May 29, 2011

Attendance: 5,791 (28%)

A hype video is shown, advertising the main event match between Cody Rhodes and HWL Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. The final image of the video is of Rhodes and Angle standing over the bodies of Abyss and Randy Orton, at the end of Monday Night Anarchy.

“Lies of the Beautiful People” begins to play throughout the arena, as fireworks shoot from the stage, and Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to East Rutherford, NJ. They announce the five matches that will be taking place here tonight, including the main event match between Rhodes and Angle for the Heavyweight Title. JD sends it to the ring for the first title match of the night…

[X-Division Title Match]:
Adam Cole pinned Alex Shelley after a flying forearm in 0:17:09.
Rating: ** ¼
(Adam Cole retained the HWL X-Division Title.)
[Kyle O’Reilly interfered against Alex Shelley.]

This match, which came about after a couple weeks of tense confrontations between these two men, was as fast-paced as everyone had expected; and wasted no time before incorporating arena floor - and the crowd - into the action. Cole and Shelley battled it out throughout the arena floor, and the ringside area, using an array of aerial moves that brought the crowd to its feet. Shelley was hoping to take away the one thing that Cole had been holding onto for months, knocking him off the pedestal he had made for himself. But, Cole has always stated that he wasn’t alone in his quest to make it to the top, and that was proven tonight as KYLE O’REILLY made his way to the ring and tripped Shelley as the match went back into the ring. The distraction allowed Cole to connect with a flying forearm; and as the referee made the three-count, from outside the ring, O’Reilly held Shelley’s legs.

After the match, Cole and O’Reilly quickly left the ring as Shelley got to his feet, pleading his case. But, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels reminded everyone, in the X-Division, everything is legal. Shelley kicked the ropes in frustration before leaving the ring as the scene goes black…

A video is shown, with the tag of “last week”, of Eddie Edwards walking through the campus of Penn State University, in search of Davey Richards. The video shows Edwards searching high and low, all over the large college campus: in class buildings, the boiler room of Beaver Stadium, and anywhere that he thought his partner could be. The video ends as Edwards, sweaty and frustrated, walks up the staircase entering Holderman Hall. The camera follows him as he searches the hallways, and goes down into the basement, where he finds Davey Rhichards, tied to a chair, covered in dirt and sweat. Edwards unties Richards and swears that AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson will pay for this…

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with DAFFNEY. Alisha asks how Daffney feels, going into tonight’s Table Match with the Women’s Title on the line. Daffney says that, if this is an attempt at Velvet Sky to get into her head, then it’s a horrible try by someone who only knows how to be two things: pretty and a slut! Daffney says that when she was in TNA, she made a name for herself by putting a number of women through tables - including Velvet Sky. Daffney says she’s going to keep her promise, and take away the only thing Velvet has going for her - her good looks - and will walk away as the new Women’s Champion.

The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defeated AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson when E. Edwards pinned Styles after a face buster in 0:19:37.
AJ Styles suffered an elbow injury. He will be out approximately three (3) weeks.
Rating: ¼

The American Wolves couldn’t have been more ready for this match, after weeks of back-and-forth one-up-manship led to Davey Richards being kidnapped last Monday night. Styles and Anderson came into this match looking to finally get some retribution for the Wolves’ treatment of Ric Flair over the past few weeks, and both teams were ready to take whatever punishment they needed to, to call themselves victors. Styles hit a bevy of strong moves through the match, focusing his attention on the weaker Richards. After tagging in Anderson, Styles watched as Richards made the hot tag, and he and Edwards cleaned up, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Edwards went to work on Anderson, hitting him with a dropkick and going for the cover. Edwards argued with the referee before dropping Anderson with a DDT and covering him again. This time, Chelsea go onto the apron, distracting the referee, breaking up the pinfall. This allowed Anderson time to roll over and tag in Styles, who ran into the ring, and was met with a vicious power slam! Edwards went for the cover, only to have Anderson make the save! Infuriated, Edwards threw Anderson through the ropes, landing onto Flair and Chelsea! Edwards picked up Styles and planted him in the center of the ring with a face buster, grabbing his legs for the final 1-2-3!

