November 11, 2012 - HWL Wicked Games - London, UK

Attendance: 7,800

-“Temper, Temper” by Bullet For My Valentine plays as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to London. Tonight will see 11 huge matches, including the Heavyweight Title Match between John Cena and Champion Kurt Angle, as well as who will earn their chance to face the winner of that match next month at Caged Rage. They send things to the ring for tonight’s opening contest.

Wicked Games Tournament – Quarterfinal
Randy Orton pinned Kevin Steen with the RKO in 10:34.
Rating: *** ½

What a way to open up the show! “The Viper” and “Mr. Wrestling” came out and set the bar pretty high for the rest of the men and women on tonight’s car. Orton has said from Day One that he was going to use this tournament as a way to prove that he is the ‘top guy’ in the HWL. All he needed is one more shot at the Heavyweight Title. In similar fashion, Steen has said that this tournament would help him get the respect he deserves for what he can do inside the ring. Tonight. Steen certainly held his own against the former Heavyweight Champion. But Orton’s tenacity won out, as he was able to connect with an RKO for the 1-2-3. With the victory, Orton now awaits the winner of the Alex Riely-Chris Hero match-up.

-Backstage, the camera shows JOHN CENA entering the arena. The crowd, watching the Titantron inside the arena, start to boo as the announcers talk about tonight being Cena’s biggest opportunity since joining the HWL roster.

-Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with ALEX RILEY. Alisha aske about Riley’s victory over Steve Corino in the first round, and how some people have called it an upset. Riley says that people are calling it an upset simply based on the fact that Corino was seeded higher. Riley said he knows he’s a better wrestler than Corino and proved it. Now, he’s going out there to prove that he’s better than the PCW’s Television Champion Chris Hero.

Wicked Games Tournament – Quarterfinal
Chris Hero and Alex Riley battled to a double countout in 5:45.
Rating: ***

Alex Riley seemed to have a chip on his shoulder after the comments made by Alisha Hicks during the previous interview segment. He aggressively went after “The Young Knockout Kid” after the bell, but Hero was able thwart Riley’s attempts. However, Riley was determined to keep coming after Hero, so Hero took things outside the ring. Ringside, Hero finally put a stop to Riley’s attempts, whipping him into the steel ring steps. Hero set Riley up for the Hero’s Welcome and hit it on the concrete floor. But as Hero was getting to his feet, the referee counted to ten, and both men were counted out! Therefore, neither man advanced, giving Randy Orton a bye and a free trip to the Finals later tonight!

-Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with ODB. Hicks aske ODB her thoughts heading into her math with Brie Bella tonight. ODB said that Brie has shown she is nothing more than an antagonizer. ODB called Brie selfish and said that the only reason things have gotten as far as they have is because Brie feels offended by ODB getting into her business. OBD said she doesn’t care how Brie feels, and that tonight, she’s going to make Brie hurt.

-Jay Briscoe is seen standing backstage, alone. He said that a lot of people questioned what he’d be able to do now that his brother is gone from the HWL. People thought that he wouldn’t be able to cut it in the ring without his tag team partner there to back him up. Jay said that he and Mark have spent their entire careers together and admitted that going forward is going to be a change. But he said he has already proven that he can get the job done when it matters. He promised that tonight was going to be no different.

Brie Bella defeated ODB by disqualification in 3:12.
Rating: ½*

Earlier tonight, ODB said that she was going to make Brie Bella “hurt” after Brie started sticking her nose in ODB’s business. ODB had control early on, and looked to have things under control, when she took a break to raise her flask to the fans at ringside. But, Brie attacked her from behind, causing ODB to spill the contents of the flask. Angered, ODB turned and smashed the flask over Brie’s head, in view of the referee, who quickly called for the DQ.

-Alisha Hicks is seen with Eddie Edwards backstage. Alisha asks how Edwards feels being back in single’s action, even just for this tournament, after teaming up with Tyson Kidd earlier in the year. Edwards says that he is thankful for everything Kidd has done for him, and that they are still a team. He says that this tournament is his opportunity to show the HWL what he can do by himself, and his goal is to walk away with a shot at the Heavyweight Champion next month.

-In a stand-alone video, Claudio Castagnoli and Shane Hagadorn are shown. Hagadorn says that, whether people will talk about it or not, he and CM Punk have quite the history. They’ve known each other for a many years, and it’s an odd coincidence that they will face off tonight in the Wicked Games Tournament. Hagadorn says that CM Punk is itching to get back into the title picture. He says that there’s one man who has can stop him from getting there, and that’s Claudio Castagnoli.

