October 29, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Hartford, CT

Attendance: 8,405

-HWL Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and says that John Cena’s actions last night prove that he is a punk. Angle calls out Cena, saying that he can’t wait until Wicked Games, and wants a piece of Cena right now! Angle stands in the ring, waiting for Cena to appear, and the crowd begins to boo. Angle tells everyone that Cena is scared because he knows that Angle would kick his ass, just like he’s going to do at Wicked Games! Angle says that Peter Bradshaw better pay attention because Angle promises that, if he finds Cena backstage, Cena won’t make it to London. Angle leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

-Returning from commercials, Kurt Angle is shown scouring the parking lot outside the arena. He walks around, calling Cena a coward. Cena jumps Angle from behind from between two vehicles. Cena whips Angle into a parked car; it’s alarm begins to blare! HWL officials quickly rush toward the scene and pull Cena off Angle. Cena bad-mouths Angle as the camera goes to ringside.

Shannon Moore and Eric Young battled to a double count out in 11:14.
Rating: ** 1/2

These two met up a number of weeks ago during a tag team match with their partners Jesse Neal and Ted DiBiase, respectively. They were scheduled to face each other last week, but due to travel issues, Young was able to make it to the show. So, tonight, finally, they squared off. And, it seemed from the start, that something hung on between them from that tag team match. Both men found their way outside the ring, where they continued to brawl until the referee called for the bell, counting both men out! The referee quickly left the ring and separated the two, putting an end to things for the evening. Strong words were shared between them as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

-Kurt Angle is seen getting tended to by the medical staff. They test him for a concussion and ask him a series of questions. Angle stands up and says this is ridiculous, that he’s done. He says he’s fine and walks out of the training room.

-Brie Bella is seen with Alisha Hicks. Brie asks Alisha in ODB is. Where did she come from? What did she do? Why does she think that Brie would be intimidated by anything she says or does? Brie says she’s a three-time Women’s Champion and will not be spoken to like some scared little girl. She says that she’ll do what she wants, when she wants, and if ODB thinks she can stop her, then Brie accepts the challenge for Wicked Games. Brie is asked about the confrontation between her and Leva Bates last week but walks away before answering the question.

Kelly Kelly pinned Leva Bates after a bulldog in 10:37.
Rating: ¼*

Leva Bates came down to the ring, for the first time since joining forces, without Brie Bella. Two weeks ago, Bates and Brie had what some would call a “falling out”, when Leva blamed Brie for costing her a match against Women’s Champion Kaitlyn at Downfall. Leva was at a disadvantage of not having an outside influence at ringside, and quickly fell to a bulldog, allowing Kelly Kelly to pick up the victory.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Kurt Angle is seen walking through the hallway, heading back to his locker room. Angle can be seen wobbling slightly, as he approaches Peter Bradshaw. Bradshaw stops Angle and tells him that he is in no shape to be at the arena, whether he’s in action or not. Bradshaw tells Angle to pack up his things, go back to the hotel, and get some rest. They go their separate ways as the camera goes back to ringside.

Wicked Games Tournament – First Round
Eddie Edwards pinned Matt Morgan after a facebuster in 12:59.
Rating: ** ¾

Both men got a good ovation from the crowd, as they are both from the region. However, in a battle between strength and speed, speed won out tonight. Edwards kicked Morgan and then surprised him with a facebuster for the win. We will find out later tonight whether Edwards will face Bobby Roode or Jay Briscoe in London.

Commercial Break

-A video is played of comments made by Ted DiBiase, last week, saying that he and Eric Young should be Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Titles. When the video ends, Alisha Hicks asks Kazarian and Luke Gallows for a comment. They say that DiBiase and Young can make all the claims they want, but the fact remains that they lost to Kazarian and Gallows weeks ago. Just like them, DiBiase and Young would have to earn it.

Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon defeated Kazarian & Luke Gallows when Cabana pinned Gallows after a kneelift in 10:05.
Rating: ** ½

Kazarian and Gallows have had a rough time as of late in their attempt to gain momentum heading into their Tag Team Title match at Wicked Games. A win over former champions Cabana and Colon would be a huge boost for their confidence, but things did not turn out the way they had hoped. TED DIBIASE and ERIC YOUNG came out to ringside, after hearing the comments that were made before the match, and distracted Kazarian and Gallows. The distraction allowed Gallows to lose focus, as Cabana connected with a kneelift for the victory. After the match, DiBiase and Young celebrated their actions as the show went to commercials.

Commercial Break

-Kurt Angle is seen carrying a bag over his shoulder and the Heavyweight Title over the other. Nothing is said as he steps outside. The announcers wish Angle a speedy recovery from whatever injuries he suffered tonight, as the door closes behind Angle.

-A preview for the final Anarchy before Wicked Games is shown The final two matches to determine who moves on to London will take place, as Steve Corino takes on Alex Riley, and Chris Hero faces Martin Maldonado.

Wicked Games Tournament – First Round
Jay Briscoe defeated Bobby Roode by disqualification in 10:02.
Rating: ** ½
[Cody Rhodes interfered against Jay Briscoe.]

Jay Brisoce made his single debut tonight, after not being in action since his brother, Mark, went down with an injury a number of weeks ago. It was certainly a high-pressure situation in which to make a debut, but Briscoe held his own against the former PCW Heavyweight Champion. But, just when it looked like Briscoe was going to put Roode away, CODY RHODES returned to the HWL, and attacked Briscoe, causing the referee to call for the DQ. After the match, Rhodes rolled out of the ring and stumbled up the ramp, laughing as Roode and the referee looked on in shock. Rhodes raised his arms in the air and made his way to the back as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

John Cena defeated Chris Hero by disqualification in 11:51.
Rating: *** ¼
[Kurt Angle interfered against John Cena.]

Earlier tonight, John Cena attacked Kurt Angle in the parking lot, causing the Heavyweight Champion to suffer concussion-like symptoms throughout the evening. Cena didn’t seem concerned with his actions as he stepped into the ring against Chris Hero in tonight’s event. He looked prepared to send another message to Angle as he hit the F-U on Hero. But, as he went for the pin, KURT ANGLE entered the ring and broke up the pin, attacking Cena. Cena tried to fight back, but Angle connected with an Angle Slam! Angle quickly locked on the Ankle Lock in the center of the ring. HWL officials rushed down and pulled Angle away, as Cena screamed in pain. Angle stood in the corner, surrounded by officials, as Anarchy went off the air.

Card Rating: ** ¾

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