November 10, 2012 = Britain Beatdown - Newcastle, UK

Commentators: Alfred Pressley & James Westerfield
Attendance: 7,150

-Opening video package is shown. The camera shows inside the arena. Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to Newcastle. Highlights are shown of the opening round match between Natalya and Erica from Tuesday night.

Women’s Title Tournament – Semifinal
Natalya defeated Kelly Kelly when Kelly passed out in the Sharpshooter in 8:00.
Rating: ** ¼

A good opening contest to start the show saw Natalya advance after locking in the family’s patented Sharpshooter. Natalya is still not showing any signs of ring rust as she now moves into the finals for a shot at the vacant Women’s Title.

-Backstage, Brooke Barlow asks Nikki Bella about having to face her sister, Brie, for the chance to move onto the finals for the Women’s Title tonight. Nikki says that she and Brie have had their differences within the last year; and that a lot of those issues revolved about a championship belt. She says that tonight will be no different, and that the better Bella will come out on top.

-A video package is shown of Brie Bella’s victory over Bayley from Tuesday night.

Women’s Title Tournament – Semifinal
Brie Bella pinned Nikki Bella with the Bella Buster in 6:24.
Rating: **

In this latest chapter of the HWL’s on-going sibling rivalry, Brie picked up the victory after hitting the Bella Buster on her sister. Brie moves onto the finals, where she will face Natalya for the vacant Women’s Title later tonight.

-Backstage, Martin Kirby enters the locker room with a solemn expression. He tells Wade Barrett that there’s something they need to discuss on the way to Commissioner Butler’s office. Barrett asks what’s going on, and Kirby says he’ll explain everything on the way. They leave the locker room.

-Also backstage, Natalya is with Brooke Barlow, who asks how she’s feeling about making it to the final round with a chance at the Women’s Title on the line. Natalya says that it means a lot to have been away from the ring for so long and to see that she still has “it”. She gives credit to both Bella sisters, and says that Brie earned her way into the finals. Natalya says it’s been a long time since she was in the ring with Brie, but she knows that Brie will give her everything. The best woman will walk out with the title tonight.

Number One Contenders Match
The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lance Bravado) defeated Kazarian & Luke Gallows when Harlem pinned Gallows with the X Marks The Spot in 10:42.
Rating: ** ¼

As of late, these two teams have been struggling to make a name for themselves in the Tag Team division. The Bravados do have a championship reign to their name; but it was short-lived. Ever since then, they have found themselves slowly crawling back up the ladder. Kazarian and Gallows on the other hand, have found themselves on the cusp of championship gold, but have come away empty-handed each time. A team that was thrown together in the hopes of added depth to the division, as quickly gelled, and have been trying to show they belong ever since. However, tonight, the team with experience carrying around gold walked away with the victory. The Bravados have now earned a shot at the team that defeated them for the Tag Team Titles.

-Backstage, the camera shows Martin Kirby and Wade Barrett walking towards Rex Butler’s office. Barrett asks Kirby if this is really what he wants to do, and Kirby says that there’s an opportunity for him… he has to take it. Kirby knocks on Butler’s door, and from inside, Butler says to come in. Kirby and Barrett enter, and Kirby asks if Butler is busy. Butler says he’s trying to run a show but can spare a couple minutes. Kirby says it wouldn’t take long. He says that he has already talked it over with Barrett, and that he wanted to come tell Butler face-to-face. Kirby announces that tonight would be his last night on the PCW roster; that he has received another offer that is going to take. Kirby says he knows he’s putting the Tag Team Titles in jeopardy but thinks Butler can figure out a way to work it out. Kirby turns and walks out the door with Barrett following after. The camera shows Butler silently nodding his head as we go back to ringside.

Match for Vacant Women’s Title
Natalya defeated Brie Bella via pinfall in 8:04.
Rating: *
[Natalya won the PCW Women’s Title.]

Both of these women had a long night heading into this match for the vacated Women’s Title. Natalya had strong competition from Kelly Kelly, and Brie had the difficult task of having to fight her sister for the chance to advance in the tournament. It only made sense that the women in the Finals would have previous championship experience on the main roster, but it didn’t take long to see that Brie was resorting to underhanded tactics in an attempt to pick up the victory. Late in the match, as the referee was checking on Natalya, Brie pulled out a pair of brass knuckles from her tights and placed them on her hand. Quickly, NIKKI BELLA ran down to the ring and jumped on the apron, confronting her sister. The twins began to argue and Brie took a swing a Nikki. Nikki ducked and smacked Brie, causing her to stumble back and drop the illegal object onto the canvas. As the referee demanded Nikki to leave the ring, Natalya picked up the knuckles and used them on Brie, knocking her out cold! Natalya covered Brie for the 1-2-3 to become new Women’s Champion, albeit, under questionable methods.

