May 31, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Bridgeport, CT

Monday Night Anarchy
May 31, 2010
Arena @ Harbor Yard
Bridgeport, Connecticut

— The show begins with a highlight video of last night’s FULLY LOADED pay-per-view event. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels then welcome everyone to the Bridgeport, with an announced crowd of 3,600 for tonight’s event. It is announced that, tonight, “The Big Red Monster” Kane will take on CM Punk and that after a great match at Fully Loaded, Kaz will be taking on “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

— HWL Heavyweight Champion, Desmond Wolfe, and Chelsea, come out to the ring with the title draped over his shoulder. In the ring, Wolfe says that last night was one of the greatest nights he’s experienced since joining the HWL. Wolfe says that Mr. Anderson decided to cross a line, making things person between the two of them, and last night, he got what he deserved. Wolfe says that he will never be blackmailed into giving up the Heavyweight Title, and that the next person who puts their hands on Chelsea will have a lot worse things to worry about. But, he says that tonight starts a new chapter in his title reign, and that he’s looking forward to seeing who thinks they have what it takes to get this title off his shoulder.

This brings out AJ STYLES and Ric Flair. The crowd boos as Flair hands Styles a microphone. Styles says that he had a pretty impressive night, at Fully Loaded himself, when he showed Evan Bourne that he was stepping out of his league. Styles says that he had been saying, in the weeks leading up to Fully Loaded, that he would be looking for bigger and better things after Sunday night; and now, he’s found what he was looking for. Styles tells Wolfe that he doesn’t have to look much further to find the man that’s going to take the Heavyweight Title from him, and end his reign as champion. The two men stare down each other, from across the arena, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky
Gail Kim came into this match as the new number one contender for the Women’s Title, and showed that she was deserving of that honor, by coming out on top after a hard-fought battle with one-half of The Beautiful People. Velvet Sky has been on the short end of the stick as of late, and tonight was no different as she fell victim to the Eat Defeat, picking up yet another loss. After the match, Velvet slapped the canvas in disgust, and stared at Kim as she made her way up the ramp.

Gail Kim pinned Velvet Sky with the Eat Defeat in 10:01.
Rating: ** ½

— Backstage, CM PUNK is seen walking through the hallway, followed by Serena, who has her head down and is a few steps behind Punk. Noticeably, Luke Gallows is not with them, and Josh Daniels explains that Luke did not show up at the arena tonight; a sign that Punk must’ve kept his promise about teaching Luke a lesson for interfering in his match last week.

— Also, backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with NIKKI BELLA, who has her shoulder in a sling. Bella says that last night was her chance to do something for her sister; to be the second Bella to hold the Women’s Title. She says that she had a lot of respect for Natalya heading into Fully Loaded, but now, after what Natalya did to her last night, the respect is gone. Bella says that, by throwing her into the ring steps and injuring her shoulder, Natalya was never going to get Nikki a fair try at the title, and then she warns Gail Kim to keep her eyes open… because Kim’s next in line.

CM Punk (w/Serena) vs. Kane
CM Punk has been on a verbal rampage as of late, especially towards his minions - Serena and Luke Gallows. Tonight, he came out to the ring with Serena, wanting to send a message to Gallows, that costing Punk matches week after week would get him nowhere. Tonight, he stepped into the ring with the man who knocked him out of the Heavyweight Title tournament on the debut episode of Anarchy - The Big Red Machine, Kane. Still upset about the events from last week, Punk was an easy target for Kane, as he had his way with Punk for most of the match. Serena did her best to keep Punk in the match, attacking Kane outside of the ring; and Punk did his best, kicking out of two separate Chokeslams from Hell. But, after the third one, Serena had seen enough, and entered the ring, hitting Kane in the back with a steel chair, and getting CM Punk disqualified! After the match, Kane grabbed Serena and planted her, in the center of the ring, with another Chokeslam.

Kane defeated CM Punk by disqualification in 8:21.
Rating: ** ¾
[Serena interfered against Kane.]

