September 12, 2011 - Monday Night Anarchy - Columbia, SC

Monday Night Anarchy
September 12, 2011
Colonial Life Center (University of South Carolina) - Columbia, South Carolina
Attendance: 9,360 (52%)

The HWL Heavyweight Champion, AJ STYLES comes out to the ring with Matt Morgan. Styles says that over the past few weeks, he has noticed a different side of Ken Anderson; a side that Styles wishes would’ve been known when he and Anderson were challenging for the Tag Team Titles. Styles says that, in a moment of weakness, he has brought out “The Blueprint” for his own safety. Styles then calls Anderson out to the ring to head into Hostile Takeover on “good terms”. Anderson comes down to the ring, and says that there will never be any “good terms” between the two of them; and the only thing that might help, is when Anderson wins the Heavyweight Title on Sunday night. (crowd cheers) As Anderson turns to leave the ring, he is attacked by both Morgan and Styles! After a few moments of fighting them off, Anderson is joined by EVAN BOURNE, who comes out and clears the ring.

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Brutus Magnus vs. William Regal

Brutus Magnus made his singles return to the HWL tonight, taking on the wily veteran, William Regal. This was a back and forth match, that took a few minutes for the crowd to get into, but after witnessing all the reversals both men were able to make, the crowd started cheering. Regal picked up the victory after hitting the Knee Trembler for the 1-2-3.

William Regal pinned Brutus Magnus with the Knee Trembler in 0:13:39.
Rating: ***

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Backstage, the X-Division Champion is seen with Alisha Hicks. Kidd says that he has slept very little - if at all - since last Monday night. Since seeing the horrible actions taken by Alex Shelley, Kidd says that he can’t close his eyes without seeing the events unfold over and over again. Kidd questions why Shelley would stoop to such lows, knowing that he would’ve had the chance to earn a title shot in a match that he ultimately won. Kidd says that he knew how much the X-Division Title meant to Shelley, and that losing it must’ve caused something in his brain to snap; or that Shelley’s intentions were to play mind games leading up to Hostile Takeover. Kidd gives Shelley credit, and says that he won’t be able to forget what he saw last week for a long time; but that Shelley has six days to bask in the glory of his actions, because at Hostile Takeover, Shelley will regret the day he ever laid a hand on Bret Hart.

Alisha then asks about Bret’s condition, and Kidd says that other than a few cuts and bruises, he’s doing fine. Kidd then announces that, because Bret is better than expected, he will be in Dallas, Texas for Hostile Takeover. (crowd cheers) Kidd walks away as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels discuss the possibilities of having “The Hitman” in Dallas…

Vixen’s Battle Royal (#1 Contenders Match)

With the Women’s Title match already set for this Sunday night, Peter Bradshaw scheduled this match to determine who would be next in line for a shot at either Brie Bella or Daffney after Hostile Takeover. The crowd was treated to a surprise as former TNA Knockout, Taylor Wilde was announced as the sixth participant in the match. Unfortunately, Taylor didn’t last too long, as she was quickly eliminated by Natalya. Two Vixens, who were battling for the top spot, were Velvet Sky - a former Women’s Champion herself - and Maryse, who both eliminated two opponents each. Velvet’s final elimination was the one that counted most, as she dumped Maryse over the top rope to win; but it wasn’t without controversy, as Brie Bella assisted with sending Maryse to the concrete.

Velvet Sky won a 6-Woman Battle Royal:
X Sky threw out Daffney in 0:02:34.
X Natalya threw out Taylor in 0:05:17.
X Maryse threw out Nikki in 0:07:30.
X Maryse threw out Natalya after a clothesline in 0:07:39.
X Sky threw out Maryse after a forearm to the back in 0:10:28.
Rating: ** ¼
[Brie Bella interfered against Maryse.]

[quote] After the bell rang, Velvet Sky celebrated her victory as Maryse and Brie Bella got into a shoving match outside the ring. Quickly, the officials rushed over to break up the fight, and escorted both Vixens up the ramp, as Velvet continued to celebrate. [/quote]

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The Olympic Gold Medalist comes out to the ring and says that he wants to clear things up between him and Randy Orton. Angle says that the lie detector test is right, and that there is nothing he can say or do to dispute that; but he says that he wouldn’t, because he really does want Randy Orton out of the HWL. (crowd boos) Angle says that, with the way the test was going, two weeks ago, that no one will believe that he wasn’t behind the wheel. But, the fans can know that whatever his answer was, it was going to be the truth. Angle says that he was NOT driving the car that almost ended Orton’s career. (Crowd boos) Angle says he doesn’t need a car to end Orton’s career, because he has the ability to do it in the center of the ring. (crowd starts chanting for Orton) Angle says that the last month has been heartbreakingly slow for him, as he waits for Hostile Takeover, and the chance to finally end things with Orton once and for all. Angle says that, when the bell rings at Hostile Takeover, Randy Orton will wish that car would’ve hit him. (crowd boos) Angle leaves the ring as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Tommy Dreamer/Steve Corino vs. © Chris Hero/David Otunga (w/Shane Hagadorn) (Non-Title Match)

The Tag Team Champions were looking for an easy match tonight, just six days away from the title defense against Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry; but, what they got was much more. Dreamer and Corino, in their first match ever as a team, worked really well, fighting back with their hardcore mentality, to make the champs work if they wanted to pick up the win. This match went all over the ringside area, as both teams tried to outsmart the other, but in the end, it took a loaded elbow from Chris Hero - with the referee’s back turned - to pick up the victory.

