November 07, 2011

Attendance: 14,630 (77%)

Josh Daniels was standing in the center of the ring as Anarchy came on the air. Daniels said that tonight, he would be interviewing the second of the three participants in next Sunday's Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title. He wasted no time in introducting former Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle to the crowd. Angle, followed by Martin Maldonado, made his way to the ring as the crowd voice their dislike for him.

Daniels began the interview, allowing Angle to respond to the comments made by AJ Styles last week. Angle said that he'd had a week to think about what to say about Styles that hadn't already been said. Angle said that Styles had turned into an egotistical, power-hungry athlete ever since joining forces with Ric Flair. Angle said that, last week, Styles even admitted to doing whatever he couuld do to ensure that he never lost the Heavyweight Title. Angle said that he'd known AJ for a good while now, and that, on a personal level, he knew that wasn't the type of person AJ really was. Angle said that Styles emulates Flair, and that in the end, all it was going to do was cost him whatever remaining fans he had, who were just hoping for him to come to his senses.

Angle continued, and said that AJ is already setting up a defense in the case that he loses the title at Wicked Games. Angle said that all the blame would be place on him, when AJ knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he agreed for things to happen last month. Angle said that the fact that this is a Triple Threat Match doesn't make the match any harder on himself, but that the match will be difficult - ten-fold - for Styles, because he now no longer has to be involved in the decision to lose the belt. And, if there's anyone that AJ could - or should - blame for that, it's CM Punk, for demanding to be added to the match. Or, if Styles was man enough to do it, he would blame himself. Because, if it wasn't for AJ's ego getting in the way, Punk would've never won the Handicap Match.

Daniels then asked Angle about the situation involving Maldonado and Cody Rhodes, and the possibility of them meeting each other in Charlotte, in the second round of the Wicked Games tournament. Angle told Josh that "now wasn't the time to get into that", because he wasn't here to discuss Martin's situation.

With no other questions, Josh allowed Angle to have a final thought. Angle said that AJ Styles was lucky to have the Heavyweight Title; but that the thanks should go to a serious of unfortunate circumstances for other people. Angle said that things may've been different had Cody Rhodes not gotten injured, and faced Styles in that Ladder Match at Unbreakable. Angle said that things are still going to be unpredictable next Sunday, because there was a third person in the match, so nothing will ever be head-to-head. But, he promised AJ that he would do whatever he could - whether they were friends or not - to take the Heavyweight Title away from him. Angle then left the ring, with Maldonado in-tow, as Scott Michaels said that the war of words was already setting up for the Triple Threat Match to be one of the biggest matches of the year.

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As Anarchy returns, Alisha Hicks is seen with Brie Bella, backstage. Alisha asks Brie to comment on the statements made by Velvet Sky last week, and Brie says that she's not the only one that can see the fear in Velvet's eyes. She says that, for someone who was willing to do everything to the title back - even creating some "mean streak" to show she was serious - Velvet seems a little worried about Brie wanting her rematch. Brie tells Velvet that the things she's over the past few weeks may have gotten her the Women's Title, but it has also upset every other Vixen in the locker room. Pretty soon, Brie says, Velvet will feel the wrath of her own mean streak. Brie walks away as the camera heads to ringside.

[Non-Title Match]:
Velvet Sky pinned Natalya with the Beauty Mark in 0:10:15.
Rating: ** 3/4

The show started off with two Vixens, who have definitely had an interesting past with each other. This time around, Natalya was making her return to the ring after a lengthy hiatus, and Velvet Sky came in as a two-time Women's Champion. But after the bell rang, their rivalry picked right back up, as both women found themselves outside the ring, slapping each other, much to the crowd's enjoyment. Natayla gained the advantage by hitting a snap suplex onto the concrete floor, before rolling Velvet back into the ring. There, the methodical former Champion focused on Velvet's back. But, after inflicting her damage, Natalya was surprised when Velvet reversed a powerslam attempt into a crossbody, picking up a quick two-count. Velvet went on the offensive, trying to say moving so Natalya couldn't attack her legs, and landed some good shots to her bigger opponent. Natalya regained the advantage after catching Velvet with a boot, and hitting a second snap suplex near the ropes. Natalya pulled Velvet into the center of the ring, for the pin, only to get rolled up for another quick two-count. Velvet ducked a clothesline attempt, and connected with the Beauty Mark - of of nowhere - to pick up a huge moral victory.

After the match, Velvet quickly rolled out of the ring and grabbed her Women's Title as Natalya slowly got to her feet. Velvet held her lower back, walking up the ramp, as Natalya stared a hole through the champion. Josh Daniels said that he didn't think Natalya was going to let this one go very easily.

