October 5, 2009 - Monday Night Anarchy - Albany, NY

Scheduled Card:
Cheech vs. CM Punk (Tournament match)
Daizee Haze vs. (c) Tara (Women's Title Match)
Dark City Fight Club vs. (c) Randy Orton/Austin Aires (Non-title Match)
Tyson Kidd vs. Kurt Angle (Tournament Match)
Brent Albright vs. Matt Morgan

(0:00 - 0:02) A video package is shown of last week's MONDAY NIGHT ANARCHY showing Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash on Tyson Kidd and picking up the victory in the main event.

(0:02 - 0:07) The opening video package for MONDAY NIGHT ANARCHY plays with "Hero" by Pop Evil playing in the background. As the video ends, Greg Daniels and Chris Michaels welcome the at-home audience to Albany, just 20 days away from "No Justice" in Indianapolis. The announce that, later tonight, Daizee Haze will take on Tara for the Women's Champion after defeating Melina, last week, to become Number One Contender. They also announce that the first round of the tournament to determine the Heavyweight Title contender will begin tonight with two matches.

(0:07 - 0:15) Matt Morgan's entrance plays as he makes his way to the ring in a TAPOUT T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and boots. He shrugs off the boos from the crowd as he steps into the ring and grabs a microphone from the time keeper. Morgan starts off by saying that there are a lot of things going on in the life of "The Blueprint" as it pertains to the Horizon Wrestling League. Two weeks ago, at Fully Loaded, he says he was screwed out of the Heavyweight Title by Consequences Creed - who couldn't keep his emotions in check. Morgan then says that Creed knows what he has in store for him in just a couple weeks, when they step into the ring at NO JUSTICE. He says that Creed should hope that something happens to Morgan before October 25th, because if he shows up in Indianapolis, Creed's career in the HWL will be over.

Smiling at the boos from the crowd, Morgan then says that Consquences Creed wasn't the only person he wanted to discuss. He says that there's a man in the back that is currently holding something that doesn't belong to him. Morgans repeats what he said last week, in that Styles couldn't have defeated him without help from Creed; and that he proved that a while ago. He promises to watch the up-coming tournament just to see who will have win the shot at Styles at NO JUSTICE. Morgan then says that even though he'll be busy on October 25th, he has every intention on regaining the Heavyweight Title when he has finished with Consequences Creed.

This brings out Consequences Creed, wearing his wrestling attire and a black "Lethal Consequences" T-shirt. He makes his way down to the ring and gets into the face of Morgan before grabbing the microphone from "The Blueprint". Creed says he's shocked at how cocky Morgan is, thinking that he can just disregard their up-coming match at NO JUSTICE. He says he shouldn't be suprised by it, because that's all Morgan has done since he arrived in the HWL: laughed off any real threats to his toughness. Creed questions Morgan's ability to defeat AJ Styles, saying he had to use the ring bell to do it last month; and that, had it not been for Creed's interference as FULLY LOADED, he thinks AJ would've won the belt anyway. Creed asks Morgan what makes him think what happened to him at FULLY LOADED wouldn't happen again at NO JUSTICE. Creed drops the microphone and pulls off his T-shirt as Morgan smirks and the crowd goes crazy.

However, before anything can happen, HWL General Manager, Randal Baker appears on-stage in a business suit, with a microphone of his own. He says that he is ecstatic to see the kind of emotion flowing through Creed's body, but that it'll do him no good to release it tonight… to wait until the match actually matters at NO JUSTICE. He then says that Creed has been given the night off, and asks that he pack his things and head back to the hotel for the rest of the evening. Baker then says that, unlike Creed, "The Blueprint" will be in action tonight, taking on Brent Albright in the main event. Baker then wishes the crowd a good evening and walks off-stage. Creed and Morgan glare at each other as ANARCHY goes to commercials.

(0:15 - 0:19) Commercial Break

(0:19 - 0:30) Cheech vs. CM Punk — #1 Contender Tournament - Round One —

(0:30 - 0:34) Commercial Break

(0:34 - 0:38) As ANARCHY returns, Alisha Hicks is shown backstage with a physically upset Matt Morgan. Morgan says that he can see right through Randal Baker and what he's trying to pull; that he's trying to make things easier for Consequences Creed at NO JUSTICE. He says that Baker is hoping he can wear Morgan down in the hopes that Creed will pick up the victory. Morgan then says that all Baker is doing is enfuriating "The Blueprint", and that tonight, he'll take that anger out on Brent Albright.

(0:38 - 0:45) Daizee Haze vs. (c) Tara — Women's Title Match —

(0:45 - 0:49) Commercial Break

(0:49 - 1:04) PPV Promo

(1:04 - 1:08) Commercial Break

(1:08 - 1:23) Dark City Fight Club vs. (c) Randy Orton/Austin Aires — Non-title Match —

(1:23 - 1:27) Commercial Break

(1:27 - 1:32) Next Week Set-Up

(1:32 - 1:42) Tyson Kidd vs. Kurt Angle — Tournament Match —

(1:42 - 1:46) Commercial Break

(1:46 - 2:01) Brent Albright vs. Matt Morgan

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