September 14, 2009 - Monday Night Anarchy - Grand Rapids, MI

Van Andel Arena
G4 Network

Greg Daniels and Chris Michaels welcome the at-home audience to Grand Rapids, just 13 days away from Fully Loaded on September 27th. They announce that tonight Cheech will take on Evan Bourne and the team of Austin Aries and Randy Orton will take on The Dark City Fight Club.

The show’s introduction is interrupted as Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal make their way on-stage. The crowd roars in approval as they make their way down the ramp. Lethal looks to be in a bad shape from the torment of being held captive for the past few weeks. They enter the ring as Creed grabs a microphone and acknowledges the crowd. He says that he couldn’t be happier to have his tag team partner back on Anarchy with him, but that he’d be the only one talking tonight since Lethal was so weak. He says that he’s been waiting for this day for too long, and that there was only one thing that could make it better. He goes on to say that tonight, he was issuing a challenge to Robert Roode and James Storm to face himself and Jay Lethal in a No-Holds-Barred Match at Fully Loaded. Before leaving the ring, Creed says that Beer Money has “one week” to give an answer.

Commercial Break

Match #1
Cody Deaner vs. Evan Bourne

Deaner came out tonight wanting to overcome his loss to Evan Bourne two weeks ago, and Punk was looking to get his first taste of in-ring action after a few weeks of being off the main card. This was a back and forth match that saw Punk start with a fury of action getting a near-fall after a running knee into the corner followed by a quick bulldog. The match changed hands as Deaner was able to get Punk outside the ring, and use the ring post and guardrail to his advantage. Punk appeared to be down and out as Deaner rolled him back into the ring. After entering the ring, Deaner went for a stiff DDT, but Punk was able to power out and lift Deaner onto his shoulders before hitting the Go To Sleep for the victory.

CM Punk pinned Cody Deaner with the G.T.S. in 0:10:46.
Rating: ** ½

Commercial Break

Tyler Black is seen walking through the backstage area – in street clothes – when he is attacked from behind by KURT ANGLE. Angle slams Black’s head into the concrete wall, opening up a small gash on his forehead. He then whips Black into the steel receiving door, which echoes throughout the backstage area before landing stiff kicks and stomps into Black’s midsection. HWL officials rush over and try to pull Angle off of Black, but Angle pushes them away before continuing the assault. Angle picks up Black and hits the Angle Slam onto the concrete floor!! Angle stands over Black’s body – as he screams out in pain – before officials escort him away from the scene. Officials and EMT personnel tend to Tyler Black as the scene fades away.

Match #2
Brent Albright vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Natayla)

Brent Albright started off with a quick – but short – offense before Tyson Kidd was able to duck a clothesline and connect with one of his own. Kidd kept the attack going on the taller opponent for just a few seconds before Albright was able to hit a swinging neckbreaker to take control of the match. Yet, just seconds after that, as Albright was running into the ropes NATAYLA interfered, tripping Albright and disqualifying Tyson Kidd.

Brent Albright defeated Tyson Kidd by disqualification in 0:01:34.
Rating: * ¾
[Natalya interfered against Brent Albright.]

After the match, Kidd pounced on Albright and continued the assault, but quickly fled the ring as AWA officials made their way to ringside. He and Natayla celebrated the attack as the crowd booed very loudly. They made their way up the ramp as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Anarchy returns as Kurt Angle’s music blares through the arena, getting a horrible response from the crowd. Angle walks out in his street clothes; his dress shirt soaking wet with sweat from the attack on Tyler Black just a few minutes ago. Greg Daniels and Chris Michaels discuss why Angle is coming out here after sending Black to the hospital in the back off an ambulance. They announce that no update has been given as to Black’s condition, but they will keep the at-home audience posted.

Angle enters the ring and grabs a microphone as the crowd’s boos get louder and louder. He says that he wanted to rid the HWL of Tyler Black tonight, instead of waiting to do it at Fully Loaded. Angles says that he came to the HWL to return to his Championship form. But, he says that as of late he’s been held back for the likes of AJ Styles and CM Punk. He says that Tyler Black was just the first victim on his way to the HWL Heavyweight Title. But, Angle says, that since Tyler Black wouldn’t be facing him at Fully Loaded… he was still in need of an opponent for the pay-per-view. Angles says that he will not leave the ring until someone from the back answers his open challenge.

