October 03, 2011

Monday Night Anarchy
Kibbie Dome (University of Idaho) - Moscow, Idaho
Attendance: N/A

HWL opening. "Headstrong" blast through the air as fireworks light up the Kibbie Dome, on the campus of the University of Idaho. Fans and students pack the Dome, holding up signs for their favorite wrestlers, and for the Vandals. Josh Daniels and Scott Micheals run down the matches for tonight's event, but is soon interrupted as CM Punk's music blasts through the air.

Dressed in his ring gear and a black t-shirt, Punk makes his way to the ring, amidst a chorus of boos from the crowd. Inside the ring, he smiles and gives the crowd a "thumbs down", causing more boos. Punk tells the crowd to boo as loud as they want, because he doesn't care what they think of him. Punk says that the crowd is lucky to even see him, because he still wonders why Peter Bradshaw agreed to do a show in a town where it's inhabitants don't even know where they are. Punk says that Moscow, Idaho is known for two things, and neither of them are attractiveness or hygiene. (Crowd boos…) Punk says that he considered boycotting the tag team match tonight, because he didn't think the people of Moscow deserved to see him in action; but, he says that two things made up his mind: a paycheck the likes of no one in Moscow would see in their entire lives, and the chance to get his hands on Ken Anderson before DOWNFALL. (Crowds starts an "Anderson!" chant…)

Hearing the chants, Punk asks the crowd why they cheer for a man like Anderson. Punk says that they are wasting their time, because, Anderson isn't worth the breath they're using to cheer for him. Punk tells the crowd that, throughout his career, Anderson had been nothing more than second-best. Punk says Anderson was given every chance the brass in the WWE could give him, but he just wasn't able to carry the ball; and that he was unprofessional and unsafe inside the ring… just ask Randy Orton. (Crowd boos again…) Punk says that Anderson should've been finished after that, because he was a hazard inside the ring, but the "hillbillies" in TNA decided to put their top title on Anderson, which just made a mockery of everything Punk - and other dedicated wrestlers - have worked their entire lives for. Punk says he's not worried about facing Anderson inside the ring, because he's been hurt plenty of times, doing what he loves. In fact, he says, Punk can't wait to face Anderson at DOWNFALL, because Anderson will be another stepping stone for Punk to use on his way to the HWL Heavyweight Title. (Crowd boos as Punk drops the microphone and makes an "X", in the air, with his arms…)

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Brutus Magnus vs. Rami Sebei

This match was made, last week, after Sebei came to the save of Jeff Hardy, stopping Magnus’s assault on the newcomer. Tonight, Magnus came out strong, looking to avenge the embarrassment from last week, and finish taking out the aggression he showed against Hardy. Magnus was able to do just that, but Rami showed the resolve that the fans have come to expect from him, as he stayed in the match. Sebei was able to connect with a 450 splash, but Magnus kicked out after a two-count. Rami stayed on the attack, and was able to roll Magnus up, with an inside cradle, to pick up an upset victory!

Rami Sebei pinned Brutus Magnus after an inside cradle in 0:12:18.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, Magnus quickly gets to his feet and pushes down the referee out of frustration. The crowd boos as Magnus kicks the referee out of the ring, and turns his attention to Sebei, attacking him from behind with a forearm to the back. Magnus assaults Sebei, as JEFF HARDY runs down to the ring, and breaks up the attack! Hardy and Magnus begin to brawl, as Sebei slowly gets to his feet. Sebei and Hardy gain the upper hand on Magnus, throwing him over the top rope, sending him crashing onto the concrete. Sebei and Hardy stand, ready to fight, as the crowd cheers them on. Magnus slams his hands against the canvas, points at the two of them, and walks up the ramp as ANARCHY goes to commercials.

