November 22, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Fresno, CA

Monday Night Anarchy
November 22, 2010
Save Mart Center (Fresno State University) - Fresno, California
Attendance: 13,530

— “Headstrong” plays as the camera shows the inside of the darkened Save Mart Center. Fireworks explode into the air as the crowd goes crazy. Signs are shown as the smoke clears. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the Fresno State campus, and announce that tonight, D’Angelo Dinero will take part in a non-title match in the main event; but his opponent has not been revealed as of the start of the show. Also, the final two qualifying matches for Sunday’s tournament will take place as Montel Vontavious Porter takes on Alex Shelley, and Ted DiBiase squares off against Kane.

— Montel Vontavious Porter makes his way to the ring, with a mixed reaction from the crowd. He says that everyone is well aware of his past, before he entered the wrestling business. He says that he had spent time behind bars, and that it taught him to cherish every moment he could, because he didn’t know when they were going to be taken away. Porter says that, since leaving prison, he had made good on all the chances he was given - in and out of wrestling. Porter said that he had been given a chance, in the HWL, just a few weeks back, to challenge for the Heavyweight Title; but he put up against a very angry monster, with something to prove., and Porter came out with the short end of the stick. Porter said that, he didn’t bitch and complain about what happened to him; he just knew that he would have to work his way back up, earning himself another chance at the title. He said that his second chance is coming tonight, and all he has to do is beat Alex Shelley, then Porter will find himself a place in the Wicked Games tournament on Sunday night. Porter said that he wasn’t going to get his hopes up, because there are going to be seven other men who all want the same thing. He just said that he’d be happy with the chance to be one of the eight. Porter said that, over the years, he has played his cards right, and then now is the time for his hard work - and personal change - to help him achieve this new goal.

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HWL Women’s Title Match
Gail Kim vs. © Natalya

Seconds into the match, Kim locked in an abdominal stretch, but Natalya was able to get to the ropes, before rocking Kim with a hard slap and gaining a quick, shocking two-count. Natalya stayed on Kim, wearing her down with various submission holds; but Kim was able to get hit a spinning head scissors to get a two-count of her own. Back and forth action. Natalya then catches Kim with the Michinoku Driver and gets only a two-count, but the damage had clearly been done. Natalya wasted no time in locking in the airplane spin, and Kim quickly passed out, and the referee called for the bell.

Natalya made Gail Kim submit to an airplane spin in 0:09:28.
(Natalya retained the HWL Women’s Title.)

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— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with X-Division Champion, D’Angelo Dinero. Dinero said he was furious tonight, because everyone in the HWL has seen what he has had to endure over the past several weeks; and now Peter Bradshaw wants to put him in a match against an unknown opponent? Dinero says that Bradshaw doesn’t give a damn about what happens to him; and that the people - who he thought was behind him - clearly are not. Dinero says that it doesn’t matter who is opponent is tonight, he’s more concerned with who’s been trying to take him out…

Wicked Games Qualifying Match
Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Alex Shelley

Shelley came out strong tonight, wanting to be one of the final two to enter the #1 Contenders tournament this Sunday night; and he showed he was serious by connecting with The Dominator very early into the match. But the move placed MVP too close to the ropes, and broke up the count at two. Porter worked his way back into the match, before being taken by surprise with a spinning head scissors for another two-count. Porter slid outside the ring, composing himself, before re-entering and starting on even ground again. Porter took charge after hitting a superplex and getting a very near two-count. Porter kept up the attack, and sensing Shelley could no longer fight back, connected with the Playmaker. Porter made the cover, and earned himself a spot in the tournament on Sunday night.

Montel Vontavious Porter pinned Alex Shelley with the Playmaker in 0:07:08.
Rating: *** ½

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— Coming back from break, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Ric Flair, and Chelsea all make their way out to the ring, where AJ takes the microphone. AJ says that it’s a shame that he’s the only one out of the group to have made it to the Wicked Games tournament, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort on Mr. Anderson’s part. Styles says that Anderson is still trying to clear away the cobwebs, after being away from the ring for so long, and that things like this are to be expected. Styles says, that soon, Anderson will be challenging for a title again in the HWL. But, before that time comes, it’s Styles’ turn to get the Heavyweight Title back. Styles says that he heard Matt Morgan comment about being the first-ever HWL Heavyweight Champion, last year; but says that Morgan hasn’t done anything since the company made its return. Styles says that he has already won the Heavyweight Title again, and that he’s the first person ever hold the belt twice. He says that, if Morgan wants to hold the belt a second time, then at some point, Morgan and Styles will have to face off during the tournament. And, Styles says that, if he doesn’t win the tournament, but keeps “The Blueprint” from doing so too, it’ll be a victory in his book.

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HWL Tag Team Title Match
Yoshi Tatsu/Kaz vs. © The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya)

Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith have been very, very impressive over the last few months, as they have securely dominated the rest of the HWL Tag Team division. But, tonight, they were faced with one of their toughest opponents in recent months. Yoshi and Kaz have had an up-and-down history since they decided to form a team and go after the tag team titles; and over the past few weeks, their team has become more of a cohesive unit. Tonight, they proved that they would stop at nothing to show the HWL that they were serious contenders. Yoshi and Kaz took the fight to the champs, and nearly lasted the entire 20 minutes allotted, but David Hart Smith connected with a Saito Suplex in the center of the ring on Yoshi Tatsu, and went for the cover. Kaz, who had been worn down just moments before, tried to interfere, but was a second too late, as Smith and Kidd were awarded yet another successful title defense. After the match, Kaz fell to his knees, visibly upset with himself, as Kidd, Smith and Natalya celebrated outside the ring.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Kaz when D.H. Smith pinned Yoshi with the Saito Suplex in 0:18:28.
Rating: ** ¾
(The Hart Dynasty retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Commercial Break

— The final preview for “Wicked Games” is shown, highlighting the seven of eight men that will be taking part in the tournament; and also the “title vs. title” match between D’Angelo Dinero and Desmond Wolfe.

Wicked Games Qualifying Match
Ted DiBiase vs. “The Big Red Monster” Kane

These two met just a few weeks ago, and Kane started where he had left off against DiBiase tonight. However, the match never fully got underway as CODY RHODES made his debut to the HWL, running down to the ring, and pulling the top rope down, sending DiBiase flying to the outside. The referee called for the bell as Rhodes assaulted DiBiase at ringside. Furious, Kane exited the ring - causing Rhodes to hurry off through the crowd - and pulled DiBiase to his feet. Kane then hoisted DiBiase in the air, and sent him crashing onto the concrete with a Choke Slam From Hell. Kane stood over DiBiase as the referee slid out of the ring to check on him.

Ted DiBiase defeated Kane by disqualification in 0:00:59.
Rating: **
[Cody Rhodes interfered against Ted DiBiase.]

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
?? Vs. © “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

All night long, “The Pope” was anticipating who his opponent would be. But, neither he nor the Fresno crowd were expecting “The Olympic Gold Medalist” KURT ANGLE! Angle made his return to the HWL tonight, six days after dropping one-half of the PCW Tag Team Titles, and started right were he left off, coming out fighting against the X-Division Champion. The referee took a hard bump early in the match, and that allowed both of these men to come out swinging, wanting to one-up the other. However, an errant elbow caught Dinero off guard, and sent him to the canvas. Angle quickly threw “The Pope” outside the ring as the referee was getting to his feet, and waited as the ten-count was reached.

Kurt Angle defeated D’Angelo Dinero by countout in 0:08:05.
Rating: ** ¼

Card Rating: ** 1/2

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