September 05, 2011

[color=Red]Monday Night Anarchy
September 5, 2011
Telefonica Arena - Madrid, Spain
Attendance: 7,174 (70%)[/color]

“The Viper” comes down to the ring, to a huge roar of cheers from the crowd, and reminds everyone that he and Kurt Angle have had a long history during their time in the HWL. Orton says that if there’s anyone in the HWL that knows Kurt Angle, and knows where Angle is hiding something, it’s him. Orton says that it was clear on Angle’s face, that every time he answered one of Peter Bradshaw’s question, he was speaking the truth. Orton says that he has never known Kurt Angle to lie, and that it wasn’t hard to hide the fact that Angle wanted Orton out of the HWL, because Angle thought of him as a threat. Even when Angle was Heavyweight Champion, he knew that Orton was just “this close”… and, because of that, Angle wanted to end Orton’s career. Orton says the question wasn’t answered, and that whether the answer was yes or not, it doesn’t matter. To Orton, Angle was either behind the wheel of the car that hit him at Unbreakable; or Angle knows damn well who was. Either way, Orton says, all the cards are being laid out on the table; and at Hostile Takeover, everything will be revealed.

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Backstage, Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry are seen exiting The Conglomerate’s locker room, when they are blindsided by Chris Hero! Hero gets the better of them at first, but the tide finally turns, until David Otunga returns to even the score. HWL officials break up the fight, as Peter Bradshaw approaches, furious. He says that he will not tolerate this kind of behavior; and that if Chris Hero wants to fight, then he will get his chance - against Skip Sheffield - later tonight.

[b]Rami Sebei vs. William Regal[/b]

Tonight’s opening match was a clash of two very different wrestling styles as the high-flyer Sebei went up against the old-school mat wrestling of the veteran, Regal. Sebei was quickly grounded as ROB TERRY and SKIP SHEFFIELD made their way down to ringside, just moments after the bell, and repeatedly interfered on behalf of Regal. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels questioned what motives the former Tag Team champs had, while Sebei heroically fought them off, and was able to hit the Brainbustah to pick up the 1-2-3.

[b]Rami Sebi pinned William Regal with the Brainbustah in 0:13:05.
Rating: ** ¾
[Rob Terry and Skip Sheffield interfered against Rami Sebei.][/b]

[quote] After the match, Terry and Sheffield re-enter the ring and throw Regal over the top rope, before starting in on Sebei again. Moments later, CM PUNK runs down to the ring, and brawls with both men, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Sebei rolls out of the ring as Punk continues to land kicks and punches to both bigger men. With both Sheffield and Terry wheeling, Punk slides out of the ring, and he and Sebei make their way up the ramp to a tremendous applause. Inside the ring, Terry and Sheffield take their frustration out on the turnbuckles, while on the stage, Sebei offers his hand in thanks to Punk, only to have Punk snub him, and start walking backstage. “Anarchy” goes to commercials as Sebei stares at the curtain in question. [/quote]

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[b]Maryse/Daffney vs. The Bella Twins[/b]

Last week, Daffney let her anger toward the Women’s Champion - Brie Bella - get the better of her as she went on a rampage, attacking Brie’s sister, Nikki, after their match. Tonight, The Bellas teamed up to take on Daffney and Maryse, with the twins both wanting to get a piece of the “Demonic Princess”. Maryse and Daffney, however, controlled most of the match, until a brawl ensued inside the ring, and Brie Bella was able to toss Daffney outside the ring. With the two of them fighting each other outside the ring, Nikki connected with the Bella Buster to pick up the 1-2-3.

[b]The Bella Twins (Brie and Nikki) defeated Maryse & Daffney when Nikki pinned Maryse with the Bella Buster in 0:11: 34.
Rating: *[/b]

[quote] After the match, still outside the ring, Daffney ducks a clothesline and whips Brie Bella into the ring apron, before running away from ringside as the crowd boos. Brie Bella exit’s the ring, and checks on her sister, as “Anarchy” goes to commercials. [/quote]

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Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, comes out to the ring with fellow Conglomerate members Matt Morgan, Ric Flair and Chelsea. Styles says that, last week, Ken Anderson came out and demanded to face him for the Heavyweight Title at Hostile Takeover, and that Styles wasn’t sure if he should take him seriously or not because Styles has never thought of Anderson as a threat to him or anyone else holding a title. Styles says that, because of Anderson and his ability to crack under the pressure, they were never able to win the Tag Team Titles.

