May 30, 2010 - HWL Fully Loaded - Hartford, CT

HWL Fully Loaded PPV
May 30, 2010
XL Center
Hartford, Connecticut

— Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the Hartford, and the home of the UCONN Huskies, for the second HWL pay-per-view event of the year. They run through the seven matches taking place tonight before announcing the attendance at 15,278.

HWL Women’s Title Match
Nikki Bella vs. © Natalya

Nikki Bella came into this match wanting nothing more than to make her sister, Brie, proud, and to become the new Women’s Champion. However, her dream was never given the chance to happen as Natalya destroyed Nikki outside of the ring. Natalya threw Nikki into the ring steps, apparently injuring her shoulder, and Natalya rolled back into the ring for a very quick count-out victory. The crowd voiced their displeasure as Natalya left the ring with her title belt firmly in-hand.

Natalya defeated Nikki Bella by countout in 1:54.
Rating: ¼*
(Natalya retained the HWL Women’s Title.)

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Evan Bourne for any last minute thoughts before his match with AJ Styles. Bourne says that he finds it funny that he’s bitten off more than he could chew, yet, AJ Styles seems to be hiding behind Ric Flair. Bourne says that he understands that Flair has given Styles confidence, but that Styles didn’t need someone patting him on the back last year when he become HWL Heavyweight Champion. Bourne says that Styles probably doesn’t remember that they shared a locker room last year, and that things have changed a lot in the last 365 days. He says that, like AJ, Bourne has aspirations of becoming a champion in the HWL, and that tonight he plans on making a statement of his own.

— Also, backstage, JAY LETHAL and CONSEQUENCES CREED are seen entering the XL Center. Tim Hanson stops them and asks for a response to the comments made by the Tag Team Champions, Monday night on Anarchy. Creed says that they’ve heard enough of the Machine Guns running their mouths over the last few weeks, and that the time to answering questions is over. Lethal then says that the champions will get their response inside the ring.

Evan Bourne vs. AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair)
The verbal showdown between these two started when Evan Bourne stepped up and accepted an open challenge from AJ Styles after Rebellion. Both of them claimed to be better than the other and to be destined for “bigger and better things”. Tonight, however, it looked as if AJ Styles was a bit more prophetic as he had claimed that Bourne had gotten in over his head. Bourne fought Styles tooth-and-nail, and kept the former HWL Heavyweight Champion on his toes, but thanks to some help from Ric Flair outside the ring, Styles was able to hit the Styles Clash to pick up the victory.

AJ Styles pinned Evan Bourne with the Styles Clash in 9:14.
Rating: *** ½

— The HWL Tag Team Champions, ALEX SHELLEY and CHRIS SABIN are seen with Tim Hanson, who asks for a final statement before defending their titles against Lethal Consequences. Sabin says that tonight, the match is already in the bag, and that the Machine Guns are going to continue to dominate the tag team division in the HWL. Shelley then adds that he doesn’t see Lethal Consequences giving them any more of a challenge than Legacy did last month. He also adds that he doesn’t take them seriously after they lost to The British Invasion on Monday night.

— Alisha Hicks is seen with D’ANGELO DINERO, who is dressed in his wrestling gear, looking ready for his match later tonight. Dinero says that he had to laugh, Monday night, when Yoshi Tatsu fought CM Punk. Dinero says that Punk, and his gang of laughable sidekicks self-destructed and cost Punk a very easy victory. Dinero says that Tatsu won’t have the same kind of luck tonight…

HWL Tag Team Title Match
Lethal Consequences vs. © The Motor City Machine Guns

There has been a lot of verbal “bad blood” between these two teams as of late, and it all came to a head tonight. Shelley and Sabin were looking to continue their winning ways over the tag teams in the HWL, and Creed and Lethal were hoping to redeem themselves and become the team to take the belts away from the champions. This match was a back and forth battle that got the Hartford crowd going! Both teams came very close to picking up the victory throughout the match, but in the end, it was Shelley and Sabin who hit the Made in Detroit to retain the Tag Team Titles.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Lethal Consequences when C. Sabin pinned C. Creed after the Made in Detroit in 15:48.
Rating: ***
(The Motor City Machine Guns retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks YOSHI TATSU for a comment before tonight’s match against D’Angelo Dinero. Tatsu says that he’s listened to Dinero put him down, week after week, ever since Rebellion and that he’s sick and tired of it. He says that he doesn’t feel like he’s been respected in the back, and that tonight, he’ll do whatever he has to do to earn that respect. Tatsu says that his main goal tonight, is to shut Dinero up once and for all…

— Also backstage, the HWL X-Division Champion, Rhino, is seen leaving the locker room with the title belt secured around his waist. It is announced that the match between Rhino and Kaz has been made into a Falls Count Anywhere Match with no disqualifications!

D’Angelo Dinero vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Yoshi Tatsu made a bold statement before the match, saying that he wanted to earn respect in the HWL locker room, and that a victory over Dinero would lead him on the path to getting that. But, “The Pope” had other ideas, making a statement of his own, by severely handling Tatsu throughout the match. Dinero caught Tatsu with a legsweep face slam for the quick victory. After the match, Dinero stood over Tatsu as the crowd voiced their displeasure.

