October 31, 2010 - HWL DOWNFALL - Sydney, AUS

HWL Downfall PPV
October 31, 2010
Acer Arena - Sydney, Australia
(Attendance: 7,862)

//Dark Matches:

Daffney defeated Gail Kim by disqualification in 0:06:22.
Rating: * ¼
[Velvet Sky interfered against Daffney.]

[8-Man Battle Royal]:
AJ Styles won an 8-man Battle Royal:
X Yoshi Tatsu threw out T. DiBiase in 0:01:53.
X. Kaz threw out MVP after a body slam in 0:02:29.
X T. Dreamer through out Abyss in 0:02:36
X Kaz threw out T. Dreamer after a head and arm suplex in 0:04:52
X AJ Styles threw out E. Bourne in 0:08:03
X Kaz threw out Y. Tatsu in 0:09:36.
X Styles threw out Kaz after an armbar submission in 0:10:52.
Rating: ** ¾//


— “Another Way to Die” by Disturbed plays as fireworks shoot off inside the Acer Arena. The camera pans around the audience as the smoke clears; Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Sydney, Australia for “Downfall”. They announce the seven matches on tonight’s card, and say that a lot of questions will be answered by the end of the event. They then send it to ringside for the opening contest.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan was hoping to step into the ring with Steve Corino tonight, but at bell time Corino had yet to renew his contract. So, tonight, the unfortunate honor fell onto O’Reilly’s shoulders. O’Reilly had a rough welcoming to the HWL on Monday night, and things didn’t get much better tonight, as Morgan quickly made an example of the newcomer, using his size and power to complete overmatch O’Reilly. Morgan put O’Reilly away with a vertical suplex side slam for the quick victory. After the match, Morgan grabbed O’Reilly and connect with the Hellavator in the center of the ring!

Matt Morgan pinned Kyle O’Reilly after a vertical suplex side slam in 0:01:54.
Rating: * ¼

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with The Usos and Tamina. Tamina, says that The Jimmy and Jey have had their ups and downs during their time in the HWL, but that keeping Alex Shelley and Randy Orton from competing for the Tag Team Titles tonight was their first major success since their debut. She says that tonight, all they need to do is beat Shelley and Orton, and they will on their way to challenging for the Tag Team Titles.

— Standing outside their locker room, in another area backstage, Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, and Natalya hold their respective titles in full view of the camera. Natalya says that it has been a while since they all held gold in the HWL together, but even after a short separation from the Women’s Title, The Hart Dynasty has reclaimed their spot as the most dominating faction in the HWL. She says that Kidd and Hart are the current, and longest-reigning Tag Team Champions, and that she is the most dominant Vixen to ever enter an HWL ring. She says that tonight, Sarita will get her chance to win back the title, but that there is no guarantee that she’ll even come close.

“The Viper” Randy Orton/Alex Shelley vs. The Usos (w/Tamina)

The crowd in Sydney was absolutely stunned tonight at how quickly this match came to an end.
Jimmy Uso connected with a surprise Superkick on Randy Orton, and connected with the Superfly Splash to big up the huge victory. After the match, Jimmy and Jey fled the ring, and celebrated with Tamina. At ringside, Alex Shelley stood on the apron, looking at Orton in complete - and utter - shock.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) defeated Randy Orton & Alex Shelley when Jimmy pinned R. Orton with the Superfly Splash in 0:00:50.
Rating: *

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Sarita, who says that she has never been shy about giving Natalya the credit she deserves, and that it’s true: she is the most dominating Vixen in the HWL. But she says that she was able to win the title once before, and that she’s not happy with just having one title reign. Sarita says that her chances of winning the title are just as good as Natalya’s chances of retaining. Sarita says that, as she’s proven before, anything is possible…

— Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith are seen, on their way to the stage area, when they are stopped by Tim Hanson. Hanson asks what they think about the comments made by Brutus Magnus Monday night, on Anarchy. David Hart Smith says that Magnus can say whatever he wants: about finding the weakness in Smith and Kidid, or about how he and Rob Terry are going to be stronger then he and Doug Williams ever could be. But, nothing he says will change the fact that Smith and Kidd have been dominating the tag team division for months, and that until some “serious competition” arrives in the HWL, they will remain tag team champions.

HWL Women’s Title Match
Sarita vs. © Natalya

Continuing with the theme of tonight’s event, Natalya retained her title in very quick fashion, reversing a DDT attempt into a small package. Natalya appeared to have grabbed Sarita’s tights as the referee counted to three, and quickly rolled out of the ring after the match. Sarita sat on her knees, pleading with the referee, as Natalya made her way up the ramp, celebrating her victory.

Natalya pinned Sarita after a small package in 0:00:22.
Rating: *
(Natalya retained the HWL Women’s Title.)

— Backstage, “The Big Red Monster” Kane is shown entering the arena. Daniels and Michaels discuss the magnitude of tonight’s main event, saying that it could be Kane’s last shot at the Heavyweight Title, if Desmond Wolfe retains.

— In another area backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Angelina Love, who says that she needs to talk to Peter Bradshaw about allowing her to bring protection out to the ring tonight. Love says that Velvet Sky has absolutely gone crazy with jealousy, because she no longer has Love to help her out. Angelina says that she needs protection, because it’s obvious that Velvet is not in a good state of mind; and that she could’ve killed Natalya on Monday night, had the referee not intervened. Angelina says that she’s fearing for her safety, and if anything happens, she’s going straight to Bradshaw’s office.

