September 17, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Kansas City, MO

Sprint Center – Kansas City, MO
Attendance: 10,711 (57%)

A video package plays, showing the confrontation between Chris Hero and Kurt Angle from the start of last week’s show. It also shows the stare-down between the two at the end of the show.

“Headstrong” plays as the opening video package is shown. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels are at ringside, and announce that the Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston will be in action later tonight.

“Chris is Awesome” begins to play as Chris Hero makes his way down to the ring. Inside the ring, Hero grabs a microphone and says that he has been hearing from fans all over the world about his confrontation with Kurt Angle last week. Hero says he wouldn’t call it a confrontation, but more of an announcement. An announcement Chris Hero was not going to be content with tag team success. An announcement that he was striving for bigger and better things. He says there’s nothing bigger than the HWL Heavyweight Title. And the only problem with that, is that the title is currently in Kurt Angle’s possession. Hero also says that he’s been asked why there was no physical altercation between the two of them last week. To that, Hero tells the crowd that he’s not going to throw the first punch; but promises, come Downfall, he will throw the last one.

Kurt Angle’s music begins to play as the Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. He gets into Hero’s face and says that Hero is getting a little too cocky, with nothing to show for it. Angle points to the title belt on his shoulder and says that it’s the only thing that matters. Angle tells Hero he is not ready to be on Angle’s level, before slapping Hero across the face! Hero takes a step back, holding his jaw, as Angle glowers at him. Hero loosens his neck before dropping Angle with a right hand! Angle scrambles back to the corner, looking stunned at Hero. Hero heads towards the corner, but Angle holds up his hand, before sliding under the bottom rope. Hero grabs the title belt and throws it at Angle, and says that the next time Angle thinks about putting his hands on him, he’ll never live it down. Angle slowly backs up the ramp as Hero’s music plays and Anarchy goes to commercials.

Rami Sebei pinned Ted DiBiase after a power bomb in 6:29.
Rating: *** ¼

The one who calls himself “Priceless”, DiBiase came into this match with a pretty heated streak as of late. After attacking Alex Riley at Hostile Takeover, and then effectively putting Jesse Neal on the shelf with a leg injury, DiBiase set his sights on Rami Sebei. Seeing red and looking to inflict more damage on the HWL roster, DiBiase’s rage seemed to have blinded the third-generation star, as he quickly fell prey to Sebei’s lucha libre style. DiBiase was taken so off guard that, after breaking up a cobra clutch attempt before it could be latched on, Sebei connected with a power bomb for the victory.

Backstage, Mike Sydal is seen in the catering area, moving back and forth to the muffled echos of music coming from an oversized pair of headphones placed over his head. Adam Cole walks in and smacks the headphones off Sydal’s head. Sydal gets up and wants to know what Cole’s problem is. Cole says he’s looking his problem. Cole says he and Sydal have unfinished business, and now that Sydal’s little winning streak is over, it’s time they step in the ring again. Cole challenges Sydal to a match at Downfall. Sydal accepts the challenge and says he’ll leave Cole laying on the canvas, just like he did last night. Out of nowhere, Cole sends Sydal down with a right hand. And, as he walks away, Cole stomps on the headphones, shattering them to pieces. Anarchy goes to commercials.

Non-Title Match
© Kaitlyn defeated Nikki Bella by disqualification in 5:18.
Rating: -3/4*
[Leva Bates interfered against Kaitlyn.]

It seems like the feud between Leva Bates and Kaitlyn is only going to intensify as we get closer to their title match at Downfall. Tonight, Leva took a stop further from her comments made to Kaitlyn last week, attacking the Women’s Champion as she went for a pinfall attempt on Nikki Bella. Leva let Kaitlyn know that she still isn’t worthy of holding the Women’s Title, before leaving the ring.

