October 13, 2012 - PCW Hollywood Hatred - Bakersfield, CA

Announcers: Alfred Pressley & James Westerfield
Attendance: 1,768

Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to Bakersfield, just outside of Los Angeles. Tonight, there are going to be six matches, including three big title matches! It is announced that, due to the injury suffered at the hands of Kenny King last week, Rhett Titus is at home recovering. Therefore, Peter Bradshaw signed a match between Nikki Bella and Melina to will a spot in the schedule. That match is now!

Melina and Nikki Bella battled to a double count out in 10:52.
Rating: * ¼

Melina and Nikki Bella both came up short in the number one contenders’ Fatal 4 Way match a couple weeks ago, as both were aiming for a shot at Beth Phoenix. During that match, these two went after each other tooth and nail, with Melina ultimately eliminating Nikki from the match. There was certainly no love lost as this match quickly went outside the ring, where neither woman cared about the referee’s 10-count. Nikki threw Melina into the ring post and began a vicious attack. Nikki slammed Melina’s head into the ring post as the referee tried to pull her away. Eventually, HWL officials came to ringside, and escorted Bella backstage as the referee tended to Melina.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow was with Kelly Kelly. Kelly said that her winning the Fatal 4 Way last week was nothing shocking, and anyone who was shocked could kiss her backside. Kelly said that she has never been given much credit since she entered the business, and that’s fine. She claimed that everyone else was just jealous of her looks, her age, and the fact that she has her whole career in front of her. Kelly said that she doesn’t need anyone’s congratulations… all she wants is the Women’s Title.

Women’s Title Match
Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly by disqualification in 13:49.
Rating: * ¼
(Beth Phoenix retained the Women’s Title.)

Kelly Kelly’s chance at winning the Women’s Title went up in smoke in the blink of eye. After having a relatively dominating performance, Kelly quickly became frustrated as she couldn’t put the champion away. This led to her pushing down referee Charles Robinson and getting herself DQ’ed. After the match, Kelly went on to attack Beth, screaming that the title should be hers. NIKKI BELLA ran down and cleared Kelly out of the ring. Bella stood over Beth as she stared at Kelly.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with the Tag Team Champions, Martin Kirby and Wade Barrett. Brooke asks about having to face Kaz and Luke Gallows at full-strength now that Kaz has returned from his injury. Kirby and Barrett laugh off the idea of Kaz and Gallows being a “full-strength”. Barrett said he beat Gallows two weeks ago at full strength, so that’s not a problem. Brooke reminds him that Kirby interfered in that match, and Barrett quickly ends the interview, as he and Kirby walk away disgusted.

Tag Team Title Match
The British Bad Guys (Martin Kirby & Wade Barrett) defeated Kazarian & Luke Gallows when M. Kirby defeated Gallows by disqualification in 27:33.
Rating: ** ½
(The British Bad Guys retained the Tag Team Titles.)

This was a match many people were waiting to see. The hopes of seeing Kazarian return from injury to get redemption on his attackers would be a highlight of the night. But, unfortunately, Kazarian didn’t have a part in the outcome. After nearly 30 minutes of action, something got to Gallows, whether frustration or desperation. After a kick out by Kirby, Gallows turned his ire to the referee, shoving him down to the canvas. The referee quickly called for the bell. Kirby and Barrett escaped from ringside before any further damage could be done. Kazarian entered the ring and wanted to know what had gotten into Gallows. Kazarian paced around the ring, shaking his head, as the cameras go backstage.

A video is shown, recapping the feud between David Otunga and The Big Show.

The Big Show defeated David Otunga when D. Otunga passed out in a cobra clutch in 18:07.
Rating: ½

Try as he might have tonight, David Otunga found out why it’s never a good idea to upset the biggest athlete n professional wrestling. Otunga did not show any sign of fear going up against Big Show tonight, but his determination quickly ran out as nothing Otunga tried was able to put the big man down. Big Show, on the other hand, quickly took control as he realized Otunga was fading, and instead of hitting a chokeslam, used a cobra clutch, causing Otunga to pass out to end the match.

A video is shown of Drew McIntyre defeated Justin Gabriel to become number one contender for the Television Title. After the clip ends, Brooke Barlow is with Television Champion Chris Hero. Brooke asks Hero how hard it is to prepare for an opponent in just four days. Hero says that preparing for an opponent is always a challenge, no matter how long you have. But, he said that being champion causes you to be prepared for anyone at any time. Hero gave credit to McIntyre for winning Tuesday night, but promised that he would have his work cut out for him if McIntyre wanted the TV Title.

PCW Television Title Match
Chris Hero pinned Drew McIntyre after a powerslam in 12:48.
Rating: ** ½
(Chris Hero retained the Television Title.)

Chris Hero retained the PCW Television Title after a very competitive match against Drew McIntyre. Hero continues his run as the longest-reigning Television Champion in PCW history.

A video package is shown, highlighting the events leading up to the Heavyweight Title Match. After the video, Brooke Barlow is backstage with James Storm. She asks Storm about the confrontation he and Bobby Roode had Tuesday night. Storm says that Roode has let the Heavyweight Title go to his head. Roode has become a different person. Storm says that he is still the same man he was when he walked in on Day One. Storm says that Roode showed his ass Tuesday night, which is fine… because tonight, Storm’s gonna kick it like never before!

PCW Heavyweight Title Match
James Storm pinned Bobby Roode with the Last Call in 11:33.
Rating: *
* ¼
(James Storm won the Heavyweight Title.)**

What a match to end the evening with! Storm and Roode went at each other like two brothers, and the sense was that this was a family fight. Having known each other for so long, both men knew what the other was going to do before they did it. But, in the end, Storm followed through on his promise and hit the Last Call to pin Roode to become a four-time Heavyweight Champion!

Card rating: ** ½

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