November 8, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Portland, OR

Monday Night Anarchy
November 8, 2010
Rose Garden - Portland, Oregon
(Attendance: 14,585)

— The beginning and ending segments that took place surrounding last week’s main event are shown. Inside the arena, “Headstrong” plays as fireworks shoot from the stage area. Crowd cheers as the camera shows random signs in the audience. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Portland, the return of the Horizon Wrestling League to U.S. soil. They announce tonight’s two qualifying matches for the Wicked Games tournament: “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Tyson Kidd, and Yoshi Tatsu vs. “The Viper” Randy Orton. Also tonight, in the main event, Montel Vontavious Porter will face “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in a non-title match.

— Speaking of “The Pope”… Dinero makes his way to the ring, visibly showing signs from the attack he was the victim of a week ago. Dinero says that he’s not out to play games tonight, and that he knows he’s got a match tonight, but that there’s only one thing on his mind. He says he wants to know who was behind his attack last week. He says that he will stay in the ring all night, until someone comes forward and gets what they have coming. Silence. The crowd begins to boo as Dinero says that he isn’t joking; and that it’s no surprise his attacker isn’t man enough to show his face in front of the crowd, because he wasn’t man enough to come after Dinero face-to-face. Lights go out. Camera flashes from the crowd show action happening in the ring. Lights come back on, revealing Dinero laying on the canvas; the X-Division Title draped over his body. Daniels and Michaels say that things are getting out of hand…

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Daffney vs. Velvet Sky

The history between these two Vixens has been well known over the pat few months, with both women winning their share of matches. But, even with Velvet focuses on Angelina Love, two weeks ago at Downfall, she appeared to have unfinished business with Daffney; attacking her during a non-televised dark match before the pay-per-view. Last week, Daffney reciprocated, attacking Velvet backstage, thus shutting up tonight’s contest. Daffney started when she left off last week, as her vicious streak shined brightly, taking the fight outside the ring where she used the ring apron to her advantage. Velvet fought back, ducking a clothesline and hitting a face buster into the canvas! Velvet kept it up, until she went for the Beauty Mark, and Daffney threw her into the turnbuckle. Daffney then hit a top-rope Frankensteiner before finishing Velvet off with the Lobotomy for the 1-2-3.

Daffney pinned Velvet Sky with the Lobotomy in 0:14:16.
Rating: ** ¾

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— Backstage, D’Angelo Dinero is seen holding the back of his head in pain. He kicks over a trash can in frustration, and is stopped by Alisha Hicks. Dinero says that he doesn’t know who is behind it, but that he is vowing revenge on whoever is responsible for it. He says that everyone should be on the look out, because if anyone looks at him funny - or says the wrong thing to him - they won’t like what happens next. Dinero walks away, continuing to assault inanimate objects along the hallway.

Wicked Games Qualifying Match
Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya) vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Tyson Kidd got the upper hand, attacking Morgan before the bell rang, trying to surprise his much-larger opponent. Kidd’s efforts were short-lived when KAZ and YOSHI TATSU made their way down to ringside. Morgan took over, sending Kidd outside the ring, where Kaz and Tatsu watched on; Natalya tried to even the score, attacking Morgan from behind, but to no avail. Morgan kept up the attack, but missed with a plancha to the outside, busting himself open upon contact! Morgan was able to fight back, and with blood pouring from his head, evened up the match. It went back-and-forth for the rest of the contest, until Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint… but Natalya put Kidd’s foot on the rope to stop the pinfall! Morgan picked up Kidd as Natalya entered the ring with a chair. Morgan ducked out the way as Natalya swung, denting the chair of Kidd’s head! Morgan threw Natalya out of the ring and connected with vicious power bomb, and went for the cover, but Kidd was able to kick out at 2 ½! Natalya tried to trip Morgan, from the outside, but the referee let the match continue. The slight disruption was enough for Kidd to hit a leg drop to the knee, and he quickly hit the Springboard Elbowdrop. Outside the ring, Kaz got the referee’s attention as Tatsu climbed up and hit a flying elbow drop onto Kidd! Tatsu rolled Morgan on top of Kidd as the referee turned around and counted the three! After the match, Yoshi and Kaz left the ringside area as Morgan looked on in shock. Across the ring, Natalya screamed, slapping the mat in frustration.