D’Angelo Dinero pinned Yoshi Tatsu after a legsweep face slam in 5:15.
Rating: ** ¼

— Backstage, KAZ is seen heading towards the ring, when he is stopped by Tim Hanson, who asks for his thoughts about the X-Division Title Match. Kaz says that he sees an opening in tonight’s match, because of Rhino’s loss to Mr. Anderson on Monday night. He says that he knows that Rhino will want to come out and make a point, but that Kaz will be ready to capitalize on any mistake the champion makes.

— Matt Morgan is seen getting ready for his match against Kurt Angle when he is approached by Alisha Hicks. Hicks asks what Morgan thinks about Angle’s comments on Monday night, and Morgan says that he’s just happy to see that Angle didn’t use his neck injury as an excuse to not be here tonight. Morgan says that Angle is wanting to prove that he doesn’t back down from a challenge, even when his life and future are on the line. Morgan says that tonight is going to be a huge mistake for Angle, because Morgan has no problem ending his career.

Falls Count Anywhere - X-Division Title Match
Kaz vs. © Rhino

These two had kept themselves pretty quiet in the weeks leading to this match, but when the bell rang, they did not leave the crowd disappointed! Kaz and Rhino battled everywhere they could throughout the XL Center tonight, and left a path of destruction in their wake. For nearly 30 minutes, these two men did battle for the right to be called champion. Kaz left nothing to be desired, taking the fight to Rhino, even opening up the cut that he received at the hands of Mr. Anderson on Monday night. It looked as if Kaz had the match in-hand after dodging a Gore that sent Rhino through a table at ringside, however, Kaz was unable to pin the champion. After struggling to fight back, Rhino got the better of Kaz and stalked him as Kaz slid back into the ring. Rhino hit a vicious Gore in the center of the ring and picked up the pinfall to retain the X-Division Title.

Rhino pinned Kaz with the Gore in 26:01.
Rating: ¾
(Rhino retained the HWL X-Division Title.)

— Kurt Angle is shown, backstage, stretching his shoulder and neck, getting ready for his match against Matt Morgan. A small video is shown, highlighting their feud from the last few weeks.

— Desmond Wolfe is caught by Alisha Hicks as he leaves the locker room, dressed in his wrestling gear with the HWL Heavyweight Title wrapped around his waist. Alisha asks what is going through his mind as he fights to retain the Heavyweight Title and to get Chelsea from Mr. Anderson. Wolfe says that, when it comes down to it, the Heavyweight Title means nothing compared to getting Chelsea away from “that piece of garbage”. Wolfe said that he warned Anderson about making this match personal, and tonight, he will get Chelsea back… whether he keeps the Heavyweight Title or not.

Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle
For the past few weeks, Matt Morgan has been trying to make Kurt Angle’s life a living hell, by repeatedly going after Angle’s oft-injured neck. Angle returned at Anarchy, just six days before this match, and vowed to gain revenge on Morgan for “The Blueprint’s” actions. Tonight, “The Olympic Gold Medalist” did just that. Both men fought their hearts out, trying to get the better of each other, but, in the end, Angle appeared to no longer care about pinning Morgan. Angle hit the Olympic Slam on the concrete outside the ring and rolled back inside as the referee counted Morgan out. After the match, Angle slid outside the ring and locked on the “Ankle Lock” as the crowd went crazy! Morgan screamed in pain as HWL officials rushed down to the ring, eventually pulled Angle away. Angle was escorted away from ringside as officials checked on Morgan…

Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan by countout in 14:37.
Rating: * ¾

— Backstage, Mr. Anderson and Chelsea are with Tim Hanson, who asks for a response to Desmond Wolfe’s comments earlier in the evening. Anderson says that what he’s done has clearly gotten to Wolfe, seeing as how the Heavyweight Title no longer means anything to him. Anderson says that he offered Wolfe a fair deal on Monday night, but since he didn’t take it, Anderson will have to take the title the old-fashioned way. And, after beating Wolfe for the title, Anderson says that he will leave “this horrid city” as Heavyweight Champion, and with Chelsea by his side.

— A preview for the next HWL pay-per-view, Turning Point, is shown. The event will be taking place on June 27th, 2010, live from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York.

HWL Heavyweight Title Match
Mr. Anderson (w/Chelsea) vs. © Desmond Wolfe

This match was filled with emotions as Anderson and Wolfe squared off to see who would walk out of Hartford as the Heavyweight Champion… and with Chelsea by their side! Anderson held the emotional advantage over Wolfe, knowing that anything other than a pinfall or submission would do him no good in winning back Chelsea. Wolfe however, appeared to not let that fact bother him, as he took the fight to Anderson throughout the entirety. With Chelsea cheering him on, from Anderson’s corner, Wolfe was able to hit the Jawbreaker Lariat and pick up the victory, retaining the Heavyweight Title. After the match, Wolfe and Chelsea celebrated in the ring as the crowd cheered them on.

Desmond Wolfe pinned Mr. Anderson with the Jawbreaker Lariat in 11:20.
Rating: ** ½
(Desmond Wolfe retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Card Rating: ** ¾

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