November 01, 2011

Attendance: 1,108 (21%)

The Big Show pinned Ken Anderson with the Choke Slam in 0:13:03.
Rating: ** 3/4

The few fans that braved the cold and snow to watch live wrestling action this week got a huge surprise as THE BIG SHOW made his PCW debut. The only person in the arena who probably wasn't happy to see Show was Ken Anderson. Anderson arrived in PCW last week, and felt a humiliating loss to Harlem Bravado. Anderson had a giant mountain to climb, in order to overcome that loss, but he made sure to give it his best effort. And, his best effort included ramming Show's face into the steel ring post, opening up a gash over Show's right eye, which sprayed blood over his face by the time the match was complete. Anderson tried to put Show away with the Mic Check, only to get thrown away like a rag doll. As Anderson ran in for another attack, Show caught him with the Choke Slam for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Show raised his hand in the air and yelled into the crowd, before wiping the blood from his face and leaving the ring.

The Great Khali pinned Tyson Kidd with the Punjabi Plunge in 0:11:55.
Rating: *

This was hands-down, without a doubt, an absolute "David versus Goliath" match. On paper, before the match even began, Tyson Kidd wouldn't have stood a chance of winning this match. But, somehow, after the bell rang, Kidd came out firing. He used his speed, quickness and agility to wear down the Indian giant. Kidd was able to take Khali off his feet, after a dropkick sent Khali toppling through the ropes, crashing onto the concrete floor. Kidd stayed inside the ring, away of Ranjn Singh's presence at ringside. Kidd kept up the aerial assault, but as the match grew longer, Kidd grew less able to sustain the attack, and he quickly fell victim to Khali's devestating clawhold. After the Punjabi Plunge, Khali made the cover for the easy 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) defeated The All-Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) when R. Roode pinned K. King after a spinebuster slam in 0:01:29.
Rating: **

The PCW welcomed two more newcomers tonight, as Ring of Honor's All-Night Express made their debut. Commissioner Rex Butler had issued a statement saying that, any team from the major promotions that would like a chance to face the PCW Tag Team Champions, for the belts, were welcome to come and take on the champs in this non-title match. If Titus and King won, they would receive a title match next week. The fans - nor Butler - were able to see much of the new guys as Storm and Roode made quick work of them. Roode connected with a very stiff spinebuster, and made the cover, as Rhett Titus could only look on in shock.

After the match, Storm got on the microphone and said that no one has held more combine titles then Beer Money, in the history of the PCW. He said that there wasn't a thing anyone in the back could do to take the belts away from them, and that the fans would have to get used to seeing what a true dominant tag team looks like. "Sorry 'bout your DAMN luck!"

Contenders Match:
David Hart Smith pinned David Otunga with the Saito Suplex in 0:13:40.
Rating: ** 3/4

This match was signed after Smith defeated Max Buck by countout last week, and Otunga dropped the Television Title to Alberto Del Rio. We've seen a mean streak from David Hart Smith, since he resigned a contract last month, and it was on display in this match. After connecting with a superkick, Hart held control of the match for quite some time, manhandling the former TV Champion. But, the tide quickly turned as Otunga was able to surprise Hart by ducking a clothesline and connecting with a quick powerslam for a two-count. Otunga complained that the count was slow, but was back on Hart seconds later. Otunga kept dishing out punishment, and attempted a runninng clothesline, only to have Smith pull referee Tony Smith in the way! Stunned, Otunga fell victim to a low blow that dropped him to the canvas. Hart went outside the ring and grabbed a steel chair, bringing it back into the ring to unleash more damaged. Smith cracked the chair against Otunga's skull, before tossing onto the canvas. Smith then grabbed Otunga, and delivered the Saito Suplex onto the steel chair! Just as the refere was getting to his feet, Smith covered Otunga for the 1-2-3!

The small crowd booed loudly; the sound echoing through the arena, as Smith was announced the winner - and the new number-one contender. Smith left the ring as the referee tended to Otunga, who stay on the chair, trying to catch his breath, stiff with pain.

Card Rating: ** 1/4

Match Observations:
Concerning the events that went down in tonight's main event, Commissioner Rex Butler has stated that if David Hart Smith causes any harm to an official, or uses anything at ringside as a weapon, he will be suspended from in-ring action

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