October 16, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Tucson, AZ

Attendance: 2,041

-Highlights from Hollywood Hatred are shown. Alfred Pressley welcomes everyone to Tucson and is joined by James Westerfield at ringside.

-New Heavyweight Champion, James Storm, makes his way out to the ring. Storm says that it’s been a long time since he’s been able to carry this belt around with him. He says that this belt will surely be able to get a few rounds wherever he goes. Storm wants to thank the crowd and his fans for having his back all this time, and that tonight, he’s going to have a drink for all of them!

This brings out former champion, Bobby Roode. Roode mocks Storm and asks the crowd if they really feel that an alcoholic champion is what’s best for the PCW and for the Heavyweight Title. An “Al-co-hol!” chant breaks out and Roode says that the people in Tucson are degenerates. Roode says the real reason he’s out here is to enact his rematch clause. Roode says he doesn’t want to wait and he wants his shot right now!

Commissioner Rex Butler appears on-stage, interrupting Roode’s comments. Butler says that he has no problem allowing Roode to enact his rematch clause. The only problem is that it won’t be happening tonight. Butler announces that the main event for next month’s British Beatdown will be a rematch for the Heavyweight Title! Butler walks away, leaving Roode and Storm to stare at each other, as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

The Great Khali pinned Harlem Bravado with the Punjabi Plunge in 9:17.
Rating: (½*)

The Great Khali picks up a much-needed victory that will move him up the rankings.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way out to the ring. Phoenix calls out Nikki Bella and thanks her for coming to Phoenix’s aid last week. Phoenix then says that she’s been doing a lot of thinking about her future and what she wants to accomplish. Phoenix says that she feels like she’s truly been able to do everything she wanted inside the wrestling business, and that her greatest accomplishment is having been honored to be the first-ever PCW Women’s Champion. Phoenix says that she informed Rex Butler earlier today that, at the end of October, she will be retiring from professional wrestling to focus on her family and other personal endeavors. Nikki walks over and gives Beth a hug. As they step away, Nikki holds onto Beth’s arm and connects with a lariat! Nikki grabs the microphone and challenges Beth to a title match in two weeks. Nikki then demands for someone to get Phoenix out of the ring because she has a match.

Commercial Break

Bayley defeated Nikki Bella by disqualification in 10:38.
Rating: ¾

Nikki’s aggressive attitude did her no favors in this match, after coming unglued and demanding a title match against Beth Phoenix. That focus on making her mark drew Bella’s attention away from Bayley, who was wanting to make a mark of her own, as she had been pretty silent lately. Bella realized she was losing this match, towards the end, and focused that aggression toward the newcomer, eventually getting DQ’d for not releasing a chokehold. After the match, BETH PHOENIX ran down and pulled Nikki off of Bayley. The two of them went after each other, with Beth finally hitting the Glam Slam. Phoenix stood over Bella and accepted her challenge. She then helped Bayley backstage as the show went to commercials.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder tell Brooke Barlow they have a message to The British Bad Guys. Ryder says that they might be new on the PCW scene, but they’ve already gone out and proven that they can hang. Hawkins cuts in and says that, last week, they went over 20 minutes with the Television Champion and his no-good partner. He says they can do more than just “hang” with the tag division… they are better than any other team on the roster. Ryder then issues a challenge to The British Bad Guys for the British Beatdown event, for the Tag Team Titles.

Non-Title, No-DQ Match
© The British Bad Guys (Martin Kirby & Wade Barrett) defeated Kazarian & Luke Gallows when M. Kirby defeated Kaz by count out in 42:45.
Rating: ** ¾
[Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder interfered against Kazarian.]

After retaining the titles at Hollywood Hatred due to disqualification, Kirby and Barrett stepped back into the ring with Kazarian and Gallows tonight. With a win, Kazarian and Gallows would earn another title shot at British Beatdown. A match where nothing is off limits leads to some interesting things inside the ring, such as Kazarian and Gallows both putting their hands on the referee, which will lead to them being fined by Peter Bradshaw. However, nothing might have been more unexpected than the appearance of CURT HAWKINS and ZACK RYDER at ringside. At the end of the match, both men attacked Kaz and Gallows, allowing Kirby to re-enter the ring before the referee’s ten count. After the match, Hawkins and Ryder stared holes through the Tag Team Champions.

Commercial Break

David Otunga pinned Justin Gabriel after a running powerslam in 15:58.
Rating: ** ½

Two weeks after coming up short in his bid for a Television Title Match, Justin Gabriel stepped back into the ring. After a very good showing by both men, Otunga caught Gabriel after an Asai moonsault from the turnbuckle and connected with a running powerslam for the 1-2-3.

Commercial Break

Kenny King defeated The Big Show by count out in 4:35.
Rating: ½

Kenny King keeps up his winning ways by taking The Big Show outside the ring and taking out the big man’s leg, making it harder for him to stand. King would routinely re-enter the ring to break the ten count before going back out and doing more damage to Show’s leg. Eventually, King re-entered the ring and stayed, as Show was counted out.

Card rating: * ½

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