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As Anarchy returns, Josh and Scott go over the video recap, showing the tournament matches that took place last week. They focus on the match between Jeff Hardy and Ken Anderson, before saying that late last week, Peter Bradshaw receieved a video from Anderson, and they were asked to show the video tonight…

The video begins to play on the titatron, and it shows Ken Anderson sitting in what looks to be a hotel room. Anderson says that he had been thinking for a long time about making the video, as a way to say what he wanted to get off his chest. He said that "in this business, not a lot of people apologize for the things they've done - in or out of the ring." He then says that he is sorry for the injuries he had caused to both CM Punk and Jeff Hardy over the past few weeks, and that the guilt of those injuries has made Anderson rethink his career. He says that he has already spoken with Mr. Bradshaw, but he wanted to tell the fans that he was going to no longer work for the Horizon Wrestling League. Instead, he was admitting he needed to get better, and was going to work for Rex Butler and Premiere Championship Wrestling. Anderson thanked the fans for their support before the video cut out. Josh and Scott are both stunned by what Anderson said, and relate to the at-home audience that Ken Anderson is gone from the HWL.

Backstage, AJ Styles and Ric Flair are seen talking to Matt Morgan in the Conglomerate locker room. Flair says that Morgan knows how important winning this tournament is, since he won last year's inaugural event. Flair says that there are some people in the tournament that don't belong, and tonight, it was up to Morgan to take out one of those people. Styles added that, if Morgan was able to do this tonight, and not only take out his opponent - but stick it to Kurt Angle - there would be a reward for his efforts. Styles and Flair walk away, leaving Morgan to think, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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[Wicked Games Tournament - Round One]:
Martin Maldonado pinned Matt Morgan after the Swinging DDT in 0:10:17.
Rating: ** 3/4

Martin Maldonado came down to the ring, without Kurt Angle at his side, and grabbed a microphone before the match began. Maldonado said that Cody Rhodes had everything all wrong, because his thoughts are distorted. He said that he's not asking Kurt Angle to protect him; that he was hired to protect Kurt Angle. Maldonado also said that those days are over, because Angle has gotten to where he wanted to be, and now Maldonado was where he wanted to be: chased. He said that Rhodes is crazy if he thinks Maldonado is "hiding" from Rhodes. He said that he's not a puppet that will let others dictate his movements, and if Rhodes wants to fight him bad enough, he knows how to make it happen. Maldonado says that, all Rhodes has to do, is come out here later tonight, win his match, and they will be on a "collision course" for Wicked Games. Maldonado droped the microphone and awaited his opponent…

Over the past couple weeks, the tension had been building between Maldonado, Kurt Angle and the members of The Conglomerate. It had come to a point, tonight, where Ric Flair and AJ Styles had given orders to take Maldonado out of the tournament - any way he could. So, that's what "The Blueprint" tried to do tonight. His task began early, as he clotheslined Maldonado outside the ring, and battered him with punches and kicks, even whipping him into the guardrail. Morgan kept control for a good porton of the match, until KURT ANGLE made his way down to ringside, evening things up. The distraction allowed Maldonado to regain his bearings. Flair jumped onto the ring apron, getting Maldonado's attention, but Angle ran over, tossing Flair off the apron. As Maldonado turned around, he sidestepped Morgan's second Carbon Footprint attempt, and the Swinging DDT to pick up the victory!

After the match, Angle entered the ring, as he and Maldonado celebrated his victory. The celebration was cut short as AJ STYLES ran down to the ring, getting into Angle's face for putting his hands on "The Nature Boy". He and Angle went back-and-forth, verbally, until Maldonado stepped in between them, facing Styles. Styles took a step back, saying "screw this", before leaving the ring. Anarchy went to commercials with Maldonado and Angle standing in the ring.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks caught up with Evan Bourne, who was still fuming after he was attacked by Adam Cole last week. Bourne said that next week, his arm will be healed, and he has already been cleared to get back into the ring. And, the only thing he plans on doing is taking back the X-Division Title. And, after the title is finally back in his possession, Bourne says that he will make Cole pay for everything he has done over the past few weeks. Bourne storms off as both Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels say that in a match with few rules, there's no telling what Bourne and Cole are going to do to each other next week.

