September 26, 2011

EnergySolutions Arena - Salt Lake City, UT
Attendance: 13,200 (66%)

Ken Anderson started off the show by coming down to the ring and admitting that he didn’t get the job done against AJ Styles. Anderson says that he can’t blame Ric Flair; he couldn’t blame Chelsea; and he couldn’t blame any other member of the Conglomerate for costing him the match; that the only person he could blame was himself. Anderson said that Styles proved he was better for one night, and that if they were to do it all over again, the results would be different. But, before Anderson could finish his thought, CM PUNK’s music hit, as Punk made his way to the stage. Punk sat down at the end of the ramp, and said that neither he nor the people in the arena wanted to hear Anderson come out and describe all the things they saw with their very own eyes. Punk said that, by coming out to the ring, Anderson was just making things harder on himself. Punk said that reliving the pain of losing in the main event of a pay-per-view, and the knowledge that he couldn’t get revenge on his former tag team partner, was only going to keep Anderson from ever experiencing success inside the ring. But, Punk said that he, himself, couldn’t resist the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot. Punk said that, unlike Anderson, he was successful in his match at “Hostile Takeover”. Punk admits that he won by countout, but said that a win’s a win, and he’ll take them however he can get them. Punk said that the pay-per-view was the moment in time when he realized that, one day, his and Anderson’s paths were going to cross. Punk said that he was on his way up the ladder, getting closer to closer to becoming the man who leads the HWL for the next generation; whereas Anderson was on his way down the ladder, closer and closer to becoming an afterthought in the public’s mind. Punk said that he had to take advantage of what he saw before him, because if he didn’t, Anderson might soon be out of a job. (Hearing this, Anderson starts fuming inside the ring, pacing back and forth.) Punk said that it seemed Anderson still had some fight left in him, and that he would love to be the one who handed Anderson a defeat in what could be one of his last matches. Punk said that, if Anderson were willing to accept his challenge, they would face each other at “Downfall”. Without hesitation, Anderson accepted the match, saying that Punk was going to regret everything he had just said. Punk, getting to his feet, told Anderson that he looks forward to regretting those words, but said he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Punk then left the stage, as the camera zoomed in on a disgusted Anderson.

Commercial Break

Brutus Magnus vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy shocked the world of professional wrestling, last week, when he debuted on Anarchy against Rami Sebei. This week, Hardy stepped into the ring with Brutus Magnus, who is hoping to regain the status he once had as a former Tag Team Champion months ago. Hardy started the match off quick, with a lot of energy - even bringing a chair into the ring and using it to hit a flying leg drop on Magnus. Magnus, however, was able to turn things around, and quickly grounded Hardy with a series of submission moves. The match made its way outside the ring, where Magnus used the ring post to his advantage, but Hardy still had enough to reverse Magnus into the guardrail. But, the daredevil tactics only hindered Hardy, as he attempted a Swanton Bomb to the concrete, only to have Magnus move out of the ring. Back in the ring, Magnus went to work on Hardy, but didn’t break a boot choke as the referee counted to five, getting himself disqualified.

Jeff Hardy defeated Brutus Magnus by disqualification in 0:07:40.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match, Magnus continued to assault Hardy until RAMI SEBEI ran down to the ring and made the save. Magnus fumed, as he made his way up the ramp, while Sebei’s sole focus was making sure Hardy was OK.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the commercial break, Ted Hanson is seen with Peter Bradshaw who, after seeing the events that just unfolded, makes a match for next week between Rami Sebei and Brutus Magnus. As the crowd cheers the announcement, the interview is interrupted as AJ STYLES and RIC FLAIR confront Bradshaw. Styles says that Cody Rhodes had no right to show up last week and name himself the challenger for the World Title. Styles demands that Bradshaw name someone else as the #1 Contender, or else Styles will not show up at Downfall to defend the title. (crowd boos) Bradshaw looks at Styles and Flair, and says that intimidation has no effect on him, because they are forgetting who signs their checks. Bradshaw says that Rhodes does have a right to challenge for the title, because he never officially lost it; and if Styles plans on no-showing the pay-per-view because of that, then Bradshaw says that he could begin looking for a new line of work. Styles and Flair look shocked at Bradshaw’s answers as the owner walks back to his office…

Taylor Wilde vs. © Brie Bella (Non-Title Match)

Taylor Wilde made her in-ring singles debut tonight, after being introduced to the HWL crowd a couple weeks ago at the Hostile Takeover pay-per-view. She had the tough task of taking on the Women’s Champion, who was coming off a very hard-fought victory over Daffney at the same pay-per-view. Wilde showed some strong offense from the on-set, but having been away from the ring for a while, she showed a little rust, and Brie was able to take advantage of that. Brie was able to connect with the Brie Buster to pick up the victory.

