November 5, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Newark, NJ

Commentators: Josh Daniels & Scott Michaels
Attendance: 5,051

-John Cena’s music plays as he makes his way to the ring, receiving a roar of boos from the crowd. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone as the boos continue. Cena calls the crowd idiots to boo him while their golden boy, Kurt Angle, is nothing but a hypocrite. Cena asks what kind of man can come out here and claim integrity, only to blindside someone with their championship belt. Cena says he’s done talking, he’s done with the sneak attacks. Just like last week, Cena says he wants Kurt Angle – tonight!

This brings out Peter Bradshaw, for the second straight week, who says he’s sorry to disappoint. But, he says he thinks he has something that could make Cena, Angle, and the fans happy. Bradshaw says that Cena and Angle will be in the same ring tonight, but as part of respective teams. Tonight, Cena will team with Kazarian and Luke Gallows to take on Angle, AJ Styles, and Kofi Kingston in a six-man tag match!

Commercial Break

Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match
Shannon Moore beat Eric Young 2 falls to 0:
X S. Moore beat E. Young via the Mooregasm in 6:21.
X S. Moore beat E. Young via the Mooregasm in 12:12.
Rating: ** ¾

After facing each other over the past couple weeks with no clear winner, Peter Bradshaw signed tonight’s match as a Best of Three Falls Match. Moore looked very impressive, and finally put an end to this on-going rivalry with a convincing 2-0 victory.

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-Women’s Champion Kaitlyn is seen walking through the backstage area, when Kelly Kelly confronts her. Kelly tells Kaitlyn that she’s coming for the Women’s Title this Sunday, and that she’s going to end Kaitlyn’s little “dream” of being champion. Kaitlyn smiles and says this Sunday will be no different than the last time they were in the ring together. Kaitlyn reminds Kelly that she was defeated on the way to Kaitlyn winning the Women’s Title. Kaitlyn walks away leaving Kelly fuming.

ODB defeated Melina by disqualification in 6:03.
Rating: ¾*
[Brie Bella interfered against ODB.]

Melina made her return to the HWL tonight, but it was overshadowed by the on-going situation between ODB and Brie Bella. Melina didn’t seem to have lost a step, after spending time in PCW, and she certainly held her own against the relative newcomer to the main roster. However, Brie attacked ODB as she was going for the pinfall, getting Melina DQ’d. After the match, Brie quickly fled the ring, as ODB gave chase. Anarchy goes to commercials as ODB stalked Brie up the ramp.

Commercial Break

-Alisha Hicks is seen with a wobbly Cody Rhodes and asks why he chose to attack Jay Briscoe last week. Rhodes, slurring his speech, says that he’s been gone for a long time, and that he wanted to make a mark upon his return. Rhodes props himself up against the wall to continue the interview. Hicks asks what his goal is, now that he’s come back to the HWL. Rhodes, still slurring, says that he wants the Heavyweight Title. But, for now, he wants a drink. Rhodes saunters down the hallway as we go back to ringside.

Wicked Games Tournament – Round One
Alex Riley pinned Steve Corino after a back elbow in 10:13.
Rating: *

Alex Riley has been had a very successful run, as of late, and tonight was no different. Even with the numbers game against him, Riley was able to get the victory over Steve Corino with a back elbow that caught Corino flush in the nose! To make up for his lack of equality at ringside, Riley put his feet on the ropes, with the referee seeing, for leverage during the pinfall. With the win, Riley advances to the Quarterfinals of the Wicked Game tournament and will wait to see who he faces this Sunday night: Chris Hero and Martin Maldonado.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Kevin Steen is shown talking to Rami Sebei backstage. Steen is talking about how he’s going to beat Randy Orton on Sunday night, on his way to becoming the Wicked Games winner. The conversation is interrupted as Peter Bradshaw approaches the pair. Bradshaw reminds Steen of the 30-day clause for title defenses, and says that he has signed a match tonight, between Steen and Claudio Castagnoli for the X-Division Title. Bradshaw gives Steen two choices: defend the title or walk into London without a title. Bradshaw walks away as Steen fumes.

Wicked Games Tournament – Round One
Chris Hero pinned Martin Maldonado with the Hero’s Welcome in 10:18.
Rating: *

After being in the wrong place at the wrong time, last week, when Kurt Angle cost Hero his match against John Cena, he stamped himself a ticket to London tonight, picking up the final spot in the Quarterfinal Round of the Wicked Games tournament. Maldonado looked a bit rusty, having not been in action for over a month. Hero took advantage of Maldonado's rustiness and hit the Hero's Welcome for a convincing victory. He will square off against Alex Riley in six days.

Commercial Break

-Alisha Hicks is with Kazarian and Luke Gallows as we return from commercials. They say tonight is going to be a unique match for them, teaming up with John Cena. Unique because they don’t agree with Cena’s tactics, but they are being forced, in a sense, to team with him. Nothing against Cena, they say, but the only thing they’re worried about is picking up a victory on their way to Wicked Games.

X-Division Title Match
Kevin Steen pinned Claudio Castagnoli after the Discus Punch in 10:32.
Rating: *
(Kevin Steen retained the X-Division Title.)**

The self-proclaimed “Mr. Wrestling” continued to live up to that moniker tonight, as Steen came out on top after a brutal match between two men who have traveled the road together. Castagnoli had the advantage of Shane Hagadorn at ringside, but that turned out to not even be a factor in the match, as Steen continued flush with a Discus Punch that seemed to make Claudio’s knees buckle. Steen made the cover, and with the title defense, he picks up huge momentum heading into his match with Randy Orton this Sunday night.

Commercial Break

-A final preview for “Wicked Games” is shown. The event will take place this Sunday night, from London! Eight men will do battle for the chance to face the HWL Heavyweight Champion inside a steel cage at Caged Rage. Also, the Tag Team and Women’s Titles will be on the line.

Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Kofi Kingston defeated John Cena, Kazarian, and Luke Gallows when K. Angle pinned L. Gallows after an enzuigiri in 14:33.
Rating: *

The crowd was certainly hyped for this match, as it would be the last time to see Angle and Cena in the same ring until Wicked Games this Sunday night. With all the tension between these two men, this match was looking to be explosive, and the crowd let them know it whenever they were in the ring together. Add to the mix the two teams that will be facing off for the Tag Team Titles in six days, and this match had a lot of implications heading into the pay-per-view. Cena and Angle were in the ring, at the end of the match, and it was clear that the fans wanted to see Cena tap out. But, Cena caught a lot of boos as he surprisingly tagged Gallows into the ring. Caught off guard, Gallows was unprepared for a revved-up Angle, who took his aggression out on the bigger man. Angle connected with a stiff enzuigiri as Gallows was getting to his feet, allowing Angle to make the pinfall. After the match, Cena jumped off the apron and walked up the ramp, staring at Angle. Anarchy goes off the air with them looking at each other from across the arena.

Card rating: ***

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