October 31, 2011

Xcel Energy Center
Attendance: 12,464 (69%)

As Anarchy begins, Josh Daniels is shown standing in the center of the ring. Daniels announces that, in the weeks leading up to the Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Title at Wicked Games, he will have an in-ring interview with all three participants in the match. Daniels says that this will be a chance for them to give the fans their perspective heading into the main event on November 20th. Daniels introduces his first guest, the Heavyweight Champion, AJ STYLES.

Styles makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair and Chelsea, and Scott Michaels mentions the fact that the rest of The Conglomerate is nowhere to be found. All three enter the ring, and allow the boos to settle, before Daniels begins the interview. Daniels asks AJ about the events that took place at Downfall, when Martin Maldonado interfered, allowing AJ to retain the title. Styles tells Daniels that he is the most-decorated champion in the history of the HWL, and that is a fact that no one can argue. AJ says that he has surrounded himself with people that will stop at nothing to make sure the title stays around his waist; and that's exactly what Ric Flair did at Downfall. AJ says that he and Ric agreed to find someone that would be willing to do anything to get themselves a Heavyweight Title Match… and that man just happened to be Kurt Angle. 

Daniels then asks AJ what his thoughts were about Kurt Angle, and the events that led to Styles getting pinned by CM Punk, allowing Punk to enter the main event at Wicked Games. AJ shakes his head and says that he and Flair knew going in that Angle was going to play by his own rules, because he was a former Heavyweight Champion. But, Styles says that Angle crossed a line last week, by getting in the way. Styles says that Angle already had the match he wanted, but because he couldn't just sit by and let the "real" Champion do what he does best, Angle not only made the match at Wicked Games harder for Styles, but for himself, too. 

Daniels finishes off the interview, asking a question that has been asked for a week: why did AJ attack Randy Orton? With a smile, AJ says that this is the time of year when 18 people think they have a chance to step into the ring with the Heavyweight Champion. AJ says that he was just sending out a reminder to everyone who was "elite", and who wasn't, in the HWL. With that, AJ, Flair and Chelsea leave the ring, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Alisha Hicks is seen with Brutus Magnus, backstage, as Anarchy returns. Hicks congradulates Magnus on his victory over #1-seeded Chris Hero last week, and asks how he feels knowing that he will face Randy Orton in tihe quarterfinals at Wicked Games. Magnus says that no one thought that he would amount to much since coming back, especially now that Rob Terry has aligned himself with The Conglomerate, leaving Magnus to fend for himself. He says that he's already shown that he can handle the challenge of facing two men at one time, which he did when he beat Jeff Hardy and Rami Sebei at Downfall. Magnus also says that he's been a former Tag Team Champion, and he knows what it's like to be on the top of the mountain. Magnus says that there's no doubt that Randy Orton is going to be a challenge, but he feels up for it. 

Kaz vs. Rob Terry (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea)

Peter Bradshaw signed this match after witnessing the interference Kaz and Evan Bourne caused during The Conglomerate's tag team match last week. Bourne, who is still injured had to sit out this match, meaning his partner Kaz was forced to step into the ring with a very upset “Freak”. Kaz came out strong, using his speed to get the better of the bigger man, until he missed with a clothesline. Terry capitalized, hitting a bodyslam, and then methodically using his size and power to wear down Kaz. Kaz tried to fight back throughout the match, even connecting with the Wave of the Future on the concrete floor! But, with Flair and Chelsea at ringside, there was no chance that Terry would go down like that. Flair helped Terry back into the ring, keeping the match alive. Moments late, Kaz went for the WOTF again, but Terry ducked, and quickly hit the Freakbuster for the 1-2-3.

Rob Terry pinned Kaz with the Freakbuster in 0:10:48.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Rob Terry stayed in the ring, stomping Kaz on the canvas, as EVAN BOURNE ran down to the ring. His arm in a sling, Bourne was stopped by Flair and Chelsea as Terry finished his attack by hitting a second Freakbuster. Bourne stared at Terry, who flexed his muscles in the ring. Suddenly, from behind, ADAM COLE runs down the ramp, and smashes the X-Division Title into the back of Bourne's head! Cole begins to attack Bourne – focusing on his injured arm – as HWL officials rush down to break it up. Cole is pulled away, while The Conglomerate looks down at Bourne, as Anarchy went to commercials.