After the match, The American Wolves celebrated their victory as the referee tended to Styles who, as JD and SM mentioned, had come down awkwardly on his elbow while taking the final move. The referee helped Styles of the ring, and he walked up the ramp, holding his elbow in pain…

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Women’s Champion VELVET SKY. Velvet says that she heard what Daffney had to say about trying to get into her head, denying that’s what she’s trying to do. She says that she wanted their last match to be something memorable; and that a victory tonight would erase all the doubts in her mind that her loses to Daffney had created. Velvet says that Daffney may have gotten the best of her both in the beginning of her HWL run - and in TNA - but, after tonight, she is done with “The Demonic Princess”.

In the parking lot, Tim Hanson catches up with RANDY ORTON, who is seen getting out of his car. Hanson asks Orton how he feels tonight, as Orton limps through the garage. “The Viper” stops and says that his body is in so much pain, that he’s surprised he’s able to stand tonight. Orton says that this pain would be unbearable for anyone who didn’t have something to prove tonight. Orton says that he doesn’t care about how much pain he’s in tonight, because it’ll all be worth it when he finally gets his hands on Abyss tonight. He says that all the pain, all the blood and all the stitches will be forgotten after he takes down “The Monster”…

[Table Match for the HWL Women’s Title]:
Daffney defeated Velvet Sky by putting her through a table in 0:09:14.
Rating: ** ½
(Daffney won the HWL Women’s Title.)

Tables lined the barricade at ringside as both Daffney and the Women’s Champion, Velvet Sky, made their way to the ring before the match. When the bell rang, neither Vixen was willing to give up control as the match spilled out onto the arena floor. Velvet showed an unseen sadistic side to her, by ramming Daffney into the barricade, repeatedly, trying to wear down “The Demonic Princess’s” back. Velvet quickly set up a table as Daffney got to her feet, before smashing Daffney’s head into it. She rolled Daffney onto the table and brought her to a standing position. Velvet hit a DDT onto the table, but it didn’t break! The sound of shock from the crowd echoed through the arena as both Vixen’s crumpled to the ground. Slowly getting to their feet, Daffney caught Velvet with a kick to the midsection, before suplexing her into the air, and crashing down through the table! The bell sounded as Daffney was announced the winner!

Backstage, ABYSS is seen walking through the hallways, when he is approached by Tim Hanson. Hanson asks for a response on Randy Orton’s statements just a few moments ago, but Abyss says nothing. Hanson then asks for a clarification of Abyss’s comments, Monday night, during the contract signing. Abyss suddenly stops, turns towards Hanson, and stares at him for a moment. Abyss begins to laugh as he turns away from Hanson, continuing to walk down the hallway…

Alisha Hicks is seen, standing with CODY RHODES, backstage. She asks for his last comments before stepping into the ring against Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight Title tonight. Rhodes says that, for weeks, he has done nothing by try to be a mature, standup guy backstage. He hasn’t had a bad thing to say about Kurt Angle or this match tonight; but he says that he feels belittled by what the Heavyweight Champion said Monday night, on Anarchy. Rhodes says that he knows this is his first chance of headlining a pay-per-view, and that there is a lot more riding on this then just the Heavyweight Title. Rhodes says that Angle can have his impression of Rhodes - thinking that he doesn’t have what it takes to be the champion - but, that he is going out tonight, planning on proving Angle wrong…

Abyss and Randy Orton fought to a draw in 20:00.
Rating: ** ¾

For weeks, Randy Orton and Abyss had been trading hellacious attacks on each other - bother backstage and in front of the live audiences. Orton still blamed Abyss for costing him the Heavyweight Title at Rebellion; and Abyss appeared content with just causing damage throughout the HWL, no matter who was a victim. This match was brutal from the start as Abyss teed off on Orton’s still-injured ribs, cutting down “The Viper’s” air supply, and limiting his ability to stand straight up throughout the match. But, Orton keot his word from earlier in the evening, and he didn’t allow anything “The Monster” threw at him to get keep him down. Orton was able to fight back, as the match went out to the arena floor, and was able to gain the upper hand by ramming Abyss’s back into the ring post. But, with the referee counting them out, both men made their way back into the ring. Orton held the advantage, and connected with a picture-perfect RKO, but Abyss managed to get a shoulder up just before the three-count. After arguing with the referee about the slow count, Orton attempted another RKO, but was caught in a choke slam. Abyss made the cover, but Orton was close enough to the ropes, and draped his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall. Frustrated, Abyss went back outside the ring, and grab a table from underneath the ring! As he tried to bring the table inside the ring, the time limit expired, and the referee rang for the bell, calling the match a draw!

