October 17, 2011

GIANT Center - Hershey, Pennsylvania
Attendance: 6,195 (59%)

The ominous steel cage structure hung over the ring as the HWL Owner made his way out to start the show. Bradshaw said that last week Cody Rhodes, Ken Anderson, CM Punk and AJ Styles all showed total disregard for his authority, and blatantly challenged him. Bradshaw said that he didn't think it was funny, and that the punishment for all four men would be two-fold. First, their matches this Sunday at Downfall were effectively taken off the card, and since AJ Styles would not be able to defend the Heavyweight Title, Bradshaw would consider whether or not to strip him of the belt. The crowd booed at the idea of having the main event this Sunday taken away, and let Bradshaw know it. Secondly, Bradshaw said, that tonight's cage match is his way of inflicting punishment on all four men. He said that the match will be contained to the cage, as the only way to win would either be pinfall or submission. Bradshaw also said that both Ric Flair and Chelsea would be banned from ringside as to ensure the match was clean. And, in the interest of fairness to the fans, Bradshaw said that he would reinstate the winning team, and allow them to choose their opponents this Sunday night. Bradshaw left the ring as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels mentioned the "huge implications" tonight's main event would have.

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As Anarchy returned, Peter Bradshaw was seen walking through the backstage area, where he approached Kaz. Bradshaw said that he was not pleased with Kaz's actions last week, at all. Bradshaw said that putting your hands on an official is means for an immediate suspension, and Kaz knew it. Bradshaw told Kaz to pack up his things and head back to the hotel. But as Kaz and started to walk away, RANDY ORTON stopped him, and told Bradshaw that he had an idea that would make him very happy. Orton suggested that a tag team match take place tonight, between the teams of Kaz and Evan Bourne against Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado. Orton said the part Bradshaw would like was that Orton would name himself the special referee for the match! That way, if anyone tries to put their hands on an official, he can defend himself. Bradshaw said he loved the idea, and that the match was on. Orton smiled and turned away as Kaz stared after him…

Brutus Magnus vs. Titus O’Neil

For the last few weeks, Brutus Magnus had had his hands full with both Jeff Hardy and Rami Sebei. Tonight, Magnus found himself with his hands full again, this time in the form of the massive O’Neil, who made his debut after being released from the WWE. O’Neil towered over Magnus, and outweighed him by a number of pounds, and it showed as O’Neil took control of the match early on. Magnus slid outside the ring, to catch his composure, frustrated with his efforts in the early minutes. Back in the ring, O’Neil continued to control the match, slowly getting the crowd behind him. But, O’Neil’s luck ran out as Magnus somehow found the strength to reverse an irish whip into the turnbuckle, before connecting with the Tormentum out of nowhere for the 1-2-3!

Brutus Magnus pinned Titus O’Neil with the Tormentum in 0:09:32.
Rating: * ¼

After his match against Yoshi Tatsu, Brutus Magnus rolled out of the ring and grabbed a microphone from the ring announcer. Magnus said that he had a week to think about what he wanted to do about Jeff Hardy and Rami Sebei; and had decided to issue a challenge to both of them, for a Handicap Match at Downfall. Magnus knew he was putting himself at a disadvantage, but that he was tired of their games. He promised their games would end on Sunday night.

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As Anarchy returned, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels announced that they had been sent video footage from earlier in the day. The video shows a crowded parking lot, outside of a building with the name blurred out, somewhere in Hershey, PA. The camera fixates on the main entrance, as two figured walked out: Ric Flair and AJ Styles. They stop just outside the door, as a third person - still inside the building - held the door open. They three men exchange pleasantries before Flair and Styles head towards a HUMMER parked at the far end of the lot. The video showed them get into the vehicle and drive away before fading to black. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels spent the new few moments speculating as to who the leaders of The Conglomerate were meeting with; that it must’ve been whoever Flair was speaking too last week.