This brings out Anderson, who comes down to the ring and gets into Styles’s face. Anderson said that for months he watched Styles’s back, and stood in the shadows as Flair and everyone else kissed Styles’s ass. Anderson said that he knew Styles never trusted him as a tag team partner, and that he couldn’t be happier that he no longer has to deal with everyone doing what they can to make AJ the main focus. Anderson says even AJ knows that, if it weren’t for Flair and the rest of his yes men, Styles wouldn’t be the one holding the Heavyweight Title.

This infuriates Styles, who pushes Anderson into the ring ropes. Anderson, in return, punches Styles in the jaw, dropping him to the canvas before an all-out brawl ensues. Styles rolls out of the ring as Anderson takes on Flair and Morgan. Anderson ducks a clothesline from Morgan, before tossing him over the top rope. Morgan joins Styles on the ramp as Anderson and Flair brawl in the ring. Anderson connects with a right, before whipping Flair into the ropes; but Flair holds on and slides out of the ring as the crowd goes crazy.

As Anderson watches from the ring, Peter Bradshaw appears on-stage, shocking the Conglomerate. Bradshaw says that every one of the HWL fans - including himself - would love to see to what happens when two former tag team partners step into the ring, and fight for the right to be called the HWL Heavyweight Champion. Bradshaw then signs a match between Styles and Anderson for the main event at Hostile Takeover. Bradshaw walks away from the stage, with the crowd going crazy, as Flair, Styles and Morgan look on in stunned silence. In the ring, Anderson smiles as “Anarchy” goes to commercials.

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[b]Kaz/Evan Bourne vs. AJ Styles/Rob Terry[/b]

A few weeks ago, at Unbreakable, Evan Bourne became a target of Ric Flair and the rest of his stable, as Flair helped Matt Morgan eliminate Bourne during the #1 Contender’s Match. Tonight, Bourne and Kaz were given the chance to step into the ring with Matt Morgan’s partners in crime - including the Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. Styles was forced to do a lot of the work tonight, as Rob Terry had fallen victim to an attack by Chris Hero and David Otunga earlier in the night. With Styles and the other two in the ring, the match was very fast paced, with plenty of near-falls. Styles got a little help from the outside as Flair made his presence known during the match. At the end of the match, Kaz tossed Styles through the ropes and connected with a plancha off the top rope that sent Styles head-first into the guardrail, opening up a small gash above his eye. The match quickly turned into an all out brawl as the referee counted out both men.

[b]Kaz & Evan Bourne and AJ Styles & Rob Terry battled to a double-countout in 0:19:04.
Rating: ** ¾
[Ric Flair interfered against Evan Bourne.][/b]

[quote] After the match, with all four men brawling at ringside, Ken Anderson rand down to the ring to join the madness. Quickly, Skip Sheffield and Matt Morgan made their way down, out-numbering the others, and quickly taking advantage. The crowd gave off a huge pop as Rami Sebei ran down from the back, and evened the score. As officials tried to break up the brawl, Peter Bradshaw made his way onto the stage, demanding that the fight end, or everyone would be suspended. As the eight men backed away to different sides, Bradshaw announced that he - much like the fans - would love to see what would happen if all eight of them got into the ring; and signed an eight-man elimination tag team match for next week. Bradshaw left the ring, leaving the eight men to stare down each other, as “Anarchy” went to commercials. [/quote]

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Alex Shelley makes his way to the ring, with a huge smile on his face, and tells the crowd that he went on a sight-seeing tour of Madrid and it’s suburbs earlier in the day. Shelley tells Tyson Kidd to pay close attention before playing the video. The video is footage, taken from a hand-held camera, from inside a car, that shows Bret Hart walking through the streets of Madrid, unaware that he is being filmed. On the video, Alex Shelley can be heard saying that he’s going to teach both Bret and Tyson Kidd a lesson; and that it breaks his heart because he can’t do one without doing the other. The scene changes as a car pulls into the driveway of a house on the outskirts of the city. Shelley gets out of the car and knocks on the front door. When Bret answers the door, Shelley attacks him, causing Hart’s girlfriend to scream out in shock. Both men begin to brawl throughout Hart’s house, crashing into furniture, breaking glass, and putting huge holes in the walls. The fight continues until Hart pushes Shelley into the wall, and charges after him, but Shelley grabs a picture off the wall and cracks it over Hart’s head. Hart falls to the ground, and is starting to bleed, as Shelley stands over him and looks into the camera. Shelley says that he will not stop going after the person Tyson Kidd respects the most, until he gets what he wants: a rematch for the X-Division Title at Hostile Takeover. The video ends as the crowd showers Shelley with boos, as he stands in the ring smiling. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels call his actions “absolutely despicable”.

