October 30, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Bridgeport, CT

Commentators: Alfred Pressley & James Westerfield
Attendance: 4,000

-Kenny King makes his way down to the ring to start off the program. He grabs a microphone and tells the “truck” to run a video from last week. The video shows Rhett Titus returning from injury to interfere against King and getting him counted out against Bobby Roode. The video ends and, while chuckling, King asks Titus to come out to the ring. After a few minutes, Titus appears and makes his way inside the ring, standing face to face with his former tag team partner. King says he wants to tell Titus, to his face, that he accepts the challenge for British Beatdown. King says that he’s not going to lay a finger on Titus tonight, but promises, in London, he will end Titus’ career. King throws down the microphone and leaves the ring as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

The Great Khali and Jack Swagger battled to a draw in 20:00.
Rating: ¾*

Last week, these two men were in a match that resulted in a double count-out. Commissioner Butler signed this match to better ensure that there would be a winner. However, that wasn’t the case, as neither man was willing to lose to the other. Khali used his size to overpower Swagger for most of the match, but Swagger was determined to not give in. Khali did hit a Punjab Bomb towards the end of the match, but before the referee could count the pinfall, the bell rang signaling the end of the match. After the match, Khali attempted to do further damage to Swagger, but the referee implored the big man to leave the ring.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Nikki Bella is seen with Brooke Barlow. Nikki says that Beth can stand on her morals and claim that she was standing up for herself all she wants. Nikki says none of that will matter, after tonight, because Beth will be gone… and Nikki will be the new Women’s Champion.

Women’s Title Match
© Beth Phoenix pinned Nikki Bella with the Glam Slam in 9:06.
Rating: * ¾
(Beth Phoenix retained the PCW Women’s Championship.)

Nikki Bella was out to send a message to the Women’s division tonight, much like she did last week when she attacked Beth Phoenix and demanded a title shot this week. Phoenix got her retribution at the end of the show last week, accepting Nikki’s challenge. Tonight, the crowd was electric for Beth, knowing that tonight – one way or the other – would be her last appearance in PCW. In what must have been an emotional evening for the “Glamazon”, Phoenix was able to keep her composure and hit not one, but TWO Glam Slams, punctuating her victory tonight. After the match, Beth celebrated her victory as Nikki rolled out of the ring. REX BUTLER came down to the ring and hugged Beth, holding her arm in the air as the crowd cheered. A “thank you, Beth!” chant started as Butler escorted Phoenix out of the ring and up the aisle, as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

-Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder make their way out to the ring as we return from the break. They introduce a video that everyone should see and draws their attention to the Titantron. A video please from earlier today, of Hawkins and Ryder attacking Martin Kirby and Wade Barrett backstage. When the video ends, they tell the crowd they are out to challenge Kirby and Barrett for the Tag Team Titles tonight, instead of waiting until British Beatdown. So, if Kirby and Barrett want their revenge, there’s only one way to get it!

This quickly brings out the Tag Team Champions, who rush down to the ring and accept the challenge.

Tag Team Title Match
© The British Bad Guys (Martin Kirby & Wade Barrett) defeated Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder when W. Barrett pinned C. Hawkins with the Wasteland in 10:27.
Rating: ** ¼
(The British Bad Guys retained the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

Kirby and Barrett had no other option but to give Hawkins and Ryder a title shot tonight, if for no other reason than to get them inside the ring and enact some retaliation for the events from earlier in the day. The champions were certainly not at 100 percent coming into the match, but knowing that their titles were on the line, they fought tooth and nail. Hawkins and Ryder have showed progress since coming to the PCW, but tonight, even with the underhanded tactics they took before the show, they were unable to put the champions away. Barrett hit the Wasteland on Hawkins for the victory and another successful title defense for the British Bad Guys.

Commercial Break

-Brooke Barlow is with The Big Show as we return from the break. Show promises that, after he beats James Storm – and reminds everyone of how dominant he truly is, he will end Chris Hero’s reign as Television Champion at British Beatdown.

Non-Title Match
David Otunga pinned © Chris Hero with the Verdict in 12:14.
Rating: ***

After hearing that warning from The Big Show, Chris Hero stepped into the ring with his friend and tag team partner, who came up short last week for a shot at facing Hero at British Beatdown. However, after tonight, Otunga may have earned himself a shot if Hero is able to retain the title next Saturday night. After the match, Otunga and Hero shook hands in the center of the ring.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
The Big Show pinned © James Storm with the Choke Slam in 15:14.
Rating: *** ¼

The Big Show made his intentions very clear earlier in the evening, and a victory over the current Heavyweight Champion would go a long way to proving those intentions correct. Show, the longest reigning Heavyweight Champion in PCW history, is no stranger to holding championship gold. He is set to challenge for the TV Title next Saturday night against Chris Hero, who lost in the match before this one. As Heavyweight Champion, there is a lot of pressure on the holder of that title to take on challengers in all shapes and sizes. That’s what Storm was doing tonight, taking on the largest athlete in professional wrestling. The crowd knew he would be at a disadvantage tonight, and they were fully behind The Tennessee Cowboy. However, no matter what Storm tried to do, he was unable to get the best of the bigger man and succumbed to a Choke Slam.

Card rating: ** ¾

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