Commercial Break

— Coming back from commercials, the X-Division Champion, RHINO, is seen walking through the hallway; his title wrapped around his waist. He is approached by D’ANGELO DINERO, who congratulates Rhino on his victory at Turning Point, and thanking him for softening up Kaz for their match later tonight. Dinero walks off as Rhino stares at him…

— The newest Tag Team in the HWL, THE BRITISH INVASION, comes out to the ring; Brutus Magnus is holding a microphone as Rob Terry stands in the background, casting an imposing shadow in the ring. Magnus says that, last week, The British Invasion made quite the impression, defeating the Number One Contenders six days before their title match at Fully Loaded. Magnus says that, because of their victory over the then-number one contenders, that he and Rob Terry should then, without question, be inline for a shot at the Tag Team titles - and The Motor City Machine Guns - at Turning Point…

The British Invasion vs. The Hart Dynasty
These two teams shared some decent back-and-forth action for the early part of the match, but that was pretty much all the fans got to see tonight, as Rob Terry paid no attention to the referee’s five-count and was disqualified. After the bell rung, Terry threw Tyson Kidd into the center of the ring as Magnus entered behind him. The British Invasion stared at The Harts as David Hart Smith pulled Kidd outside the ring. The crowd voiced their displeasure for how the match ended as Terry and Magnus made their way to the back.

The Hart Dynasty defeated The British Invasion when Tyson Kidd defeated Rob Terry by disqualification in 4:57.
Rating: * ¼

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with KAZ, who has a bandage on his head and around his ribs. He tells Alisha that, last night at Fully Loaded, was one of the most brutal matches he’s been a part of in quite some time. Kaz says that he’s not very happy about the outcome, but says that Rhino deserved to walk out of Fully Loaded with the title. Kaz also says that, even though he lost last night, he plans on getting another shot at the X-Division Title.

Commercial Break

— An ad is shown for the next, up-coming HWL pay-per-view, TURNING POINT, with “The Good Life” by Three Days Grace playing in the background. The event will take place on June 27th, live from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York.

D’Angelo Dinero vs. Kaz
“The Pope” was correct about his statement earlier tonight, about Rhino softening up Kaz for their match. Kaz came into this match bandaged from his contest at Fully Loaded, and was still showing signs from the X-Division Match from the night before. Dinero took advantage of Kaz’s bandaged rips and hit a vertical face slam for the victory.

D’Angelo Dinero pinned Kaz after a vertical face slam in 5:53.

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks catches up with DESMOND WOLFE and Chelsea as they make their way to the locker room to watch tonight’s main event. Wolfe says that AJ Styles may be looking for “bigger and better things” by coming for the Heavyweight Title at Turning Point, but warns that AJ might get a lot more than he’s bargaining for on June 27th. Wolfe also says that he’ll be watching the main event to see if AJ has plans on keeping his promise from earlier tonight…

— Also, backstage, RANDY ORTON is seen walking through the hallways, on his way to the stage entrance, mumbling to himself about trying to find the person who keeps attacking him. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels comment that Orton has been attacked for the past few weeks, but no one has been able to find out who the attacker is. Michaels says that Orton needs to keeps eyes in the back of his head, or else he’s going to lose his mind searching…

Commercial Break

AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair) vs. Randy Orton
AJ Styles started off the evening by challenging Desmond Wolfe to a Heavyweight Title match at Turning Point, and setting his sights on bigger and better things. His opponent tonight, “The Viper”, hasn’t been himself lately, as he’s been trying to find the culprit for his attacks over the last couple weeks; tonight, Styles was able to use Orton’s lack of focus to pick up a victory and to keep the promise that he made to himself. Styles hit the Styles Clash to pick up the victory, and after the match, celebrated with “The Nature Boy” as the crowd looked on in disapproval. After the match, the lights in the arena went out, and as they returned on, KANE was stalking Orton inside the ring. As Orton turned around, Kane grabbed him by the throat - getting ready to hit the Chokeslam From Hell - but, Orton countered it and rolled out of the ring. A look of shock covered Orton’s face as Kane stood in the center of the ring, laughing, as Anarchy went off the air.

AJ Styles pinned Randy Orton after the Styles Clash in 11:19.
Rating: *** ½

Card Rating: *** ¼

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