November 29, 2011

Attendance: 6,058 (54%)

Commissioner REX BUTLER starts off the show, coming to the ring, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Butler says that he “couldn’t be more excited” about what’s coming up next week, as the PCW will hold pay-per-view like preview on the NBC Sports Network. He says the show will spotlight all the Championship Titles, and give the at-home audience a taste of what the PCW has to offer. Butler says that the Strap Match for the Tag Team Titles between the team of Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan and Beer Money has been signed. But, Butler says that the reason he is out tonight, is to announce the main event for next week’s show. Due to his non-title victory last week, The Big Show will challenge Max Buck for the Heavyweight Championship! Butler thanks the crowd for their time, and leaves the ring.

Jay Lethal defeated James Storm by disqualification in 0:23:31.
Rating: ¼

A week before their tag team title match up, Lethal and Storm started off the show with an absolutely brutal match. Storm had the Chattanooga crowd behind him, but Lethal had his fans cheering him on throughout the match. Storm’s fan base slowly started to turn away from him, after witnessing some of the actions he took during the match. After connecting with the Last Call, but only getting a two-count, Storm got up, raging in the face of the referee, causing him to slump into the corner after hitting the tunrbuckles. Storm continued his assault, sending Lethal to the concrete outside, where he used anything imaginable to gain the advantage. After inflicting a sufficient amount of pain, Storm rolled Lethal into the ring; he attempted a DDT, but Lethal hit a low blow, dropping Storm to his knees, and gaining himself some space. Back to their feet, Lethal hit spinning leg kick before hitting the Lethal Injection, but Storm was able to get his foot on the ropes at two. The match continued, until Storm gained the advantage with a closed fist to Lethal’s temple, allowing him to hit the Last Call for the second time. The referee counted, but Lethal just barely kicked out before the three. Storm, having had enough, got to his feet and shoved the referee down to the canvas. The referee rolled out of the ring and called for the bell, awarding Lethal the match.

After the match, Storm attacked Lethal, landing lefts and rights, as the crowd showered him with boos. DANIEL BRYAN ran down to the ring, pulling Storm off his partner, and the two men started brawling inside the ring. ROBERT ROODE then made his way down to the ring, attacking Bryan from behind. Soon, Roode and Storm were able to overpower Daniel and sent him flying over the top rope. They picked up Lethal, easily tossing him over the ropes as well, before standing defiantly in the ring with the arms in the air, as the crowd roared.

Hulk Hogan pinned David Otunga with the Big Leg Drop in 0:12:27.
Rating: * ½

It had been three weeks since the last time the “A-List Superstar” stepped foot in a PCW ring, losing to Alberto Del Rio. After a very hectic last few days, Otunga stepped in with “The Hulkster”, who was wanting to wipe clean his loss to Christopher Daniels. This match was a battle of two big, strong men; one young, one old; but they both came at each other, wanting to pummel the one into the ground. Otunga showed his impressive power by powerslamming Hogan early on in the match, but decided against making the cover. As the match went on, Hogan began to tire, therefore resorting to underhanded tactics to gain any type of advantage. A thumb to the eye change the course of the match, as Hogan tossed Otunga outside the ring. After hitting a body slam onto the concrete, Hogan posed for the crowd before attempting the Big Leg Drop. Otunga moved out of the ring and whipped Hogan into the ring post; but Hogan managed to reverse it. In a quick series of moves, Hogan followed Otunga in, but Otunga moved out of the way and pushed Hogan into the steel post, opening up a gash on his forehead. Otunga rolled Hogan back into the ring, and went on the offensive. But, it was short-lived as Hogan “hulked up”, and become unaffected by the shots Otunga was delivering. Hogan landed a couple hard shots, before whipping Otunga into the ropes, and hitting the Big Boot. He followed that up with the Big Leg Drop for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Hogan, with blood running down his face, posed for the crowd as they chanted his name.

The Great Khali pinned Bryon Saxton with the Punjabi Plunge in 0:14:05.
Rating: -¾*

Byron Saxton had a huge test in front of him tonight, in the “Punjabi Giant”, and he did all he could to come out on top, but nothing he tried was very successful. Saxton was able to mount some impressive offense on Khali, after drop-kicking his leg, and bringing him down to a reachable level. But, Khali was just too strong, and was able to push Saxton away as he tried to further the offense. Painfully, for the crowd - and Saxton - Khali hit the Punjabi Plunge for the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Alberto Del Rio pinned Eddie Edwards after a hurancarana in 0:10:42.
Rating: *** ¾

After the introductions were made, both men looked eager to begin, when LANCE BRAVADO made his way onto the stage, with a folding chair. Bravado says that his brother, Harlem, was brutally attacked last week, and even though there were no witness, Lance knows that it had to be Edwards. Lance says that, thankfully, Harlem didn’t suffer any more major injuries; but that the shock of the incident has made him unwilling to speak, so he couldn’t verbalize who his attacker was. Lance says that, from now on, Harlem will be under security supervision, day and night, until he is cleared to wrestle. Lance says that he has also contacted their lawyer, and Edwards will be hearing from him about the physical and mental damages caused by his attacks on Harlem. Lance then wish Edwards “good luck” tonight, and sits down to watch the match.

When the match finally started, it was clear that Edwards was not mentally into it, as he routinely checked the stage to see if Lance had made any advances towards the ring. Sidetracked, Edwards was ultimately a victim of Del Rio, who controlled most of the match. There was a shortage of pinfalls from both men, for various reasons, as Edwards attention was mainly on Bravado; and Del Rio’s continual attempts to lock in cross armbar. The match spilled out to the concrete, where ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ tried to interfere, but was met with a hard right shot, sending him to the concrete. The distraction allowed Del Rio to hit a low blow, and send Edwards back into the ring. There, Del Rio used a picture-perfect hurancarana to pick up the victory.

After the match, Del Rio grabbed the Television Title and tried to revive Roberto, as Lance Bravado continued to watch from the stage.

Card rating: **

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