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Again, Alisha Hicks is seen backstage, as Anarchy returns - this time with the Women's Champion, Velvet Sky. Hicks asks Velvet how it feels to be a two-time champion, and Velvet says that it's the greatest feeling in the world! Velvet says that she knew that she wasn't going to be a fluke, one-time champion, when she won the title earlier this year; and that it was only a matter of time before she got the belt back. Hicks then asks how Velvet feels knowing that Brie Bella appears deadset on winning the title back. Velvet starts to look around, nervously, before saying that if Brie Bella wants a crack at taking the title back, then Brie knows where to find her. The interview abruptly ends as Velvet walks away, clutching the title belt to her chest.

Wicked Games Tournament – Round One
Jeff Hardy vs. Ken Anderson

The former “Enigmatic Assholes” met in this week's first Wicked Games Tournament match. Hardy came into the match after teaming with Rami Sebei to defeat Brutus Magnus in a Handicap Match at Downfall. Anderson, on the other hand, came into this match after coming up short in his bid to stop CM Punk's ascent to the Heavyweight Title Match. In the past few weeks, Anderson has struggled with his technique inside the ring, and tonight seemed to be no different. Moments after the match started, Anderson took matter outside the ring, and connected with the Mic Check onto concrete floor! Anderson rolled Hardy into the ring, and went for the cover, but Hardy was able to kick out before three. Hardy spent most of the match trying to recover from the move, and found his opening when he escaped from another Mic Check attempt. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate before heading outside to grab a steel chair. With the chair in the ring, Hardy DDT'd Anderson onto it, before hitting the Swanton Bomb for the 1-2-3!

[Wicked Games Tournament – Round One]:
Jeff Hardy pinned Ken Anderson with the Swanton Bomb in 0:10:03.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Hardy jumped onto the turnbuckles, posing, as the crowd cheered his victory. Hardy left the ring as the referee checked on Anderson, still laying on the canvas, holding his midsection.

Commercial Break

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring, as Anarchy returns from commercials. A clip is shown of Rhodes's interaction with Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado from last week. Rhodes watches the clip before saying that he's out here, not to challenge Maldonado - because he has already done that - but to make a promise to him. Rhodes says that, since Kurt Angle is protecting Maldonado, Rhodes isn't going to push the issue. He says that Angle knows they screwed Rhodes out of the Heavyweight Title at Downfall; and just like Randy Orton, Rhodes wants a chance to get into the ring and settle the score. He says that Maldonado can run and use Angle to guard him all he wants, but that if all things go well, they are headed on a collison course to meet, in the ring, at Wicked Games. Rhodes says he hopes Maldonado wins his match next week, because when they meet, he will not only end his chances of getting anywhere near the Heavyweight Title, but will do far more damage than Randy Orton did at Downfall. Rhodes leaves the ring as Daniels says that Rhodes looks like a man on a mission. Scott Michaels says that Maldonado and Angle just keep digging themselves into a bigger hole as the weeks go by. 

Commercial Break

Colt Cabana/Yoshi Tatsu vs. Kurt Angle/Martin Maldonado

Clearly fueled by the comments made by Cody Rhodes earlier in the night, Angle and Maldonado came out looking to send a message to the former Heavyweight Champion. Cabana and Tatsu got in some decent offense throughout the match, but it was spotty at best, as they were hugely overmatched in this contest. Angle stood back, intervening when he thought necessary, but he mostly allowed Maldonado to do the dirty work. And, he didn't disappoint, as he put away Yoshi with the Gringo Killa for the 1-2-3.

Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado defeated Colt Cabana & Yoshi Tatsu when Maldonado pinned Yoshi with the Gringo Killa in 0:12:43.

After the match, Maldonado left the ring as he and Angle quickly headed up the ramp. Josh mentioned that they appeared to have just come out and did their job, but that their main focus was somewhere else. Scott said that he hoped Cody Rhodes was watching the match, along with whoever Maldonado's opponent would be, next week, in the Wicked Games Tournament.

