September 13, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Winnipeg, Manitoba, CN

Monday Night Anarchy
September 13, 2010
MTS Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(Attendance: 6,757)

“Anarchy” comes on the air, and a highlight package is shown from last week's episode. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome the at-home audience to Winnipeg. It is announced that, tonight, the new Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Titles, Randy Orton and Alex Shelley, will face off against the Tag Team Champions in a non-title match. And, also tonight, Kane will face the X-Division Champion, D'Angelo Dinero, in a non-title match.

Flames shoot from the stage, and the lights in the arena go out, as KANE makes his way down to the ring. Daniels and Michaels go over the destruction that he has caused over the past two weeks, and speculate what is going on in Dinero's mind heading into tonight's main event. Kane enters the ring as the lights come back on, and gets on the mic. He says that, ever since Rebellion, back in April, he has seen a handful of people get their chances at Desmond Wolfe, only to come up empty-handed in the end. He says that AJ Styles even got three chances to win the belt, but ultimately couldn't do it. Kane says that he has sat back for too long, watching people attempt to do what he knows he would be able to: win the Heavyweight Title. He says that he knows its a shock to everyone in the back, because Kane hasn't been heard from much, but he says that he made his point felt two weeks ago, when he defeated Desmond Wolfe in the center of the ring. He says, last week, the point was made even clearer when he beat Montel Vontavious Porter, and sent the number one contender “straight to hell”. He says that, tonight, D'Angelo Dinero will be the one standing in his way of getting what Kane feels he deserves. Kane says that, after he is finished with Dinero tonight, there will be no denying who the rightful challenger to Desmond Wolfe should be at Hostile Takeover. Kane then drops the microphone, and leaves the ring, as the crowd boos him.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Women's Champion SARITA (crowd cheers), is seen walking through the hallways. As she turns a corner, she is stopped by NATALYA (crowd boos). Natalya says she just wanted to remind Sarita that she's only holding the title for a short time, and that someday soon, Natalya will get “her” title back.

Velvet Sky vs. Daffney

Velvet Sky has been on a role lately, but stepped into the ring tonight against her toughest opponent as of late. Velvet and Daffney have met many times since the rebirth of the HWL, and tonight, their rivalry continued all over the ringside area. A lot of action took place outside the ring, where Daffney used her surroundings to her advantage. However, it wasn't enough to put down one-half of The Beautiful People, as Velvet wound up hitting The Beauty Mark for the 1-2-3!

Velvet Sky pinned Daffney with the Beauty Mark in 0:19:35.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, a wore out Velvet Sky rolled out of the ring, and collapsed onto the ramp as the crowd cheered around her.

Backstage, the crowd cheers as DESMOND WOLFE is seen entering the MTS Centre.

In the locker room, CODY RHODES is seen getting ready for his match, when TED DIBIASE walks in. DiBiase asks Rhodes about what he meant by his comments last week after their match on PCW Wrestling. Rhodes says that yes, he is committed to winning back the HWL Tag Team Titles, and that next week, they're going to get one step closer to winning the PCW Tag Team Titles. Before leaving the locker room, Rhodes gets into DiBiase's face and tells him, that after they win the PCW Tag Team Titles, DiBiase will never be able to question his commitment again.

Commercial Break

Cody Rhodes vs. Rhino

Both Cody Rhodes and Rhino came into this match with something to prove, but the only one who proved anything tonight was Rhodes, who proved that, when faced with a tougher opponent, will stop at anything to get out of a match. Rhodes got himself disqualified after pulling the referee into the path of Rhino's Gore, and fled the ring as “The Man Beast” got to his feet.

Rhino defeated Cody Rhodes by disqualification in 0:02:30.
Rhino suffered a concussion, and will be out for one (1) week.
Rating: * ½

After the match, as Rhino slowly got to his feet, wobbling, Rhodes laughed as he made his way up the ramp, pointing to his head. He stood on the top of the stage as other HWL officials rushed down to help Rhino.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with the HWL Tag Team Champions, THE HART DYNASTY and Natalya. David Hart Smith says that, last week, Randy Orton and Alex Shelley “earned” the right to face them for the Tag Team Titles at Hostile Takeover. But, Smith says, that he has already been able to see that Orton and Shelley don't stand a chance to win the belts, because Randy Orton's heart isn't in to winning tag team gold. Smith says that the only reason Orton is teaming up with Shelley is because he was trying to prove a point to Cody Rhodes and Legacy. He says that Orton did what he was supposed to do, and he got his redemption, but now he's been dragged into teaming up with Alex Shelley again… something the entire world knows he doesn't want to do.

Tyson Kidd says that Alex Shelley was one-half of the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in HWL history, with Chris Sabin. But he asks where Sabin is now, saying that Sabin got tired of being held back by Shelley, and sooner or later, Randy Orton is going to realize that teaming with Shelley is just holding him back from his personal goal of winning titles on his own. Kidd says that tonight, Orton and Shelley will get a taste of what they can expect at Hostile Takeover, and that after tonight, Randy Orton may reconsider his decision to ever come to Alex Shelley's aide.

A preview for “PCW Wrestling” is shown, announcing the PCW Heavyweight Title match between Ted DiBiase and Daniel Bryan. Also, former Heavyweight Champion, Justin Gabriel faces Jay Lethal for the PCW Television Title.

