October 1, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Columbia, SC

Monday Night Anarchy – October 1, 2012 – Colonial Life Arena – Columbia, SC
Announcers: Josh Daniels & Scott Michaels
Attendance: 7,068

Chris Hero starts off the show this week, coming out to the ring and addressing the comments made by Kurt Angle last week. Hero tells the crowd that there’s nothing wrong with his mental state. Hero says that he grew up in the era of superhero cartoons and going outside to pretend he’s Superman or Batman or whoever he wanted to be that day. Hero says that he grew up with the idea that he could be anything he wanted. For him, he wanted to be a professional wrestler. And now, in 13 days, he gets the chance to wrestle for the HWL Heavyweight Title. In 13 days, he gets to be that visual of ‘hope” for the kids of today. That, if you put your mind to it, and work hard, you can accomplish anything. Hero tells Angle that he respects what he did as an Olympian. But that he will never respect Angle trying to tell people what they can and can’t do.

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Tyson Kidd pinned Edwin Colon after a swinging fisherman suplex in 16:52.
Rating: ** ½

Tyson Kidd and Edwin Colon have gotten to know each other quite well over the past year, as they have done battle, in their respective tag teams, over the Tag Team titles. Tonight, they squared off one-on-one, in a very fast-paced match. It was a pretty even match until it was obvious that Colon couldn’t keep up with the speed of Kidd. So, in a move of desperation, Colon grabbed the referee while in the corner and Kidd knocked him out with a running dropkick! Another referee ran down to the ring, but Colon’s selfish tactics didn’t work, as Kidd was able to hit the swinging fisherman suplex for the victory.

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Returning from the break, we see ODB entering Peter Bradshaw’s office. ODB demands a match with Brie Bella after she interfered last week. Bradshaw says he understands, but instead says that ODB and Kaitlyn will take on Brie Bella and Leva Bates next week!

**Non-Title Match
© Kaitlyn pinned Kelly Kelly with the Flatliner in 11:52.
Rating: -1/2* **

Kelly Kelly has tried to be a thorn in Kaitlyn’s side ever since they both debuted on the main roster. Tonight was no different as Kelly tried to derail the Women’s Champion’s momentum heading into Downfall. However, that turned out not to be the case as Kaitlyn hit the Flatliner to end the match.

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Eric Young and Shannon Moore battled to a double countout in 9:24.
Rating: ** ¼

Eric Young made his in-ring debut tonight in a match that started out as a showcase of quick offense from both men, but eventually turned into an all-out brawl outside the ring. Both men used their surroundings to inflict damage on the other; and neither of them let up, even after the referee had counted both men out. After the bell rang, TED DIBIASE, JR ran down to ringside and blindsided Moore from behind! DiBiase and Young double-teamed Moore until JESSE NEAL ran down to the ring and fought off both men, protecting his tag team partner! Neal, returning from an injury suffered in a match with DiBiase a couple weeks ago, stands over his partner as DiBiase and Young retreat backstage.

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John Cena comes out to the ring and receives a roar of boos from the crowd. Cena says that the only reason anyone was backing CM Punk last week was because they were in his hometown. No one outside of Chicago gives a damn about CM Punk! He goes on to blame Punk for him not defeating AJ Styles last week. Cena says that he might not have a victory yet, but the only match that matters now is two weeks away. Cena says that he’ll expect Punk to go back into hiding after Cena proves that he’s the better man inside the ring.

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Backstage, we see Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles in the hallway. AJ wishes Kofi luck in his match before they slap hands and head in opposite directions. Styles enters their locker room and shuts the door. Moments later, CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI and STEVE CORINO enter the room. A scuffle is heard inside the room. After everything quiets, Castagnoli and Corino leave the room. The camera shows Styles laid out on the floor.

Brutus Magnus defeated Rami Sebei when R. Sebei passed out in an armbar submission in 13:52.
Rating: *
(Kofi Kingston no-showed.)**

Apparently, word travels fast! Just before getting to the stage, Kingston was stopped and informed about the attack on his partner. Kingston refused to go out to the ring until he knew AJ was OK. Forced to make a decision, Peter Bradshaw sent Brutus Magnus out to the ring. Sebei wasn’t expecting a change in opponents, but nonetheless, put up a good fight. During the match, Sebei attempted a 450 Splash, but Magnus rolled away, and Sebei landed awkwardly on his shoulder. Magnus went after the shoulder and locked in an armbar, giving Sebei no option but to tap out.

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Alex Riley defeated Marin Maldonado by disqualification in 12:03.
Rating: ** ½

Both men came into this match looking to continue their winning ways. It became obvious throughout the match that, no matter what he tried, Maldonado would not be able to put Riley away for the 1-2-3. So, instead, he resorted for getting himself DQ’ed and inflicting as much damage as he could. After the match, Maldonado beat Riley down in the ring, before walking away to a chorus of boos.

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A preview for next week’s Anarchy is shown. It is announced that, due to the events from earlier tonight, Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal will take on the team of Eric Young and Ted DiBiase.

Randy Orton and Chris Hero battled to a no-contest in 10:01.
Rating: *
[Kurt Angle interfered against Chris Hero.]**

Chris Hero was looking to gain a huge boost of momentum just 13 days away from his title shot against Kurt Angle. A victory over the former Champion would have given him that boost. However, the current Champion had different plans. After Orton tossed Hero outside the ring, Angle ran down to ringside and attacked Hero, throwing him into the steel ring steps! Orton exited the ring, and he and Angle got into a shoving match. After trying to break up the two, the referee had no other choice but to call this match a no-contest.

Card rating: ** ¾

Card Observations:
After the events that ended the show, Peter Bradshaw has signed a non-title match for next week, pitting former champ Randy Orton against current champ Kurt Angle.

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