[HWL Tag Team Title Match]:
The A-List Knockouts (Chris Hero & David Otunga) defeated Steve Corino & Eddie Edwards when Hero defeated E. Edwards by countout in 0:15:21.
Rating: ** 1/4
(Steve Corino & Eddie Edwards retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

It was announced, at the beginning of the match, that the titles would be on the line this week, due to Steve Corino's participation in next week's set of Wicked Games Tournament matches. The Knockouts came out, looking prepared for this match, as they have been very vocal the last few weeks about winning back the belts. The champions, however, did not seem too enthused about having to put their titles up for grabs earlier then expected. It was evident early on, because both champions resorted to un-champion like tactics, using chokeholds to gain the advantage over their opponents. It wasn't enough to keep Hero and Otunga down, as they were able to fight back, and control the better part of the match. The end of the match saw Hero and Edwards brawling outside the ring. Hero connected with a DDT onto the concrete, and rolled back into the ring. Hero and Otunga focused on keeping Corino at bay, as the referee began his 10-count. At the count of six, Edwards slowly started getting to his feet, but as he started towards the ring, Shane Hagadorn jumped onto the apron, blocking any entrance Edward would have. The referee counted to ten, and called for the bell, as Hero and Otunga stood in the ring, looking at Hagadorn as he entered the ring.

After the match, Hero, Otunga and Hagadorn are seen discussing something, as Josh Daniels mentions that Hagadorn's interference actually kept his charges from possibly winning the Tag Team Titlels. Scott Michaels said that Hero and Otunga don't seem to happy about that, and wonders what Hagadorn will do to try to make up for his mistake.

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Rami Sebei pinned Alex Shelley with the Brainbustah in 0:12:55.
Rating: 1/4

Neither of these two men have been seen inside the ring lately, but tonight, they proved that they hadn't loste a step during their time away, as this was easily the match of the night! Both men came out on fire, getting the crowd into the match minutes after the bell rang. High risk moves were on full display, but both Sebei and Shelley showed that they can withstand a fair amount of pain as well. Sebei locked in an abdominal stretch for over 20 seconds at the start of the match, but Shelley was able to lock in a surfboard for over 30 seconds! Things looked pretty grim for Sebei as Shelley set him up for the Sliced Bread #2. Shelley hit the move, but somehow Sebei was able to kick out after only a one-count. Stunned, Shelley took a step back, trying to regain himself, before going back on the attack. As he went for Sebei, Sebei kicked Shelley in the midsection and hit a quicker verison of the Brainbustah to pick up the victory!

After the match, both men were laying on the canvas, spent and exhausted as the Chinese fans in attendance, applauded their efforts inside the ring. Josh Daniels said that what he just witnessed was impressive, and that the very strict followers of wrestling - the Chinese - thought so too. Scott Michaels said that everyone in the back should be applauding Sebei and Shelley after this match.

Backstage, Ric Flair exits the Conglomerate locker room, and is stopped by Alisha Hicks. Hicks asks Flair about what casued him to issue the post-match attack that Rob Terry handed out to Kaz last week. Flair repeated himself from earlier in the month, when he said that "for too long, the other members of The Conglomerate have been over looked." He admitted that it was his fault, that he was too focused on making sure AJ Styles kept the Heavyweight Title. Though, Flair said, that was still his main priority, last night he realized that if everyone in The Conglomerate started working together, there was no way anyone in the HWL would stop them from taking over. And, that's exactly what he planned on doing. "Woooo!" Flair walked away as Anarchy went to commercials.

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[Wicked Games Tournament - Round One]:
Cody Rhodes pinned Rob Terry after a superplex in 0:15:08.
Rating: ***

The anticipation for this match had been building since the start of the show. A camera shot, from backstage, showed Martin Maldonado and Kurt Angle watching this match on a monitor. Rob Terry looked impressive last week, dominating Kaz, and he was set to be a huge roadblock in the path of Cody Rhodes tonight. That's exactly what he was. Terry controlled the better part of the match, but Rhodes persevered, and fought back, connecting with the Cross Rhodes, but only get a two-count for the effort. Rhodes also got in another near fall, after hitting a DDT in the center of the ring, but "Big Rob" easily pushed Rhodes off him after a one-count. It appeared that Rhodes started to get discouraged, and Terry took advantage of that, using a number of power moves to keep Rhodes grounded. Terry would've had the match won, had he not had a moment of bad judgment, where insisted on going to the top rope. Not known for his aerial tactics, Terry took his time getting to the top rope. There was nothing he could do as Rhodes stumbled into the ropes, causing Terry to fall onto the turnbuckle. Rhodes caught her bearings, and with whatever strength he had left, hoisted Terry into the air for a superplex! Rhodes rolled through with the move, as the referee counted the 1-2-3!

After the match, Rhodes rolled off of Terry, as he was announced the winner of the match. Ric Flair and Chelsea looked on in shock, at what just happened. Scott Michaels said that the confrontation that everyone has been waiting for will finally take place at Wicked Games! Cody Rhodes will finally get his hands on Martin Maldonado! Josh Daniels said that their match will, no doubt, have a huge impact on what happens in Charlotte, 13 days from now. Josh also says that, next week, the final two First Round matches will take place as Rami Sebei takes on Steve Corino, and Alex Shelley squares off against Kaz.

Card rating: *** 1/4

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