Non-Title Match
Randy Orton/Alex Shelley vs. © The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya)

Orton and Shelley won the right to face the Tag Team Champions, for the belts, at Hostile Takeover on September 26th, but tonight was a preview of what will take place at the pay-per-view event, and things didn't go so well for the champs. Both teams fought hard, and gave the fans a taste of what will take place in 13 days, but thinking the time was right, Natalya interfered, tripping Randy Orton, However, the referee saw the interference and disqualified the champs, giving the #1 Contenders the victory.

Randy Orton & Alex Shelley defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) when R. Orton defeated D. H. Smith by disqualification in 0:11:11.
Rating: * ¾
[Natalya interfered against Randy Orton.]

After the match, Smith attacked Orton from behind, as both Shelley and Kidd entered the ring. All four men began to brawl in the ring, until Smith tossed Orton over the top rope, then double-teamed Shelley with Kidd. They hit the Hart Attack on Shelley, and then turned their attention to Natalya outside the ring. Orton got his feet, and pulled Shelley out of the ring, as Smith, Kidd, and Natalya shared words at ringside.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Velvet Sky confronts Angelina Love in the dressing room. Velvet wants to know what Angelina was so upset about last week, and says that she was trying to do the right thing after their match. Angelina says she appreciated the offer, but that she isn't happy with the way things have gone as of late. Angelina says that, if anyone should be upset, it should be Velvet, because the only person she's been about to legitimately beat was her. Angelina says she knows that both of them are better than where they are right now, and that she still has goals of winning the HWL Women's Title. Angelina tells Velvet that its one thing to be beautiful – which they both are – but, it's another thing to be the best female wrestler in the Horizon Wrestling League, and she knows that either one of them are better then Sarita. She says that, instead of talking about it, they both need to go out and prove it.

A preview for “Hostile Takeover” is shown. The event will take place from the Scoticabank Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, live on September 26th!

Evan Bourne vs. AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea)

In what could easily be considered the match of the night, Evan Bourne and AJ Styles rekindled their “better than you” rivalry tonight, much to the crowd's liking. Bourne has found himself on a good luck streak as of late, while Styles is coming off a huge title loss at Unbreakable, and trying to prove that he can win matches without the help of outside interference from Flair or Chelsea. Tonight, though, would not be the night he proved his critics wrong as Bourne connected with the Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Evan Bourne pinned AJ Styles with the Shooting Star Press in 0:20:55.
Raitng: ¼

After the match, Bourne slides out of slid out of the ring as Chelsea slid in and check on AJ. Ric Flair watched as Bourne made his way up the ramp. On the stage, MATT MORGAN attacked Bourne from behind, throwing him into the steel stage set-up. Morgan then grabbed Bourne and connected with the Hellevator onto the stage! Morgan stood over Bourne as Flair and Chelsea looked on at ringside.

Backstage, X-Division Champion D'Angelo Dinero is seen walking toward the stage, dressed in his ring attire, when he is confronted by Rhino. Rhino wants to know what Dinero was thinking, last week, when he walked off as Rhino laid in the ring unconscious. Dinero answers Rhino's question with one of his own, asking if Rhino really expected him to give a damn about his well-being after being attacked two weeks ago, or if it's just the concussion screwing with Rhino's brain. Dinero reiterated the point that, they weren't friends – and never would be – and, that they were only teaming up last week because they had no other choice. He says that Rhino should be more worried about what's going to happen at Hostile Takeover, than whether or not Dinero likes him. “The Pope” walks off, leaving Rhino glaring in his direction.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Heavyweight Champion Desmond Wolfe, who is intently watching a monitor. Alisha asks what's been going through Wolfe's mind since hearing about Kane's demand earlier in the show. Stoically looking at the monitor, Wolfe says that Kane has every right to make that demand. He says that Kane has gone out and done everything he said he was going to do. He says that, if Kane is able to defeat D'Angelo Dinero tonight, then there should be no reason why Kane doesn't get a Heavyweight Title match at Hostile Takeover. But, Wolfe says that no matter what Kane is able to do on the way to next Sunday; it only matters what he's able to do on the night of September 26th. Wolfe says that he and Kane have shared wins over the past few months, but when it mattered most, Kane wasn't able to get the job done. He then excuses himself, and gets ready to watch the main event.

Non-Title Match
© D'Angelo Dinero vs. Kane

Kane was intent on sending a message to Desmond Wolfe; that he was coming for the Heavyweight Title. The only real threat in “The Big Red Monster's” way was the X-Division Champion, who would loved to have a victory over Kane tonight. Dinero took everything Kane could dish out, taking a lot of punishment on his lower back during the match. Dinero tried to get ahead late, but after a towering backdrop – and an awkward landing – Dinero rolled out of the ring, holding his lower back, and was counted out. Laughing, Kane looked on as the referee counted to 10, and awarded the match the the Monster.

Kane defeated D'Angelo Dinero by count-out in 0:09:50.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match, the referee was quick to step between Kane and the ropes, stopping Kane from exiting the ring to inflict more damaged on the X-Division Champion. Kane left the ring, and made his way up the ramp, as the referee slid under the ropes to check on Dinero. As Kane stood on the stage, DESMOND WOLFE attacked him from behind, sending Kane down to the steel! Wolfe kept up the assault on “The Big Red Monster” until security rushed to the scene, and carried Wolfe away. The camera showed Kane, looking into the direction of Wolfe, as a sadistic smile crossed his lips.

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