September 28, 2010 - Red Deer, Alberta, CN

Tuesday Night Rampage
September 28, 2010
ENMAX Centrium – Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
(Attendance: 4,394)

— A video montage opens up the shows, highlighting the matches that took place last week in the Heavyweight Title tournament. Footage of Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Kurt Angle, and Kofi Kingston winning are shown before the introduction to the show begins.

— Howard Reyes and Jose Rader welcome everyone to Red Deer, Alberta, as TONIGHT, the new PCW Heavyweight Champion will be crowned! It is also announced, that tonight, a Fatal Four Way Match will take place to determine the new PCW Tag Team Champions as well.

— For the second week in a row, Daniel Bryan starts off the show, coming down to the ring, and grabbing a microphone. Bryan says that, last week, he promised everyone that he would restart his journey back to the top of the PCW mountain, and that tonight, that tourney will continue… and culminate in him leaving Canada as the reigning Heavyweight Champion. Bryan says that he has been the only “true” dominating force throughout the PCW's short-lived history, and that alone is reason for him to walk out of Red Deer with the title belt. He drops the microphone and awaits his opponent…

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Heavyweight Title Tournament – Semi-Final:
Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

Daniel Bryan was looking to extend his dominate reign of the PCW tonight, but was taken by surprise by Kofi Kingston's charge after the bell rang. Kingston shocked everyone by hitting a huracanrana and picking up a quick two-count. Bryan seemed stunned after the move, and was never able to garner any offense, as Kingston connected with a flying cross body press to pick up the shockingly quick 1-2-3!

Kofi Kingston pinned Daniel Bryan after a flying cross body press in 0:01:25.
Rating: **

— Backstage, Lela Harris is shown with “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle. Angle says that a lot of people still ask him why he hasn't returned to the Horizon Wrestling League, or why he hasn't finished off his feud with “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan. He says that he's given out the same answer time after time: that he will return to the HWL, and finish whatever he has to finish with Morgan when the time is right. Angle says that he had to put a few things into perspective before deciding not to resign with the HWL, and that he has been happy with his progress during his time in PCW. And, tonight, he says, he's one match away from challenging Kofi Kingston for the Heavyweight Title. He says that, even though he still has unfinished business in HWL, the only thing he's concerned with tonight, is walking away as the new Heavyweight Champion.

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Heavyweight Title Tournament – Semi-Final:
© Justin Gabriel vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle exploded out of the gates tonight, wanting to make good on his statements made earlier in the evening. Angle wore the Television Champion down, even connecting with an Angle Slam in the first few minutes of the match, but Angle didn't take advantage, insisting on wearing Gabriel down more. However, Gabriel was able to fight back after dodging a dropkick attempt by Angle. Gabriel was able to even the match up, picking up a couple near-falls, but Angle took the fight outside the ring, and used his surroundings to bring the match back into his favor. Back inside the ring, Angle locked in the Ankle lock, and the crowd went crazy as Gabriel showed his resolve, holding out for nearly a minute before grabbing the ropes, forcing Angle to break the hold! Only one one decent foot now, Gabriel fought back as best as he could, even hitting a huracanrana, but he wasn't able to secure the pinfall. Angle eventually fought back, and locked in the Ankle lock for a second time. This time, Gabriel was much quicker to give in, tapping out after only 11 seconds.

Kurt Angle made Justin Gabriel submit to the Ankle Lock in 0:12:10.
Rating: ¼

— Backstage, Lela Harris is shown with Cody Rhodes, as he gets ready for the Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match. Lela asks how Cody is dealing with the departure of his former teammate, Ted DiBiase, and what he expected out of tonight's title match. Rhodes says that Lela said an important word when describing DiBiase: “former” partner. Rhodes says that they've both made their decisions, and that not having to share a locker room anymore is the best thing for DiBiase. Rhodes says that, as far as tonight goes, he's expecting to walk out as one-half of the new Tag Team Champions. When asked, by Lela, who his new partner was, Rhodes said that it wasn't important. He said that it was going to shock the PCW.

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Fatal Four Way – Elimination Match (PCW Tag Team Titles)
Generation Me vs. Beer Money, Inc. vs. Kaval/Claudio Castagnoli vs. Cody Rhodes/Brother Devon

The crowd was shocked by the debut of former TNA star, Brother Devon, who came down as Cody Rhodes' partner. Rhodes and Brother Devon were impressive in the match, but it Generation Me were able to pick up the first elimination after hitting the More Bang For Your Buck on Claudio Castagnoli, keeping Kaval from becoming a two-time tag champion. The match continued for the next 25-plus minutes, with no team letting their defenses down, until Cody Rhodes connected with the Cross Rhodes to put Jeremy Buck away. But, soon, after that, Rhodes the pressure got the best of Rhodes, as he pushed the referee down to the canvas, getting himself disqualified.

Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) defeated Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck), Kaval & Claudio Castagnoli, and Cody Rhodes & Brother Devon:
x Max beat Castagnoli after the More Bang for Your Buck in 0:14:14.
x C. Rhodes beat Jeremy via the Cross Rhodes in 0:40:32.
x R. Roode beat C. Rhodes via disqualification in 0:42:45.
Rating: ** ¾

Commercial Break

Heavyweight Title Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Kurt Angle

After two weeks, the final match of the night came down to the two men who had lasted throughout the tournament. Kofi Kingston had stunned the former Champion, Daniel Bryan, tonight; and Kurt Angle won a very impressive match to get to this point. The crowd was anticipating quite a match to determine the Heavyweight Champion, but instead, they were left wanting more, as Kurt Angle was counted out after attempting a backbreaker on Kingston.

Kofi Kingston defeated Kurt Angle by countout in 0:07:10.
Rating: **
(The PCW Heavyweight Title remained vacant.)

Card Rating: ** ½

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