November 12, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Manchester , UK

Attendance: 9,870

-A video is played, showing highlights from last night’s Wicked Games pay-per-view. We go inside the arena, where Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome us to Manchester, 24 hours after Wicked Games; and the stage is set for next month’s Caged Rage main event.

-John Cena’s music plays as he walks on-stage with the Heavyweight Title around his waist. He walks to the ring, largely ignoring the crowd, before entering and grabbing a microphone. Cena says that, from Day One, he told everyone that he would be at the top of the HWL – just like he was at the top for the McMahons all those years. He says the only difference is back then, he was doing it for the money. Now, he’s doing it to prove a point. He doesn’t need the money – he’s made enough to last him a lifetime. He came here to prove that he could get to the top without a billionaire’s backing or support from the thousands of people that filled arena seats every night. He says, whether or not the people in Manchester or around the world like it, the champ is here! Cena says he doesn’t care if people like him or not, but now that he has the Heavyweight Title, they should all start respecting him.

This brings out CM PUNK, who comes out to the stage, shaking his head. Punk asks Cena if he really just suggested that the fans of the HWL start respecting him. Punk says it’s cute that Cena thinks he can start demanding stuff just because he has the title around his waist. He says that Cena is delusional if he thinks anyone is going to respect him after the actions that took place last night. Punk says he wasn’t the only one that watched as Cena cracked that very title belt over the had of Kurt Angle with the referee down. Punk says if there’s anyone in this building that deserves respect tonight, it’s him. Going through three different opponents in a single night, earning a shot at Cena’s tainted title – and doing it all inside the ring – that deserves respect. But, Punk isn’t out here demanding respect. He’s out to tell Cena that he has something Punk got screwed out of. And, in a month’s time, Punk will beat the hell out of Cena – inside a steel cage – to get it back!

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Shannon Moore defeated Ted DiBiase via pinfall in 10:44.
Rating: **

Shannon Moore continued his winning ways the night after Wicked Games, with an impressive victory over Ted DiBiase, to start things off in Manchester. DiBiase and his partner made their mark during the Tag Team Title Match last night, and it appeared that DiBiase’s mind was elsewhere tonight. This allowed Moore to hit a stiff kneelift that wobbled DiBiase. Moore rolled DiBiase into the ring and made the cover for the 1-2-3.

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-Returning from the break, Alisha Hick is seen with ODB. ODB says that Brie Bella has done the two things that piss her off the most: Sticking her nose in ODB’s business, and last night, making her spill her drink. ODB challenges Brie to another match, next week on Anarchy.

Women’s Title Match
Kelly Kelly pinned Kaitlyn with the K2 in 8:06.
Rating: ¼*
(Kelly Kelly won the Women’s Title.)

Twenty-four hours after being counted out in their title match at Wicked Games, Kelly Kelly and Kaitlyn met for their rematch tonight in Manchester. Kelly Kelly was looking for her time to start on Sunday night, but it appeared that her plans were just a day behind. She held her own against the champion, eventually hitting the K2 to pick up her first-ever title in the HWL. After the match, Kaitlyn looked on in shock as Kelly celebrated her victory on the way up the ramp.

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-Returning from the break, a video is played of Ted DiBiase and Eric Young attacking AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston during the Tag Team Title Match last night. When the video ends, Alisha Hicks is seen with both men backstage. Alisha asks why DiBiase and Young chose to get involved in the title match last night. Young says that their actions last night were the first move towards their goal of becoming Tag Team Champions. The next move is right now, when they challenge Styles and Kingston to a Title Match at Caged Rage. DiBiase says if Styles and Kingston want to find them, they’re not hard to miss.

Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon defeated Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry when Cabana pinned R. Terry after the Ace Crusher in 8:05.
Rating: ** ¼

Cabana and Colon picked up a victory over The British Invasion in front of their country-people tonight. The victory will definitely move Cabana and Colon up in the standings in the Tag Team Division.

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-Returning from the break, X-Division Champion Kevin Steen makes his way out to the ring. He says that, last week, he came out here and beat Claudio Castagnoli to defend his title. He says that last night’s loss to Randy Orton in the quarterfinals of the Wicked Games tournament. But, Steen says he’s still the better wrestler tonight because he has a championship title over his shoulder, and Orton couldn’t get the job done against CM Punk. Steen says he’s out here tonight to offer up an open challenge to anyone who thinks they can take the X-Division Title off of “Mr. Wrestling”.

Matt Morgan’s music plays as he makes his way down to the ring. Morgan stands and looks down at Steen before saying that he’s more than happy to take the belt away from him. Morgan says he would love a second reign with the belt. Steen says that the only reason he was able to win the belt last time was because he outweighed Chris Sabin by a good 75 pounds. Steen says if Morgan wants another shot at the belt, he’s not going to have as easy a time as he did back then. Morgan says he does want a shot, and will see Steen at Caged Rage. Morgan turns to leave the ring, but Steen smashes the title belt into the back of his head! Steen leaves the ring and walks up the ramp as the camera shows Morgan slowly getting to his feet.

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Delirious (w/Daizee Haze) pinned Cody Rhodes after the Discus Punch in 10:16.
Rating: **

Last week a very sloppy Cody Rhodes returned to the HWL and attacked Jay Briscoe for no apparent reason. Tonight, Rhodes debuted in the ring, at what looked to be less than 100 percent. Somehow, he was able to remain in this match for around 10 minutes, but the onslaught by Delirious eventually caught up with him. The Discus Punch ended Rhodes’ night as Delirious picked up the 1-2-3.

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-Returning from the break, Jay Briscoe is seen bringing Peter Bradshaw into the locker room. Briscoe tells Bradshaw that everyone just saw that there’s something clearly wrong with Cody Rhodes, and he wants to prove it. Briscoe grabs a bag and dumps it out, emptying beer cans onto the floor. He drops the bag and looks at Bradshaw. He tells Bradshaw to do what he wants with that and walks away, leaving Bradshaw in the locker room.

Chris Hero pinned Alex Riley after a Blockbuster in 9:04.
Rating: ** ¼

Last night, these two men eliminated each other from the Wicked Games tournament after a double count-out Tonight, they were given another shot to see who would come out victorious. Hero gave up a slight weight advantage to Riley, but as he’s shown in the PCW, he is a very persistent athlete in the ring. Riley did all he could to keep Hero down, but even though Hero was unable to hit the Hero’s Welcome, a Blockbuster was all he needed to put away the match.

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-A preview for the upcoming pay-per-view, Caged Rage, is shown, with “The Pride” by Five Finger Death Punch playing in the background. Caged Rage will be held, live, from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee on December 15th!

Kurt Angle made Jay Briscoe submit to the Ankle Lock in 14:35.

Twenty-four hours after losing the Heavyweight Title to John Cena, Kurt Angle came into tonight’s main event with a score to settle, even if it wasn’t with Cena himself. Angle was looking to make someone his victim tonight and that someone was Jay Briscoe. Briscoe has had his own issue as of late with the returning Cody Rhodes. But, tonight his focus was on Angle. Briscoe looked poised for an upset after he was finally able to connect with the J-Driller, only to have Angle kick out before three. During the match, CODY RHODES appeared on-stage, and sat on the stage in a folding chair, drinking something out of a dark thermos. Rhodes’s appearance distracted Briscoe, allowing Angle to hit the Angle Slam before locking in the Ankle Lock. Briscoe tapped out, giving Angle the victory.

After the match, Briscoe got to his feet, limping, and started calling out Rhodes. Rhodes tips his thermos to Briscoe and stands up, leaving the stage, as Anarchy goes off the air.

Card rating: ** 1/2

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