September 11, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - London, ON

Budweiser Events Center
Attendance: 5,151 (57%)

A video package plays, remembering the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. A message honoring the victims and military personnel is shown afterwards.

The opening package plays, as Alfred Pressley welcomes everyone to London, Ontario. He is joined at ringside by James Westerfield.

Rex Butler makes his way out to the ring. Butler says that the events that took place last week has put a lot of strain on him as Commissioner of the PCW. Butler says there’s no denying the fact that things between Wade Barrett and Bobby Roode have taken a more violent turn, as evidenced by the actions of Roode Saturday night at Canadian Collision. Butler says that he, in good conscience, could not allow the PCW’s Heavyweight Champion resort to the tactic of using a steel chair to help gain himself a victory, in an attempt to keep the title around his waist. So, after taking the past couple days to review his options, Butler says that, tonight, there will be a rematch for the Heavyweight Title. However, in ensure that there is a legitimate winner, this match will take place inside a steel cage! Butler leaves the ring as the show goes to commercials.

Drew McIntyre defeated Rhett Titus by disqualification in 6:00.
Rating: *

Drew McIntyre drew the ire of Rhett Titus tonight, as Titus resorting to using a steel chair shot outside the ring, getting himself disqualified. After the match, Titus threw down the chair and stormed off backstage as the referee tended to McIntyre at ringside.

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is with newly crowned Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix. Broke congratulates Beth on winning the Women’s Title for the second time and Beth thanks her. Brooke then asks how it feels for Beth to return and find herself back on top of the Women’s Division. Beth gives all the credit in the world to Bayley for her ability to overcome the odds and win the Women’s Title last month; but Beth says that it’s hard to say whether Bayley would have gotten that chance had Beth not gotten injured. She says that, now that she’s back on top, she knows there are a number of eyes on her and the target is squarely on her back. And, because of that, she’s open to all challengers. Beth walks away as the show goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, Rhett Titus is shown backstage, destroying the locker room. Kenny King comes in and tries to calm Rhett down. Rhett says he’s frustrated. Kenny asks him why, and Rhett says that they should be Tag Team Champions right now. Rhett says he’s frustrated because he feels like he’s the only one pulling his weight on the team; and had it been him in the ring when the bell sounded in their title match, the results would have been different. Rhett storms past Kenny and out of the locker room as the scene goes back to ringside.

Non-Title Match
Kelly Kelly defeated © Beth Phoenix vis pinfall in 4:30.
Rating: **

Before the start of the match, Tamina made her way to the announce table. During the match, Tamina made mention to the fact that she has challenged for the Women’s Title before, but that there was no denying she was the most-pedigreed woman on the roster – even better than Phoenix. At one point, Kelly Kelly tossed Beth outside the ring. Tamina got up from the announce table and threw Beth shoulder-first into the ring steps! Tamina then rolled Beth into the ring as Kelly made the cover.

After the match, BAYLEY made her way to ringside, getting into Tamina’s face. Tamina shoved Bayley aside and walked up the ramp. Bayley stood outside the ring, fuming, as the shows went to commercials.

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is backstage with Wade Barrett. Brooke asks about the ending to the Heavyweight Title match on Saturday night. Barrett says that he still has a slight ringing in his ear, but that’s OK. He says that all Bobby Roode did Saturday night was prove that he can’t beat Barrett in a straight-up match. Barrett says that tonight, inside that steel cage, there’s going to be a level playing field.

After Jack Swagger is introduced, Kazarian’s music begins to play but he does not appear on-stage. Suddenly, an image appears on the titantron above the stage, showing Kazarian laid out in a hallway backstage. The ring announcer says that, since Kazarian is unable to compete, if no replacement can be found, Swagger will win the match by forfeit. Luke Gallows – Kazarian’s tag team partner – makes his way to the ring and says that he will take his partner’s spot in the match.

Luke Gallows pinned Jack Swagger with the Gallows Pole in 5:11.
Rating: ** ¾
(Kazarian no-showed.)

After the match Gallows stepped over the ring ropes and walked up the ramp. The announcers claimed that it was clear Gallows was focused on finding out who was responsible for the attack on his tag team partner. A screenshot of the main event is shown as the show goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, a video recap is shown of the main event from Canadian Collison. When the video ends, Brooke Barlow is seen with Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. Brooke asks Bobby about his use of weapons on Saturday night, ensuring that he kept the title. Roode says that in the weeks leading up to Saturday night, he tried to take the high road; to be the champion everyone could admire. That all changed last week, when Barrett attacked him with a steel chair. Roode says that Barrett wanted to send a message. Well, Roode sent his message last and clear on Saturday night. Tonight, he and Barrett find themselves locked inside a steel cage. Roode wants to see who’s man enough to leave with the title around his waist.

Steel Cage Match for the PCW Heavyweight Title
Bobby Roode pinned Wade Barrett after a powerslam in 10:17.
Rating: ** ¾
(Bobby Roode retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

After nine grueling minutes and countless near escapes, Barrett looked poised to make his way out of the ring and become the new Heavyweight Champion. As he made his was towards the cage door, LUKE GALLOWS made his way to ringside. As Barrett stood and leaned through the ropes on his way to exiting the cage, Gallows smashed the door into Barrett’s skull! Barrett stumbled back into the ring, where Roode powerslammed him and made the cover, retaining the Heavyweight Title!

After the match, Gallows left ringside as the referee awarded Roode the title belt. The shows goes off the air with Roode celebrating in the middle of the ring.

Card rating: ** ½

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