September 3, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Montreal, QB

Attendance: 12,994 (61%)

“Headstrong” plays as the opening video package is shown. Pyros shoot through the arena as the camera pans the audience. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Montreal, just six days before Hostile Takeover!

Peter Bradshaw starts off the show by walking to the ring with a microphone. He says that he has sat back, In his office, for the past few weeks and let the situation between Randy Orton and Kurt Angle play itself out. He knew the fans enjoyed watch them go at each other in the lead-up to this Sunday’s Heavyweight Title Match at Hostile Takeover. However, in Bradshaw’s opinion, things have gotten to the point where it is inevitable that they be in the ring at the same time. He says he is not giving away what should be a fantastic match on Sunday, but says that Orton and Angle will have a match tonight. A tag team match, where Orton will team with Brutus Magnus, and Angle will team with John Cena!

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Adam Cole and Alisha Hicks are seen backstage. Alisha asks Cole for a reason why he attacked Mike Sydal last week. Cole says that, as a former Heavyweight Champion, he was humiliated by losing to Sydal. He says he wanted to teach Sydal a lesson and let him know that beating Cole was a fluke. Cole says that he should not have to be in a position to face “never will bes” again.

Mike Sydal pinned Rob Terry with the Explosion Moonsault in 4:46.
Rating: * ¾

After the match, Sydal slides out of the ring and grabs a microphone. He says that Adam Cole is worried about how a former champion should be treated, when Sydal is out here beating his competition left and right. Sydal says that he is only looking forward to seeing how far this “rock and roll train” is gonna go before it comes to a stop!

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Brutus Magnus. She asks Magnus for his thoughts on teaming up with Randy Orton tonight to face Kurt Angle and John Cena. Magnus says that he and Orton have no issues with each other, and tonight is just a means to an end. He says that he hopes to give Cena a taste of what will happen this Sunday at Hostile Takeover.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Chris Hero and David Otunga are seen backstage with Alisha Hicks. Alisha talks about how Hero and Otunga will be facing AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston for the vacant Tag Team Titles this Sunday at Hostile Takeover. She then announces that, tonight, Otunga will face Kingston, with their respective partners at ringside. Otunga says that he and Hero are A-Listers, and that tonight and Sunday night should be no problem for the soon-to-be Tag Team Champions.

Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) defeated Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards when J. Neal pinned E. Edwards with the Spear in 15:17.
Rating: *** ¼

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Kelly Kelly is seen walking out of the bathroom in the Vixens’ locker room, when she is attacked by Leva Bates. Bates knocks Kelly to the ground, and drags her into the shower area. She stomps on Kelly’s mid-section before leaning down and saying that nothing is going to stand in Leva’s way of winning back the Women’s Title. Leva turns on the shower, before walking away.

Non-Title Match
ODB pinned ©Nikki Bella with the Flying Thesz Press in 8:53.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match, ODB celebrated her victory by climbing the turnbuckles and grabbing her chest and screaming. The announcers say that the former TNA Knockout just picked up an impressive victory over the Women’s Champion, and now much be considered a serious threat to the other Vixens.

Backstage, John Cena and Kurt Angle are seen standing on both sides of Alisha Hicks. Alisha mentions that they must team together tonight to face Randy Orton and Brutus Magnus. Cena interrupts Alisha and tells Angle that the only reason he beat Cena last week was because Magnus interfered. Angle tells Cena to listen to himself. He says that Cena has become a lesser man ever since her turned his back on his fans. Angle says that it would be best if they stayed out of each other’s way tonight, before walking off.

Commercial Break

David Otunga defeated Kofi Kingston by countout in 8:24.
Rating: * ½
[Claudio Castagnoli interfered against David Otunga.]

After the match, Steve Corino and Castagnoli attacked Otunga and Chris Hero, as AJ Styles watches from the other side of the ring. Corino and Castagnoli leave Otunga and Hero laying on the concrete as they leave ringside. Styles walks over and helps Kingston to his feet. They leave the ringside area as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels, is seen walking through the backstage area. He is confronted by a smiling Kevin Steen. Steen tells Daniels that he better enjoy the time he has with title belt. Steen says that Daniels might be known as the “Fallen Angel”, but after Sunday night, he’ll just be another fallen champion.

Alex Riley pinned Ted DiBiase with the Lifting DDT in 8:09.
Rating: **

Backstage, Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton is seen with Alisha Hicks. Hicks asks Orton about being in the ring with Kurt Angle six days before their title match at Hostile Takeover. Orton says that he and Angle have been trading shots ever since this match was signed. He says that Angle can hide behind John Cena tonight because Angle isn’t ready to face him, outside of landing cheap shots. Orton says in six days, Angle won’t have a chance but to face him like a man.

Commercial Break

The final preview for Hostile Takeover is shown, as “Absolute Zero” plays in the background. Hostile Takeover will take place, live, from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, this Sunday!

Brutus Magnus & Randy Orton defeated John Cena & Kurt Angle when R. Orton pinned K. Angle with the RKO in 18:34.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Orton stands victorious over Angle, posing. The announcers wonder if the same result will take place this Sunday at Hostile Takeover. Orton is handed his title, and poses in the corners, as Anarchy goes off the air.

Card rating: ** ½

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