September 24, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Rosemont, IL

Attendance: 10,915

CM Punk starts off the show, getting a huge ovation from his hometown fans as he makes his way to the ring. Punk said that he had been waiting, biding his time for the right moment to come back from his self-imposed “break” and make his presence known, once again, in the HWL. He said last week was that moment. Punk thanks John Cena for making that moment possible because, “now, all of these people will get to see two of the biggest names in wrestling face each other inside this ring at Downfall.” Punk ran through the list of things that he had been doing in the HWL leading up to the time that Cena entered the company, saying that for nearly the past year, Punk had been a main event player. Punk said that now was his chance to prove that he will always been a main eventer. Suddenly, Cena entered the ring and attacked Punk from behind! After a small brawl, Cena took over and hit an FU in the center of the ring. Cena stood over Punk as the show went to commercials.

Martin Maldonado pinned Rami Sebei with the Gringo Killer in 10:05.
Rating: ** ½

A ref bump towards the end of the match allowed Maldonado to use a steel chair, ending Sebei’s gaining momentum. A Gringo Killer as the referee was returning to his feed sealed the deal, and allowed Maldonado to pick up the victory.

Commercial Break

Returning back from the break, Adam Cole is seen sitting in Catering, in front of a plate of food. Mike Sydal walked in and laid a receipt next to Cole’s plate. “I think it’s only fair that you pay for what you broke,” Sydal told Cole. Cole shook his head, said he won’t pay for anything. Sydal, frustrated, pushed Cole’s plate to the floor. Cole stood up, heated, only to be met with a stiff smack across the face! Shocked and holding his face, Cole could only watch as Sydal walked out of the room.

ODB defeated Leva Bates by disqualification in 5:10.
Rating: N/A
[Brie Bella interfered against ODB.]

Just a couple weeks away from getting another shot at the Women’s Title, Leva Bates found herself in the ring with the newest member of the Vixen’s roster. ODB’s dominance – albeit in one match – was enough to put the rest of the division on guard, and it was certainly enough to warrant Brie Bella’s interference in the match, saving her friend anymore damage at the hands of the newcomer. The DQ victory keeps ODB’s winning streak alive, as she is undefeated since debuting.

Commercial Break

The Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston are backstage with Alisha Hicks, as we return from commercials. Alisha congratulates them on winning the Tag Team Titles and asks how it feels to have come out on top after the tournament. AJ says that all the tournament did was force two people who didn’t know each other from Adam to join forces for the same goal. He says that their teamwork and friendship only strengthened as they made their way to the finals. Kofi says that he wasn’t given a lot of opportunities since joining the HWL; but he’s grateful that AJ teamed with him to begin with, and says that he’s getting lessons from one of the better wrestlers in the industry every single day. AJ stays that winning the Tag Team Titles was only the beginning and that there’s still so much more that he and Kofi can accomplish.

The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry) defeated The Independents (Claudio Castagnoli & Steve Corino) when Magnus pinned S. Corino after a Samoan Drop in 11:43.
Rating: ** ¼

Castagnoli and Corino are coming off a huge victory at Hostile Takeover a couple weeks ago, earning the right to challenge for the Tag Team Titles next month at Downfall. However, their road to titles hit a bump as they were blindsided by the resurgent reuniting duo of Magnus and Terry. Clearly, Magus and Terry picked up huge momentum with the win tonight; for Castagnoli and Corino, they have to hope that tonight’s loss doesn’t derail them in their quest for gold.

Commercial Break

Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring, carrying the belt over his shoulder. Angle says he’s not out to talk trash about Chris Hero, tonight because there’s something more important that needs to be addressed. Angle says he had seen concerning signs in the past but didn’t want to say anything before he was sure. Last week, he was sure. Angle claims that Hero might need to get treatment from a doctor. Angle says he’s worried that Hero might have an undisclosed concussion… because that would be the only reason why Hero would think he’s a superhero. Angle reminds the crowd that superheroes are fictional characters seen only in movies or comic books. Angle says he doesn’t believe in superheroes, and he questions Hero’s mental state, just weeks before they face off at Downfall. Angle says that Hero calls himself “The Knockout Kid”… and that’s all he is: a kid, thinking he can step into the ring with a real man. A man that won a Gold Medal with a broken neck! Angle promises to teach Hero a lesson about knowing when to take a chance… and when to keep his mouth shut… at Downfall.

Commercial Break

AJ Styles pinned John Cena after an enzirguiri in 10:05.
Rating: *** ¼

After his attack on their hometown hero earlier in the show, the Chicago fans would not Cena forget where he was. “CM Punk” chants bellowed from the stands throughout this very entertaining match. Cena and Styles have been huge stars in the business for years, and tonight they squared off in one of the most iconic buildings in wrestling. However, with both men dealing with their respective issues, they left nothing on the table. After Cena hit the FU on Styles, Punk emerged from backstage and made his way to the ring. Styles fought back as Cena was clearly distracted at Punk’s presence – and the on-going chants from the crowd. Cena blocked a kick to the midsection, but Punk grabbed his foot. Cena glanced down at Punk and was quickly met with the enzurigiri that allowed Styles to make the pin.

Backstage, Alex Riley is seen on his way to the ring stage area. He stops as he comes across X-Division Champion Kevin Steen. Riley wants to know how content Steen is with winning his match last week by cheating. He asks Steen how he can call himself a champion. Steen can call himself a champion because the title over his shoulder says he is one. And, Steen says he won’t be content until he kicks Riley’s ass at Downfall. Steen walks away as we go to commercials.

Commercial Break

Alex Riley pinned Matt Morgan after a spinebuster slam in 8:24.
Rating: * ¼

Riley’s momentum picked up a huge head of steam on his way to facing Kevin Steen at Downfall, with a clean victory over “The Blueprint”. It looks as is the champ’s mind games are not working the way he thought they would.

A preview for next week’s Anarchy is shown. It’s announced that Chris Hero will speak in response to Kurt Angle tonight… and CM Punk will be in action… next week, in Columbia, South Carolina.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Kurt Angle © made Colt Cabana submit to the Ankle Lock in 12:16.
Rating: *** ½

Angle made his thoughts about the man challenging him for the Heavyweight Title at Downfall – Chris Hero – tonight, before competing in the main event. The crowd kept up their raucous cheers for another hometown favorite, as Colt Cabana had the task of taking down the champion. Fueled by the crowd cheering him on, Cabana gave Angle a much tougher opponent than was expected, which turned out to make this match quite enjoyable. But, in the end, Cabana found himself trapped in the Ankle Lock with no other option than to tap out.

Card rating: ** ¾

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