November 08, 2011

Attendance: 5,518 (89%)

PCW Commissioner Rex Butler came out to the ring, at the start of the show, to share an announcement that was given to him earlier in the day, by Peter Bradshaw. Butler says that, beginning on January 3, 2012 - and every first Tuesday of each month - the PCW will be holding a LIVE event, that will be carried on the new NBC Sports Network. Butler said both he and Bradshaw were excited to see the stars of PCW get their time in the spotlight; and that he couldn't wait for the start of the new year.

[Television Title Match]:
Alberto Del Rio pinned David Otunga after a hurancarana in 0:08:40.
Rating: ** 1/2
(Alberto Del Rio retrained the PCW Television Title.)
[Roberto Rodriguez interfered against David Otunga.]

A rematch for the TV Title was up first, hoping to get the crowd behind the PCW Superstars. David Otunga came into this match, after a grueling match with David Hart Smith last week, in which his back was rattled by chair shots from "The Canadian Bulldog". Getting only a few days off between that match and his duties with the HWL, Otunga appeared to be in no shape tonight; and Del Rio wasted no time taking advantage of the chance. Del Rio used a number of submission moves to wear down Otunga's lower back, before tossing Otunga outside the ring, where he was nearly counted out. Robert Rodriguez got invovled, hitting Otunga in the back with the TV Title! Otunga went after Rodriguez, only to get a stiff clothesline from Del Rio onto the concrete floor! Del Rio rolled Otunga back into the ring and, in a surprising show of agility, executed a hurancarana, hooking Otunga's legs for the 1-2-3.

Eddie Edwards made Harlem Bravado submit to the Achilles Lock in 0:16:22.
*Harlem Bravado injured his right knee. He will be out for 6 weeks.*
Rating: *** 1/4

On paper, this match wouldn't seem to be the match that would possibly steal the show tonight, but at this point in the card, that's exactly what it did. Edwards and Bravado came out swinging. With no animosity between either of them, they turned this match into a makeshift boxing contest. When there were moves used - most often by Edwards - somehow Bravado would find a way to counter them into near-falls. Edwards began getting very frustrated with this, and landed a very stiff forearm to Bravado's back, sending him crashing to the concrete outside. It appeared that Bravado landed awkwardly, as he tried to catch himself on the apron, as he nearly beat the 10-count from the referee. As the match continued, Edwards focused on Bravado's knee, before locking in the Achilles Lock. In no time flat, Bravado tapped out.

After the match, Edwards left the ring, and stood by the apron, as the referee tended to Bravado. Medical personnel were called down, as they assisted Bravado out of the ring. Edwards followed behind, in a show of support, as the announcers said that Bravado's injury was unfortunate.

[Tag Team Title Match]:
Jay Lethal & Daniel Bryan defeated Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) when D. Bryan defeated J. Storm by countout in 0:04:53.
Rating: *** 1/2
(Beer Money retained the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

The pairing of Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan have been causing people to scratch their heads since they first started teaming together. Their alliance has yet to bring them championship gold, but they had another chance to change that tonight. They didn't hesitate to take the fight to the champs, and neither Storm nor Roode were concerned about giving it back. After a stiff right hand from Storm caused Bryan to stumble on his feet, Storm whipped him through the ropes, and onto the concrete below. Storm took his time, sipping from his beer bottle in the corner, before running into the ropes and attempted a plancha. But, before he connected, Bryan rolled out of the way, as the sickening thud of Storm's torso landing on the concrete echoed through the arena. Lethal jumped down and helped rolled Bryan into the ring. Roode, standing across the ring, jumped off the apron, made a bee-line for Storm and dragged him from ringside as the referee counted to ten.

The Big Show pinned Christopher Daniels with the Choke Slam in 0:13:20.
Rating: * 1/2

The Big Show looked to keep up his winning ways tonight, in the same fashion as last week, but Christopher Daniels had other ideas. Daniels came at The Big Show were his high-octane aerial offense, but The Big Show wouldn't have any of it. Show easier tossed Daniels aside when he went to the air, Daniels soon grew tired of his game plan. Changing gears, Daniels tried to take The Big Show's legs from under him, but even vicious kicks to the hamstrings and calves only caused the giant newcomer to limp around the ring. Show appeared to have enough of toying around with Daniels, and standed landing massive shots, left and right. Show hoisted Daniels up and executed a superplex that nearly shook the ring over it's posts! That would've easily put Daniels away, but Show lifted him up and hit the Choke Slam before making the cover.

Coming out before his Heavyweight Title match against Max Buck, DAVID HART SMITH says that being on his own, and doing what he feels his best for his career, is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Smith says that, last week, he showed everyone what he was really capable of inside the ring; and that he wasn't going to be held back by his heritage anymore. Smith says that he was going to cut his own path to success, and that if it means "beating the hell out of people to get it…", that's what he'll have to do. Smith then says that he finds the "threat" by Rex Butler comical, and that after last week - and certainly tonight - that Butler would be insane to do anything to Smith, especially after he wins the Heavyweight Title. Smith says that he showed how dominant he can be, and that after winning the title, there will be no chance of stopping him.

[Heavyweight Title Match]:
Max Buck pinned David Hart Smith after a moonsault in 0:07:29.
Rating: ** 3/4
(Max Buck retained the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

David Hart Smith bulldozed his way into this match, last week, when he destroyed David Otunga with a steel chair, leaving Otunga sprawl out in the center of the ring. "The Canadian Bulldog" wasn't given the chance to do that tonight, as the champ came out with a game plan, going after Smith's legs, trying to take away Smith's leverage. Smith was grounded for a little while, but not quite long enough for Buck to inflict much damage. Smith fought his way back, and looked to have gained control of the match, when he sent Buck through the ropes and crashing down onto the concrete at ringside. Then, outside the ring, the "Bulldog" that appeared last week came back. Smith grabbed Buck, and readied himself to whip Buck into the guardrail, before deciding to hit a short lariat, sending both men back to the concrete. From there, Smith used kicks to wear down the speedy champion, before rolling him back into the ring. Smith played the crowd, who didn't give any response back in return, before going after Buck again. The taunting allowed Buck a chance to catch his breath, and as Smith picked him up for a powerslam, Buck slid down "The Bulldog's" back. Quickly, as Smith turned around, Buck connected with a Swinging DDT! Buck then climbed up to the top rope and hit a picture-perfect moonsault for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Buck was announced the winner as he held his rolled off of Smith, grabbing his ribs in pain. Buck used the ropes to get to his feet before the referee raised his hand in victory. Slowly, Buck exited the ring, grabbed his title belt, and made his way up the ramp as the show went off the air.

Card rating: ** 1/2

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