After the match, Alisha Hicks is shown backstage, with Shane Hagadorn and David Otunga. Alisha asks how Chris Hero is doing, after his match against Brutus Magnus last week. Hagadorn says that he called Chris Wednesday, and that the doctors have diagnosed him with a concussion. Hagadorn says that Hero is resting at home, and that he is doing everything the doctors ask of him, in the hopes that he can return to the ring as soon as possible. Hagadorn says that Hero's first order of business, when he returns, will be getting back into the ring with Brutus Magnus - the man responsible for putting him on the shelf. 

Alisha then asks if Hero's condition will put a hold on the A-List Knockouts' rematch with Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards for the Tag Team Titles. Hagadorn says that Hero and Otunga are guaranteed a rematch, so Corino and Edwards know they're coming after them - it's just a matter of when, not if. Hagadorn and Otunga leave the scene as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Alisha Hicks is seen, backstage with X-Division Champion Adam Cole, as Anarchy returns. Hicks says that Evan Bourne, who was injured during his match last week against Randy Orton, has issued a challenge to Cole, for an X-Division Title rematch, for two weeks from tonight. Smiling, Cole says that it's a shame that Bourne had to get injured the way he did last week, because he will lose out on two weeks of training that he apparently needs. Cole says that Bourne got to experience what it's like to be X-Division Champion long enough, and that any hopes of him ever winning the title again will vanish in two weeks. Cole accepts Bourne's challenge, and says that there is no holding back in these matches. Cole says that Bourne better make sure he's prepared to risk his injured arm, because he might find himself out of action for a lot longer. Cole walks away as J.D. says that Cole sounds determined to keep the title. S.M. says that he doesn't like the fact that Bourne will go into the match with an injury, something that Cole can seriously capitalize on. 

Wicked Games Tournament – Round One
Eddie Edwards vs. David Otunga (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Eight days after facing off against each other, as part of the Tag Team Title Match at Downfall, Eddie Edwards and David Otunga squared off for the right to advance in the Wicked Games Tournament. Edwards, hoping to play mind games with the “A-List Superstar”, came to the ring with the HWL Tag Team Title draped over his shoulder. This plan would backfire, late in the match, as Shane Hagadorn grabbed the title and started running up the ramp with it. Edwards turned his attention away from Otunga, which led to him getting hit with The Verdict. But, instead of going for the pinfall, Hagadorn instructed Otunga to “finish” Edwards. Otunga lifted Edwards into the air with a Gorilla Press – as Hagadorn held the Tag Team Title where Edwards could see it – before Otunga dropped him to the canvas. Otunga covered Edwards as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

[Wicked Games Tournament – Round One]
David Otunga pinned Eddie Edwards after a Gorilla Press in 0:08:10.
Rating: * ¾

After the match, Hagadorn tossed the Tag Team Title belt into the ring, and promised that the A-List Knockouts would be Tag Team Champions very, very soon.

Commercial Break

Chris Hero (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Cody Rhodes

Last week, Chris Hero lost his number one seed in the Wicked Games tournament. Tonight, he got the chance to show what he could do against the former Heavyweight Champion. And, with Shane Hagadorn at ringside – and as the crowd saw earlier in the night – anything could happen. This time around, though, Hagadorn kept himself at bay, wanting to see the “Knockout Kid” pull off a huge victory. The match was a struggle for both men, as neither one could gain serious control. Both men hit a barrage of power moves, getting a number of near falls. But, in the end, Rhodes ducked a loaded elbow by Hero, and connected with the Cross Rhodes for the win!

Cody Rhodes pinned Chris Hero with the Cross Rhodes in 0:12:08.
Rating: *** ¾

After the match, as Cody made his way up the ramp, MARTIN MALDONADO appeared on-stage, stopping Rhodes progress. Without hesitation, Rhodes goes after Maldonado, and the two men begin brawling on the ramp! Maldonado throws Rhodes into the titantron, but Rhodes continues to fight back as HWL officials attempt to break things up. When the officials separate both men, KURT ANGLE appeared, and led Maldonado to the back, as Rhodes fumed on-stage. Josh said that things between these two are really heating up, and that next week will determine whether or not they meet one-on-one in Charlotte.

Card rating: *** ¼

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