Matt Morgan pinned Tyson Kidd after outside interference in 0:16:39.
Rating: ***
[Natalya interfered against Matt Morgan.]
[Yoshi Tatsu interfered against Tyson Kidd.]

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— HWL Heavyweight Champion, Desmond Wolfe comes out to the ring as Anarchy returns. Wolfe says that he wants to has two things to get off his chest, and they both involve D’Angelo Dinero. First, Wolfe says that Dinero brought up a good point last week, when Dinero said that the fans would love to see the top two in the HWL go head-to-head, with both titles on the line. Wolfe said that he’s been a dominating champion since re-winning the belt, and that he isn’t concerned about who wins the Wicked Games tournament. And, with that, Wolfe accepts Dinero’s challenge for the pay-per-view.

Secondly, Wolfe says that he is as shocked as everyone else since last week, after seeing what happened to Dinero. But, Wolfe says, to put Dinero’s - and everyone else’s - mind at ease… Wolfe was in no way responsible for what happened last week. Wolfe says that he hopes Dinero can find out who is behind it, and clear his mind before November 28th.

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The Usos (w/Tamina) vs. AJ Styles/Mr. Anderson (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea)

This was the first time Styles and Anderson had teamed up since joining forces a few months back, as they officially threw their hats into the Tag Team Title ring. The match started with a ref bump quite early, as both teams battled it out in the ring. Anderson and Jimmy Uso battled outside the ring. Uso connected with a Samoan Drop onto the concrete floor, but failed to keep the assault going, instead choosing to head to the top rope. Uso went for the Superfly Splash, but Anderson rolled away! But Tamina, who was nearby, used a bit of quick thinking, and nailed Anderson with a low-blow; and Jey Uso, watching from the apron, jumped down and irish-whipped Anderson into the ring post, opening up a small gash on Anderson’s forehead! Anderson was able to tag out, finally, and crumpled to the canvas as Styles and Jey Uso went to battle. Neither of the fresher men could get the better of the other until Styles got in a low blow of his own as the referee’s back was turned. Styles quickly tagged out to Anderson, who was still reeling from the blood loss; and was no match for the recovering Jey Uso. Uso ducked a clothesline and hit a Samoan Drop, before climbing to the top rope, and this time, hitting the Superfly Splash for the 1-2-3!

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) defeated AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson when Jey pinned Anderson with the Superfly Splash in 0:16:09.
Rating: *** ½

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— A promo for next week’s episode of Anarchy announces that there are four more qualifying matches before Wicked Games, and that two more matches will be taking place in Sacramento.

Wicked Games Qualifying Match
Yoshi Tatsu vs. “The Viper” Randy Orton

Orton had control of the match from the opening bell, and even tried to “punt” Yoshi in order to pick up the pinfall! But, Tatsu was too close to the ropes, and just managed to get his foot up to stop the count. Yoshi was intent on giving Orton a fight tonight, and that’s exactly what he did, fighting back, and stunning Orton with an enzuigiri to the face! The offensive output was short-lived as both men were taken down with a double clothesline. Orton was the first one up, but Yoshi had the wherewithal to send Orton to the concrete outside. “The Viper”, though, was still the fresher of the two, and used the ringside surroundings to wear down Tatsu before sending him back into the ring. Orton wasted no time, after that, and hit the RKO for the win.

Randy Orton pinned Yoshi Tatsu with the RKO in 0:17:06.
Rating: ***

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Non-Title Match
Montel Vontavious Porter vs. © D’Angelo Dinero

These two men have known each other very well for a while now, and tonight - with no belt on the line - it was a test to see who wanted to beat each other bad enough. Porter came in with the obvious advantage, as Dinero had been attacked earlier in the evening. But, Dinero didn’t earn the X-Division Title by being easily put away, even with injuries. Dinero fought back, as best he could, and was able to fend off MVP for a while, even garnering some offense for himself. But, MVP found Dinero’s weak spot - his lower back - and pounded away at the champion, before hitting the Playmaker to pick up an impressive victory.

Montel Vontavious Porter pinned D’Angelo Dinero with the Playmaker in 0:09:07.
Rating: *** ¾

Card rating: *** ½

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