[b]Eddie Edwards vs. Alex Shelley (#1 Contender Match for X-Division Title)[/b]

The crowd was fully behind Eddie Edwards tonight, after witnessing the horrific actions taken by Alex Shelley over the weekend. Shelley played up the crowd’s hatred for him, taking his time as he worked over Edwards at the start of the match. Edwards wouldn’t go down so quietly, though, and he used the encouragement from the crowd to stage a comeback that shocked Shelley, who appeared to think he would have an easy time tonight. Edwards went on a tear, with the crowd roaring its approval, and nearly got a pinfall after connecting with a DDT in the center of the ring. Edwards played up to the crowd as Shelley rolled out of the ring to compose himself. As Edwards went out after him, Shelley thumbed Edwards in the eye, before sending him into the ring steps! Back in the ring, Shelley took control of the match, eventually hitting a Flatliner to pick up the 1-2-3 and secure his spot as #1 Contender for the X-Division Title.

[b]Alex Shelley pinned Eddie Edwards after a Flatliner in 0:10:14.
Rating: ** ½[/b]

[quote] After the match, as Shelley left the ring to a chorus of boos, TYSON KIDD came from the back and attacked Shelley. Kidd and Shelley brawled on the stage, until Kidd whipped Shelley into the stage structure. Kidd stayed on the offense, landing kicks to Shelley’s head and torso, before jumping on him and landing a series of lefts and rights. HWL officials rushed to the stage, pulling Kidd off of Shelley, as Kidd proclaimed that Shelley would regret the day he ever laid a hand on his family. Kidd was eventually escorted to the back as the officials tended to Shelley. [/quote]

[i]Commercial Break[/i]

Backstage, CM Punk tells Alisha Hicks that he’s glad to see Rami Sebei sticking to his guns, and showing the courage to stand up for what he thinks is right. But Punk says that he doesn’t give a damn about what Rami Sebei thinks is right, because the only thing Punk is worried about is making a name for himself in the HWL, and staking claim to his rightful place as Heavyweight Champion. Punk says that Peter Bradshaw has finally come to his senses - or just started realizing what kind of goldmine he had been handed - because, tomorrow night, he would be challenging for the PCW Tag Team Titles. Punk says that it’s not the HWL Heavyweight Title, or the X-Division Title, or even the HWL Tag Team Titles, but it’s start. Punk says that he has already made a name for himself everywhere else he’s ever gone, and that this time around, he would staying in the HWL to make sure he did the same thing here. Punk says that, instead of worrying about what he does to further his career, Sebei should be worrying about what Punk’s going to do to end his, at Hostile Takeover.

[b]Chris Hero vs. Skip Sheffield (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea)[/b]

Both men came out fuming, wanting to finish what was started backstage earlier in the show, but Chris Hero had a hard time getting anything going as Sheffield dominated most of the match. Things didn’t get any easier for Hero as ROB TERRY made his way down to ringside, joining Chelsea and Flair. Hero fought back, and reversed a backpack stunner into an inside cradle, but only got a two-count. From the outside, Flair jumped onto the apron and started arguing with the referee, as Rob Terry tossed Sheffield a steel chair, which is cracked over top of Hero’s head before going for the cover. Hero was lucky to get his foot on the ropes, but the match continued. Sheffield tossed Hero outside the ring, and distracted the official as Terry and Flair worked Hero over outside, before rolling him back in. Sheffield went for the cover, but Hero kicked out once more. After battling back, later in the match, Hero had the crowd behind him as he went for the Hero’s Welcome. Going for the pin, Hero was attacked by Rob Terry, as the referee had no choice but to call for the bell.

[b]Chris Hero defeated Skip Sheffield by Disqualification in 0:12:16.
Rating: ***
[Rob Terry interfered against Chris Hero.][/b]

[quote] After the match, Terry and Sheffield continued to work over Hero, as David Otunga made his way down to the ring. Matt Morgan and AJ Styles made their way down to the ring, followed minutes later by Ken Anderson and Rami Sebei. All eight men brawled in the center of the ring as Anarchy went off the air. [/quote]

[i]Card rating: ** ½[/i]


[u]HWL Hostile Takeover PPV - 09/18/12 - Dallas, TX[/u]
[b]Heavyweight Title Match:[/b] Ken Anderson vs. (c) AJ Styles
[b]X-Division Title Match: [/b] Alex Shelley vs. (c) Tyson Kidd
[b]Tag Team Title Match:[/b] Skip Sheffield/Rob Terry vs. (c) Chris Hero/David Otunga
[b]Women's Title Match:[/b] Daffney vs. (c) Brie Bella
Rami Sebei vs. CM Punk
Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle
Evan Bourne vs. Matt Morgan

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