-A video package is shown of the on-going feud between former tag team partners, Rhett Titus and Kenny King. The video shows King using a chair to injure Titus’ neck a few weeks ago. The final clip is of Titus’ return, last week, and his acceptance of King’s challenge for a match tonight.

Kenny King pinned Rhett Titus after a headlock takedown in 12:04.
Rating: ** ¾

The animosity between these two started after a failed attempt to win the Tag Team Titles just over two months ago. All along King thought that Titus was the weak link, the one holding the team down for his lack of skills inside the ring. He made that fact known when he attacked Titus and challenged him to a match. But that match didn’t take place due to the vicious attack that left Titus with a serious throat injury. When Titus returned, he was determined to get revenge on his former partner, and the match was signed for tonight. Both men knew that bragging rights were at stake… the chance to walk away saying they were the better member of their former team. Titus held his own tonight, but an unfortunate ref bump turned the tide. After King shoved Titus into the referee, knowing the official down to the ground, King sent Titus to the concrete and used everything he could to beat Titus down. King grabbed a chair from under the ring, and for the second time, slammed it onto the ground, jamming the chair into Titus’s throat. King rolled a gasping Titus into the ring, just as the referee was getting to his feet, and made the cover for the 1-2-3.

-Backstage, Brooke Barlow is with Television Champion Chris Hero. Alisha asks how Hero is feeling, knowing he is defending his title against The Big Show again. Hero says that he’s been TV Champion longer than anyone in the history of the PCW, so he’s fought countless men over the months he’s had the belt. Hero says he’s not trying to brag, but says it’s a fact that there hasn’t been a single person to step into the ring and beat him since he’s become TV Champion. Hero says that The Big Show is a massive man, a huge opponent that he’s not taking lightly. Hero says he feels the odds are in his favor, and that he will walk out of the ring with the title.

Television Title Match
Chris Hero pinned The Big Show with the Hero’s Welcome in 10:27.
Rating: ** ¾
(Chris Hero retained the PCW Television Title.)

Chris Hero has fought all comers during his time as Television Champion. From smaller opponents, to the biggest men on the roster, Hero has faced whoever was next in line, and walked away successful. Tonight, he stepped into the ring with a very angry Big Show. For weeks, Show has been trying to claw his way back into the title picture – something he’s been trying to do since losing the Heavyweight Title. He finally earned that chance on Tuesday night, and was determined to make the best of his opportunity. However, Hero had other plans. Hero showed the resilience to take a lot of Big Show’s offense but keep coming back. Hero’s stamina is hard to match, and it ended up being the downfall for The Big Show. As Show was showing signs of fading, Hero connected with the Hero’s Welcome for the 1-2-3 and another successful title defense.

-A preview for the final special event of the year – End of the Line – is shown. End of the Line will be LIVE from Chattanooga, Tennessee on December 15th.

-Brooke Barlow is seen with Bobby Roode, as he prepares to face his former tag team partner for the Heavyweight Title. Brooke asks Roode how it feels knowing that tonight will be his last chance to challenge James Storm for the title if he is unsuccessful tonight. Roode says that he hasn’t thought about what happens if he loses tonight, because that’s not something that’s going to happen. Roode says that Storm has something he wants, and he’s going to get it back tonight. Roode says that Storm may be a four-time Heavyweight Champion, but everyone in this building knows that Roode is a better wrestler; and tonight, he’s going to prove it.

PCW Heavyweight Title Match
James Storm pinned Bobby Roode with the Last Call in 15:26.
Rating: ¾
(James Storm retained the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

With the pressure securely on his back of knowing tonight could be his last shot at the Heavyweight Title for the foreseeable future, Bobby Roode gave this match everything he had. James Storm also left everything in the ring tonight, showing that he would stop at nothing to keep the title around his waist, and be done with his former tag partner once and for all. The history between these two men, and how well they know each other, has been documented in their two previous match-ups; but tonight was no different. Clearly, the match of the night, the fans in Newcastle were on the edges of their seats as Storm connected with the Last Call… only to have Roode kick out just before the three. Roode found a second wind, and tried to fight back, but Storm was still the fresher man. After wearing Roode down again, Storm hit a second Last Call for the 1-2-3.

Card Rating: ** ¾

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