Alex Riley is shown walking through the backstage area, as the announcers talk about his upcoming match with PCW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. As Riley heads towards the entryway, he is stopped by X-Division Champion Kevin Steen. Steen reminds Riley of what was said last week – that Riley considers himself the best thing going in the X-Division. Steen says that’s just not true because, if it was, he’d be holding the title belt, and he’s not. Steen says that Riley wanted a shot to prove himself, and tonight he’s got it. Steen says he wants to see if Riley has what it takes to take down the top game in “minor leagues”, before walking off as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Bobby Roode pinned Alex Riley with the Payoff in 7:26.
Rating: ***

Eight days after coming up short in his debut at the Hostile Takeover event, Bobby Roode and Alex Riley had their rematch. It appeared that Kevin Steen’s pep talk beforehand struck a chord in the mind of Riley. He was unable overcome the PCW Heavyweight Champion this time around.

After the match, Alisha Hicks is backstage, trying to get a word from Leva Bates. When she finally gets Leva to stop, Alisha asks why Leva attacked Kaitlyn earlier tonight. Leva asks if Alisha heard what was said in the ring. Before Alisha can answer, Leva tells her that she attacked Kaitlyn as a reminder that Leva isn’t going anywhere until she gets back her title. She says that Nikki Bella should have never won that belt, and Kaitlyn is the one who will suffer for it.

A preview for tonight’s main event is shown, as Chris Hero will step into the ring against Steve Corino. Anarchy goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, John Cena’s music plays. The crowd joins in with their “You suck!” chants. Cena walks on-stage, a bandage covering his face from his match last week against Brutus Magnus. Cena ignores the chants and makes his way to the ring. Cena starts off by saying that last week, Magnus opened up a gash on Cena’s forehead that caused Cena to get eight staples. The crowd cheers. Cena says that he doesn’t give a damn what the crowd thinks. The only reason he’s out here tonight, is to let everyone in the back know that he’s sick and tired of losing! Cena says he’s pissed off and he’s putting everyone in the locker room on notice, unless some unlikely jackass wants to take him on. Cena says he knows he’s better than everyone else on the roster, and that he will prove it one way or another!

“Cult of Personality” hits and the crowd goes crazy! CM Punk walks onto the stage and the camera shows John Cena standing in the ring, shaking his head. Punk walks down the ramp and says he’s probably the last person Cena wants to see tonight. But, here he is; deal with it. Punk enters the ring and gets into Cena’s face. He says that, just like Cena, Punk’s looking for a match, too. Punk tells Cena that he has no sympathy a Cena losing every match he’s had since joining the HWL because, unlike Punk, they didn’t mean anything. Punk says that Cena is lying when he says he doesn’t care about what the fans think because he spent so many years pandering to them. Punk says Cena isn’t tired of losing; he’s tired of looking like an idiot! Punk tells Cena that, if he wants a match at Downfall bad enough, then he’s looking at the man he’ll face. Punk says that nothing would be more satisfying that putting Cena to sleep one more time. Punk leaves the ring, while his music plays, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

A preview for Downfall is shown, highlighting the matches that have currently been announced, including the CM Punk/John Cena match that was just made.

Non-Title Match
© AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon when Kofi pinned E. Colon after spinning headscissors in 9:10.
Rating: ** ¾

Backstage, Alex Riley is seen in the locker room, sitting in a chair with his head down. Alisha Hicks comes forward and asks for a statement about tonight’s match. Riley shakes his head and says that Roode just got the better of him tonight. He says that if he’s going to have any hope of winning the X-Division Title, he needs to be at his best at all times. Riley makes it known that he’s done answering questions, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Non-Title Match
Martin Maldonado defeated © Kevin Steen by disqualification after Steen used the title belt in 10:10.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match, Steen stands over the former champion’s body and screams that no one will get this belt as long as Steen’s champion! Steen leaves the ring to a chorus of boos as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Returning from the break, a preview for Anarchy next week asks what the fallout will be from the confrontation between CM Punk and John Cena. Also, Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will be in action!

Chris Hero pinned Steve Corino with the Hero’s Welcome in 12:08.
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Chris Hero.]

Card rating: ***

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