Commerical Break

Returning from the break, the camera shows RANDY ORTON walking through the backstage area, dressed in street clothes. Out of nowhere, Orton is blindsided by MARTIN MALDONADO, who attacks Orton with a 2x4. (Crowd boos…) Maldonado continues the assualt, snapping the 2x4 over Orton's back, as "The Viper" screams out in pain. Maldonado then brings Orton to his feet, before whipping him into a service door, denting the metal. Maldonado runs towards Orton, but Orton moves out of the way, and Maldonado goes crashing through the door. Orton gets in a few good shots to the back and head of Maldonado, but the comeback is short-lived as KURT ANGLE takes out Orton's leg with a chop block. (Crowd continues to boo…) Both Angle and Maldonado land numerous kicks into Orton's body, before Angle picks Orton's up, locking his arms behind him. Orton tries to struggle out of the hold, but Maldonado connects with a stiff overhand punch to the top of Orton's head! Maldonado steps back and grabs a chain that broke off from the service door, and wraps it around his fist, before landing another stiff overhand punch to Orton. Angle drops Orton to the concrete, as blood pours from the open wound on his head. Angle and Maldonado walk away as Orton lies there, motionless…

Taylor Wilde vs. Velvet Sky

Taylor Wilde stepped into the ring tonight, a week after being challenged by the number one contender for the Women’s Title, hoping to prove her wrong and weakened Velvet’s ego heading into DOWNFALL. Taylor was able to hold her own throughout the match, but ended up the victim of a picture-perfect DDT, as Velvet picked up the victory tonight.

Velvet Sky pinned Taylor Wilde after a DDT in 0:08:54.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match, Velvet slowly gets up to her feet, before celebrating her victory as the crowd rains boos upon her. Velvet makes the motions for everyone to kiss her rear, before leaving the ring, causing the jeers to only get louder.

Commercial Break

CODY RHODES'music blasts through the Kibbie Dome, as ANARCHY returns from commercials. Rhodes makes his way to the ring, dressed in street clothes, as Josh Daniels reminds the fans that Rhodes will be facing AJ Styles for the Heavyweight Title, at DOWNFALL. Inside the ring, Rhodes tells the fans that it was an incredible feeling, coming back last week, and getting the response that they gave him. (Crowd cheers…) But, Rhodes says, that what made his return even better, was the look on AJ Styles' face when Rhodes announced himself as the #1 Contender! (Crowd begins chanting "Cody! Cody!") Laughing, Rhodes says that he finds the whole situation with Styles, Ric Flair, and the Conglomerate to be very entertaining. Rhodes says that Styles and Flair - the brains behind the start of the group - apparently are the only two that thing they can attain any sort of power in the HWL. Rhodes says that that was painfully clear, when Styles and Flair tried to "persuade" Peter Bradshaw into naming someone else #1 Contender at DOWNFALL. Rhode says that he shook his head at the attempt, because it made clear the fact that Styles knows he can't beat Rhodes inside the ring. Even when Styles was the person who filled-in at TURNING POINT, he couldn't beat Rhodes for the Heavyweight Title; and the only reason Styles is champion now, Rhodes says, is because Rhodes had to give up the belt due to injry. So, because of that, Rhodes says, he is guaranteed a match against the champion, for a title he was never defeated for. Rhodes tells AJ that there is no way around the fact that they will face each other on October 23rd, and that there will be no denying who is the better wrestler… (Rhodes' voice trails off as he drops the microphone, and heads to the back, as the crowd continues to chant his name…)

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Evan Bourne/Kaz vs. Steve Corino/Eddie Edwards (Tag Team Tournament Match)

This match was finally allowed to happen, a week after it was axed from the card due to a blindside attack by the Tag Team Champions, Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry. Once all four men safely made it to the ring, and the bell rang, the crowd couldn’t decide who they were behind more; unless they were just hoping for a decent contest. Kaz and Bourne - the two who came into the match with more tag experience - used that experience to gain the upper hand against Corino and Edwards, neither of which has seen a lot of ring time in recent weeks. But, knowing that a shot at the Tag Team Titles was on the line, Corino and Edwards were able to fight back, getting the crowd behind them in the process, and ultimately take over for good. Edwards locked in the Achilles Hold on Kaz, rendering him motionless in the center of the ring; but Kaz refused to tap out. Edwards stood his hobbling opponent up, before hitting a picture-perfect superkick for the 1-2-3!

