfered against Rob Terry. ]

The Tag Team Titles were on the line tonight - a special occasion on Anarchy - as these two teams squared off in a rematch from Wrestleocolypse I. Sheffield and Terry came out strong, using their slight strength advantage to gain the upper hand, picking up a few near-falls along the way. And, as per usual, Natalya couldn’t resist the urge to get involved when she felt her family were close to losing the titles. She was reprimanded by the official, but the damage had already been done; the interference had gotten into the challengers’ heads. “Big Rob” tried to fight back, but Kidd reversed the spine buster attempt into a Thesz press for the victory.

After the match, Kidd rolled out of the ring as Natalya grabbed the titles from the time keeper, and The Hart Dynasty made their way up the ramp as Rob Terry slowly got to his feet, shaking his head…

Commercial Break

A video plays, showing the busy streets of a city somewhere in Pennsylvania. The scene cuts to an office, where YOSHI TATSU is seen, sitting on a couch with his head in his hands. A male doctor is seen, sitting in a chair across the room, looking at his client. The doctor asks Yoshi a series of questions, in the hopes of getting to the bottom of whatever issue have been bothering him. For every question asked, Yoshi keeps his head down, looking at the floor, saying nothing. The room is silent for a few moments, before the therapist informs Yoshi that their time is almost finished, and reminds him that he’s in a safe place; no one will know about what is said in his office. Yoshi looks up, a look of anger crossing his face, and he lunges towards the doctor, attacking him! The doctor screams out in fear, and seconds later his secretary appears in the doorway, screaming at the sight she sees.

Yoshi continues to attack the therapist as security guards enter the room, grabbing Yoshi by the arms, and pulling him off the doctor. The secretary comes back into the room and tends to the therapist as the scene fades to black…

Commercial Break

Colt Cabana & Derrick Bateman defeated Jey Uso & Eddie Edwards when D. Bateman defeated E. Edwards when E. Edwards passed out in an airplane spin in 0:10:58.
Rating: ***
(Davey Richards no-showed.)

This match was given a little shock as it was announced that Davey Richards was unable to compete, and that he had not been seen since arriving at the arena earlier in the day. JEY USO took Richards’s spot, and from the get-go, the combination didn’t seem to work. Uso and Edwards never seemed to be on the same page; whereas Cabana and Bateman showed flashes of being able to work together. The ending of the match saw Derrick Bateman lock Edwards into an airplane spin, dropping him to the canvas before the referee called for the match.

After the match, Cabana and Bateman left the ring, as the referee tried to get Edwards to his feet. As Edwards slowly gets to his feet, the Titantron comes on, showing Davey Richards tied to a chair, somewhere inside the arena. AJ STYLES and MR. ANDERSON appear on screen and say that it’s no surprise that there are somewhere on campus; and that if The Wolves were going to take part in Fully Loaded on Sunday, that Edwards needed to come find them. The screen went off, and Edwards hurried out of the ring, running up the ramp and getting clobbered by a right fist by “The Nature Boy” RIC FLAIR! Flair continued to attack Edwards, wearing down his legs, before locking in the Figure-Four Leglock! As the crowd went crazy, booing, Styles and Anderson appeared on-stage, joining in on the assault. Moments later, HWL officials came on-stage and broke up the attack as EMTs tended to Eddie Edwards…

Commercial Break

Adam Cole is seen walking through the hallways, when he approached, again, by ALEX SHELLEY. Shelley says that Cole must feel like very powerful, having Kyle O’Reilly at his beckon call each and every week. Shelley says that he stills thinks of Cole as a disgrace to the X-Division, and that there are much more deserving people that should be carrying that title belt around.

Cole stops, turns to face Shelley, in deep thought. He nods his head and says that Shelley was right; there are more deserving people that should be holding the X-Division Title belt… before taking the belt off his shoulder and hitting Shelley in the face with it! Cole stands over Shelley, who is holding his head in pain, and says that until one of those people challenge him for the title, he’s the one that will carry it around. He laughs and heads towards the ring…

[Non-Title Match]:
AJ Styles pinned Adam Cole after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:15:20.
Rating: *** ¾
[Ric Flair & Alex Shelley interfered against Adam Cole.]