Chris Hero & David Otunga defeated Tommy Dreamer & Steve Corino when Hero pinned Dreamer after hitting him with a foreign object in 0:15:54.
Rating: *** ¾

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A preview is shown for HOSTILE TAKEOVER. “What You Want” by Evanescence plays as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels give a run-down of the matches taking place on September 18th. HOSTILE TAKEOVER will emanate from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas; and will only be available on pay-per-view.

Eddie Edwards vs. © Tyson Kidd (Non-Title Match)

Three weeks ago, Eddie Edwards pulled out an unbelievable upset, when he defeated Kidd in the center of the ring. For his efforts, he was awarded with a #1 Contenders Match against Alex Shelley, last week, that he ultimately lost. To reward Edwards, Peter Bradshaw signed this match to see what he was capable off one more time. Tyson Kidd, however, was just coming off a week in which he watched Alex Shelley attack Bret Hart in Madrid, and used this match as a chance to get out his aggression; and to avenge his loss to Edwards three weeks earlier. Edwards put up a great fight - even locking Kidd in an abdominal stretch for 37 seconds! - but, Kidd used the images of last week to help fight through all the pain, hitting the Springboard Elbowdrop to pick up the 1-2-3.

Tyson Kidd pinned Eddie Edwards with the Springboard Elbowdrop in 0:11:22.
Rating: *** ½

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Rami Sebei is seen stretching before the main event, when Punk confronts him. Before Sebei can say anything, Punk stops him and tells Sebei to save his “thank you”. Punk tells Sebei not to look too much into what happened at the end of last Monday night. Punk says that he still doesn’t like Sebei - and still believes that he’s a sellout for changing the name and look that made him famous. But, Punk says that he was simply doing what he needed to do to ensure that Sebei gave his best during their match this Sunday night. Punk says that he was, at one time, on the top of the world… a place where Sebei has yet to ascend. And because of that, simply stepping into the ring with him on Sunday night, will be a step down for Punk. But, Punk says he’s interested to see what happens tonight, so he will be taking a front-row seat. (crowd boos as Punk walks away, leaving Sebei shaking his head)

Evan Bourne/Kaz/Rami Sebei/Ken Anderson vs. The Conglomerate (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea) (8-Man Elimination Match)

All night long, the fans were filling the arena with anticipation, just waiting for these eight men to step inside the ring again, after the brawl that ended last week’s show. The match started with members of the Conglomerate doing everything they could to not square off against their respective opponents this Sunday night; but throughout the match, they just couldn’t avoid that possibility for long. The crowd went crazy as Evan Bourne tagged in Ken Anderson while AJ Styles got to his feet; and the look on Styles’s face was priceless when he saw who was in the ring with him! They battled it out, giving the fans a taste of what they will witness this Sunday night, as Styles threw Anderson to the outside. In an attempt to cause further damage, AJ attempted a plancha, but Anderson moved out of the way, as Styles crashed hard onto the concrete. Styles was counted out as the rest of The Conglomerate looked on.

After a series of tags by both teams - and after a number of interferences by both Flair and Chelsea - Anderson found himself in the ring with Rob Terry, and the two of them fought toe-to-toe, as the crowd cheered on. Terry got the better of Anderson, using his size and strength to wear down the Number One Contender, but, Anderson was able to use his agility to counter a clothesline attempt into a crucifix to pick up the second elimination.

This left Skip Sheffield and Matt Morgan as the only two members of the Conglomerate remaining. But, they were also the two biggest men in the match, and they used their size to make Anderson’s team work for everything they wanted. Sheffield manhandled Evan Bourne for the better part of the nine minutes they were in the ring together, but after Rami Sebei and Kaz even things up - as Bourne caught his breath - Kaz was able to hit the Wave of the Future on Sheffield. This allowed Bourne to climb to the top turnbuckle, and hit the Shooting Star Press to pick up the third elimination!

Finally, with the deck stacked against Morgan, Flair and Chelsea pulled out all the stops to keep “The Blueprint” from being eliminated. As Bourne attempted another aerial move from the corner, Flair jumped onto the apron and pushed him to the concrete below, barely getting himself tossed from ringside, and costing his team the match. Morgan took advantage of the injured Bourne, and treated him like a rag doll. But, for everything Morgan threw at Bourne, he couldn’t put him away. Frustrated, Morgan was unaware of the tag to Rami Sebei, who with fresh legs, used his lucha background to take Morgan down. As seen earlier in the match, Morgan tried to make a comeback, only to have Sebei duck under a clothesline and execute a crucifix to pick up the final elimination, completing the sweep of The Conglomerate!

Evan Bourne, Kaz, Rami Sebei & Ken Anderson beat The Conglomerate (AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Rob Terry & Skip Sheffield) 4 falls to 0:
X Anderson beat Styles via countout in 0:17:36.
X Anderson beat R. Terry via a crucifix in 0:32:36.
X E. Bourne beat Sheffield via the Shooting Star Press in 0:41:06.
X R. Sebei beat M. Morgan via a crucifix in 0:50:12.
Survivors: Evan Bourne, Kaz, Rami Sebei and Ken Anderson
Rating: ***
[Ric Flair and Chelsea interfered against Ken Anderson.]
[Ric Flair interfered against Evan Bourne.]
[Ric Flair interfered against Rami Sebei.]

[quote] After the match, CM Punk, who was sitting at ringside for commentary, pulled off his headset, and grabbed Sebei by the ankles, pulling him outside the ring! The two of them began to brawl, until Anderson, Bourne and Kaz realized what was happening. Punk dropped Sebei with a low blow, before jumping over the barricade and running through the crowd. Anarchy went off the air as Anderson, Bourne and Kaz stared at Punk, who was celebrating his sneak attack from the crowd. [/quote]

Card rating: *** ¼

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