Wicked Games Tournament – Quarterfinal
Eddie Edwards defeated Jay Briscoe when J. Briscoe passed out in the Achilles Lock in 13:14.
Rating: ¼

In a match that is surely going to be hard to top as this evening goes on, Eddie Edwards picked up a shocking upset over the third-ranked Briscoe. Edwards proved that no matter what it says on paper, if you get your opponent down on the ground and can take away their base, anything is possible! Edwards grabbed the nerve hold and would not let go until Briscoe tapped out, eliminating himself from the tournament. Edwards now awaits the winner of the Claudio Castagnoli/CM Punk match.

-Backstage, CM Punk is asked about the comments made by Shane Hagadorn moments ago. Punk says that he finds it flattering and comical that everyone else in this tournament is only focused on the match they’re getting ready to fight. Punk knows the challenges that await him throughout this tournament; and he’s not going to discredit anyone in it. But, his ultimate goal isn’t to just beat Claudio Castagnoli. It’s to walk out of here with a shot at whoever holds the Heavyweight Title at Caged Rage.

-Kelly Kelly is backstage with Ted Hanson. He asks about her title shot against Kaitlyn tonight. Kelly says that she’s been on the brink of championship gold for months now, which proves that she’s not the laughing stock everyone made her out to be when she started out in this business. She says she can taste how close she is to winning the Women’s Title… and how tonight will be her night to finally do so.

Wicked Games Tournament – Quarterfinal
CM Punk pinned Claudio Castagnoli with the GTS in 12:08.
Rating: *** ½

The final match of the quarterfinal round saw CM Punk take on not only Claudio Castagnoli, but the possibility of interference from Shane Hagadorn. Hagadorn did find a way to trip Punk as he was running into the ropes, which turned the tide in his client’s favor. Despite the assistance, Castagnoli couldn’t put Punk away. As Punk fought his way back into the match, Hagadorn jumped onto the apron, trying to distract Punk. However, Punk moved out of the way as Castagnoli came in with a big boot attempt, knocking Hagadorn off the apron! Castagnoli turned around and Punk connected with the GTS for the victory!

-Ted Hanson is backstage with Women’s Champion Kaitlyn. Hanson tells Kaitlyn that Kelly Kelly says tonight is “her time” as she tries to win the Women’s Title. Kaitlyn says that it’s currently her time because she has the title. Kaitlyn says she’s going to defend this title against everyone that crosses her path. And tonight, Kelly is the next person on that list.

-Highlights are shown from the earlier matches that were won by Eddie Edwards and CM Punk.

Women’s Title Match
Kaitlyn and Kelly Kelly battled to a double countout in 11:23.
Rating: ½*
(Kaitlyn retained the Women’s Title.)

Things didn’t work out so well for Kelly Kelly tonight, as she found out it’s not quite her time yet. On the other hand, Kaitlyn was unable to actually defeat Kelly in this match, so it is still her time for right now, but for how much longer? Both women kept going at each other after the bell rang. HWL officials rushed down to ringside, breaking them apart, and the feeling in the building was that these two would face off again soon with the title on the line.

-Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with JOHN CENA. Alisha asks what’s going through Cena’s mind tonight as he gets ready to challenge Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight Title. Cena says that since Day One when he arrived in the HWL, he told everyone that whether they loved him or hated him, they couldn’t deny that one day he would be at the top of the company – just like he was when he was Vince McMahon’s “golden boy”. Tonight, he’s going to embarrass Kurt Angle in front of all these people in London, and walk out of the United Kingdom as the new HWL Heavyweight Champion.

-Also backstage, KURT ANGLE is shown entering the building from earlier today. The announcers say he looked focused and locked-in on what could be his toughest challenge as champion.

Wicked Games Tournament – Semifinal
CM Punk pinned Eddie Edwards with the GST in 10:05.
Rating: *** ½

After finding out earlier tonight that Randy Orton would be receiving a bye into the finals due to the double countout between Alex Riley and Chris Hero, but Punk and Edwards knew they would be working on short rest in their semifinal contest. Punk seemed determined, no matter how much rest he had gotten, to stay on track with his message from earlier in the evening. Punk hit the GTS for the victory and earned himself a match with “The Viper” in the finals.

-Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Kazarian and Luke Gallows as they prepare to take on AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston for the Tag Team Titles. Kazarian says that they’ve had a lot of ups and downs on the road to getting to tonight. He said a lot of people don’t give him and Gallows a chance at winning the titles. But, for them, winning the titles is their top priority. If nothing else, they want to show Styles and Kingston – and the rest of the tag division – that they are not a team to overlook.

