November 22, 2011

Attendance: 12,764 (60%)

Rhett Titus pinned Mr. Anderson after a frog splash in 0:09:34.
Rating: * ¼

This week’s show started off with a match that was signed by Rex Butler after the events of Anderson’s match with Kenny King ended with Anderson getting himself disqualified. Titus came out and saved his tag team partner, and seemed more than willing to get into the ring with Anderson. Tonight, he get his chance. The match started off with some quick offense from Anderson, but Titus quickly turned the tide after throwing Anderson out of the ring. Titus appeared to be a man on a mission after Anderson reentered the ring, as he never let Anderson get in more than a couple lefts and rights. Titus ducked a right hand from Anderson, connecting with a DDT. He then quickly jumped up to the top rope, and hit a soaring frog splash to pick up the victory.

After the match, KENNY KING made his way down to the ring, and celebrated with this tag team partner.

Backstage, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS is shown standing in front of a stationary camera. Daniels says that he is sick and tired of being overlooked by Rex Butler and the rest of the PCW roster. He says that he has already done enough to make a name for himself in the business, but he has been kept in the shadows since he arrived. Daniels says that he expects that to change, since he pinned the biggest name in wrestling - Hulk Hogan - last week. Daniels says he doesn’t care if Hogan is “over the hill, and way past his prime”, that to this day, everyone knows who “The Hulkster” is. And now, Daniels says, everyone will know the man who beat him.

Robert Roode defeated Christopher Daniels by countout in 0:05:10.
Rating: ** ½

“The Fallen Angel” came into this match, looking to capitalize on his successful victory over Hulk Hogan last week. But tonight, he was stepping into the ring with one-half of the PCW Tag Team Champions, Robert Roode. Daniels looked strong at the beginning of the match, even locking Roode in an armbar that nearly made the champion tap out. But, Roode was able to fight back, pulling down the ropes as Daniels attempted a cross body block. Daniels crashed hard onto the concrete at ringside, and Roode was quick to slide out of the ring and pounce on the opportunity. Daniels appeared dazed as Roode picked him up send Daniels back-first into the guardrail! Roode grabbed a microphone from the timekeeper and rolled back into the ring as the referee gave Daniels the 10-count.

After the match, Roode said that he and James Storm watched last week, as Daniel Bryan and Jay Lethal made their challenge for a Tag Team Title rematch. Roode said that the fact that they wanted a rematch was reason enough to accept the challenge. But when Bryan said that he and Storm could pick any match that they wanted, the offer was too sweet to pass up. Roode said that he and Storm accept the challenge, and will put the titles on the line on December 6th… in a Strap Match.

David Hart Smith pinned Daniel Bryan with the Saito Suplex in 0:23:54.
Rating: ¼

Earlier in the evening, Daniel Bryan heard that Beer Money had accepted his and Jay Lethal’s challenge for a Tag Team Title rematch, So he had every intention on coming out to the ring and ending his night with a victory. Things were not that easy for him, as “The Canadian Bulldog” came out the guys, still fuming from being left off the card last week. It’s been apparent that something has changed in David Hart Smith. Something that some would say is for the better, but others would disagree with that idea.

Tonight, he was a house of fire, giving Bryan everything he had. But, Bryan has shown, during his time in the PCW, that he can withstand an insurmountable amount of punishment. The will power he showed tonight, however, could easily top anything from the recent past. Smith would attack Bryan for minutes on-end, only to have Bryan lock in an armbar, nearly getting Smith to submit. Later on in the match, with Bryan barely able to stand on his own - and using the ropes to get up, fell victim to a running power slam. Smith made the cover, but only got a two count. While arguing with the referee, Bryan rolled Smith up, getting a two-count of his own, before shocking everyone and locking in the LeBell Lock! Bryan found the energy to lock it in tight, and Smith was able to reach the ropes, but after nearly a minute in the hold, Smith looked to be losing his edge. However, that changed as Bryan with for a knee to the face, only to have Smith pull the referee in the way! With the referee incapacitated, Smith connected with a low blow before connecting with a second running power slam. Smith stalked the ring, waiting for the referee to get back to his feet, before hitting the Saito Suplex for the 1-2-3.

Backstage, THE BRAVADO BROTHERS are seen talking in a stairwell just outside the main hallway of the Coliseum. The conversation is unintelligible until Lance’s phone rings, and he leaves the stairwell to take the call. Harlem sits in the quiet, still air, waiting for his brother, when footsteps are heard descending the stairs. “Well, well, well! Isn’t this a great surprise?” EDDIE EDWARDS appears at the bottom of the stairs, facing Harlem. “I guess you thought it was pretty funny, what happened last week, don’t you,” Edwards asks as Harlem tries to unlock his wheels. Harlem tries to answer, but is met with a stiff punch. “You want to see funny? I’ll show you funny.” Edwards grabbed the handles of Harlem’s chair and pushed the it down the flight of stairs in front of them. Harlem and the chair crashed into the brick wall below, spilling Harlem out onto the platform. Edward ran up the flight of the stairs he had come from, as the door opened, and Lance called out for his brother. He ran down the stairs, dialing his phone, as he checked on his brother.

[Non-Title Match]:
The Big Show pinned Max Buck with the Choke Slam in 0:11:07.
Rating: **

The only saving grace Max Buck had tonight, was that his Heavyweight Title was not on the line. Buck was easily over-matched tonight, as he stepped into the ring with the undefeated Big Show. Big Show absolutely dominated this match, from bell to bell, but that didn’t mean that Buck didn’t try. After Big Show missed a massive leg drop, Buck gained his bearings and went to the air. Gaining some of his momentum back - using his speed - Buck was able to take Big Show off his feet. Buck even landed a moonsault on the giant, but Big Show easily shrugged Buck off after a one-count. Big Show rolled out of the ring, regaining his composure as Buck went to the top rope. The tide quickly turned as Buck jumped off the corner, only to be met with a vicious right hand by Big Show! Buck crashed down to the concrete, out cold. Big Show pushed the Champion back into the ring, and just for good measure connected with the Choke Slam, before making the pin.

Card rating: ** ¾

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