September 29, 2009 - Sports Center - Leceister, Uk

Sports Centre (1,240)
Live Event

Alissa Flash vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Velvet Sky
Fatal Four Way - PEW Vixen's Title Match

The PEW started tonight with a great showing from the "Vixens" as they battled for the right to be called the first-ever Vixen's Champion. In a surprising twist, Alissa Flash quickly eliminated Beth Phoenix, giving herself the size advantage over Taylor and Velvet. After a lot of back and forth action between the three remaining Vixens, Velvet was able to eliminate Taylor with just six minutes remaining in the match. However, when it came down to the last remaining Vixens, neither Alissa or Velvet were showing any signs of giving up. The bell rang at the 25-minute mark, making the match a DRAW. After the match, PEW co-chairman Rex Butler announced that there would be a Best of Three Falls Match taking place next week to determine a winner.

Draw: Alissa Flash & Velvet Sky (25:00) [* 1/2]

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The British Invasion vs. The Briscoe Brothers
PEW Tag Team Title Match

Three teams, all with different approaches to this match, battled it out to see who would become the first-ever Tag Team Champions. Jay Briscoe got the first victory nearly seven minute in as ROB TERRY interjected himself in the match, tripping Briscoe, disqualifying The British Invasion. The match continued with the Briscoes and MCMG dueling for the right to win the tag titles. Sabin picked up the victory for MCMG after hitting Jay with a Yakuza Kick, winning himself and Alex Shelley the PEW Tag Team Titles.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns via pinfall (13:43) [** 1/2] New Champions

Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Samoa Joe
Premiere Title Match

Bryan Danielson - the "American Dragon" - proved his overwhelming dominance tonight as he was able to withstand the attacks from all three other participants for over 30 minutes! Danielson out-lasted all three men, in tonight's main event to walk away as the first PEW Premiere Champion!

Winner: Bryan Danielson via pinfall (30:20) [ 3/4] New Champion

Next Week - 10/6/09:
Alissa Flash vs. Velvet Sky (Vixen's Title Match)
British Invasion vs. The Briscoe Brothers (#1 Contenders Match)
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Samoa Joe (#1 Contenders Match)

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