Just moments after revealing that he an Mr. Anderson had kidnapped Davey Richards - at the behest of Ric Flair - AJ STYLES stepped into the ring against the X-Division Champion in a non-title match. Cole had his hands full tonight, having to deal with not only Styles and Flair, but also ALEX SHELLEY, who came down to ringside after the confrontation the two had just moments before the match. Styles tried to use the distraction to gain the upper hand, but was never able to put Cole away. Styles frustration got the better of him, and he argued with the referee, backing him into a corner. Cole got to his feet, attempting to attack Styles from behind, but Shelley slid into the ring and connected with a deafening chair shot that sent Cole to the canvas, unconscious. Flair yelled at Styles to make the cover, and “The Phenomenal One” picked up a cheap victory, as the crowd booed the action.

After the match, Styles, Flair and Chelsea all left the ring as Shelley slid back into the ring, and stood over Cole. Shelley challenges Cole to match for the X-Division Title, Sunday Night, at Fully Loaded. The crowd roared with approval as Shelley left the ring and Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

A preview for Fully Loaded airs, with “Lies of the Beautiful People”, by Sixx:AM, playing in the background. The event will take place Sunday, May 29th, live from East Rutherford, New Jersey!

The camera shows a red carpet, draping over the canvas of the ring, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michael discuss the events that have led to this moment. A long, wooden table sits in the center of the ring, with two office chairs sitting on either side. The crowd crows with anticipation as Peter Bradshaw makes his way to the ring. He says that he has taken every precaution tonight, in the hopes of this contract signing going off without a hitch. He announces that there will be no stipulations involved in this match, outside of the agreement that both Cody Rhodes and Kurt Angle made.

Bradshaw introduces Cody Rhodes first, as he comes down to the ring in a t-shirt and jeans, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Rhodes enters the ring, and grabs the microphone sitting on his end of the table. He says that this Sunday night is a moment he has been waiting for his entire life. He says he remembers growing up, and watching his father battle Ric Flair for the NWA Heavyweight Title on many occasions. Rhodes says that, even as a child, he knew that he would be destined to get the same chances that his father had received. He says that he didn’t want to earn those chances based on his last name, alone; but that he would do whatever it took to earn a shot at the Heavyweight Title. He says that he feels he’s done what he’s needed to get this shot, but that luck had something to do with it as well. Rhodes says that, eventually, he would be given his shot at the Heavyweight Title, but a month ago, he saw his opening to take his chance, by helping Kurt Angle. He says he respects Angle for following through with his offer of owing Rhodes anything, and says that he looks forward to stealing the show, Sunday night, at Fully Loaded.

Bradshaw then introduces Kurt Angle, who comes out wearing a suit - with the Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder - getting a huge reaction from the crowd. Angle enters the ring, and walks to the other side of the table before grabbing his microphone. He looks at Rhodes and says that he has done everything to earn his shot at the Heavyweight Title. Angle says that Rhodes has nearly worked himself to death for the chance to main event an HWL pay-per-view. He says that, due to some unfortunate events a few weeks ago, that’s exactly where Rhodes finds himself. Angle doesn’t doubt that Rhodes has the skills and the determination to be Heavyweight Champion; it’s just that Rhodes has never been tested like he will be on Sunday night.

Rhodes jumps to his feet, but Bradshaw cuts him off. Bradshaw says that he will NOT have this contract signing ruined by issues that can be resolved this Sunday night. Rhodes slowly sits down, staring at Angle, as Bradshaw places a contract in front of them. Both men begin to sign their respective contracts as the lights go out in the arena; the crowd goes crazy! When the lights came back on, ABYSS was standing in front of the ring, causing Rhodes and Angle to both stand from their seats, ready to fight. Abyss slowly entered the ring, grabbing the microphone from Bradshaw, and issuing a warning. He says that his time as champion is coming, and that both Rhodes and Angle should realize that “The Monster” is not playing around anymore.

Abyss drops the microphone and starts to head out of the ring, as RANDY ORTON runs, limping, down the ramp, sliding into the ring, and attacking “The Monster”. Bradshaw quickly gets out of the ring as Rhodes and Angle join in the fray. Rhodes and Orton brawl in one corner of the ring, as Abyss and Angle claim the other corner. Both Orton and Abyss take swings at their opponents, only to have them ducked under. Rhodes connects with the Cross Rhodes, while Angle connects with an Angle Slam, sending both men through the table in the center of the ring!! The crowd goes crazy as Rhodes and Angle get to their feet, staring at each other over the bodies of Orton and Abyss. Outside the ring, Peter Bradshaw looks on in shock as Anarchy goes off the air…

Card rating: *** 1/2

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