The crowd was a murmur as they tried to figure out who would answer Angle’s open challenge. After a few minutes, Angle became frustrated and angry and said that if no one answered him in the next “three seconds”, that’d he come backstage and find an opponent on his own. Angle counted 1… 2… 3… with no response. Visibly upset, Angle threw down the microphone and headed up the ramp as the crowd began to cheer. As Angle got to the top of the stage, KEN ANDERSON appeared from behind the curtains and began brawling with Angle! The crowd went crazy as Anderson and Angle brawled down the ramp and into the ringside area. After a few minutes, HWL officials were able to separate the two men as the crowd went crazy! Angle and Anderson share words Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Match #3
Austin Aries/Randy Orton vs. The Dark City Fight Club

Austin Aries shoves Kory Chavis into the guardrail. Earl Hebner counts: 1. Austin Aries runs Kory Chavis into the ringsteps. Earl Hebner counts: 2. Austin Aries whips Kory Chavis into the guardrail. Austin Aries takes Kory Chavis down with a reverse neckbreaker. Austin Aries climbs back into the ring. Kory Chavis rolls back in under the bottom rope. Austin Aries uses a brain buster on Kory Chavis. The arena is exploding in a chorus of boos. Austin Aries executes the 450 Splash on Kory Chavis. Earl Hebner counts: One, two, three. Numerous fans are using Austin Aries for target practice.

Austin Aries and Randy Orton defeated Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis and Jon Davis) when Aries pinned K. Chavis with the 450 Splash in 0:16:09.
Rating: *** ¾

After the match, Aries and Orton celebrated their victory by standing over Kory Chavis’ motionless body as the crowd booed wildly. They left the ring and made their way up the ramp as Jon Davis entered the ring and assisted his partner to the outside. Anarchy then went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the commercial break, Randall Baker is seen with Alisha Hicks backstage. He announced that next week, there would be a six-man tag match between the team of AJ Styles and the Tag Team Champions – Cryme Tyme – taking on the team of Austin Aries, Randy Orton, and Heavyweight Champion Matt Morgan.

Match #4
Cheech vs. Evan Bourne

Cheech throws Carlito out of the ring. Cheech jumps onto him with a plancha.
Jimmy Korderas counts: 1. Cheech executes a back fist on Carlito.
Jimmy Korderas counts: 2.
Jimmy Korderas counts: 3. Cheech gets back into the ring.
Jimmy Korderas counts: 4
Jimmy Korderas counts: 5
Jimmy Korderas counts: 6
Jimmy Korderas counts: 7
Jimmy Korderas counts: 8
Jimmy Korderas counts: 9
Jimmy Korderas counts: 10. Carlito is counted out. A few fans are trying to get a shot in.

Cheech defeated Carlito by countout in 0:11:51.
Rating: *** ½
(Evan Bourne no-showed.)

After the match, Cheech celebrated his victory as the crowd booed. Outside the ring, Carlito held his hand up to his nose as a small stream of blood dripped from in between his fingers. The referee and other officials rushed to his side and escorted him backstage as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Match #5
Non-title Match
Beer Money, Inc. vs. © Cryme Tyme

Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG) and Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) battled to a draw in 0:25:00.
Rating: *** ¾
[Austin Aries interfered against Shad Gaspard.]
[Consequences Creed interfered against James Storm.]
[Austin Aries & Randy Orton interfered against JTG.]

Cryme Tyme and Beer Money continued to brawl inside the ring as LETHAL CONSEQUENCES and AUSTIN ARIES/RANDY ORTON entered, as well! All eight men brawled in the center of the ring – Aries/Orton sectioning off with Cryme Tyme, and Beer Money against Lethal Consequences – as the crowd went wild! HWL Officials rushed down to the ring and tried their best to break the brawl about… but, were not able to as Anarchy went off the air…

Card Rating: *** ½
Attendance: 8,178

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