After the match, Abyss tossed the referee aside, and hit another choke slam on Orton! Abyss then set up the table in the center of the ring, before whipping Orton into the ropes, and sending him through the table with a vicious Black Hole Slam! The crowd roared with boos as Abyss got to his feet and looked over the wreckage he had caused. The camera focused on Orton’s lifeless body, as the scene cuts backstage…

KURT ANGLE is shown, walking around backstage, carrying the Heavyweight Title around his waist. Alisha Hicks approaches and asks for any last-minute thoughts he might have before the match. Angle says that he has been in this situation before: headlining a pay-per-view. He says he’s headlined every HWL event since December. Angle says that this is new ground for Cody Rhodes, and that he hopes Rhodes brings his “A-Game” to the ring tonight. Angle laughs and says that’s probably not going to happen, because the pressure will be too much for Rhodes; and that Angle will walk away with the Heavyweight Title still in his possession…

A preview for TURNING POINT is shown, with “Deliver Us” by In Flames playing in the background. Turning Point will take place, Sunday, June 26th from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

[HWL Heavyweight Title Match]:
Cody Rhodes pinned Kurt Angle after an inside cradle in 0:21:40.
Rating: *** ¾
(Cody Rhodes won the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

This was the match everyone in attendance had been waiting all night for. For weeks, not a bad word was uttered by either Cody Rhodes or Kurt Angle about the other before tonight’s main event. There was no rivalry leading up to tonight; it was simply a match that Angle agreed to as a form of payment for Rhodes’s assistance a few weeks back. But, as always, Angle - a master of mind games - landed the first punch by suggesting that Rhodes wasn’t ready. When the match started tonight, neither man wasted any time locking in their respective submission holds. Angle was first with the Figure Four; and that was followed up by a sleeper hold by Rhodes. The action went back and forth until Rhodes connected with the Cross Rhodes, and appeared to be set for victory. But, he wasted too much time, and Angle was able to kick out at two. Angle fought back as the time limit approached, eventually locking in the Ankle Lock. Rhodes screamed in pain as the time limit expired; but the referee allowed the match to continue since the title was on the line. Rhodes struggled to get to the ropes, breaking the hold, and Angle walked away in a good position to retain the title. As he approached Rhodes, Rhodes took Angle by surprise with an inside cradle, and the referee counted to three!! The crowd roared in shock applause as Rhodes is announced the winner!

After the match, Rhodes is handed the title as he falls to the ground, exhausted. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels discuss how Rhodes was able to show up “The Olympic Gold Medalist” tonight, and that he’s proved himself to be a worthy Heavyweight Champion. Then, suddenly, the lights in the arena go out as cameras flash all around ringside. Moments later, the lights come back up, and ABYSS is seen standing in the center of the ring, holding his “Golden Opportunity” contract in his hand. “The Monster” throws his paper towards the referee, who instantly rings the bell, and the crowd roars with anticipation…

[HWL Heavyweight Title Match]:
Abyss pinned Cody Rhodes with the Black Hole Slam in 0:01:03.
Rating: **
(Abyss won the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Abyss wasted no time after the ball rang, picking up Rhodes and whipping him into the ropes. But Rhodes had enough wherewithal to duck Abyss’s clothesline, and connect with one of his own, but “The Monster” didn’t go down! Rhodes ran into the ropes again, and this time, was met with a vicious boot to the chin. Abyss grabbed Rhodes, whipped him into the far ropes, and planted him with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss made the cover, and the referee counted to three, and the HWL had it’s second new Heavyweight Champion of the evening!!

After the match, Abyss stood in the ring, looking over the bodies of Rhodes and Angle, as the crowd roared with anger. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels were both in shock, and said that there was no telling what would happen tomorrow night, on Anarchy. They signed off for the night as the event faded to black.

Card rating: ***

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