A “live” shot, backstage, showed AJ Styles standing in front of a room full of chairs, filled by the other members of The Conglomerate. Styles said that he was the Heavyweight Champion - and the only three-time champion ever in the HWL - and that he should be respected. He said that he doesn’t feel respected by the men in the room, and that it was going to change tonight. Styles said that, because of their actions, the other members of The Conglomerate may have gotten him stripped of the title, and had taken him out of the main event this Sunday night. Styles said that he and Punk would be able to handle themselves tonight, and that he wouldn’t have to worry about facing Cody Rhodes at Downfall. So, because of that, Styles demanded that every member of The Conglomerate stay backstage, or else they answer to him personally. Styles left the room as the other members stared off in silence.

Hamada vs. Velvet Sky

Just six days before her match against Brie Bella for the Women’s Title, Velvet Sky stepped into the ring with Hamada, who was looking to have a better showing then she did last week against the champion. The Japanese superstar jumped out to a quick start, taking over the match from the bell, and showing off the skills she had honed in the Land of the Rising Sun. Hamada appeared to have the match won on a few occasions, but Velvet was able to kick out, which only enraged Hamada. Her anger seemed to have taken Hamada off her game at the end, as she missed with a kick to Velvet’s head, that Velvet turned into a sleeper hold reverse. With the move locked in, Hamada dropped to the canvas as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

Velvet Sky pinned Hamada after a sleeper hold reverse mat slam in 0:09:37.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, while the referee was tending to Hamada inside the ring, Velvet rolled out and made her way up the ramp. As she stood on-stage, celebrating her victory, BRIE BELLA appeared from behind the curtain and stood behind Velvet. As Velvet turned around, Brie slapped her in the face as hard as possible, knocking Velvet to the ground! Brie then held up the Women’s Title to a thunderous roar of cheers from the crowd as Anarchy went to commercials.

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Special Referee: Randy Orton
Kaz/Evan Bourne vs. Kurt Angle/Martin Maldonado

Randy Orton came down to the ring with an official’s shirt on, as the special referee for the match. Orton stared at Angle and Maldonado as they were introduced to the crowd, and did not take his eyes of them as Kaz and Bourne were introduced. When the match started, Orton kept his promise to Peter Bradshaw, and called the match down the middle; but he had no problem getting into the face of either Angle or Maldonado when they tried to take advantage of double-teams. Things got interesting early on as ADAM COLE made his way to the ring, and stood at ringside. Kaz repeatedly had to keep Bourne’s attention in the match, but it was all Angle and Maldonado needed to get the upper hand. With Bourne and Maldonado in the ring, Maldonado locked in a reverse chin lock that was broken as Bourne grabbed the ropes. But, as Maldonado got into Orton’s face, Adam Cole smashed the X-Division Title over Bourne’s head. Bourne stumbled back and fell victim to the Gringo Killer as Maldonado made the cover, and Orton reluctantly counted the fall.

Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado defeated Kaz & Evan Bourne when Maldonado pinned E. Bourne with the Gringo Killer in 0:09:28.
Rating: *** ¼
[Adam Cole interfered against Evan Bourne.]

After the match, Adam Cole made a bee-line to up the ramp as the things unfolded inside the ring. After getting the victory, Maldonado went after Orton, as both Angle and Kaz entered the ring. All four men started brawling inside the ring, as the crowd went crazy! HWL Officials rushed to the ring, as Orton ducked a clothesline and attempted the RKO on Maldonado, who slipped out of the ring. Across the ring, Kaz connected with the Wave of the Future, and as Angle stumbled backwards, Orton turned and connected with an RKO! Orton got to his feet and stared at Maldonado as Kaz tended to Evan Bourne. Anarchy went to commercials with Maldonado and Orton staring across the arena.

Backstage, CM Punk is seen stretching as AJ Styles approached, catching Punk’s attention. Styles said that he wanted to make a couple things clear before their match tonight. First, Styles said that he didn’t give a damn who got the victory tonight, but that the important thing was that he and Punk won tonight. Secondly, Styles told Punk that if Punk just happens to be the one who gets the win, that he better think twice before naming Styles as his opponent for Sunday night. Punk said nothing as Styles slapped on him on the shoulder and walked off. Punk looked at his shoulder and turned, smiling, as Anarchy went to commercials.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks was seen with Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards, and asked for their thoughts on their Tag Team Title Match this Sunday at Downfall. Edwards said that both he and Corino had been at the bottom of the HWL for far too long, and that winning matches the last two weeks, they’ve shown that they are capable of being a dominant team, and a threat to Chris Hero and David Otunga. Corino said that, this Sunday night will be their biggest match since they arrived in the HWL, and that anything less then walking out with the Tag Team Titles would be a huge disappointment. Corino and Edwards walked away as the scene goes back to ringside…

