November 21, 2011

Attendance: 16,172 (82%)

Highlights from last night’s Wicked Games pay-per-view are shown, showcasing the tournament matches, ending with Kaz becoming the new number-one contender. The recap then shows highlights from the Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title, ending with CM Punk exiting through the crowd, holding the title belt in the air.

“Headstrong” begins to play inside the PNC Arena as fireworks shoot from the stage structure. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Raleigh, 24 hours after the HWL crowned a new Heavyweight Champion, and the man who will face him for the title at Caged Rage in December. It is announced that tonight’s main event will be a tag team match as Kurt Angle and Marti Maldonado team up to take on former Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Rob Terry.

The introduction is cut short as CM PUNK’S music begins to play inside the arena. Punk walks onstage with the Heavyweight Title wrapped around his waist, and he receives a number of mixed reactions as he makes his way to the ring. Inside the ring, Punk stands on the turnbuckle, and screams “Best in the World!” as he unlocks the title and holds it into the air. Punk then grabs a microphone and sits atop the turnbuckle, draping the title belt over his lap, as he looks out over the crowd. Punk says that he wanted to come out and be the first person ton congratulate Kaz on winning the Wicked Games Tournament last night; and to congratulate him on becoming the new number-one contender. Punk says that he “honestly didn’t thing” Kaz had it in him to win the tournament, but that he was proven wrong. He says that it doesn’t really matter - and that he’s not worried about Kaz being the challenger for his title - because Kaz will face the same fate that he did last year, when he lost in a Triple Threat Match against Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan at Caged Rage.

Punk then says that’s the difference between him and Kaz. With the title on the line, Kaz couldn’t get the job done last year. Whereas, last night, Punk walked out of Charlotte with the Heavyweight, in what will go down in history as the “greatest pay-per-view match” the HWL has ever seen. Punk says that by walking out of that match as the Heavyweight Champion - and nothing else - proves that he what he claims to be: the best in the world. Punk says that he and Kaz have never fought each other, and that there’s no better place for their first match to take place than in a steel cage, because it’ll make Kaz show what he’s willing to do to become “Number One”. Punk says that he has done what he has had to to become “Number One”, and that he will do whatever it takes to keep the Heavyweight Title.

Punk drops the microphone, and jumps off the turnbuckle, as his music begins to play once again. Grabbing the title, Punk exit’s the ring, as Josh and Scott talk about the possibilities that Punk’s match with Kaz at Caged Rage could bring.

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Rami Sebei pinned Steve Corino with the Brainbustah in 0:12:43.
Rating: *** ¾

Rami Sebei and Steve Corino met in the ring for the second week in a row, this match being signed after their double-countout result in the first round of the Wicked Games Tournament. Things seems to start where they left off last week, with both men landing hard shots to each other for the better part of the match. Sebei looked impressive, connecting with two moonsaults for near falls. During the middle of the match, SHANE HAGADORN made his way onto the stage, and sat down at the end of the ramp, watching as Corino took control of the match. He was able to connect with the Sliding Lariat, but Sebei barely kicked out before the three count. After arguing with the referee, Corino threw Sebei out of the ring, and attempted a baseball slide. Sebei moved out of the way, and Corino crashed down onto the concrete at ringside. That was all the opening Sebei needed, as he rolled Corino back into the ring and laid into the Tag Team Champion. Sebei connected with the Brainbustah to pick up the impressive victory.

After the match, Hagadorn made his way to down to the ring, where he stood at ringside and watched as Corino staggered to his feet and rolled out of the ring. After grabbing his title belt, and walking around the ring, Corino stopped and stared at Hagadorn, who handed Corino a piece of paper before walking back up the ramp to a rumble of chatter from the fans in attendance. Corino stood at ringside, staring at Hagadorn, as Anarchy went to commercials.

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As Anarchy returns from the break, HAMADA is seen, in the hallway, talking on her cell phone. From off-camera, DAFFNEY blindsides Hamada with a clothesline, sending her down to the floor, throwing the cell phone across the floor as well. Daffney assaulted Hamada with lefts and rights, screaming at the top of her lungs in the process. Daffney gets to her feet, and lands a few stomps into Hamada’s chest and stomach, before walking away. She picks up the cell phone, screams into it before throwing it down onto the floor - shattering it. She walks away as the camera zooms in on Hamada, on the floor.

Natalya defeated Nikki Bella by countout in 0:12:08.
Rating: * ½

These two former Women’s Champions both came out swinging tonight, trading offense throughout the match. Bella pick up a couple near falls using her springboard body press, but Natalya was strong enough to power out of the pinfall attempts. Natalya nearly won the match early on, after hitting a wheelbarrow suplex. She then locked on a side headlock, looking to make Bella submit; but Nikki was able to grab the ropes to break the hold. That signaled the end of Bella, as Natalya threw her through the ropes, and began to assault her outside the ring. As the referee counted, Natalya connected with a Michinoku Driver onto the concrete floor! For good measure, though, Natalya threw Bella into the guardrail before entering the ring, allowing the referee to count Nikki out.

