November 26, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Milwaukee, WI

Commentators: Josh Daniels & Scott Michaels
Attendance: 9,920

-The opening video package plays. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Milwaukee, just three weeks away from the Cage Raged pay-per-view.

-“Cult of Personality” plays as CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk says that John Cena, like always, is full of crap. He says that claiming to do everything possible to win the Heavyweight Title is one thing, but what Cena did just goes to show his true identity – something that everyone else in this business tried to hide. Punk says that what everyone is seeing from Cena is the real John Cena. The one who doesn’t care about the rules or anyone else, as long as it benefits himself in the end. Punk says he’s just as eager to do whatever it takes to win the Heavyweight Title and calls out Cena to prove it tonight!

This brings out Peter Bradshaw to a mixed response from the crowd. Bradshaw says he understands how Punk feels and that he would love to give the fans Cena-Punk tonight, but it’s just not possible. Bradshaw informs Punk that Cena is always booked for the main event – against AJ Styles – in a non-title match. Punk says that’s fine but promises that Cena will see him by the end of the night. Punk’s music plays as the two men stare at each other across the arena.

Commercial Break

Triple Threat Match
Rami Sebei won a Triple Threat Match in 9:15.
X Magnus defeated Otunga by DQ in 4:42.
X Sebei pinned Magnus after a Discus Punch in 9:15.
Rating: ** ½

For the second week in a row, we start things off with a Triple Threat Match. Otunga walked away with the victory last week and was determined to do the same tonight, but after spending the early part of the match trying to put away Magnus, his frustrations got the better of him. Otunga put his hands on the referee, pushing him to the canvas, which resulting in a quick DQ. After that point, Sebei showed the crowd that even though he’d be out of the ring for a number of weeks now, he still had what it took to come out on top. Sebei connected with a Discus Punch, stunning Magnus long enough to pick up the victory.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with Women’s Champion Kelly Kelly. Kelly seems to be in a bit of pain as she stands next to Alisha. Alisha asks how Kelly is feeling, and Kelly says that she had injured her back in England, but that she has been working on getting back into shape so she can defend her title at Caged Rage. Kelly says the only thing she doesn’t know is who her opponent will be on December 16th. ODB appears on-stage and tells Kelly that she really hopes her back heals because, when she’s done with Brie Bella next week, she will be coming for Kelly’s title. ODB pats Kelly on the back – making her grimace – and walks off as we go to the ring.

Nikki Bella defeated Melina by DQ in 8:11.
Rating: ¾*

Pretty even match between two Vixens that have had a hard time picking up victories as of late. The returning Melina was looking to pick up her first win since returning to the HWL, but it looks like she’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Melina wound up getting herself DQ’d for not releasing Nikki’s hair before a five-count. After the match, Melina continued to attack Nikki until the referee forcibly dragged Melina away. Melina left the ring fuming as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, NIKKI BELLA is seen confronting Peter Bradshaw backstage. Bella says she wants Melina in the ring, next week, after what she did tonight. Bradshaw says that Nikki can have her rematch, and Nikki storms off holding the top of her head.

-Also backstage, the Tag Team Champions, AJ STYLES & KOFI KINGSTON, are being interviewed by Alisha Hicks. They are asked about the comments made by Eric Young and his new partner Martin Kirby last week. Kofi asks the question of whether or not Martin and Young can remain a team until Caged Rage. Styles says that he and Kofi have beaten everyone Peter Bradshaw has put in front of them, and that they don’t intend of letting the title go anytime soon. Kofi says that a team who hasn’t wrestled together, until tonight, are going to have a hard time being the team that takes their titles.

Martin Kirby & Eric Young defeated Kazarian & Luke Gallows when M. Kirby pinned Gallows after a reverse neckbreaker in 8:40.
Rating: *** ¼

Martin Kirby made his in-ring debut tonight, teaming up with his new partner Eric Young to take on a team that has been struggling in weeks past. Kazarian and Gallows were looking to pick up their first victory in a while, but no one knew how well Kirby and Young would gel as a team heading into this match. To say they surprised a few people would be an understatement. Kirby and Young appeared to be in sync from the beginning, and this took Kazarian and Gallows off their game, leading to Kirby hitting Gallows with a reverse neckbreaker for the win.