X-Division Match:
Alex Shelley vs. Chris Hero (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Six days before defending the Tag Team Titles against Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards, Chris Hero - one-half of the Tag Team Champions - stepped into the ring with Alex Shelley. Shelley looked to come back from coming up short in his bid to earn a shot at the X-Division Title. This was a back and forth match as both men weren’t willing to give up any room to the other. That all changed as Shane Hagadorn got involved, tripping Shelley while Hero had the referee distracted. As Shelley turned around, Hero connected with the Hero’s Welcome to pick up the victory.

Chris Hero pinned Alex Shelley with the Hero’s Welcome in 0:11:10.
Rating: *** ½
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Alex Shelley.]

After the match, Hero left the ring and Hagadorn handed him the Tag Team Title belt. As they made their way up the ramp, STEVE CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS appeared on-stage. The four men had a tense stare-down before Corino and Edwards extended their hands. Hero and Hagadorn shared a glance before walking past the #1 Contenders, blowing off their generosity. Corino and Edwards shook their head as the camera panned to the ring, and the steel cage structure began to lower. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels hyped the main event as Anarchy went to commercials.

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The final preview for Downfall is shown, as “Back For More” by Five Finger Death Punch is played in the background. The event will take place this Sunday night, October 23rd, live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri!

Steel Cage Match:
Ken Anderson/Cody Rhodes vs. CM Punk/© AJ Styles

The crowd in Hershey was red hot for this match, after being denied the chance to see it two weeks ago. The steel cage hung over the ring like a metal prison as all four men knew that trying to climb to the top would do them no good. When the match began, neither Punk nor Styles were willing to get into the ring against the formerly scheduled opponents this Sunday night. But that all changed as Rhodes and Anderson charged their corner and brought them both into the ring! Styles and Anderson were finally separated and the referee pushed them outside the ring, as Rhodes and Punk officially started the match. The match went back and forth, with both teams making timely tags, but never being able to take clear advantage of them. Punk took over later in the match, after hitting low blow to Rhodes’s groin, and he and Styles began working over the still-healing injury. At this point, Anderson had seen enough, and cleared the ring, giving Rhodes time to compose himself. They quickly tagged, and Anderson waited as Punk debated whether or not to fight. Punk finally slapped AJ on the shoulder and left the ring, as the former tag team partners squared off in the ring. Anderson got the advantage and started working over Styles, but with his back turned, Punk attacked Anderson with another low blow! Styles recovered, and tagged in Punk, who landed a number of quick shots to Anderson. Punk went for the cover, but only got a two-count. Punk went for a spinning heel kick, but Anderson caught him in mid-air, and clumsily stumbled into the ropes, guillotining Punk on the top rope! Punk held his throat in pain as Anderson tagged in Rhodes, who hit a quick Hotshot before pinning Punk for the 1-2-3!

Ken Anderson & Cody Rhodes defeated CM Punk & AJ Styles when C. Rhodes pinned Punk after a Hotshot in 0:14:45.

After the match, AJ Styles was seen shaking his head as he took a seat on the top turnbuckle in his team’s corner. The cage began to rise as Peter Bradshaw made his way down to the ring, and announced that Rhodes and Anderson had won the right to their pick of opponents for Sunday night. Rhodes said that there was only one person he wanted to face at Downfall, and he was holding a title that didn’t belong him: AJ Styles. When Styles heard Rhodes’ choice, he jumped off the turnbuckle and rolled out of the ring, grabbed the Heavyweight Title and walked towards the stage. Anderson then said that CM Punk needed to be knocked down a few notches, and that he will be the one to do it at Downfall. With that, Bradshaw said those the two matches were back on, and would take place on Sunday night. Anarchy went off the air as the three men stood in the ring.

Card rating: *** ½

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