October 23, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Colorado Springs, CO

Attendance: 3,798

-The introduction video is played. Alfred Pressley welcomes everyone to The Rocky Mountains, just over two weeks away from PCW’s first-ever United Kingdom-based special event, British Beatdown! He just joined at ringside by James Westerfield. They talk about, how last week, Peter Bradshaw signed a return match for the PCW Heavyweight Title against James Storm and former champion, Bobby Roode.

-Peter Bradshaw makes his way out to the ring to start the show for the second week in a row. Since the Heavyweight Title match has been figured out, Bradshaw says there is another pressing mattered that needs to be addressed: who will Chris Hero defend the Television Title again at British Beatdown. There are only two men that are up to challenge for that opportunity, and they will be facing each other tonight for that chance: David Otunga and The Big Show!

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The Great Khali and Jack Swagger battled to a double count out in 14:34.
Rating: -3/4

In a match where both men were wanting to prove themselves, nothing was solved as The Punjabi Giant took matters into his own hands, tossing Swagger of the ring and inflicting as much damage as possible. Khali showed no concern about getting counted out, but he made certainly sent a message to “The All-American American”.

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-Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow asks Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix why she attacked Nikki Bella at the end of her match last week. Beth says she was trying to have a moment with her fans, announcing a change that will affect not only herself, but the PCW Women’s Title as well. Nikki ruined that moment. As a Champion, Beth says, she couldn’t stand by and allow Nikki to get away with that. So, she evened things up. And, next week, she will beat Nikki in the middle of the ring and retire as champion.

Kelly Kelly pinned Bayley after a Discus Punch in 6:10.
Rating: *

Last week, Bayley got back on the winning track – albeit it by being choked out by an irate Nikki Bella. “The Huggable One” was hoping for a better outcome this week, but was rudely given the opposite, as Kelly Kelly connected with a vicious Discus Punch that knocked out Bayley, allowing for an easy 1-2-3.

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Number One Contenders Match
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder defeated Kazarian & Luke Gallows when Z. Ryder pinned Kaz after a running kick to the head in 12:15.
Rating: ** ¾

After costing Kazarian and Gallows their match against the Tag Team Champions last week, Rex Butler signed an impromptu Number One Contenders Match between these two teams. Kaz and Gallows were obviously out for revenge, after having their chance for a title rematch so rudely taken from them. But, in the end, a running kick to the head took Kaz out of the match. Hawkins cleared the ring as Ryder made the cover, successfully claiming a title match for their team at the British Beatdown special event.

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-Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow asks Television Champion Chris Hero who, if anyone, he’d rather face coming out of tonight’s Number One Contender’s Match. Hero says that both men have qualities that can’t be ignored. First, The Big Show is the largest professional athlete in the world – that means something. There is a long history between he and The Big Show, so it wouldn’t surprise Hero if Show pulled out all the stops tonight. On the other hand, Hero knows what David Otunga can do in the ring. They’ve been tag team partners for a while now, and Hero knows that Otunga doesn’t get the credit he deserves/ He tells Alisha that both men are worthy of being Number One Contender; but he’ll deal with preparing for British Beatdown later tonight.

Number One Contender’s Match
The Big Show pinned David Otunga after a cobra clutch backbreaker in 8:08.
Rating: 3/4

Nearly a month ago, David Otunga used a steel chair to take The Big Show out the Fatal Four Way Number One Contender’s Match heading into the Hollywood Hatred special event. Tonight, with his knee heavily wrapped up, The Big Show was determined to not have history repeat itself. Otunga was looking for his first real chance at singles’ gold in a while, but it wasn’t going to happen tonight, as The Big Show connected with a vicious cobra clutch backbreaker for the victory.

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Bobby Roode defeated Kenny King by count out in 14:22.
Rating: *

[Rhett Titus interfered against Kenny King.]**

Last week, Bobby Roode was granted a rematch against his tag team partner James Storm for the Heavyweight Title at the British Beatdown special event. Whether or not this rivalry over championship gold will truly affect their partnership remains to be seen, but Kenny King knows a thing or two about busting up tag teams. Tonight, King’s former partner RHETT TITUS returned from an injury sustained at the hands of King, to deliver an ounce of payback. Titus jumped the guardrail while Roode had the referee distracted inside the ring, and attacked King, throwing him into the ring post, which allowed Roode to win by count out. After the match, Titus told King that nothing would stop him from kicking King’s ass at British Beatdown!

Card rating: **

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