-Ted Hanson is seen backstage with Randy Orton, who received a bye in the last round of the Wicked Games Tournament. Orton says that the bye puts him in the best position possible to walk out of London with a guaranteed rematch against Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight Title at Caged Rage. Orton says that he and Punk have had quite the past – even within the last year – and that it would be a fitting end to tonight if Orton was able to RKO Punk for the victory.

Tag Team Title Match
AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated Kazarian & Luke Gallows by disqualification in 15:02.
Rating: **
(AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston retained the Tag Team Titles.)
[Eric Young interfered against AJ Styles.]

AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston have been tearing up the Tag Team division ever since winning their own tournament to crown new champions. They have faced all comers, and always taken every challenge seriously. Tonight was no different as they stepped into the ring with Kazarian and Luke Gallows. However, TED DIBIASE and ERIC YOUNG couldn’t allow a standard wrestling match to take place. Young pulled the ropes down, early on in the match, causing Styles to crash down onto the concrete. Young and DiBiase worked over Styles until Kofi ran around and save his teammate. For the rest of the match, DiBiase and Young watched from the ramp, as Styles and Kingston had to find a way to come back from a 2-on-1 deficit. It would turn out they wouldn’t need to. Kingston, through struggling through the match, was able to hit the Trouble in Paradise on Kazarian… Gallows made the save, breaking up the pin. This allowed Kazarian the advantage, and he connected with a leg lariat. Kingston kicked out at two, infuriating Kazarian. He tossed the referee out of the ring, which prompted a DQ once the referee was able to recover.

After the match, DiBiase and Young took their chance to slide into the ring and take out Gallows and Kazarian. This left them int the ring with Styles and Kingston, which brought the crowd to their feet in anticipation. DiBiase and Young smiled at the champions before leaving the ring.

-Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. Angle says that he knows there are three men all vying for the title he has over his shoulder, and they’re all men he has fought before. He says that Randy Orton and CM Punk are going to tear each other apart for the chance to face him at Caged Rage. He can worry about them tomorrow. Tonight, the only person he’s worried about is the man he’s facing tonight: John Cena. Angle says Cena has a lot of prove, and hopes that, if he’s able to get it done, Cena does it the right way.

Heavyweight Title Match
John Cena defeated Kurt Angle by pinfall in 21:49.
Rating: ¼
(John Cena won the Heavyweight Title.)

The match that would set one half of the main event for Caged Rage got off to a fast start, as both men came out trying to make quick pinfalls to put the match away early. Things took on a much slower pace after Angle resorted to a low blow on Cena, taking control, and allowing Angle to control the match. However, giving up the ground game to the former Olympian, Cena held on. Out of desperation, Cena used Angle’s tights to send him through the ropes, crashing onto the concrete. Cena whipped Angle into the ring post and began working over his shoulder. Cena kept rolling in and out of the ring to break up the 10-count, but he did it one too many times, and Angle grabbed a chair and attempted swung it as Cena’s head. Cena ducked, however, and the chair cracked the referee in the head! Cena rushed outside and attacked Angle, but the two men started brawling. Cena returned the low blow from earlier and smashed Angle’s head into the announce table. Cena grabbed the title belt and hit Angle with it, opening up the champion’s forehead. Cena then picked up Angle and hi the F-U through the announce table! Cena dragged Angle out of the rubble and rolled him into the ring as the referee was slowly getting to his feet. Cena crawled under the bottom rope and covered Angle for the 1-2-3.

-A highlight package is shown of CM Punk and Randy Orton’s victories throughout the tournament.

Wicked Games Tournament – Finals
CM Punk pinned Randy Orton with the GTS in 15:06.
Randy Orton injured his right knee. He will be out for approximately four weeks.

The main event pitted two men who have become very familiar with each other over the last calendar year. Orton and Punk have had a number of battles, especially over the Heavyweight Title, so it’s only fitting that they were face off for the chance to challenge new champion John Cena next month at Caged Rage. Orton tried to put the match away early, connecting with an RKO out of nowhere. Punk kicked out, but it was obvious that it took “The Best in the World” off his game. Punk spent the next few minutes trying to clear the cobwebs and get back into the match, but Orton kept derailing Punk’s advances. Orton connected with a hanging DDT from the second rope but was only able to get a two-count. As Punk slowly got to his feet, Orton prepared for a “punt”, but as he ran in for it, Punk chop-blocked Orton’s leg. Orton buckled to the ground, allowing Punk to regain his composure. Punk tried to pull Orton to his feet, but Orton’s leg gave out. Punk picked Orton up and hit the GTS for the victory.

After the match, Punk left the ring, screaming “Best in the World!” as Orton was tended to by the referee and medical staff. The event went off the air with Punk celebrating on the stage.

Card rating: ***

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