HWL Tag Team Title Match
The British Invasion vs. © The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya)

The tone for this match had been set since the day The British Invasion won the right to challenge for the titles. The battle between these two teams started backstage, with a war of words, and finally came to a combustible conclusion tonight. For weeks, The British Invasion had claimed to have found the “weakness” in The Hart Dynasty; and the champions had stuck to the point that they had beaten every team that had gotten in their way. Tonight, the champions proved their point in impressive fashion. Both teams battled it out throughout the match; and thanks to some quick thinking by Brutus Magnus, Rob Terry was able to kick out of a pinfall attempt before the time limit expired. But, with the titles on the line, the referee allowed the match to continue. And , shortly after that, Tyson Kidd connected with the Springboard Hart Attack to pick up the victory.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) defeated The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry) when T. Kidd pinned Magnus after the Springboard Hart Attack in 0:23:12.
Rating: *** ¾
(The Hart Dynasty retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Velvet Sky - who gets a big ovation from the crowd. Velvet says that Angelina has the two of them confused, as far as jealousy is concerned. She says that weeks ago, Angelina gave her a pep-tallk, because Velvet was having trouble coping with her losing record. Now, Velvet says, Angelina is having trouble dealing with knowing that Velvet took her advice, and is making something of herself in the HWL. Velvet says that she is furious, and that tonight, there is nowhere for Angelina to run and hide.

— X-Division Champion, D’Angelo Dinero, is seen walking around backstage, when he is approached by Tim Hanson, who asks for a response to the statements made by Mr. Anderson, Monday night on Anarchy. Dinero says that Mr. Anderson’s ego is causing him to say and think things that just aren’t true. Dinero says that Mr. Anderson was right about one thing: he didn’t show any “will” toward actually earning his title shot tonight; but, that the only reason he’s getting the match, is to see if he can truly back up all the garbage that comes out of his mouth.

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky

Velvet started off the match strong, proving that Angelina really had no place to hide, hitting her former partner with any kind of offense she could muster. Angelina was able to fight back, but sensing her offense wasn’t working, she “inadvertently” bumped into the referee, allowing her to go after Velvet more aggressively. But, Velvet was able to fight back again, keeping herself out of harm’s way as the referee got back to his feet; Velvet hit the Beauty Mark for the 1-2-3. After the match, Velvet celebrated with the fans at ringside as Angelina slowly got to her feet.

Velvet Sky pinned Angelina Love with the Beauty Mark in 0:06:54.
Rating: *** ¼

— Tim Hanson is seen backstage with Desmond Wolfe, who has the HWL Heavyweight Title around his waist. Wolfe says that the feud between him and “The Big Red Monster” Kane has been well documented over the past few months, and that its done nothing but get more and more heated over the past few weeks. But, Wolfe says that tonight the time for talk is over, and that it’s only a matter of time before they prove who wants the Heavyweight Title more. Wolfe says that Kane has been very destructive since earning his title shot, but that Wolfe has the ability - and will ultimately - beat Kane again.

— A preview for the next HWL pay-per-view, Wicked Games, is shown. Daniels and Michaels describe the event as an eight-man tournament which will crown the winner as the Number One Contender for the HWL Heavyweight Title. The event will take place on November 28th, live from Los Angeles, California.

X-Division Title Match
Mr. Anderson vs. © “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Lots of back and forth action to start off this match, as both men struggled for position. Dinero was able to secure the advantage after surprising Anderson with a legsweep. Anderson was able to fight back, after cutting short a series of jabs, with a low blow that was unseen by the referee. Anderson tried to put Dinero away, but was unable to get the three-count. Dinero fought back, and reversed Anderson into the turnbuckle before connecting with the DDE out of nowhere, and covered Anderson for another successful title defense. After the match, Dinero rolled out of the ring, and celebrated with the fans at ringside while holding the X-Division Title high in the air.

D’Angelo Dinero pinned Mr. Anderson with the DDE in 0:07:36.
(D’Angelo Dinero retained the HWL X-Division Title.)

— Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with “The Big Red Monster” Kane, who says that he has said enough about what his plans are for Desmond Wolfe tonight. Kane agrees that the time for talking as come to an end; and now it’s a matter of who wants the Heavyweight Title bad enough. Kane says that he has come up short in his two other chances, but that he will not allow his third - and final - chance end in failure.

— A recap is played, highlighting the events that have taken place so far during tonight’s event. Daniels and Michaels say they are shocked at the quickness of the matches that started off the event, but say that the crowd has seemingly been enjoying themselves since the Hart Dynasty was able to retain their Tag Team Titles. They say that everything tonight has been leading up to one moment: Kane versus Desmond Wolfe, for the HWL Heavyweight Title… which is next!

HWL Heavyweight Title Match
“The Big Red Monster” Kane vs. © Desmond Wolfe

A lot of pent-up frustration - and pure hatred - had been building since this match was announced, just over a month ago; and tonight, both of these men went out to prove that they were truly better then one another. They jockeyed for position for the opening minutes of the match, but Wolfe was able to garner a little bit of offense… never getting enough to keep Kane down on the canvas. Kane was able to fight back throughout the match, and nearly picked up the victory after hitting a power slam in the center of the ring. He then attempted the Choke Slam From Hell, but Wolfe was able to fight his way out of the hold, continuing the match. Wolfe was able to gain a little more strength after hitting a short lariat, that appeared to have hit Kane in the jaw; the bigger opponent seemed to stumble around on his feet after the contact. This opened up the opportunity that Wolfe needed, and he connected with the Jawbreaker Lariat to pick up the victory! After the match, Wolfe crumpled onto the canvas with the Heavyweight Title, as Daniels and Michaels reminded everyone that Kane was no longer allowed to challenger for the Heavyweight Title for as long as Wolfe was Champion. They hoped everyone would join them tomorrow night for Anarchy before signing off for the evening.

Desmond Wolfe pinned Kane with the Jawbreaker Lariat in 0:17:04.
Rating: *** ¼
(Desmond Wolfe retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Card Rating: ** ¾

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