Steve Corino & Eddie Edwards defeated Evan Bourne & Kaz when E. Edwards pinned Kaz after a super kick in 0:12:23.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, the crowd continued to cheer as Edwards and Corino celebrated in the center of the ring. Edwards then used his boot to push Kaz out of the ring, and into the arms of Bourne, who assisted his tag partner up the ramp. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels debated on who would be the better opponents to face Edwards and Corino: Tommy Dreamer and Colt Cabana, or Yoshi Tatsu and his partner, who has yet to be named…

Commercial Break

Coming back from the commercial break, Alisha Hicks is seen with HWL Owner PETER BRADSHAW, who says he has an announcement concerning the X-Division Title at DOWNFALL. Bradshaw says that, with the recent confusion between Alex Shelley, Adam Cole and Evan Bourne, on who is the "rightful" challenger for the title, there will be a match to determine who will go on to face Tyson Kidd for the title, on October 23rd. Bradshaw says that the winner of tonight's match, between Alex Shelley and Adam Cole, will face Evan Bourne next week, in a #1 Contenders Ladder Match. (Crowd cheers…) Bradshaw says that atop the ladder will be one contract for a title match at DOWNFALL. Bradshaw thanks Alisha for her time, and walks away, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels speculate as to what kind of match the fans are going to see next week on ANARCHY…

Adam Cole vs. Alex Shelley

Within the confines of an unsanctioned tournament, the winner of this match would go on to face Evan Bourne for the chance to face Tyson Kidd for the X-Division Title at DOWNFALL. Adam Cole, who was behind the idea in the first place, came out and absolutely dominated this match from bell to bell. Shelley tried to get in a few offensive moves, but Cole appeared to be in a zone, where nothing was going to stop him. Cole picked up the victory having locking Shelley into a sunset flip, to move one day closer to a title shot.

Adam Cole pinned Alex Shelley after a sunset flip in 0:11:42.
Rating: *** ½

Commercial Break

A preview for DOWNFALL is shown, as "Back For More" by Five Finger Death Punch plays in the background. The event will take place, live, from the Sprint Center in St. Louis, MO, on October 23rd.

CM Punk/AJ Styles vs. Ken Anderson/Mystery Opponent

The crowd was buzzing as the introductions for this match were made. Styles and Punk came out first to a round of boos. When Anderson and his mystery partner, CODY RHODES, were announced, AJ Styles quickly left the ring, and made his way up the ramp with Ric Flair and Chelsea, leaving Punk alone in the ring to face Anderson and Rhodes alone. The crowd booed as Styles, Flair, and Chelsea stood atop the ramp, and watched the match unfold. Punk allowed the bell to ring, before quickly leaving the ring. The crowd went crazy as Anderson and Rhodes stood inside the ring, while Punk was counted out. Punk turned towards the ramp, and stared at Styles as he walked past the group on-stage.

The match between AJ Styles & CM Punk and Ken Anderson & Cody Rhodes is a no-contest.

After the match, Anderson and Rhodes continued to stand in the ring, looking at Styles, Flair and Chelsea as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels try to figure out what they just witnessed. The crowd was a mixture of boos and murmuring as they, too, tried to rationalize what they just saw. Styles, Flair and Chelsea leave the stage as ANARCHY goes off the air.

Card rating: *** ¼

HWL DOWNFALL - 10/23/11 - St. Louis, MO
Heavyweight Title Match: Cody Rhodes vs. (c) AJ Styles
X-Division Title Match: Evan Bourne/??? vs. (c) Tyson Kidd
Tag Team Title Match: ??? vs. (c) Chris Hero/David Otunga
Women's Title Match: Velvet Sky vs. (c) Brie Bella
Randy Orton vs. Martin Maldonado
CM Punk vs. Ken Anderson

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