Commercial Break

-Returning from commercials, Josh Daniels is seen in the center of the ring. He says that he has asked Peter Bradshaw for a few moments of tonight’s program to get the thoughts of a man who has been in the center of a very personal situation over the last few weeks. Daniels says that he believes the fans would like to hear directly from the person involved. He calls out CODY RHODES to join him in the ring. Rhodes’ music plays, but Cody does not come on-stage. Moments later JAY BRISCOE appears on-stage with a microphone. Briscoe says he has a video of something everyone should see. A video begins playing on the TitanTron, that shows, what appears to be, Cody Rhodes passed out in the driver’s seat of his car. The video ends and Briscoe asks what could have caused a man to fall asleep at the wheel of his car – in the parking lot of the arena – unless it was alcohol related. Briscoe says that he knows Rhodes’ secret and it will only be a matter of time before everyone else does, too.

Commercial Break

Colt Cabana pinned Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn) with the Colt .45 in 11:12.
Rating: *** ¾
(Shane Hagadon interfered against Colt Cabana.)

Colt Cabana picked up a much-needed victory here tonight, despite interference from Shane Hagadorn. Cabana looked to have the match won by countout after hitting the Colt .45 on the concrete, but Hagadorn rolled Corino back into the ring. When Cabana attempted a pinfall, Hagadorn placed Corino’s foot on the rope, further upsetting Cabana. For good measure, Cabana pulled Corino into the center of the ring and connect with a second Colt .45 for the victory.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, MATT MORGAN is seen walking through the backstage area in search of something or someone. As he turns a corner and looks into an empty room, KEVIN STEEN attacks him from behind with the X-Division Title! Steen continues to assault Morgan before holding the title in his face and telling Morgan that it’s as close as he’ll get to the belt because he’s not taking it from Steen. Steen stomps on Morgan for good measure before walking out of the room, the camera focusing on Morgan.

Jay Briscoe defeated Eddie Edwards by DQ in 8:18.
Rating: ** ¾
[Cody Rhodes interfered against Jay Briscoe.]

Earlier tonight, Jay Briscoe showed a damning video of Cody Rhodes asleep in his car inside the arena’s parking garage. Rumors were swirling backstage as to what caused Rhodes to “pass out”. It’s possible that Rhodes found out about the video and made his way down to ringside during this match. After Briscoe connected with a hurracarana and went for the pinfall, Rhodes entered the ring and broke up the attempt by stomping on Briscoe’s back. After the match, Rhodes continued to attack Briscoe until referees ran down and pulled them apart. Anarchy went to commercials as Briscoe was checked on.

Commercial Break

-An advertisement for Caged Rage is shown.

-CM Punk’s music begins to play as he makes his way to ringside before the main event. Punk joins the broadcast team at ringside and says that he wants to see exactly what John Cena is willing to do to keep the Heavyweight Title.

Non-Title Match
AJ Styles pinned © John Cena with the Styles Clash in 12:08.
Rating: *** ¾

When Cena made his way to the ring tonight, he and Punk shared words while Cena mocking held up the title in Punk’s face. Once the match got started, it was clear that Punk’s presence at ringside was keeping Cena distracted from the task-at-hand. Cena got the opening he needed after pulling the referee in front of Styles’ top-rope forearm. With the referee knocked to the canvas, Cena and Styles started to brawl inside the ring, resulting in Cena connecting with a low blow. Cena rushed outside the ring, grabbing the Heavyweight Title. Back in the ring, Cena looked poised to hit Styles with the belt, but Punk grabbed his foot. Cena swung the belt at Punk but missed, and when he turned around, Styles kicked him in the gut before hitting the Styles Clash in the center of the ring! The referee groggily crawled over and made the suspenseful three-count. After the match, Punk rolled into the ring as Cena laid on the canvas. Punk stood next to Cena and mocked his “You can’t see me” chant before leaving the ring. Anarchy went off the air with Punk standing on the ramp yelling that he was the Best in the World.

Card rating: *** ½

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