After the match, VELVET SKY appeared on the ramp, and applauded Brie’s victory. Velvet then pulls a microphone out of the back of her tights, and says that Brie shouldn’t be too excited about her win tonight, because Taylor Wilde isn’t anywhere near the type of competitor that Velvet is. Wilde, slowly gathering her bearings outside the ring, looks at Velvet oddly, and Velvet takes it as a challenge, claiming that she will prove it next week, in a one-on-one match. Velvet then leaves the stage as the crowd looks on in wonder…

Commercial Break

Coming back from the commercial break, the camera shows STEVER CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS on the floor, surrounded by HWL personnel, slowly trying to get back to their feet. From the broadcast table, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels explain that, as everyone was preparing for tonight’s first match-up in the #1 Contender’s tournament, that Matt Morgan and Rob Terry viciously attacked Corino and Edwards backstage. A video is played of the attack. When the video ends, Josh announces that Peter Bradshaw has called off the match for this week, insisting that it take place next Monday night; and that Bradshaw, himself, would be at ringside. Bradshaw also announces that both Matt Morgan and Rob Terry would be banned from the building next week; and if any member of the Conglomerate interferes in next week’s match, they would be fired on the spot.

Back at ringside, RANDY ORTON’S music begins to play, as “the Viper” makes his way to the ring. Orton says that, unlike himself, the fans weren’t able to sniff out the lies that Kurt Angle was telling them for weeks leading up to their match at Hostile Takeover. (crowd groans) Orton says that he doesn’t blame the fans, because for years, Angle has shoved down their throats the ideal that he was someone that the fans could look up to. Orton says that Angle had all the fans fooled, and that it was easy to do because everyone loved him when he was Heavyweight Champion; and that Angle held them in the palm of his hands. But, Orton says, that Angle showed that he wasn’t able to listen to his own lies of “integrity, intelligence and intensity”. Orton said that he had been saying for weeks that Angle was behind the attack, whether he was behind the wheel or not; and that that came to light at Hostile Takeover, when he was attacked by Martin Maldonado after the match. Orton says that he already did what he said he was going to - by beating Kurt Angle - and that now it was time to move on to teaching Maldonado a lesson for getting involved with Angle. Orton then leaves the ring as the crowd cheers.

Commercial Break

As “Anarchy” comes back from commercials, Alisha Hicks is seen with Alex Shelley, who says that he truly believes he deserves another shot at the X-Division Title, and blames Bret Hart for costing him a chance at winning the title. Shelley is interrupted as Adam Cole enters the shot. Cole says that Shelley could blame whoever he wants, but that in the end, he was the one who had his shoulders pinned to the canvas. But, Cole says, as the self-imposed #1 Contender for the X-Division Title, he would be willing to put his title shot on the line, if Shelley thought he could beat him for it. Shelley quickly agreed to the match and walked away, as Cole looked on shaking his head.

Colt Cabana vs. © Tyson Kidd (Non-Title Match)

Coming off a match last week, against AJ Styles, Colt Cabana stepped into the ring against the X-Division Champion, Tyson Kidd. Kidd started off the match with a quick burst of offense, but Cabana was able to reverse the action and nearly pick up a pinfall over the champion. The match eventually went outside the ring, where Cabana whipped Kidd into the guardrail, before attempted the Colt .45, which Kidd was able to roll out of. Back inside the ring, Cabana kept up the offense, until Kidd shocked him with a spinning heel kick. Kidd then connected with the Springboard Elbowdrop to pick up the victory.

Tyson Kidd pinned Colt Cabana with the Springboard Elbowdrop in 0:10:07.
Rating: *** ½

Commercial Break

A preview is shown for the next pay-per-view event, DOWNFALL. “Back For More” by Five Finger Death Punch plays as the matches are announced for the event. DOWNFALL will take place on October 23rd, from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Alex Shelley vs. Ken Anderson

After getting into a verbal confrontation with CM PUNK at the start of the show, Ken Anderson - coming off a close loss to AJ STYLES at Hostile Takeover - stepped into the ring with Alex Shelley tonight. Anderson looked good as the match started, but he fell victim to his own paranoia, when Styles made his way onto the ramp, allowing Shelley to take advantage of the match. Shelley brought Anderson outside the ring, whipping him into the guardrail before hitting the Sliced Bread #2 on the concrete floor! The match continued, after Shelley rolled Anderson back into the ring, and was only able to get a two-count. Anderson was able to make a comeback, and as Shelley attempted another Sliced Bread #2, Anderson connected with a reverse neck breaker out of nowhere! Anderson made the cover for the 1-2-3!

Ken Anderson pinned Alex Shelley after a reverse neck breaker in 0:15:10.
Rating: *** ¾
[AJ Styles interfered against Ken Anderson.]

After the match, Styles stood stunned atop the ramp, looking on at the scene inside the ring. As Styles stood there, looking at Anderson celebrate, CM PUNK appeared on-stage next to him, folding his arms against his chest. Punk nods to Styles after the Champion realizes his presence, before applauding Anderson’s victory. Inside the ring, Anderson’s celebration stops as he notices Punk standing on the stage. He motions for Punk to join him in the ring, but Punk waves his hand to say “no”, before turning to head backstage; but before Punk can leave the scene, PETER BRADSHAW appears with a microphone. Bradshaw says that, due to the actions that took place tonight, he would be scheduling a tag team match for next week’s main event. (crowd cheers) Bradshaw says that Punk and Styles would team up to face Anderson and - since Alex Shelley was already schedule for action - a partner of his choosing. Bradshaw then left the stage, as Anderson looked on, smiling, while “Anarchy” went off the air.

Card rating: ***

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