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As Anarchy returns from the break, X-Division Champion ADAM COLE makes his way to the ring, getting a roar of boos from the crowd. Cole enters the ring, grabs a microphone, and stands in the center of the ring, adjusting the title belt over his shoulder. “You all boo me because you’re jealous. None of you pathetic rednecks are nearly as good at what you do, as I am at my job!” Cole says that he has dominated the X-Division since becoming Champion. He tells the crowd that he’s the reason Evan Bourne was put on the shelf, because he was thinking of feeding his ego instead of his health. Cole says that he has beaten everyone who thought they were worth a damn, and that those who have stepped into the ring with him were not on the same level. “So, if there’s anyone in the back who wants a shot… they know where to find me.” Cole drops the microphone and leaves the ring as the crowd continues to boo.

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Cody Rhodes pinned Chris Hero after a crucifix in 0:21:55.
Rating: ½
[Shane Hagadorn and Martin Maldonado interfered against Cody Rhodes.]

After battling for 20 minutes last night, in the Wicked Games Tournament, Cody Rhodes stepped into the ring against a man who is still waiting for a huge wrong to be righted. Chris Hero took his aggression out on a worn-down Rhodes almost immediately after the bell rang, starting the match. Things continued to get tougher for Rhodes as MARTIN MALDONADO made his way to ringside moments after the match began. Rhodes found himself in a three-on-one situation, and was in no condition to fight them all at once. Hero held control throughout the match, with Rhodes getting small amounts of offense in. Hero connected with the Hero’s Welcome, but Rhodes had just enough power to kick out, stunning Hero and both men at ringside. Hagadorn jumped onto the apron, distracting the referee, as Maldonado grabbed a chair and slid it into the ring. Hero grabbed the chair, swung and missed, as Rhodes connected with the Cross Rhodes out of nowhere! The referee turned from Hagadorn to count, but Maldonado reached inside the ring and pulled Rhodes off. As the referee was barring Maldonado from ringside, Hero grabbed the chair and cracked it over Rhodes’s skull! Hero went for the cover, but the referee was occupied with Maldonado. Hero got to his feet, began sharing words with Maldonado, and gained the referee’s attention. Hero turned and went for a running clothesline, only to have Rhodes counted the move with a crucifix, that Hero was unable to kick out off!

After the match, Maldonado, who was standing on-stage, ran back into the ring, and attacked Rhodes as Hero rolled out of the ring in disgust. Maldonado grabbed the chair and bent it over Rhodes’s head and body before HWL officials rushed down to the ring, breaking up the assault. After a few minutes of trying, the officials were able to get Maldonado out of the ring, as the referee tended to Rhodes. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels said that things are getting taken to a different level between these two, as Anarchy went to commercials.

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When Anarchy returns, a preview for CAGED RAGED is shown, highlighting the Heavyweight Title Match between Kaz and Champion, CM Punk, as “Public Enemy No. 1” by Megadeath, plays in the background. CAGED RAGE will take place on December 18th, live from Providence, Rhode Island.

Matt Morgan pinned Colt Cabana with the Carbon Footprint in 0:12:05.
Rating: *** ¼

After the events that took place during their tag team match a couple weeks ago, Peter Bradshaw signed this match between Morgan and Cabana. It was easy to tell, from the onset, that Cabana was in over his head in a singles match against “The Blueprint”, as Morgan manhandled Colt throughout the match. Cabana was able to get in short bursts of offense, but nothing to really turn the tide in the match. Morgan threw Cabana outside the ring, where RIC FLAIR was standing by. But, rethinking his plan, Morgan tossed Cabana back into the ring, where connected with a vicious Carbon Footprint to pick up the 1-2-3.

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Kurt Angle & Adam Cole and The Conglomerate (AJ Styles & Rob Terry) battled to a draw in 0:20:00.
Rating: *** ½
(Martin Maldonado no-showed.)

The fans in Raleigh were shocked, even before the match began, to see that Martin Maldonado was not by Kurt Angle’s side as the introductions were made; instead being replaced by the X-Division Champion, Adam Cole. Josh and Scott worried that something had happened to Maldonado, or there was possibly some sort of tension between he and Angle. But, as the match started, it was clear that there was still a lot of built-up tension between the “Olympic Gold Medalist” and the former Heavyweight Champion, as Angle and Styles tore into each other for the better part of the match.

The match spilt outside, where Angle rammed Styles head-first into the ring post, opening up a gash on Styles’s forehead. Angle tried to take advantage of the injury, rolling Styles back inside the ring, and pinning him, but Styles kicked out at two. The match continued, with Angle showing hesitation about tagging Cole into the match, but that changed after Styles hit a spinning heel kick that connected flush with Angle, also opening a gash on his head. Cole tagged himself into the match, and went for Styles, but AJ was able to tag in “Big Rob”, and the tide of the match turned dramatically.

Cole was no match for Terry, who used his power to overmatch the X-Division Champion. Both Styles and Angle watched from their respective corners, blood dripping off their faces, as Terry power bombed Cole. But, just before Terry was able to made the cover, the bell sounded, and the referee ended the match as a draw.

After the match, with Terry and Cole still in the ring, Angle and Styles reentered and continued their fight as the timekeeper repeatedly rang the bell. All four men brawled inside the ring, much to the delight of the crowd, until HWL officials showed up and broke them apart. Josh and Scott said that it didn’t look like things were over between Angle and Styles, and there was the extra caveat of Maldonado’s disappearance. ANARCHY went off the air with Cole and Terry standing outside, at other ends of the ring, while Styles and Angle were restrained by officials.

Card rating: *** ½

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