September 06, 2011 - PCW Wrestling - Rio Major, Portugal

Tuesday Night Rampage
September 6, 2011
Municipal Stadium - Rio Major, Portugal
Attendance: 3,740 (44%)

Hulk Hogan starts off the show by coming down to the ring. Hogan says that, last week, Justin Gabriel may have beaten him to retain the Heavyweight Title, but that everyone knows that it was just a fluke. Hogan says that there was no way Gabriel would be able to beat him again. Hogan calls out Rex Butler and demands a rematch for later tonight. Butler says that Hogan has been in the business long enough to know that he could only be given a rematch if there were circumstances that called for one. Butler says that he watched Gabriel pin Hogan’s shoulders to the mat, thus getting a clean victory. Butler says that, because of that fact, Hogan would NOT be getting a rematch tonight; but that the Heavyweight Title would be on the line, as Justin Gabriel would defend the belt against Max Buck.

Harlem Bravado pinned Hulk Hogan after a crucifix in 0:14:06.
Rating: * ¼

[quote] After the match, Harlem Bravado celebrated his huge upset after leaving the ring. The crowd looked on in shock, as Hogan grabbed the referee out of anger, and threw him down to the canvas. Hogan shared words with Bravado as the show went commercials. [/quote]

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Robert Roode comes out to the ring and is met with a roar of boos from the crowd. He says that, last week, he defeated the HWL’s X-Division Champion, Tyson Kidd, in the center of the ring. Roode says that he knows what it’s like to be a champion in the HWL. In fact, he reminds, the crowd, that he and James Storm were the very first HWL Tag Team Champions. And, because of those facts, Roode says that Rex Butler should give him a title match of his choosing. This brings out Butler, who reminds Roode that, if he wants a title match, he will have to earn it just like everyone one else in the PCW. Roode says that Butler is making a huge mistake, and that when he becomes champion again, Roode will rule the PCW. Butler wishes Roode good luck before leaving the stage, not letting Roode’s threats provoke him.

Robert Roode vs. Byron Saxton

Roode got a lot more than he bargained for tonight, as he took on Bryon Saxton. Saxton was a ball of fire, that caught Roode off guard. Saxton head control for most of the match, until Roode kicked out of a pinfall attempt late in the match, and threw the referee over the top rope in anger. Roode made a small comeback with the referee down, but Saxton was able to reverse things as a new official made his way to the ring, before hitting a slingshot and getting a quick 1-2-3.

Bryon Saxton pinned Robert Roode after a slingshot in 0:13:51.
Rating: ** ½

[quote] Saxton slid under the ropes, after the match, just as shocked as the crowd at his victory. Inside the ring, Roode held his throat as he stare a hole through Saxton. [quote]

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Straight Edge Society vs. © Jay Lethal & Claudio Castagnoli (2/3 Falls Match for Tag Team Titles)

CM Punk and Luke Gallows were looking to have a better showing this week, after going the distance with the champs last week. Jay Lethal and Claudio Castagnoli were looking to continue their streak as the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in PCW history. Both teams battled strong leading into the first fall, which was a struggle between Punk and Castagnoli. But, Punk locked in a double reverse chinlock and “Double C” had no choice but to tap out.

Punk stayed on Castagnoli as the second fall started, but Castagnoli countered a hiptoss into a backslide, only getting at two-count. Castagnoli tried to stay on the offense, hitting a belly-to-back suplex; but back on his feet, Punk reversed an irish whip and slapped Claudio right in the face. The two of them stared down each other as Punk demanded that Claudio tag in Jay Lethal. Punk and Lethal went after each other, until Gallows entered the ring to help, only to get hip tossed out of the ring! After a brief series of tags from both teams - and all four men being in the ring - the match continued with Lethal and Gallows. Lethal was able to get control and hit a vertical face buster, only getting a two-count. But, after recovering, and reversing an irish-whip, Gallows connected with a senton for a two-count of his own. The rest of the fall saw a series of tags from both teams, the referee getting thrown over the top rope, and eventually Luke Gallows hitting Claudio with a gut buster to pick up the 1-2-3!

Straight Edge Society (CM Punk & Luke Gallows) beat Jay Lethal & Claudio Castagnoli 2 falls to 0:
X Punk beat Castagnoli via a double reverse chink lock in 0:10:29.
X L. Gallows beat Castagnoli via a gut buster in 0:24:49.
Rating: *** ¼
(Straight Edge Society won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

[quote] After the match, Punk and Gallows celebrated with their new title belts, outside the ring, as Lethal came in to check on Claudio. Punk made a point a mock Claudio’s injured midsection as he and Gallows made their way up the ramp. [/quote]

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The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) vs. Lance Bravado

Harlem Bravado used his speed and quickness to stay away from the Punjabi Giant tonight, but his running around eventually caught up to him, as he fell victim to the Punjabi Plunge. But, as Khali went for the pinfall, Lance was able to put his foot on the ropes, to break the count. Just moments later, as both men were getting back to their feet, Ranjin Singh tripped Lance, in front of the referee, getting The Great Khali disqualified.

Lance Bravado defeated The Great Khali by disqualification in 0:15:59.
Rating: - ¾
[Ranjin Singh interfered against Lance Bravado.]

Commercial Break

David Otunga, David Hart Smith & Alberto Del Rio defeated Tyson Kidd, John Cena & Kofi Kingston when D. Otunga made Kofi submit to an armbar submission in 0:16:03.
Rating: ***

[PCW Television Title Match]:
James Storm pinned Primo with the Last Call in 0:09:11.
(James Storm retained the PCW Television Title.)

[PCW Heavyweight Title Match]:
Justin Gabriel defeated Max Buck by disqualification in 0:06:53.
Rating: ** ¾
(Justin Gabriel retained the PCW Heavyweight Title.)
[Primo interfered against Justin Gabriel.]

Card rating: **

CM Punk, Luke Gallows and David Hart Smith have all chosen to not re-sign with the PCW. Rex Butler and the rest of the PCW wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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